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Lake Mills

50450 Schools


  • Lake Mills Senior High School
  • Lake Mills Middle School
  • Lake Mills Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 50450 is located in Winnebago County (70.80%) Worth County (29.20%)

    50450 Street Addresses

    180th Ave ((42200-47499)) 190th Ave ((40554-47999)) 197th Ave ((48000-48999)) 200th Ave ((40000-47499)) 203rd Ave ((46000-46999)) 205th Ave ((47000-48499)) 210th Ave ((39000-50999)) 212th Ave ((45000-47999)) 215th Ave ((44000-44499)) 220th Ave ((38337-49999)) 225th Ave ((100-43999)) 228th Ave ((47000-47999)) 230th Ave ((38500-50299)) 235th Ave ((42500-44499)) 240th Ave ((4601-50998)) 385th St ((23000-23999)) 390th St ((22520-22999)) 400th St ((21000-24531)) 410th St ((19466-24185)) 420th St ((19940-23999)) 425th St ((23501-24999)) 430th St ((20000-23999)) 435th St ((100-499)) 440th St ((100-24999)) 445th St ((300-24999)) 448th St ((100-399)) 450th St ((500-899)) 460th St ((18660-22999)) 465th St ((23500-23999)) 470th St ((400-24999)) 475th St ((100-20999)) 480th St ((20000-24999)) 482nd St ((200-299)) 485th St ((300-21999)) 490th St ((19400-23799)) 495th St ((24000-24999)) 500th St ((22000-23999)) 510th St ((18901-24999)) Apple Ave ((4401-50998)) Apricot Ln ((4500-4599)) Balsam Ave ((4900-4999)) Balsam Ln ((4500-4599)) Bluebill Ave ((4200-4899)) Cardinal Ave ((4200-4899)) Co Hwy 105 ((24700-24899)) Co Hwy 4 ((22457-24999)) Co Hwy A14 ((18901-24999)) Co Hwy A25 ((100-899)) Co Hwy S10 ((4200-4899)) Co Hwy S16 ((4400-5099)) Co Hwy S22 ((600-4699)) Co Hwy S28 ((806-899)) Co Rd 60 ((18901-22455)) Co Rd 74 ((100-1099)) Co Rd A14 ((18901-24999)) Co Rd A16 ((19400-48498)) Co Rd A34 ((19940-42198)) Co Rd A38 ((21000-24185)) Co Rd R60 ((42200-47499)) Co Rd R72 ((39000-45028)) Co Rd R74 ((103-47999)) Co Rd S10 ((4222-4899)) Co Rd S22 ((600-4699)) County Line Rd ((4501-50998)) Dogwood Ave ((4400-5099)) Dove Ave ((4300-4399)) E 445th St ((101-498)) Eagle Ln ((4600-42599)) E Main St ((100-999)) Evergreen Ln ((4400-4499)) Finch Ave ((4300-4699)) Garden St S ((300-599)) Golf Ave ((43000-43199)) Lakeside Dr ((24400-24799)) Lake St ((300-499)) Larson Ave N ((500-599)) Linden Ln ((43000-43199)) Map Dr ((24300-24398)) Maple Ct ((100-199)) Maple Dr ((24300-43199)) Milton Ave S ((700-1099)) N 1st Ave E ((100-699)) N 1st Ave W ((100-299)) N 2nd Ave E ((200-399)) N 2nd Ave W ((100-899)) N 3rd Ave E ((100-1499)) N 3rd Ave W ((100-499)) N 4th Ave W ((100-399)) N 5th Ave W ((100-399)) N 6th Ave E ((100-199)) N 9th Ave E ((100-499)) N Franklin St ((1-199)) N Grant St ((1-399)) N Harrison St ((1-399)) N James St ((600-699)) N Lake St ((100-899)) N Lincoln St ((1-399)) N Mill St ((1-899)) N Oak St ((1-299)) N Park St ((1-399)) N Washington St ((1-599)) N Western St ((1-4299)) N Winnebago St ((1-399)) S 10th Ave E ((101-23899)) S 11th Ave W ((200-299)) S 12th Ave W ((100-22999)) S 1st Ave E ((500-699)) S 1st Ave W ((100-299)) S 2nd Ave E ((100-399)) S 3rd Ave E ((100-399)) S 4th Ave E ((100-499)) S 4th Ave W ((100-399)) S 5th Ave E ((100-199)) S 5th Ave W ((100-199)) S 6th Ave E ((100-199)) S 6th Ave W ((100-299)) S 7th Ave W ((100-299)) S 8th Ave E ((100-299)) S 8th Ave W ((100-399)) S 9th Ave W ((100-499)) S Franklin St ((100-299)) S Grant St ((1-1099)) Shady Oaks Ln ((101-199)) S Harrison St ((1-799)) S Iowa St ((1-199)) S Lake St ((1-1499)) S Lincoln St ((1-1099)) S Mill St ((1-1199)) S Oak St ((1-99)) State Hwy 105 ((1-355)) State Hwy 971 ((100-24899)) State Line Rd ((20301-24999)) Sunrise Ct ((100-199)) SW Apricot Ln ((4500-4599)) S Washington Ct ((1200-1299)) S Washington St ((400-1299)) S Western St ((500-1099)) S Winnebago St ((100-1699)) US Hwy 69 ((100-50498)) W Front St ((300-899)) Wheelerwood Rd ((806-899)) Windview Dr ((501-599)) W Main St ((100-899))

    50450 Places and Attractions

    Asbury United Methodist Church Bolstad Wildlife Area Bristol Bristol Post Office (historical) Bristol Protestant Cemetery City of Lake Mills Dahle Park Dakken Chiropractic Office Ditch Number 6 Drainage Ditch Number 18 Drainage Ditch Number 92 Elk Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area Family Dental Center Family Optometry Center Grace Community Church Greenley Lake (historical) Grytte Post Office (historical) Helgeson Truman Civic Center Hogsback Marsh Public Hunting Area Hogsback Park Annex Hogsback Wildlife Area Lake Mills Lake Mills Lake Mills Ambulance Service Lake Mills Care Center Lake Mills Clinic Lake Mills Community School Lake Mills Fire Department Lake Mills Municipal Airport Lake Mills Police Department Lake Mills Post Office Lake Mills Public Library Lande River Conservation Wildlife Area Lansrud Lansrud Post Office (historical) Larson - Tweed Wildlife Area Lime Creek Cemetery Lime Creek Church Mercy Family Care Center Norman Norman (historical) Norman (historical) Norman Post Office (historical) Oakwood Park Peterson Pot Holes Related Health Care Center Rice Lake Rice Lake Rice Lake Golf and Country Club Rice Lake State Game Management Area Rice Lake State Park Saint Patricks Catholic Church Saint Patricks Cemetery Salem Cemetery Salem Lutheran Church Salem Memorial Cemetery Silver Lake Post Office (historical) Sion Lutheran Church Somber Cemetery Somber Church Sunnyside Cemetery Synod Cemetery Synod Lutheran Church Top of Iowa Cooperative Elevator Township of Center Township of Norway Township of Silver Lake Victory Christian Fellowship Winnebago Church Wood Duck Marsh