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51249 Schools


  • Sibley-Ocheyedan High School
  • Sibley Ocheyedan Elementary School
  • Sibley-Ocheyedan Middle School
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    ZIP Code 51249 is located in Osceola County

    51249 Street Addresses

    100th St ((5477-5899)) 10th Ave ((100-999)) 10th St ((100-1099)) 10th St W ((101-499)) 110th St ((4900-5399)) 115th St ((2700-5799)) 11th Ave ((501-999)) 11th Ave NE ((100-698)) 11th St ((200-399)) 11th St W ((100-399)) 120th St ((4700-5699)) 12th Ave NE ((400-499)) 12th Pl ((600-699)) 12th St ((200-499)) 130th St ((4700-5799)) 13th Ave NE ((401-598)) 140th St ((4900-7099)) 15th Ave NE ((401-499)) 160th St ((4700-5858)) 163rd St ((5700-5899)) 170th St ((100-5999)) 180th St ((4700-5899)) 190th St ((4700-6999)) 195th St ((4700-4899)) 1st Ave ((500-899)) 1st Ave W ((901-1099)) 1st St NE ((900-998)) 200th St ((4700-5899)) 209th St ((5500-5599)) 210th St ((701-5999)) 220th St ((5200-6599)) 230th St ((6700-6799)) 240th St ((4900-4999)) 270th St ((6701-7095)) 2nd Ave ((108-898)) 2nd Ave W ((900-1099)) 2nd St ((200-898)) 2nd St NE ((900-1099)) 320th St ((100-4699)) 340th St ((5477-5525)) 380th St ((1700-1899)) 3rd Ave ((200-1099)) 3rd Ave W ((900-1099)) 3rd St ((200-898)) 3rd St NE ((900-1099)) 4th Ave ((200-1099)) 4th Ave W ((901-1098)) 4th St ((200-899)) 4th St NE ((900-1499)) 5th Ave ((200-998)) 5th Pl ((900-1099)) 5th St ((100-5298)) 5th St NE ((900-1099)) 5th St W ((100-198)) 6th Ave ((1-1099)) 6th St ((200-1099)) 6th St NE ((900-1299)) 7th Ave ((1-1099)) 7th Ave N ((1-499)) 7th St ((200-1099)) 7th St NE ((200-1099)) 8th Ave ((200-999)) 8th St ((200-1099)) 9th Ave ((101-1099)) 9th St ((2-1099)) 9th St W ((2-499)) Cedar Ln ((100-199)) Circle Dr ((100-171)) Co Hwy 2 ((5477-5535)) Co Hwy A16 ((1152-5299)) Co Hwy A20 ((4900-4999)) Co Hwy A22 ((100-5999)) Co Hwy A30 ((1800-5899)) Co Hwy A34 ((701-6599)) Co Hwy A36 ((100-5298)) Co Hwy A6L ((1800-5799)) Co Hwy A-6L ((2100-5899)) Co Hwy L30 ((1238-1999)) Co Hwy L32 ((1000-4999)) Co Hwy L36 ((101-2199)) Co Hwy L40 ((101-5399)) Co Hwy L44 ((1000-1999)) Co Hwy L48 ((2600-2699)) Co Hwy L58 ((155-199)) Co Hwy M20 ((6800-6999)) Co Rd 2 ((5477-5525)) Co Rd 52 ((5501-5899)) Elm Dr ((400-599)) Golf View Dr ((500-599)) Ia 9th St ((4752-5998)) Main St ((600-699)) Maple Dr ((1-399)) McKinley Ave ((1645-1999)) Monroe Ave ((1238-1999)) N 210th St ((5300-5399)) Nest Ave ((1000-2414)) Nettle Ave ((1000-2499)) N West Blvd ((100-1299)) Oak Dr ((400-499)) Oak Hill Ave ((1000-2199)) Olive Ave ((101-2199)) Opal Ave ((1700-1799)) Oriole Ave ((1000-2499)) Par Ln ((100-199)) Pierce Ave ((1000-2275)) Polk Ave ((1100-2099)) Poplar Dr ((400-799)) Red Wing ((1000-1043)) Redwing Ave ((1044-2699)) Redwood Ave ((1000-2599)) Roosevelt Ave ((1000-1099)) S 2nd Ave ((1700-1799)) S 9th Ave ((1700-1799)) Silver Ave ((1000-2579)) State Hwy 9 ((155-7099)) US Hwy 18 ((100-499)) US Hwy 59 ((1000-2399)) Valley View Dr ((1200-1299)) Verdin ((100-199)) Vine Ave ((1100-1199)) W 7th St ((100-499)) Walnut Dr ((400-499)) W Park St ((500-4699))

    51249 Places and Attractions

    Alex Farms Ashton Pits State Public Hunting Area Beltman Farms Ben Franklin Elementary School Central Park Christian Reformed Church City of Sibley Cloverdale Cloverdale (historical) Cloverdale Post Office (historical) Co-op Elevator Association - Sibley Elevator Country View Manor Incorporated Croatt Farms Dagel Unit - Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area Doorenbos Farm Dreher Farm Fairgrounds Park Family Medicine Clinic Feldkamp Farms First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First Reformed Church Friendly Dental Clinic Goewey Prairie Preserve Goewey Township Cemetery Gradert Farms Hawkeye Point Helmers Farms Holman Cemetery Hope German Presbyterian Cemetery Jacobsma Farms J D K Farms J D M Farm Jet Farms J M D Farms Johnson Wilderness Area Leinen Pits Access McCallum Museum and Brunson Heritage House North Sibley Cemetery Northwest Iowa Urologists Center Nustar Farms Ommen Farms Osceola Community Hospital Osceola Community Hospital Heliport Osceola County Osceola County Ambulance Service Sibley Division Osceola County Courthouse Osceola County Fairgrounds Osceola County Sheriffs Office Ransom Wildlife Management Area Redwood Farms Robinson Park Roelf-Johnson Wildlife Management Area Saint Andrews Cemetery Saint Andrews Church Sharbondy Park Sibley Sibley Sibley Care Center Sibley Dairy Sibley Eye Care Center Sibley Family and Sports Chiropractic Center Sibley Golf and Country Club Sibley High School Sibley Municipal Airport Sibley Post Office Sibley Public Library Sibley Unit - Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area Sibley Volunteer Fire Department Sunset Park T K C Farms Township of East Holman Township of Holman (historical) Township of Viola Township of West Holman Township of Wilson Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Reformed Church United Church of Christ United Methodist Church Vanderpol Farms Wagner Creek Wasmund Slough Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Wiese Chiropractic Office Wilson Townhall Wilson Township Cemetery Winkel Memorial Trail Zylstra Feedlot