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    ZIP Code 50659 is located in Chickasaw County

    50659 Street Addresses

    100th St ((1864-16447)) 110th St ((300-2599)) 120th St ((1200-2599)) 130th St ((2000-2499)) 140th St ((1900-2699)) 150th St ((1581-2499)) 155th St ((1700-1899)) 160th St ((1362-2799)) 165th St ((1700-2199)) 170th St ((108-2799)) 175th St ((2200-2299)) 180th St ((1600-2699)) 190th St ((1500-2699)) 1st Ave ((1-199)) 200th St ((1205-2699)) 205th St ((2400-2799)) 210th St ((1700-2699)) 210th Trl ((2100-2199)) 220th St ((1700-2750)) 225th St ((2100-2599)) 230th St ((2300-2599)) 235th St ((1900-2599)) 239th St ((2400-2499)) 240th St ((1300-2631)) 250th St ((1900-2299)) 260th St ((1972-2393)) 270th St ((2100-2389)) 280th St ((2100-2199)) 290th St ((2100-2199)) 2nd Ave ((1-199)) 5th Ave ((301-499)) Alta Ave ((200-399)) Ash Dr ((900-999)) Ashland Ave ((400-499)) Bailey Ave ((400-599)) Bigelow Ave ((1-199)) Cheyenne Ave ((1600-1648)) Clover St ((100-199)) Co Hwy B16 ((16001-16447)) Co Hwy B22 ((300-2599)) Co Hwy B33 ((108-2199)) Co Hwy B57 ((1700-2115)) Co Hwy B66 ((2100-2199)) Co Hwy T76 ((1205-1648)) Co Hwy V38 ((2400-2499)) Co Rd B54 ((1300-2631)) Co Rd V14 ((2344-2365)) Co Rd V17 ((1900-1999)) Co Rd V18 ((100-2399)) Co Rd V21 ((2202-2398)) Co Rd V28 ((2100-2599)) County Line Rd ((1864-12999)) Croell Dr ((300-399)) Durham Ave ((1615-1699)) E Cleveland St ((1-99)) E Court St ((1-399)) E Gardner St ((1-498)) E Hale St ((1-199)) E Hamilton St ((1-899)) E Harrison St ((101-299)) E Jefferson ((100-299)) E Jefferson St ((1-899)) E Lincoln St ((300-399)) Elm Ave ((1-299)) E Logan St ((1-299)) E Main St ((1-1199)) E Milwaukee St ((1-499)) E Prospect St ((1-499)) E Spring St ((1-1099)) Evergreen St ((600-799)) E Washington St ((1-499)) Exeter Ave ((2344-2365)) Fayette Ave ((1900-1999)) Fleur Dr ((300-499)) Franklin St ((1500-1680)) Garfield St ((100-698)) Gilmore Ave ((1500-2399)) Hickory Ave ((1500-2398)) Homestead Cir ((600-699)) Ivanhoe Ave ((1000-2499)) Ivanhoe Ct ((2200-2299)) Jasper Ave ((1000-2599)) Josephson Ct ((2500-2599)) Kenwood Ave ((1000-2899)) Lake View Ct ((101-199)) Lasalle Ave ((1000-1899)) Linn Dr ((1900-1999)) McCloud Ave ((1000-3034)) McCloud Way ((2101-2199)) Melrose Ct ((100-199)) Mission Ave ((700-2621)) N Broadway Ave ((1-611)) N Canty Ave ((800-999)) N Chestnut Ave ((1-599)) Newell Ave ((1500-2499)) N Foley Ave ((200-699)) N Gilmore Ave ((200-225)) N Hartwell Ave ((400-599)) N Linn Ave ((1-1998)) N Locust Ave ((1-699)) N Maple Ave ((1-699)) Noble Ave ((20901-20999)) Nolan Ave ((1000-2499)) N Pleasant Hill Ave ((1-899)) N Sheakley Ave ((1-299)) N Sherman Ave ((1-499)) N Walnut Ave ((1-599)) N Wapsie St ((100-299)) N Water Ave ((1-399)) N Western Ave ((1-99)) Odessa Ave ((1000-3099)) Panora Ave ((1900-2599)) Parker St ((900-2098)) Parkview Cir ((2000-2099)) Pembroke Ave ((1207-2499)) Phillips Dr ((200-399)) Pine St ((100-199)) Pleasant Hill Ave ((700-1988)) Quinlan Ave ((1200-2329)) Rural St ((501-699)) S 1st Ave ((200-699)) S 3rd Ave ((1-198)) S 4th Ave ((1-1099)) S Alta Ave ((201-398)) S Broadway Ave ((1-299)) S Chestnut Ave ((1-399)) S Gilmore Ave ((100-117)) Short St ((500-799)) S Linn Ave ((1-2299)) S Locust Ave ((1-598)) S Maple Ave ((1-399)) S Pleasant Hill Ave ((1-199)) S Sheakley Ave ((1-399)) S Sherman Ave ((1-199)) State Hwy 142 ((3200-8099)) State Hwy 24 ((1-8099)) State Hwy 346 ((2100-2199)) Sunrise St ((600-1099)) Sunset St ((600-1099)) S Walnut Ave ((1-399)) S Wapsie St ((100-198)) S Water Ave ((1-399)) US Hwy 18 ((1460-2389)) US Hwy 63 ((1000-2899)) W Cleveland St ((1-199)) W Court St ((1-799)) Weber St ((300-1746)) Western Ave ((1-399)) W Gardner St ((1-299)) W Hale St ((1-699)) W Hamilton St ((1-699)) Wilson St ((500-699)) W Jefferson St ((1-499)) W Logan St ((1-299)) W Main St ((2-624)) W Milwaukee St ((100-1098)) Woodland Dr ((2000-2099)) W Prospect St ((1-799)) W Spring St ((1-699)) W Washington St ((1-399))

    50659 Places and Attractions

    Airport Lake Park Beaver City Post Office (historical) Bethany Hall Boyd Boyd (historical) Boyd Post Office (historical) Carnegie Culture Center Chickasaw Ambulance Service New Hampton Chickasaw County Chickasaw County Courthouse Chickasaw County Home Chickasaw County Sheriffs Office Children of Israel Cemetery City of New Hampton City of North Washington Dental Associates Center Devon Devon (historical) Devon Post Office (historical) Devon Woods Dresden Dresden Post Office (historical) Eggleston Farm Cemetery Eye Care Associates Center First Baptist Church Garnant Park Haus Park Heritage Residence Immaculate Conception Church Jackson Number Twelve School Museum Jehovahs Witnessess Kingdom Hall Jenn Timber Park Jerico Jerico Lutheran Cemetery Jerico Post Office (historical) Jerico Wildlife Area Johnny Walnut Seed Conservation Area KCZE-FM (New Hampton) Mercy Medical Center New Hampton Campus Mikkelson Park Mitchell Field Airport Nansen Nansen Post Office (historical) New Hampton New Hampton New Hampton Care Center New Hampton Cemetery New Hampton Chiropractic Center New Hampton Clinic New Hampton Community Center New Hampton Country Club New Hampton Elementary School New Hampton Fire Department New Hampton High School New Hampton Municipal Airport New Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center New Hampton Police Department New Hampton Post Office New Hampton Public Library North Washington North Washington Fire Department North Washington Post Office (historical) Plum Creek Plum Creek Corner Randall Park Redeemer Lutheran Church Runion Park Saint John School of Religion Saint Joseph Community Hospital Saint Joseph Community School Saint Josephs Cemetery Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery Sargeant Farm Cemetery Schroeder, Herman and Hilda Preserve Sheakley Park Spring Branch Stoltz Addition Park Stoltz Park Township of Dayton Township of Jacksonville Township of New Hampton Trinity Lutheran Church United Methodist Church Williamstown Williamstown Church Williamstown Post Office (historical)