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Rock Valley

51247 Schools


  • Rock Valley Jr-Sr High School
  • Rock Valley Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 51247 is located in Sioux County (96.50%) Lyon County (3.50%)

    51247 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((1000-1499)) 10th St ((200-2298)) 11th Ave ((1000-1399)) 11th St ((1000-1899)) 12th Ave ((1000-1599)) 12th St ((800-2099)) 13th Ave ((1000-1799)) 13th Ave S ((700-1299)) 13th St ((1000-2099)) 14th Ave ((1100-1599)) 14th St ((800-2799)) 15th Ave ((1400-1999)) 15th Ave S ((700-799)) 15th St ((1100-2099)) 16th Ave ((700-998)) 16th St ((1200-2099)) 17th Ave ((1000-1899)) 17th St ((1300-2495)) 18th Ave ((1200-1899)) 18th Ave SE ((700-1099)) 18th Pl ((700-899)) 18th St ((1600-1799)) 19th Ave ((1000-1899)) 19th Ave SE ((900-999)) 19th St ((1400-1899)) 20th Ave ((1200-1699)) 20th Ave SE ((700-999)) 20th St ((1500-1999)) 21st Ave ((101-1799)) 21st Ave SE ((800-899)) 22nd Ave ((1000-1399)) 250th St ((2400-2499)) 260th St ((2400-2599)) 270th St ((2236-2699)) 278th St ((2600-2699)) 280th St ((1600-2599)) 28th Ave ((1000-1099)) 290th St ((1372-2999)) 300th St ((1600-2899)) 305th St ((2111-2699)) 310th St ((601-2899)) 315th St ((2200-2299)) 320th St ((100-4241)) 325th St ((2100-2199)) 330th St ((1600-2999)) 340th St ((1700-2880)) 350th St ((1800-2899)) 360th St ((1800-2899)) 370th St ((2200-2399)) 410th St ((2200-2205)) 480th St ((3486-4099)) 7th St ((1300-1399)) 8th Ave ((1000-1199)) 8th St ((1800-1899)) 8th St SE ((1800-2099)) 8th St SW ((900-999)) 9th Ave ((1000-1199)) 9th St ((1300-1399)) 9th St SE ((1800-2099)) A54B Blvd ((1372-1799)) Beech Ave ((2802-2899)) Buchanan Ave ((2700-3199)) Carmel Dr ((2800-2898)) Cherry Ave ((2700-3899)) Chestnut Ave ((2700-3699)) Circle Ln ((1200-1299)) Cleveland Ave ((2700-3499)) Co Hwy A52 ((2500-2699)) Co Hwy B14 ((1300-2699)) Co Hwy K20 ((2236-2244)) Coolidge Ave ((2700-3499)) Co Rd 24 ((2200-2299)) Co Rd A54B ((1100-1799)) Co Rd B30 ((1800-2899)) Co Rd K16 ((2700-2899)) Co Rd K18 ((3084-3699)) Co Rd K20 ((2101-2299)) Co Rd K24 ((1301-3741)) Co Rd K30 ((700-3699)) Co Rd K42 ((2900-4499)) Co Shy K30 ((2600-2699)) Creek Blvd ((1000-1099)) Deer Run ((101-1098)) Dipper Ave ((2700-3797)) Dogwood Ave ((2600-3741)) Dove Ave ((1301-4143)) E 7th St ((100-699)) Eagle Ave ((2500-3565)) Eagle Dr ((800-899)) Edith Prairie Cir ((300-399)) Elmwood Ave ((2002-3699)) Fairway Dr ((700-799)) Fig Ave ((1000-3699)) Fillmore Ave ((2700-3099)) Fir Ave ((2900-3555)) Garfield Ave ((2900-4499)) Golf Course Rd ((700-1399)) Greenway Dr ((801-999)) Hegg Dr ((2100-2199)) Heritage Dr ((800-899)) Hunter Ridge ((300-399)) Jay Ave ((4600-4799)) Level B Rd ((2700-2799)) Main St ((718-2099)) Meadow Cir ((400-499)) Park Ln ((1000-1099)) Par Ln ((700-798)) Riverview Dr ((700-799)) Rock River Bluff Rd ((2900-2999)) Southern Hills Dr ((1600-1899)) Sunset Dr ((200-699)) US Hwy 18 ((100-4241)) Valley Dr ((1200-1399)) Valley View Pl ((1600-1898)) Valley View Rd ((1600-1899)) Westview Dr ((900-998)) Woodland Hills ((400-499))

    51247 Places and Attractions

    Bakkers Farm Big Sioux Public Hunting Area Big Sioux River Wildlife Area Bolks Farms Calvin Christian Reformed Church Carmel Carmel Post Office (historical) Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery City of Rock Valley Dejong Farm Driesen Hog Farm Dry Run Creek E and W Poultry Farm East Valley Farm Faith Reformed Church Farmers Elevator Company Elevator Fertile Valley Farm First Christian Reformed Church First Reformed Church Grace Community Church Greenway Farms Hegg Medical Clinic Hegg Memorial Health Center Hillcrest Farm H L H Farms Irene Post Office (historical) J and L Farm Kaskie Farm Koene Farms Kooima Farm L and B Farms Little Town Dairy Lonesome Pine Dairy Lonesome Pine Dairy M L Farms Netherland Reformed Christian Church Netherland Reformed Church Netherlands Reformed Christian School Our Saviors Lutheran Church Pioneer United Methodist Church Plains Area Mental Health Center Renes Dairy River Valley School Rock River Access Rock Valley Rock Valley Ambulance Association Rock Valley Christian School Rock Valley Elementary School Rock Valley Elevator Company Elevator Rock Valley Golf Club Rock Valley High School Rock Valley (historical) Rock Valley Police Department Rock Valley Post Office Rock Valley Public Library Rock Wildlife Area Rogg Creek Royal Ridge Post Office (historical) Rozeboom Dairy Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Sand Hill Farm Sioux Cemetery Sioux Townhall Stonebarn Farms Township of Plato Township of Rock Township of Sioux Trinity Christian Reformed Church Valley Manor Nursing Home Valley View Cemetery Van Grootheest Farms Van Grouw Dairy Van Holland Farm Van Roekel Family Farm Van Veldhuizen Dairy Vonk Farms West River Farms Winding Meadows Dairy Winterfeld Boat and Fish Area Ysselstein Dairy