Orange City, IA 51041 ZIP Code Map


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51041 Street Addresses

100th Ave ((36000-36998)) 100th St ((3400-3498)) 10th St ((600-799)) 10th St NE ((101-199)) 11th St SE ((410-799)) 12th St SE ((701-722)) 14th St SE ((100-199)) 14th St SW ((200-299)) 18th St ((100-299)) 18th St NE ((100-118)) 18th St NW ((100-299)) 1st St NE ((100-599)) 1st St NW ((100-799)) 1st St SE ((100-599)) 1st St SW ((100-499)) 20th St NE ((3400-4099)) 22nd St ((3600-3699)) 2nd St NE ((100-599)) 2nd St NW ((100-699)) 2nd St SE ((100-999)) 2nd St SW ((100-1499)) 360th St ((3500-3699)) 370th St ((3400-4399)) 380th St ((3400-4099)) 390th St ((3458-3999)) 3rd St NE ((100-599)) 3rd St NW ((100-699)) 3rd St SE ((100-799)) 3rd St SW ((100-699)) 400th St ((3500-3899)) 410th St ((3300-3899)) 420th St ((3302-3899)) 430th St ((3200-3899)) 440th St ((907-3999)) 445th St ((100-3799)) 450th St ((643-3999)) 460th St ((3400-3873)) 470th St ((3400-3899)) 480th St ((3500-3799)) 490th St ((3400-3699)) 4th St NE ((100-599)) 4th St NW ((200-1199)) 4th St SE ((100-199)) 4th St SW ((100-399)) 500th St ((3400-3699)) 510th St ((3400-36998)) 5th St ((601-1199)) 5th St NE ((100-599)) 5th St NW ((200-499)) 5th St SE ((100-1199)) 5th St SW ((100-1099)) 6th St NE ((100-399)) 6th St NW ((100-499)) 6th St SE ((100-1199)) 6th St SW ((100-1099)) 7th St NE ((101-1099)) 7th St NW ((100-1108)) 7th St SE ((900-999)) 7th St SW ((100-699)) 8th St SE ((100-3999)) 8th St SW ((100-1099)) 9th St SE ((600-799)) Albany Ave NE ((213-4299)) Albany Ave SE ((100-799)) Albany Ave SW ((618-1099)) Albany Pl ((800-1999)) Albany Pl SE ((800-1999)) Amsterdam Dr ((400-699)) Arizona Ave NW ((100-2299)) Arizona Ave SW ((100-799)) Arizona NW ((300-399)) Arizona Pl S ((1200-1499)) Arizona Pl SW ((1200-1499)) Boston Ave NE ((100-799)) Boston Ave SE ((100-199)) Central Ave N ((700-999)) Central Ave NE ((100-999)) Central Ave NW ((100-999)) Central Ave S ((100-699)) Central Ave SE ((100-699)) Central Ave SW ((100-699)) Co Hwy B40 ((3500-3899)) Co Hwy B46 ((3302-3899)) Co Hwy B50 ((100-3999)) Co Hwy B62 ((5001-5099)) Co Hwy K52 ((3300-10999)) Colorado Ave SW ((200-799)) Colorado NW ((100-699)) Concord Ave NE ((100-699)) Concord Ave SE ((100-199)) Concord Pl SE ((800-999)) Co Rd B30 ((3400-3699)) Co Rd B58 ((3400-3699)) Co Rd K64 ((213-10999)) County Rd K64 Ave SW ((618-799)) Delaware Ave SW ((100-799)) Delaware NW ((100-699)) Denver Pl SE ((1100-1199)) Dover Ave NE ((100-699)) E 1st St ((100-599)) E Heritage Ct ((500-599)) Florida Ave SW ((100-799)) Florida NW ((100-699)) Frankfort Ave NE ((100-699)) Frankfort Ave SE ((100-599)) Georgia Ave NW ((100-399)) Georgia Ave SW ((200-799)) Harrisburg Pl SE ((900-998)) Harrison Ave ((4200-4498)) Hartford Ave SE ((300-599)) Hartford Pl SE ((801-1098)) Hickory Ave ((4300-4599)) Ibex Ave ((4100-5099)) Indian Ave ((3550-5099)) Iowa Ave NW ((100-399)) Iowa Ave SW ((100-799)) Ironwood Ave ((400-5099)) Jackson Ave ((1066-4983)) Jay Ave ((3600-4699)) Jefferson Ave ((3700-4299)) Jefferson Ave NE ((100-199)) Jefferson Ave SE ((100-199)) Juneau Ave SE ((200-799)) K64 ((10000-10999)) Kansas Ave SW ((200-699)) Kansas NW ((100-399)) Kentucky Ave NW ((101-304)) Kentucky Ave SW ((100-699)) Lincoln Ave SE ((400-798)) Louisiana Ave SW ((100-699)) Louisiana NW ((200-399)) Madison Cir ((500-599)) Madison Cir SE ((500-599)) Martin Dr ((100-599)) Michigan Ave NW ((100-399)) Michigan Ave SW ((100-799)) Nature Ave ((10000-10999)) N Central Ave ((100-699)) Ohio Ave NW ((400-499)) Ohio Ave SW ((700-4499)) Olympia Ave SE ((500-698)) Pioneer Ct ((1-99)) Prairie View Ln ((101-199)) Providence Ave ((500-1099)) Providence Ave SE ((500-1099)) Rotterdam Ct ((500-599)) Salem Ave ((600-699)) Sioux 167 ((3400-3498)) State Hwy 10 ((100-3599)) State Hwy 60 ((5001-5049)) St Paul Ave ((2-4472)) W 1st St ((100-799)) W 2nd St ((1100-1199)) W Heritage Ct ((200-299)) Zuider Zee Ct ((301-499)) Zuider Zee Dr ((300-699))

51041 Places and Attractions

American Reformed Church Bultman Center for Athletics Bushmer Art Center Calvary Christian Reformed Church Candlelight Trailer Court Chiropractic Associates of Siouxland Building Christ Chapel Colenbrander Hall Courtyard Village De Valois Field De Witt Music Hall DeVries Cottage DeWitt Center DeWitt Physical Fitness Center Demco Business/Economics Center Dover Avenue Alliance Church Eason Family Burial Plot East Park Faith Lutheran Church Family Eye Care Associates Center Farmers Co-op Company Elevator First Christian Reformed Church First Reformed Church Granberg Hall Heemstra Hall Heritage House Nursing Home Hospers Hall Immanuel Christian Reformed Church Jaycee Park Kepp Apartments Kresge Education Center Landsmeer Golf Club Learning Resource Center MOC - Floyd Valley Community School Middleburg Middleburg Cemetery Middleburg Free Grace Reformed Church Middleburg Post Office (historical) Midlands Clinic Hearing Services New Hope Evangelical Free Church North Hall Northwest Surgery Building Northwestern College Northwestern College. Auditorium Orange City Orange City (historical) Orange City Century Home Orange City Chiropractic Center Orange City Christian School Orange City Dentistry Building Orange City Elementary School Orange City Fire Department Orange City Hospital Orange City Medical Clinic Orange City Municipal Airport Orange City Police Station Orange City Post Office Orange City Public Library Physical Education and Health Center Puddle Jumper Trail Ramaker Learning Resource Library Redeemer Alliance Reformed Church Reformed Church in America Rowenhorst Student Center Science Hall Sioux County Courthouse Sioux County Home Sioux County Sheriffs Office Smith Hall The Playhouse Trinity Reformed Church Twilight Trailer Court Unity Christian High School Van Peursem Hall Veterans Memorial Park Vogel Windmill West Hall West Lawn Cemetery Windmill Square Zwemer Hall