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  • Corning Junior High School
  • Corning High School
  • Corning Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 50841 is located in Adams County (88.40%) Taylor County (11.60%)

    50841 Street Addresses

    10th St ((200-1099)) 110th St ((1100-2273)) 11th St ((200-898)) 120th St ((1101-2199)) 125th Ln ((2001-2099)) 125th St ((1900-2431)) 12th St ((201-899)) 130th St ((1000-2199)) 135th Ln ((2100-2199)) 13th St ((200-1098)) 140th St ((1000-2299)) 145th Rd ((1700-1799)) 14th St ((200-999)) 150th St ((1100-2499)) 15th St ((100-999)) 160th St ((1000-2199)) 165th St ((1500-1699)) 16th St ((400-899)) 170th Rd ((1300-1399)) 170th St ((1300-2399)) 175th St ((1248-1598)) 17th St ((500-899)) 180th St ((2200-2399)) 183rd St ((600-2199)) 190th St ((1400-2498)) 195th St ((1900-2399)) 1st St ((1600-1699)) 200th St ((1200-2199)) 205th St ((1600-1799)) 210th St ((1300-2199)) 220th St ((400-2499)) 235th St ((1101-1699)) 240th Ln ((1900-19298)) 240th St ((1500-19298)) 250th St ((1800-2799)) 253rd St ((2500-2599)) 255th Rd ((1400-1799)) 255th St ((2500-2599)) 260th St ((1600-1998)) 265th St ((1500-2899)) 270th St ((1600-1999)) 2nd St ((1600-1699)) 3rd St ((1600-1699)) 4th St ((200-1299)) 5th St ((400-1099)) 6th St ((300-1299)) 7th St ((200-1099)) 8th St ((200-1599)) 9th St ((200-1099)) Adams St ((400-1499)) Adams-Taylor County Rd ((1501-1699)) Adams Taylor St ((1501-1899)) Adams-Taylor St ((2100-2848)) Aspen Ave ((1300-1655)) A St ((100-699)) Ave of Industries ((600-2299)) Benton Ave ((400-1599)) Birch Ave ((1100-1699)) Bluegrass Dr ((900-1099)) Brooks Rd ((1600-1899)) B St ((500-699)) Carl Pl ((2300-2498)) Chestnut Ave ((1200-2899)) Church St ((1200-2499)) Co Hwy J20 ((1600-2199)) Commercial Industries Ave ((600-2299)) Commercial St ((1600-1699)) Co Rd G13 ((1101-1399)) Co Rd G31 ((1248-1299)) Co Rd H20 ((1000-2498)) Co Rd H24 ((1100-2499)) Co Rd H33 ((2247-2498)) Co Rd H34 ((801-1998)) Co Rd H45 ((2700-2799)) Co Rd H54 ((1600-2899)) Co Rd N26 ((2600-2899)) Co Rd N28 ((500-2199)) Co Rd N52 ((2200-2799)) Co Rd N 52 ((1000-1099)) Co Rd N53 ((1200-2498)) Co Rd N54 ((1500-1595)) Co Rd N55 ((1301-2798)) Co Rd N61 ((1534-2513)) Corning Carl Rd ((1284-2199)) C St ((100-599)) Daisy Ave ((1700-1899)) Davis Ave ((400-1599)) Dogwood Ave ((1000-2299)) East St ((1500-1799)) Elm Ave ((1000-2799)) Fig Ave ((1500-2499)) Filbert Ave ((1000-2799)) Franklin ((2300-2499)) Franklin St ((2000-2099)) Garden Ave ((1100-1299)) Ginkgo Ave ((2000-2499)) Grove Ave ((300-2799)) Happy Hollow CC ((600-1599)) Hickory Ave ((1100-2699)) Highland Ave ((1000-1299)) Holly Ave ((1-2799)) Holly Rd ((1-2099)) Hull St ((600-1399)) Hunter Trl ((2000-2199)) Hwy 148 ((1002-1999)) Idaho Ave ((1000-1399)) Indigo Ave ((2400-2499)) Iris Ave ((2200-2299)) Ironwood Ave ((1000-2799)) Jerico Ave ((1000-1599)) John St ((700-1599)) Jonquil Rd ((1300-1399)) Joshua Tree Ave ((1900-2199)) Juniper Ave ((1200-7599)) Kale Ave ((1201-2099)) Kentucky Ave ((1500-2799)) Lake Icaria Rd ((1600-1699)) Lexington Ave ((1000-1399)) Linden Ave ((1400-2151)) Locust Ave ((1300-2799)) Loomis Ave ((100-2298)) Main St ((2300-2499)) Maple Ave ((1600-1699)) Market St ((2300-2399)) Maryland Ave ((1000-1599)) Mt Etna Trl ((2000-2099)) Mulberry Ave ((1800-2799)) Naples Ave ((1000-1099)) Nature Ln ((1101-2299)) Nodaway River Rd ((2300-2499)) Nodaway St ((400-1599)) Northgate Dr ((1506-1699)) Notchwood Ave ((1500-2699)) Ohio St ((1600-2399)) Orange Ave ((1301-2798)) Poplar Ave ((2400-2599)) Prairie Pl ((200-299)) Quarry Rd ((2200-2299)) Quince Ave ((1534-2513)) Quincy Ave ((901-999)) Quincy St ((100-2099)) Railroad St ((1600-1699)) Rosary Dr ((400-799)) Rosary Ln ((300-399)) School Rd ((1800-1899)) Seminary St ((1600-1699)) State Hwy 148 ((100-3698)) Sunset Dr ((800-1199)) Terrace Hill Dr ((600-799)) Timber Ln ((901-999)) Trapper Cir ((2200-2299)) US Hwy 34 ((1601-2579)) Valley Rd ((2000-2099)) Valley View Pl ((2100-2198)) Washington Ave ((501-1599)) Washington St ((2300-2499)) Water St ((1200-1299)) Westgate Dr ((1100-1199)) Westline Ln ((2301-2399)) West St ((1000-1499))

    50841 Places and Attractions

    Adams County Adams County Courthouse Adams County Fairgrounds Adams County Home Adams County House of History Adams County Sheriffs Office Adams County Speedway Alegent Health Clinic Alegent Health Mercy Hospital Baldwin Cemetery Briscoe Post Office (historical) Brooks Brooks Brooks Cemetery Brooks Methodist Church Brooks Post Office (historical) Brown Truck Sales Airport Bushville Bycroft Landing Field Calvary Cemetery Carl Carl Cemetery Carl Methodist Church Carl Post Office (historical) Central Park City of Corning Corning Corning Corning Christian Church Corning City Hall Corning City Public Library Corning Elementary School Corning Family Chiropractic Center Corning Fire Department Corning High School Corning Junior High School Corning Municipal Airport Corning Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Corning Police Department Corning Post Office Corning Quarry Dan Post Office (historical) Eureka Post Office (historical) Fairview Church Family Vision Center First Presbyterian Church Forest Hill Cemetery Grace Baptist Church Grace Tabernacle Assembly of God Church Grove Park Happy Hollow Country Club Hayes Post Office (historical) Holt Holt Post Office (historical) Homan Cemetery Hoyt Post Office (historical) Icarian Cemetery Icarid (historical) Iveyville Iveyville Post Office (historical) Lake Binder Lake Icaria Lake Icaria County Recreation Area Lake Icaria Dam Lakeview Campground Leonard Post Office (historical) Lincoln Center Lincoln Center Cemetery Lincoln Center United Methodist Church Lonzo Creek Mercer Mercer Church Mercer Post Office (historical) Methodist Grove Cemetery Moore Creek Mount Etna Mount Etna Cemetery Mount Etna Church of the Brethren Mount Etna Post Office (historical) Mount Etna Quarry Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Washington Post Office (historical) Oak Hill Cemetery Oakland Cemetery Old Brooks Cemetery Old Mount Etna Cemetery Old Queen City Cemetery Prairie Rose Cemetery Queen City Cemetery Queen City (historical) Queen City Post Office (historical) Quincy Quincy Cemetery Quincy Post Office (historical) Redeemer Lutheran Church Rose Branch Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church Show Creek Snider Bridge Spring Lake Park Strand Strand Cemetery Strand Church Strand Post Office (historical) Timber Ridge Campground Township of Douglas Township of Holt Township of Jasper Township of Lincoln Township of Mercer Township of Prescott Township of Quincy Township of Washington United Methodist Church Walnut Grove Cemetery Willow Creek