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  • Eldora-New Providence High School
  • Eldora-New Providence Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 50627 is located in Hardin County (83.70%) Grundy County (16.30%)

    50627 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((1100-1199)) 10th St ((700-2099)) 11th Ave ((200-1899)) 11th St ((600-2099)) 12th Ave ((600-2099)) 12th St ((400-2099)) 14th Ave ((1-2498)) 14th St ((500-2499)) 15th Ave ((900-2399)) 15th St ((400-2499)) 16th Ave ((800-2099)) 16th St ((400-1699)) 17th Ave ((501-2399)) 17th St ((100-1099)) 18th Ave ((1000-1699)) 18th St ((1100-1399)) 19th Ave ((500-1699)) 19th St ((900-1399)) 1st St ((1300-23898)) 205th St ((27000-27999)) 20th Ave ((1000-1599)) 20th St ((1000-1399)) 210th St ((32500-33820)) 215th St ((27915-32499)) 21st Ave ((1300-1499)) 21st St ((1200-2099)) 220th St ((22000-26347)) 225th St ((25700-34821)) 22nd Ave ((1300-1499)) 22nd St ((1300-1599)) 22st St ((1300-1599)) 230th St ((17514-35789)) 231st St ((32500-32699)) 232nd St ((32464-32699)) 234th St ((32000-32199)) 235th St ((32000-32999)) 236th St ((32032-32130)) 237th St ((32101-32198)) 23rd Ave ((400-1499)) 23rd St ((1300-1499)) 240th St ((11000-33377)) 242nd St ((24481-24487)) 245th St ((23462-35999)) 24th Ave ((1300-1499)) 24th St ((1300-1899)) 250th St ((11000-31999)) 255th St ((27078-31999)) 260th St ((11294-35681)) 265th St ((26385-31466)) 270th St ((13000-35999)) 275th St ((31000-32999)) 280th St ((11001-35579)) 285th St ((31501-31564)) 28th Ave ((200-298)) 290th St ((35043-35999)) 2nd St ((1300-1399)) 3rd Ave ((1200-1299)) 3rd St ((1300-1699)) 3rd Street Pl ((1400-1699)) 4th Ave ((1200-1299)) 4th St ((600-2299)) 5th Ave ((1500-1699)) 5th St ((1300-2699)) 6th Ave ((1200-1699)) 6th St ((600-1399)) 7th Ave ((1200-1699)) 7th St ((900-1899)) 8th Ave ((1000-1599)) 8th St ((1100-1399)) 9th Ave ((200-1699)) B Ave ((24000-29699)) Birch Ave ((400-599)) Broadway Pl ((1400-1599)) Caroline ((500-599)) C Ave ((23000-27999)) Center St ((500-599)) Clarkson ((26000-26999)) Co Hwy D41 ((28100-29299)) Co Hwy S55 ((20500-20598)) Co Hwy S75 ((25001-27399)) Co Rd D41 ((21501-925798)) Co Rd D53 ((13000-14999)) Co Rd S45 ((20700-20798)) Co Rd S55 ((20500-24499)) Co Rd S56 ((20701-23499)) Co Rd S62 ((24500-27003)) Co Rd S75 ((24000-29699)) Co Rd T19 ((23000-25499)) D Ave ((26000-26999)) Dole Dr ((2400-2499)) Eastwood Dr ((2-99)) E Ave ((23000-26999)) Edgington Ave ((100-3299)) Erie St ((27785-27898)) F Ave ((24000-27999)) G Ave ((24000-25099)) H Ave ((24000-24999)) Jenny Ln ((1700-1899)) Kramer Dr ((1300-1399)) Main St ((400-498)) M Ave ((22600-22899)) N 10th St ((400-498)) N Ave ((22501-24799)) N Marshalltown ((24000-25099)) Nn Ave ((25500-25599)) Oak Ave ((400-599)) O Ave ((20401-23098)) Oo Ave ((23201-23499)) Park St ((900-1299)) P Ave ((25000-25999)) Pp Ave ((22301-22899)) Q Ave ((26000-26999)) R Ave ((22900-26999)) River Ave ((1-2498)) River Rd N ((400-498)) R St ((25500-25598)) S Ivester ((26000-26999)) Ss Ave ((27100-27198)) State Hwy 14 ((11000-25099)) State Hwy 175 ((100-335541)) State St ((601-798)) S Vandermark ((23000-27999)) S Wells ((24000-27999)) S Willow ((24000-24999)) T Ave ((21342-27499)) Timber Ridge Dr ((32001-32199)) US Hwy 65 ((22301-22599)) Uu Ave ((20000-21999)) V Ave ((200-226299)) Vinton Ave ((200-599)) Vv Ave ((23400-23999)) W Alice ((13000-14999)) Washington St ((100-2899)) W Ave ((3000-33199)) W Home ((11000-13999)) W Reinbeck ((11294-15999)) W Tama ((11500-11999)) X Ave ((21101-28499)) Y Ave ((20000-29801)) Z Ave ((28101-29699))

    50627 Places and Attractions

    Beaver Creek Buckner Cemetery Bunker Hill Post Office (historical) Cedar Creek Christian Church City of Eldora City of Whitten Civil War Statue Coal Bank Hill Bridge Delanti Post Office (historical) East Lawn Memorial Garden Edgington Land Patent Historical Marker Eldora Eldora Eldora Cemetery Eldora City Hall Eldora City Park Eldora Community Hospital Eldora Emergency Medical Services Eldora Fire Department Eldora Junction Post Office (historical) Eldora Library Eldora Municipal Airport Eldora Municipal Park Eldora - New Providence Elementary School Eldora - New Providence High School Eldora - New Providence Middle School Eldora Nursing and Rehab Center Eldora Police Department Eldora Post Office Eldora Training School Cemetery Ellsworth Cemetery First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Congregational Church Goose Creek Number Four School (historical) Greenbelt Speedway Hardin City Cemetery Hardin County Hardin County Courthouse Hardin County Fairgrounds Hardin County Health Care Center Hardin County Historical Farm Hardin County Home Hardin County Home Cemetery Hardin County Rescue Squad South Hardin County Sheriff's Office Hughes (historical) Hughes Post Office (historical) Hughs Iowa State Training School for Boys Ivester Ivester Church Ivester Post Office (historical) Izaak Walton County Park Lincoln Cemetery Little Beaver Creek Logsdon Park Melrose Melrose Cemetery Melrose Post Office (historical) Memorial to Eldora Pioneers Historical Marker Miller Memorial Park Otter Creek Pine Creek Pine Lake Pine Lake Country Club Pine Lake State Park Point Pleasant Point Pleasant Cemetery Point Pleasant Post Office (historical) Quakerdale School Red Rock Line Historical Marker Rough Woods Cemetery Rough Woods Hill Saint Mary's Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran Church Secor (historical) Secor Post Office (historical) Sheller Cemetery Tipton Creek Township of Eldora Township of Melrose Township of Pleasant United Methodist Church Upper Pine Lake Upper Pine Lake Dam Valley View Nursing Center Wildcat Cave Access Xenia Xenia Cemetery Xenia Post Office (historical) Ziesman Wildlife Area