Onawa, IA 51040 ZIP Code Map


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51040 Street Addresses

10th St ((100-23998)) 11th St ((500-1599)) 12th St ((400-1699)) 13th St ((400-1598)) 13th Street Pl ((1301-1598)) 14th St ((300-1299)) 15th St ((100-1799)) 16th St ((600-1799)) 16th Street Pl ((1600-1699)) 178th St ((29001-29091)) 17th St ((700-999)) 180th St ((22701-22799)) 18th St ((601-699)) 190th St ((15801-23798)) 195th St ((22200-22998)) 1st St ((700-1399)) 200th St ((18800-18898)) 205th St ((21200-30496)) 210th St ((22600-25299)) 220th St ((11201-23999)) 225th St ((18901-20598)) 230th St ((200-29798)) 235th St ((1801-21799)) 240th St ((16201-24599)) 245th St ((20500-25598)) 248th St ((22200-24599)) 250th St ((21301-27099)) 256th St ((24001-24099)) 258th St ((32000-32599)) 260th St ((22401-23499)) 265th St ((25400-25498)) 270th St ((23200-30298)) 272nd St ((23101-23199)) 28th St ((1101-22999)) 2nd St ((500-1499)) 3rd St ((500-1499)) 4th St ((500-1499)) 5th St ((500-1499)) 6th St ((500-1799)) 7th St ((500-1399)) 8th St ((500-1599)) 9th St ((500-1599)) Cameo St ((200-1998)) Cashew Ave ((19300-23899)) Catalpa Ave ((20001-20999)) Cedar St ((100-199)) Cherry Ave ((1-23099)) Co Hwy E54 ((23801-30298)) Co Hwy E60 ((600-699)) Co Hwy K42 ((18100-22999)) Co Hwy K45 ((800-26599)) Co Hwy L12 ((19900-19998)) Co Hwy L14 ((300-26233)) Co Hwy L16 ((24300-25298)) Co Rd K45 ((25201-26599)) Cypress Ave ((24000-25699)) Diamond St ((100-1499)) Dogwood Ave ((19301-22999)) Dogwood Loop ((1-22998)) E Granite St ((200-299)) E Iowa Ave ((500-698)) Elder Ave ((22700-22998)) Elm Ave ((18701-24798)) Elm St ((100-499)) Elmwood Dr ((1500-1599)) Emerald St ((200-1499)) Filbert Ave ((1101-26799)) Gaukel Dr ((1200-1499)) Granite St ((100-21999)) Gum Ave ((20801-22399)) Hazel Ave ((27128-27198)) Hazel Ln ((27100-27126)) Hemlock Ave ((17451-27698)) Hickory Ave ((18500-25399)) Holly Ave ((19601-25099)) Iowa Ave ((100-2599)) Iowa Ave N ((2000-2699)) Jasper St ((200-1499)) Kingsway St ((1701-1799)) Larpenteur Memorial Rd ((300-26233)) Linden Ave ((24701-24799)) Lindley St ((100-499)) Locust Ave ((25501-26098)) Lucas St ((1000-1399)) Lucas Street Pl ((1600-1699)) Main St ((600-699)) Mango Ave ((20901-26999)) Maple Dr ((1300-1499)) Maple St ((100-1499)) Marble St ((100-1499)) N Monona St ((100-499)) Oak Ave ((100-26699)) Olive Ave ((23200-23298)) Orange Ave ((25100-25198)) Park Loop ((21900-22499)) Pearl St ((100-1499)) Pine St ((200-298)) Ruby St ((100-1499)) S Blue Lake Rd ((1600-1999)) State Hwy 175 ((100-25999)) State Hwy 37 ((30605-30999)) Sunset Dr ((1500-1799)) West Ln ((1700-1799)) W Ln ((1700-1799)) Wolfe St ((108-399))

51040 Places and Attractions

Arcola Arcola Creek Ashton Beaver Creek Belvidere Belvidere Post Office (historical) Bisbee Cemetery Blackbird/Ivy Island Wildlife Area Blue Lake Blue Lake Public Hunting Area Burgess Memorial Hospital Burgess Memorial Hospital Heliport Cards Lake (historical) Central Elementary School Community of Christ Church Congregational Church Cottonwood Creek Davis Wetland Decatur Bend Park Elmwood Care Center Evangelical Free Church Faith Lutheran Church Family Medical Clinic First Christian Church Franklin Number Seven School (historical) Gaukel Park Guard Lake Hackett Ditch Hiawatha Post Office (historical) Interchange 112 Interchange RV Campgrounds KOOO-FM (Onawa) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kiwanis Museum Complex Lark School Lewis and Clark State Park Liberty Park Lighthouse Marina and Campground Lighthouse Marine and Campground Losey Ditch Maple Landing (historical) Maple River McCandless Cleghorn Outlet Monona County Arboretum Monona County Courthouse Monona County Fairgrounds Monona County Historical Museum Monona County Sheriff's Office Monona County Veterans Memorial Museum Monona Harrison Ditch Murphy Ditch Myrland Ditch Nebowa Camp Oliver Lake Ditch Onawa Onawa Onawa Cemetery Onawa Country Club Onawa Family Dentistry Center Onawa Fire Department Onawa Materials Yard Wildlife Area Onawa Municipal Airport Onawa North Bound Rest Area Onawa Police Department Onawa Post Office Onawa Public Library Onawa South Bound Rest Area Onawa/Blue Lake KOA Campground Pratt Ditch Preparation Canyon State Park Ropes Park Saint John's Catholic Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Site of Lewis and Clark Camp Historical Marker Tieville (historical) Turin Turin (historical) Turin Ciy Hall Turin Post Office United Methodist Church United Methodist Church United Pentecostal Church West Monona School