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Rockwell City

50579 Schools


  • Scc Middle School
  • Rockwell City-Lytton High School
  • Scc Rockwell City Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 50579 is located in Calhoun County

    50579 Street Addresses

    1st St ((100-299)) 200th St ((1851-1899)) 210th St ((1814-1899)) 220th St ((1749-2660)) 230th St ((2201-3007)) 235th St ((2100-2199)) 240th St ((2000-3299)) 250th St ((1800-3299)) 260th St ((1900-2499)) 270th St ((100-3371)) 280th St ((1600-3467)) 290th St ((1300-3159)) 300th St ((1800-3670)) 310th St ((1800-3305)) 320th St ((1900-3225)) 330th St ((2280-2699)) 3rd St ((100-999)) 4th St ((100-999)) 5th St ((200-3199)) 6th St ((100-799)) 7th St ((100-799)) 8th St ((100-2899)) 9th St ((100-799)) Austin St ((100-499)) Brower St ((100-498)) Butler St ((100-199)) Co Hwy D33 ((1800-3299)) Co Hwy D46 ((1800-3305)) Co Hwy D53 ((2280-2699)) Co Hwy N33 ((2200-2799)) Co Hwy N37 ((2417-2965)) Co Hwy N41 ((1900-3199)) Co Hwy N57 ((100-3699)) Co Hwy P13 ((2500-3099)) Co Rd D26 ((1749-7199)) Co Rd N65 ((2200-3099)) Court St ((100-999)) Dakota Ave ((1300-3159)) Donald St ((800-899)) E Court St ((100-299)) E High St ((100-1299)) E Lake St ((100-799)) Elm St ((100-499)) E Main St ((100-299)) E Pleasant St ((100-299)) Fletcher Ave ((2200-2799)) Golden Buckle Dr ((100-799)) Granite Ave ((2564-2799)) Grant St ((100-299)) Harris Ave ((2417-2965)) Inwood Ave ((2200-3199)) Janesville Ave ((2068-2199)) Jennings Ave ((2240-3199)) Jones St ((300-499)) Kingsley Ave ((2000-3199)) Lake Ln ((2100-5399)) Lake St ((100-999)) Lamoni Ave ((2500-3099)) Lanedale ((301-399)) Langley Ave ((2200-2699)) Lavinia Ln ((1900-1999)) Lawton Cir ((2201-2299)) Lewis St ((100-199)) Main St ((100-999)) Marengo Ave ((1700-1799)) Marshall Ave ((2200-3299)) Morton Dr ((200-299)) N 1st St ((101-799)) N 3rd St ((100-399)) N 8th St ((100-598)) N Elm St ((100-399)) NE Twin Lakes Rd ((200-66599)) Norridge Ave ((2300-3603)) Oakhurst Ave ((100-2899)) Ocean Ct ((1-5999)) Ocean Park Dr ((2200-2299)) Ogden Ave ((100-3699)) Park Ln ((100-499)) Park Rd ((100-499)) Pella Ave ((1900-3199)) Pleasant St ((100-999)) Preston Ave ((2200-3399)) Quinton Ave ((2300-3499)) Railway St ((112-1305)) Ralston Ave ((2700-2799)) Rands Rd ((2700-2799)) Red Oak Ave ((2200-3199)) Richards Elevator Rd ((2400-2499)) Richmond St ((300-999)) Shady Point Ln ((2100-5299)) Sigourney Ave ((2200-3099)) South St ((100-899)) State Hwy 124 ((2200-2298)) State Hwy 4 ((2200-3599)) Stewart Ave ((100-199)) S Twin Lakes Ln ((2301-2499)) S Twin Lakes Rd ((2202-2498)) Tonawanda Ave ((100-1099)) Tonawanda St ((100-1099)) Traer Ave ((2200-3199)) Twin Lakes Rd ((200-66599)) Upland Ave ((2200-2999)) US Hwy 20 ((112-3371)) Valley Ave ((2500-3149)) Wabash St ((400-498)) Warner Cir ((300-398)) Warner St ((100-199)) Washington St ((100-499)) Waukon Ave ((2558-2699)) W High St ((100-1299)) W Twin Lakes Rd ((1801-7695))

    50579 Places and Attractions

    Calhoun County Calhoun County Courthouse Calhoun County Historical Library Calhoun County Home Calhoun County Museum Calhoun County Sheriff's Office Center Wildlife Area Church of Christ City of Rockwell City Drainage Ditch 10 Drainage Ditch 13 Drainage Ditch 198 Drainage Ditch 65 Evangelical Free Church Farmers Co-op Elevator Featherstone Memorial County Park Greenwood Cemetery Highway Number Four Recreation Area Highway Number Twenty Rest Area Home Valley Mall Immanuel Church Iowa State Reformatory for Women Joint Drainage Ditch 16 Lake Creek Cemetery Lavinia Lavinia (historical) Lavinia Post Office (historical) Logan Wildlife Area McFarland Clinic at Rockwell North Central Correctional Facility North Twin Lake North Twin Lake Wildlife Management Area Physical Therapy Rost Clinic Piper Piper Cemetery Presbyterian Church Reformatory Cemetery Richard Richards Richards Post Office (historical) Roby Cemetery Rockwell City Rockwell City Rockwell City Bridge Rockwell City Elementary School Rockwell City Emergency Medical Services Rockwell City Fire Department Rockwell City Hall Rockwell City High School Rockwell City Library Rockwell City Municipal Airport Rockwell City Park Rockwell City Post Office Rockwell City United Methodist Church Rosehill Cemetery Saint Francis Catholic Church Saint Francis Cemetery Saint Paul American Lutheran Church Sherwood Sherwood Sherwood Post Office (historical) Site of Pioneer Children's Grave Historical Marker South Twin Lake South Twin Lake Wildlife Management Area Stimsons (historical) Stimsons (historical) Sunny Knoll Care Center Township of Center Township of Lake Creek Township of Logan Township of Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Cemetery Twin Lakes Census Designated Place Twin Lakes Golf Club Twin Lakes Trailer Court