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50501 Street Addresses

10th Ave N ((100-3999)) 10th Ave S ((1600-3199)) 10th Ave SW ((900-1499)) 10th St NW ((100-199)) 10th St SW ((1001-1199)) 11th Ave N ((200-3199)) 11th Ave S ((1600-2799)) 11th Ave SW ((801-1599)) 11th St NW ((1-299)) 120th St ((2101-2450)) 12th Ave N ((400-3199)) 12th Ave S ((1600-2799)) 12th Ave SW ((1000-1798)) 12th St NW ((100-499)) 12th St S ((1900-2299)) 130th St ((2134-2799)) 13th Ave N ((1101-3199)) 13th Ave S ((2000-2899)) 13th Ave SW ((1601-1799)) 13th St NW ((300-499)) 13th St SW ((900-1099)) 140th St ((1927-2599)) 141st St ((100-2299)) 142nd St ((101-2299)) 146th St ((2100-2299)) 14th Ave N ((700-2999)) 14th Ave NE ((3000-3199)) 14th Ave S ((2000-2899)) 14th Ave SW ((1600-1799)) 14th St SW ((1001-1698)) 150th St ((1942-2899)) 15th Ave N ((700-2799)) 15th Ave NE ((2900-2999)) 15th Ave S ((1100-2899)) 15th Ave SW ((1400-1598)) 15th St ((3100-3198)) 15th St SW ((1100-1299)) 160th St ((1544-3199)) 16th Ave N ((1000-3199)) 16th Ave S ((1601-1699)) 16th St SW ((1200-1299)) 170th St ((1517-2899)) 175th St ((1301-2099)) 179th St ((2100-2199)) 17th Ave N ((1100-3199)) 17th St ((1900-1999)) 17th St SW ((1101-1799)) 180th St ((2100-3249)) 185th St ((1500-1799)) 18th Ave N ((2200-3199)) 18th Ave S ((1500-1599)) 18th St SW ((1301-1399)) 190th St ((1700-2899)) 19th Ave N ((2200-3099)) 19th Ave S ((1200-1399)) 1st Ave N ((200-2199)) 1st Ave NW ((200-1198)) 1st Ave S ((1-2999)) 1st St ((23501-23899)) 1st St NW ((300-1498)) 200th St ((1700-3343)) 201st St ((1700-1799)) 204th St ((2000-2099)) 20th Ave N ((1100-3099)) 20th Ave S ((1100-1598)) 210th St ((1700-2899)) 2 1/2 Ave N ((2100-2299)) 219th St ((2000-2099)) 21st Ave N ((1400-42999)) 21st Ave S ((1100-1499)) 220th St ((1500-2099)) 225th St ((1900-19999)) 228th St ((2501-2599)) 22nd Ave N ((2001-3099)) 22nd Ave S ((1100-1799)) 230th St ((1600-20598)) 234th Ave ((23800-23898)) 235th Ave ((23000-23999)) 235th St ((2100-2499)) 236th Ave ((23700-27399)) 237th Ave ((23601-23998)) 238th Ave ((23501-23899)) 239th Ave ((23800-23899)) 240th St ((1500-2499)) 245th St ((2200-2299)) 250th St ((1300-2299)) 25th Ave N ((1000-3799)) 260th St ((1900-2098)) 26th Ave N ((1100-1499)) 270th St ((1900-1999)) 27th Ave N ((1200-2899)) 27th St ((2601-2699)) 280th St ((1800-2299)) 290th St ((2000-2699)) 29th Ave N ((1400-2799)) 2nd Ave N ((900-2798)) 2nd Ave NW ((101-1199)) 2nd Ave S ((100-2199)) 2nd St ((23601-23998)) 2nd St NW ((1-1499)) 300th St ((1880-2299)) 310th St ((1832-2299)) 31st Ave N ((1401-1499)) 320th St ((2100-2799)) 330th St ((2100-2399)) 3rd Ave N ((100-2699)) 3rd Ave NW ((200-1599)) 3rd Ave S ((300-2099)) 3rd St ((23700-27399)) 3rd St NW ((300-799)) 4th Ave N ((200-3299)) 4th Ave NW ((1-1299)) 4th Ave S ((300-2199)) 4th St ((23000-23999)) 4th St NW ((1-599)) 5th Ave N ((100-3299)) 5th Ave NW ((100-1398)) 5th Ave S ((1200-5199)) 5th St ((23800-23898)) 5th St NW ((100-799)) 5th St SW ((100-799)) 6th Ave N ((200-2899)) 6th Ave NW ((200-399)) 6th Ave S ((1200-2199)) 6th St NW ((200-299)) 7th Ave N ((100-2398)) 7th Ave NW ((100-399)) 7th Ave S ((600-3199)) 7th St NW ((101-299)) 8 1/2 Ave N ((1600-1899)) 8th Ave N ((200-2399)) 8th Ave S ((1200-3199)) 8th St NW ((200-299)) 8th St SW ((800-999)) 9 1/2 Ave S ((2200-2799)) 9th Ave N ((200-1899)) 9th Ave NW ((300-399)) 9th Ave S ((1300-3199)) 9th Ave SW ((800-1099)) 9th St NW ((100-199)) Amvets Dr ((400-1099)) Ashwood Ln ((2700-2799)) A St ((100-1699)) A St W ((758-1183)) Ave B ((100-1899)) Ave B S ((1600-1899)) Ave C ((100-1399)) Ave D ((100-399)) Ave F ((100-699)) Ave G ((100-899)) Ave H ((100-299)) Ave M ((101-398)) Ave M W ((100-399)) Avenue E ((100-699)) Ave N W ((100-299)) Ave O ((100-1799)) Ave O W ((100-499)) Ave Q W ((400-499)) Ave S W ((400-499)) Becker Dr ((1700-1799)) Boies St ((23701-23999)) Bothland Dr ((2000-2098)) Breen Rd ((2200-2299)) B St ((100-1498)) B St W ((1400-1498)) Center St ((221-299)) Central Ave ((1-2299)) Charles St ((300-499)) Charmill Dr ((1800-1899)) Circle Dr ((2401-22799)) Circle Ln ((2401-2499)) Cleveland St ((23800-23998)) Coats Dr ((2400-2498)) Co Hwy C56 ((2145-2450)) Co Hwy C66 ((1927-2099)) Co Hwy D14 ((1801-2899)) Co Hwy D18 ((1200-2899)) Co Hwy D43 ((2000-2099)) Co Hwy P33 ((1609-2099)) Co Hwy P41 ((1400-1899)) Co Hwy P51 ((1900-19999)) Co Hwy P56 ((1-3199)) Co Hwy P59 ((1-24406)) Colonial Dr ((1100-1199)) Commerce St ((400-498)) Cooper Dr ((1000-1199)) Co Rd D20 ((2601-3343)) Country Club Ct ((200-299)) Country Club Dr ((100-399)) County Home Rd ((1900-19999)) Crawford Ave ((1000-1199)) Crawford Park Ave ((1400-1498)) Crest Ave ((700-799)) Crestview Dr ((200-499)) Crestview Hts ((1500-1699)) Crestview Ln ((1300-1398)) C St ((100-799)) Dakota St ((600-899)) Dana Ave ((2000-2099)) David Dr ((2000-2099)) Dawson Dr ((2200-2299)) Dewey Pl ((2001-2099)) Dewitt St ((300-399)) Division St ((23800-23999)) Dodge Cir ((1200-1399)) Doliver St ((23900-23999)) Dolliver Ln ((500-598)) D St ((200-499)) D St W ((1400-1699)) Elizabeth Ave ((700-799)) Elm Dr ((2400-2499)) Elmhurst Ave ((1600-2499)) Elmhurst Ct ((1900-1998)) Elm St ((2300-2399)) E Riverside Dr ((200-799)) E St ((400-699)) Exposition Dr ((100-798)) Fairbanks Ave ((1400-1808)) Fairview Dr ((2200-2299)) Floral Ave ((1500-1999)) Floral Cir ((1600-1699)) Forest Ave ((600-1199)) Fountain Cir ((1100-1199)) Fox Ridge Dr ((1100-1199)) Fox Ridge Rd ((1100-1117)) Franklin St ((23601-23899)) Friendship Cir ((100-199)) F St ((700-799)) Garfield Ave ((1801-1899)) Garfield St ((23500-23899)) Gordon Pass ((2000-2099)) Grandview Dr ((1800-2199)) Green Brier Dr ((1900-2199)) G St ((200-399)) Haskell St ((300-399)) Hawkeye Ave ((200-599)) Hayes Ave ((1301-2427)) Hayes St ((23800-23899)) Hickory Cir ((2500-2599)) Hidden Valley Ln ((1800-1899)) Hidden Valley Rd ((1800-1899)) Highland Park Ave ((2000-2499)) Hilltop Rd ((100-199)) Home Ave ((800-899)) Hoyt St ((23800-23899)) H St ((200-299)) Iowa Ave ((1800-1899)) I St ((200-399)) Johnson Ave ((1400-3127)) Johnson Pl ((1-99)) Jonathan Cir ((2000-2099)) Jonathan Dr ((1600-1999)) J St ((200-399)) Junior Ct ((1000-1198)) Kansas Ave ((2300-22998)) Kelloge Ave ((2000-2099)) Kelly Ave ((1800-1896)) Kelly Dr ((1900-1998)) Kenyon Rd ((100-1199)) Knollcrest Dr ((1000-1799)) Kountry Ln ((1800-1999)) Kramme Dr ((1000-1599)) K St ((100-598)) Lainson Ave ((1300-3399)) Lakewood ((1-2299)) Lakewood Ct ((1400-1499)) Lakewood Trl ((1-2299)) Landfill Dr ((3200-3398)) Legion Ave ((1700-1899)) Liberty Ln ((22300-22399)) Lizard Creek Ln ((1800-1899)) Loomis Ave ((300-499)) Loomis Park Dr ((800-1499)) Louise Ridge Rd ((1900-1999)) L St ((200-1599)) Luke Ln ((1900-2099)) Madison Ave ((1400-3299)) Madson Dr ((1600-20598)) Mallinger Dr ((2200-2399)) Maple Dr ((2300-2399)) Martin Luther King Dr ((901-999)) Mary St ((400-498)) Meadow Ln ((1300-1399)) Miller Dr ((700-799)) Mining Blvd ((2200-2499)) M St ((200-1598)) N 10th St ((1-1599)) N 11th St ((1-1799)) N 12th St ((1-2499)) N 13th Pl ((2700-2799)) N 13th St ((1-2799)) N 14th Ct ((2000-2099)) N 14th St ((1-3099)) N 15th Pl ((2400-2799)) N 15th St ((1-3199)) N 15th St S ((3100-3198)) N 16th St ((1-1999)) N 17th St ((1-2899)) N 18th St ((1-1899)) N 19th St ((100-1499)) N 1st St ((1-199)) N 20th St ((1-999)) N 21st St ((1-899)) N 22nd St ((100-2599)) N 23rd Pl ((1000-1099)) N 23rd St ((600-1999)) N 24th Pl ((1000-2099)) N 24th St ((800-1699)) N 25th St ((1-2899)) N 26th Pl ((200-499)) N 26th St ((200-2099)) N 27th St ((1-1999)) N 28th Ave ((700-1799)) N 28th St ((500-2898)) N 29th St ((1-3099)) N 2nd St ((301-999)) N 30th Ct ((1900-2299)) N 30th St ((1600-1699)) N 31st Pl ((1000-1099)) N 31st St ((1000-1699)) N 32nd St ((1-2499)) N 36th St ((901-999)) N 3rd St ((1-1099)) N 4th St ((1-1199)) N 5th St ((1-599)) N 6th St ((1-899)) N 7th St ((1-2899)) N 8th St ((100-1599)) N 9th St ((1-1598)) Nathan Blvd ((2000-2099)) National Ave ((1200-1799)) Nelson Ave ((1200-24406)) Nicole Rd ((1976-2099)) Northrup Dr ((800-898)) Northwood Ave ((700-999)) N Soldier Creek Dr ((3000-3099)) Oak Dr ((2301-2399)) Oak Tree Cir ((2900-2999)) Oakwood Rd ((2200-2299)) Oates Ave ((1400-1599)) Old Hwy 169 ((22101-23399)) Oleson Park Ave ((1200-1499)) Orchard Rd ((1600-1699)) O St ((300-499)) Paragon Ave ((1306-1799)) Parker Dr ((1900-2198)) Parkwood Cir ((100-199)) Parkwood Ct ((100-199)) Patterson Field Rd ((1700-1999)) Prospect Ave ((1400-1499)) Quail Ave ((1376-2399)) Racine Ave ((1529-2599)) Rathermel Dr ((1700-1799)) Raymond Dr ((700-1099)) Regency West Ct ((100-199)) Richmill Rd ((2000-2199)) Riverdale Dr ((2100-2299)) River Forest Ct ((1000-1099)) River Forest Dr ((1700-1799)) Riverside Dr ((100-398)) Riverside St NW ((500-999)) Riverside Trl ((2300-2467)) Robinson Dr ((301-399)) Rolling Hills Dr ((1600-1799)) S 10th St ((1-499)) S 11th St ((1-2299)) S 12th St ((1-1199)) S 13th St ((100-2199)) S 14th St ((1-2499)) S 15th St ((1-2199)) S 16th St ((100-1699)) S 17th St ((1-1998)) S 18th St ((1-1199)) S 19th St ((1-1399)) S 1st St ((1-199)) S 20th St ((100-1299)) S 21st St ((1-1499)) S 22nd St ((500-2599)) S 23rd St ((1-1499)) S 24th St ((800-1499)) S 25th St ((1-1499)) S 26th St ((900-1499)) S 27th St ((1-1499)) S 28th St ((900-1499)) S 29th St ((1-1099)) S 30th St ((501-799)) S 31st St ((100-1099)) S 32nd St ((2-1305)) S 33rd St ((1000-1099)) S 3rd St ((1-199)) S 42nd St ((200-299)) S 4th St ((1-399)) S 5th St ((1-399)) S 6th St ((1-499)) S 7th St ((1-499)) S 8th St ((1-499)) S 9th St ((1-399)) Samson Ave ((1500-2299)) Scenic Dr ((1601-2299)) Scenic Valley Rd ((2100-2299)) Sheker Dr ((2100-2199)) Sherri Ln ((19901-20299)) Soldier Creek Dr ((2900-2999)) South Rd ((22600-22998)) S River Ln ((2200-2298)) S River Rd ((2101-2399)) S Soldier Creek Dr ((2900-2999)) Stadium Dr ((1900-1998)) State Hwy 413 ((1-3199)) State Hwy 50 ((2100-2239)) State Hwy 7 ((1700-1999)) Summit Ave ((900-1199)) Sunset Ln ((2100-2199)) Taylor Ave ((1600-2199)) Theater Rd ((22200-22499)) Timberlane ((100-2299)) Tower Dr ((1300-2399)) Triton Cir ((1-99)) US Hwy 169 ((1200-23662)) US Hwy 169 Bus ((100-1109)) US Hwy 20 ((300-398)) US Hwy 20 Bus ((210-5199)) Walnut ((2301-2399)) Walnut Cir ((2700-2799)) Wa-No-Ki Camp Rd ((2300-2498)) Westridge Rd ((500-799)) Westwood Acres Dr ((2000-2099)) Westwood Dr ((2000-2099)) Williams Dr ((900-2799)) Woodland Dr ((2500-2699)) Woodmar Hts ((300-399)) Wraywood Dr ((700-1699)) Xavier Ave ((1401-3250))

50501 Places and Attractions

Apostolic Church of Deliverance Arey School Associated Internists Center Badger Creek Badger Lake Bass Creek Becker Wildlife Area Blanden Memorial Art Museum Blanden Memorial Art Museum Library Bob Hay Memorial Conservation Area Bradys Creek Burns Family Plot Butler School C C Carpenter Cemetery Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Memorial Church of God and Christ Carbon (historical) Carbon Junction Post Office (historical) Carbon Post Office (historical) Carpenter School Central Church Central Iowa Eyecare Center Child Health Specialty Clinic Christ Lutheran Church Christian Science Church Church of Christ West Side City Square Park Coalville Coalville (historical) Coalville Post Office (historical) Coleman School Community Christian Schools Concordia Cemetery Cooper Elementary School Coppin Chapel - African Methodist Episcopal Cornerstone Church of God in Christ Corpus Christi Catholic Church Corpus Christi Cemetery Corpus Christi School Crooks (historical) Crooks Post Office (historical) Crossroads Mall Curious Kids' Museum Cypsum City (historical) Deer Creek Deer Creek Deer Creek Area Deer Creek Township Hall Ditch Number 96 Doctor Tan's Clinic for Women Dodger Stadium Dragoon Trail Historical Marker Drainage Ditch Number 219 Drainage Ditch Number 57 Duncombe School East Lawn Acres Park Edmonds High School Elkhorn Creek Emmanuel Baptist Church Epworth United Methodist Church Evangelical Mennonite Church Faith Baptist Church Feelhaver School First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church First Church of the Nazarene First Covenant Church First Evangelical Free Church First Presbyterian Church First Southern Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge (historical) Fort Dodge Center Library Fort Dodge Church of Christ Fort Dodge Country Club Fort Dodge Fire Department Fort Dodge Headache and Pain Clinic Fort Dodge Military Post Historical Marker Fort Dodge Municipal Airport Fort Dodge Nature Trail Fort Dodge Police Department Fort Dodge Post Office Fort Dodge Public Library Fort Dodge Senior High School Fort Dodge Temple of Praise Church Fort Dodge Veterans Administration Clinic Fort Dodge Villa Care Center Fort Museum and Frontier Village Fred N Cooper Elementary School Friendship Haven Nursing Home Full Gospel Lighthouse Church Good Shepherd Church Grace Lutheran Church Graceland Cemetery Greenside Greenside Post Office (historical) Gypsum Gypsum Creek Gypsum Post Office (historical) Harlan Rogers Park Harlan Rogers Sports Complex Harvest Baptist Church Haskell Park Hawley School Highland Park School Hillcrest Elementary School Holliday Creek Area Park Holy Rosary Catholic Church Holy Rosary School Hydro Electric Park Industry Industry Post Office (historical) Iowa Central Community College Island Park Jackson Centre Post Office (historical) Jerry Rabiner Boys Home Jonathan P Dolliver State Historical Marker Judd Judd (historical) Judd Post Office (historical) KFDC-FM (Fort Dodge) KICB-FM (Fort Dodge) KKEZ-FM (Fort Dodge) KSMX-FM (Fort Dodge) KVFD-AM (Fort Dodge) KWMT-AM (Fort Dodge) Kennedy Brown Park Kennedy Memorial County Park Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Knollcrest Park Lakeside Municipal Golf Course Leif Ericson Park Linwood Hanson Park Lizard Creek Lizard Creek State Recreation Area Loomis Park Lundgren Lundgren (historical) Lundgren Church Nature Park Lundgren Post Office (historical) Marian Home and Village Nursing Home Mason Park McCarville Park McLaughlin's Grove Post Office (historical) Memorial Park Cemetery Mid Iowa Pediatrics Center Mission Followers of Jesus Christ New Covenant Christian Church North Central Iowa Physicians Center North Junior High School North Lawn Cemetery Oakland Cemetery Old Arnold House Historical Marker Old Lizzard Cemetery Oleson Park Palm Grove Palmgrove Post Office (historical) Phinny Park Prince of Peace Lutheran Church RD Mitchell Park Regional Pathologists Center Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Reynolds Park Riverside School Riverside United Methodist Church Roberts Rolling Hills Dental Clinic Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart School Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Saint Olaf Lutheran Church Saint Olafs Cemetery Saint Paul Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran School Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Salvation Army Temple Second Baptist Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Shady Oak Shady Oak (historical) Shady Oak Post Office (historical) Snell-Crawford Park Soldier Creek South Branch Lizard Creek South Junior High School Spring Creek Sunkissed Meadows Golf Course Tara Tara The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trimark Family Practice Associates Center Trimark Orthopaedics and Podiatry Center Trimark Physician Group Center Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Luthrean School Trinity Regional Hospital Heliport Trinity Regional Medical Center Trinity United Methodist Church Triumphant Church USA Health Care Center United Church Urology Associates Center Veterans Memorial Park Villa Cottages North Side Wahkonsa School Webster County Courthouse Webster County Hospital Webster County Law Enforcement Center West Fort Dodge (historical) Willowledge Cemetery Word of Life Chapel