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50401 Street Addresses

10th St NE ((300-1099)) 10th St NW ((1-1229)) 10th St SE ((1201-1609)) 10th St SW ((1-1799)) 11th St NE ((1-1032)) 11th St NW ((624-766)) 11th St SE ((5000-22799)) 11th St SW ((1-199)) 12th Ave S ((12000-12500)) 12th Pl NE ((100-199)) 12th St NE ((336-23999)) 12th St NW ((1-12999)) 12th St SE ((1-899)) 12th St SW ((1-199)) 13th Pl NE ((200-299)) 13th St NE ((1-656)) 13th St NW ((1-99)) 13th St SE ((1-953)) 13th St SW ((1-99)) 14th Pl NE ((600-4669)) 14th Pl NW ((1-199)) 14th St NE ((1-899)) 14th St NW ((1-599)) 14th St SE ((1-1199)) 15th Pl NE ((700-1099)) 15th St NE ((1-1199)) 15th St NW ((1-2699)) 15th St SE ((1-1199)) 15th St SW ((1-2999)) 16th St NE ((14-1199)) 16th St NW ((1-599)) 16th St SE ((1-799)) 16th St SW ((2600-2999)) 17th Ct SE ((801-807)) 17th St NE ((1-1199)) 17th St NW ((1-599)) 17th St SE ((1-799)) 17th St SW ((2600-2999)) 18th St NE ((667-721)) 18th St SE ((1-599)) 18th St SW ((1300-2999)) 190th St ((14000-22999)) 195th St ((18000-18999)) 19th St SE ((1-16999)) 19th St SW ((1-12999)) 1st St NE ((1-1199)) 1st St NW ((1-1599)) 1st St SE ((100-1150)) 1st St SW ((100-2925)) 200th St ((14000-20999)) 20th Pl SW ((300-499)) 20th St SE ((1-599)) 20th St SW ((300-2610)) 210th St ((13000-20999)) 21st St SE ((1-599)) 21st St SW ((300-2399)) 220th St ((13000-22999)) 22nd St SE ((1-499)) 22nd St SW ((300-2399)) 230th St ((12000-20999)) 23rd St SW ((1-2399)) 240th St ((2000-14475)) 245th St ((1-19999)) 24th Pl SW ((500-699)) 24th St SW ((1-2399)) 250th St ((12000-19999)) 255th St ((1-16999)) 25th St NW ((700-13999)) 25th St SW ((1-2399)) 260th St ((5000-22799)) 263rd St ((11236-11999)) 265th St ((2700-12498)) 26th St SW ((2-2399)) 275th St ((1-23999)) 27th St SW ((2-499)) 280th St ((17000-21999)) 285th St ((10-13999)) 28th St SW ((100-499)) 290th St ((16000-20999)) 295th St ((21000-23124)) 29th St SW ((100-441)) 2nd St NE ((1-1299)) 2nd St NW ((1-1399)) 2nd St SE ((100-1499)) 2nd St SW ((100-1399)) 300th Ct ((14000-15499)) 300th St ((10000-17999)) 305th St ((18000-21999)) 310th St ((10000-19999)) 317th St ((15000-15999)) 320th St ((400-19999)) 325th St ((11000-20501)) 330th St ((10000-19999)) 33rd St SE ((16020-16060)) 340th St ((18001-18999)) 34th St SE ((16000-16480)) 35th St SE ((1-16641)) 3rd Pl SE ((600-710)) 3rd St NE ((1-1029)) 3rd St NW ((1-1399)) 3rd St SE ((600-1499)) 3rd St SW ((300-16599)) 43rd St SW ((14476-15999)) 4th Ave S ((10000-12239)) 4th St NE ((1-799)) 4th St NW ((1-2904)) 4th St SE ((400-5999)) 4th St SW ((100-12498)) 5th St NE ((100-299)) 5th St NW ((68-499)) 5th St SE ((200-1499)) 5th St SW ((1-899)) 6th Ct SE ((600-699)) 6th Pl SE ((200-1699)) 6th St NE ((1-299)) 6th St NW ((15-8142)) 6th St SE ((1-1475)) 6th St SW ((2-1699)) 7th Ave N ((11236-11655)) 7th Pl SE ((600-699)) 7th Pl SW ((1500-1655)) 7th St NE ((100-684)) 7th St NW ((1-426)) 7th St SE ((1-1471)) 7th St SW ((1-226)) 8th St NE ((612-999)) 8th St NW ((300-1224)) 8th St SE ((1-1327)) 8th St SW ((1-1669)) 9th St NE ((1-1099)) 9th St NW ((1-1211)) 9th St SE ((200-1699)) 9th St SW ((1100-1599)) Arrowwood ((1-99)) Asbury Ct ((1-99)) Asbury Dr ((2-98)) Asbury Pl ((1-99)) Augusta Dr ((2201-2299)) Barberry Rd ((1-99)) Beaumont Dr ((1-99)) Birch Ct ((600-1199)) Birch Dr ((700-3699)) Bittersweet ((1-99)) Boulder Rd ((1-299)) Brandywine Rd ((3200-3499)) Brentwood Dr ((900-1199)) Briarcliff Cir ((900-999)) Briarstone Ct ((1-99)) Briarstone Dr ((1-1199)) Brook Ter ((1-156)) Bullis Ct ((1-99)) Bunker Hill Rd ((1-99)) Burr Oak Ln ((1-99)) Caimbrae Hls ((1-99)) California Ave ((16200-18599)) Callaway Ct ((2300-2399)) Cerro Gordo St ((100-199)) Cerro Gordo Way ((1700-1899)) Charles Pl NE ((1300-1399)) Charlestown Sq ((1-99)) Circle Ter ((1-99)) Clover Ln ((1-99)) Co Hwy B20 ((204-21698)) Co Hwy S52 ((24600-24999)) College Cir ((1-1099)) College Dr ((8-1099)) Concord Ln ((1-99)) Co Rd 1330 ((20000-23999)) Co Rd 192 ((1-22097)) Co Rd 562 ((17000-21999)) Co Rd B15 ((10418-19999)) Co Rd B20 ((10000-21999)) Co Rd B25 ((5000-23999)) Co Rd B35 ((1-19999)) Co Rd B43 ((13000-20999)) Co Rd B47 ((16000-22999)) Co Rd S34 ((1-24999)) Co Rd S42 ((1900-15998)) Co Rd S56 ((9000-23545)) Country Cir ((1-199)) Country Club Dr ((2000-2399)) Creekside Ct ((1-199)) Crescent Dr ((2-98)) Crescent Pl ((701-799)) Crestmore Way ((1000-1199)) Deer Creek Ct ((1-99)) Diamond Ct ((1200-1299)) Eastmoor Dr ((1100-1299)) Elm Dr ((701-1399)) Emerald Ct ((1500-1599)) E River St ((300-398)) E State St ((1-1499)) Fair Ln ((3000-3099)) Fair Meadow Ct ((1-99)) Fair Meadow Dr ((1000-1099)) Farmstead Sq ((1-99)) Field Rd ((1-99)) Garnet Ct ((1400-1499)) Glover St ((200-299)) Granada Dr ((1-199)) Granite Ct ((1-99)) Greencastle Dr ((900-998)) Grover Pl ((2600-2699)) Hackberry Rd ((1-99)) Hampshire Ave ((701-899)) Hampshire Ct ((1-99)) Hawthorn Rd ((1-99)) Hazel Ct ((1-99)) Hemlock ((700-798)) Highland Park Ct ((1-99)) Hillcrest Dr ((1600-1799)) Hunters Ridge Dr ((2000-2199)) Jackson St ((105-299)) Jamestown Rd ((1-299)) Jefferson Ave ((400-499)) Jonquil Ave ((18501-24999)) Juniper Ave ((23000-23999)) Kentucky Ct ((1-99)) Killdeer Ave ((17000-21999)) Kingbird Ave ((17100-17499)) Knollwood Ct ((1-99)) Knollwood Ln ((800-1199)) Lakeview Ct ((2-98)) Lakeview Dr ((1-399)) Lark Ave ((13000-24999)) Lexington Sq ((1-99)) Lime Creek Rd ((3100-3599)) Limestone Ct ((1500-1599)) Limestone Dr ((1100-1499)) Linden Dr ((1-399)) Louisiana Ave ((1500-1599)) Madison St ((1-6)) Main St ((19000-19999)) Mallard Ave ((200-24999)) Manor Dr ((1000-1299)) Maple Dr ((1000-1299)) Marble Ct SE ((1-99)) Market St ((1-399)) Meadowbrook Dr ((1200-1699)) Meadow Lake Dr ((1000-1099)) Meadow Ln ((100-399)) Mercy Dr ((300-399)) Mill St ((8-16999)) Mission Dr ((1-199)) Missouri Ave ((300-499)) Monroe Ave ((20000-20999)) Monroe Ct ((500-799)) Moonstone Ct ((1200-1299)) Morning Star Ct ((2700-2999)) N Adams Ave ((1-1599)) Nature Center Rd ((3100-3199)) N California St ((23000-23545)) N Commercial Aly ((700-1099)) N Connecticut Ave ((1-1399)) N Crescent Dr ((1-398)) N Delaware Ave ((1-1799)) N Eisenhower Ave ((300-1999)) N Enterprise Aly ((100-499)) Nettle Ave ((1200-24999)) N Federal Ave ((1-2599)) N Fillmore Ave ((800-1199)) N Florida Ave ((1200-1299)) N Georgia Ave ((1-1198)) N Hampshire Ave ((200-1799)) N Hampshire Pl ((200-1499)) N Harrison Ave ((500-1199)) N Illinois Ave ((1-499)) N Iowa Ave ((1000-1199)) N Jackson Ave ((100-1099)) N Jefferson Ave ((1-1699)) N Jersey Ave ((900-1398)) N Kentucky Ave ((1-1899)) N Madison Ave ((1-1599)) N Maryland Ave ((600-799)) N Massachusetts Ave ((400-799)) N Monroe Ave ((1-1698)) N Monroe Pl ((900-999)) N Ohio Ave ((1-1498)) North Carolina Ave ((200-3499)) North Carolina Ct ((1-99)) North Carolina Pl ((700-1699)) North St ((15000-15999)) North Virginia Ave ((800-1499)) N Pennsylvania Ave ((1-1799)) N Pierce Ave ((1-1099)) N Polk Ave ((800-1199)) N President Ave ((1200-1699)) N Quincy Ave ((1000-1699)) N Regency Ct ((1-99)) N Rhode Island Ave ((700-1799)) N Taft Ave ((1-19999)) N Taylor Ave ((1-1199)) N Tennessee Ave ((2-298)) N Tennessee Pl ((700-1199)) N Tyler Ave ((600-1199)) N Van Buren Ave ((400-1199)) N Washington Ave ((1-1699)) N Willowgreen Ct ((1-99)) N York Ave ((1-99)) N Yorktown Pike ((2-299)) Oak Dr ((1-99)) Oak Run Dr ((1-99)) Old Farm Rd ((1-99)) Olive Ave ((10000-23999)) Onyx Ct ((1100-1199)) Orange Ave ((20500-24999)) Orchid Ave ((20500-24999)) Osprey Ave ((20500-20999)) Owl Ave ((11000-21999)) Park Ln ((1000-1099)) Park Ridge Dr ((100-399)) Partridge Ave ((1400-15999)) Pebble Creek Ct ((1-199)) Pebble Creek Dr ((1-299)) Pheasant Ave ((21000-24999)) Pine Hill Ct ((1800-1899)) Pinnacle Ct ((3200-3299)) Plymouth Rd ((1200-19999)) Poplar Ave ((20000-20999)) Portland Ave ((16000-16999)) Post Rd ((1-99)) Prairie Ln ((1-99)) Prairie View Ct ((400-499)) Prairie View Ln ((400-499)) President Ct ((100-1199)) Quail Ave ((10000-15999)) Quarry Rd ((1-99)) Quince Ave ((19000-19999)) Quincy Ter ((1-99)) Rainbow Ct ((2800-2899)) Rainbow Dr ((2900-2999)) Raven Ave ((11000-24999)) Red Fox Ct ((200-299)) Regency Ln ((1-99)) Ridge Rd NE ((1-99)) River Bend Ct ((500-599)) River Bend Dr ((400-598)) River Heights Dr ((1-199)) Riverside Dr ((1-418)) River St ((1-21698)) Rock Glen ((1-99)) Royal Cir ((1600-1699)) Royale Cir ((1600-1699)) Ruby Ct ((1200-1299)) S Adams Ave ((2-2898)) Sandstone Ct SE ((1-99)) Sapphire Ct ((1100-1199)) Saratoga Ct ((3300-3399)) S Benjamin Ave ((1400-2699)) S Carolina Ter ((1900-2099)) S Commercial Aly ((2-98)) S Connecticut Ave ((1-899)) S Coolidge Ave ((1400-1899)) S Crescent Dr ((1-399)) S Delaware Ave ((1-16099)) S Eisenhower Ave ((1-1899)) S Enterprise Aly ((1-199)) S Federal Ave ((1-15999)) S Fillmore Ave ((400-899)) S Garfield Ave ((400-1099)) S Garfield Pl ((1500-1799)) S Georgia Ave ((1-16599)) S Grant Ave ((601-899)) S Grover ((1900-2599)) S Grover Ave ((1-2599)) S Hampshire ((100-199)) S Hampshire Ave ((100-1899)) S Hampshire Pl ((100-399)) S Harding Ave ((1400-2299)) S Harrison Ave ((700-899)) S Hoover Ave ((1401-1899)) S Illinois Ave ((1-1199)) Silver Ln ((1-99)) S Indiana Ave ((1-1199)) S Iowa Ave ((400-1199)) S Jackson Ave ((1-899)) S Jefferson Ave ((1-2999)) S Jersey Ave ((500-2299)) S Kentucky Ave ((1-15999)) Slate Ct ((1-99)) Slate Ct SE ((1-99)) S Louisiana Ave ((1-1598)) S Madison Ave ((100-2899)) S Maryland Ave ((301-899)) S Massachusetts Ave ((400-15599)) S McKinley ((1900-2499)) S McKinley Ave ((1900-2499)) S Mississippi Ave ((501-899)) S Monroe Ave ((1-2899)) S Ohio Ave ((1-599)) South Carolina Ave ((1-2099)) South Carolina Pl ((801-1199)) South Virginia Ave ((1-1899)) S Pennsylvania Ave ((1-2299)) S Pierce Ave ((1-15999)) S Polk Ave ((400-899)) S Polk Pl ((400-899)) S President Ave ((500-1198)) Spring Creek Ln ((300-399)) Spring St ((200-399)) Springview Dr ((1700-2299)) Spruce Ave ((6000-24999)) S Regency Ct ((1-99)) S Rhode Island Ave ((100-1499)) S Rhode Island Ct ((1600-1899)) S Taft Ave ((1-12999)) State Hwy 106 ((1-12497)) St Augustine Dr ((3300-3398)) S Taylor Ave ((1-899)) S Tennessee Ave ((1-499)) S Tennessee Pl ((1-999)) Stony Way ((1-99)) S Tyler Ave ((400-899)) Sumac ((330-399)) Sumac Dr ((1-399)) Sumac Rd ((300-399)) Sunny Cir ((1-199)) Sunrise Ct ((2800-2999)) S Van Buren Ave ((400-899)) S Vermont Ave ((1-1299)) Swallow Ave ((15000-15999)) S Washington Ave ((500-2699)) S Willowgreen Ct ((1-99)) S Wilson Ave ((1400-2099)) S York Ave ((1-999)) S York Ct ((900-999)) S Yorktown Pike ((1-398)) Thrush Ave ((9000-23545)) Timber Creek Ct ((2200-2299)) Timber Creek Dr ((1-199)) Twin Oak Ln ((1-99)) Ulmus ((14200-14999)) Ulmus Ave ((16000-21999)) US Hwy 122 ((20000-23999)) US Hwy 18 ((1-12498)) US Hwy 18 E ((9101-9283)) US Hwy 65 ((1-24999)) US Hwy City 18 ((2-399)) Vine Ave ((17000-21999)) Water St ((19000-19999)) Westview Dr ((1-99)) Wheelerwood Ave ((9001-10999)) Wheelerwood Dr ((9001-10999)) Williamsburg Cir ((2-99)) Willowbrook Dr ((1-399)) Willow Dr ((1-99)) Winnebago Ave ((15000-15999)) Winnebago Ct ((1-99)) Winnebago Way ((1-299)) Woodbine ((1-113)) Woodbine Ct ((500-599)) Woodbine Rd ((1-599)) Woodshire Ln NE ((1-99)) W State St ((1-12999)) Yorktown Pike ((1-398))

50401 Places and Attractions

Activity Center Complex Adas Israel Synagogue Administration Building Anchor Family Health Center Asbury Park Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecology Center Averydale Access Badlands Draw Bath (historical) Bath Post Office (historical) Bath School Number 9 Beaver Creek Beem Center Bethlehem Lutheran Church Big Gully Blair Creek Blair Meadows Preserve Blue Pit Briarstone Lake Building C Calmus Creek Calvary Alliance Church Cameron Camp at the Woods Careers Building Complex Central Heights Central Park Central Park Dentistry Center Cerro Gordo County Courthouse Charles H MacNider Museum Cheslea Creek Christian Fellowship Church Church of Christ Clark Lake Claybanks Forest Crane Creek East Park Elmwood Cemetery Emery Emery Emery Post Office (historical) Faith Baptist Church Family Chiropractic Center Family Dentistry Center First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Church of the Nazarene First Congregational United Church of Christ First Covenant Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Firth Street Church of Christ Frank Lloyd Wright Stockman House Frederick Hanford Park Free Methodist Church Freeman Freeman Freeman Post Office (historical) Georgia L Hanford MacNider Park Good Shepherd Health Center Grace Evangelical Free Church Grace United Methodist Church Grant School Greek Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration Haas Chiropractic Clinic Hamilton College Hanford Hanford (historical) Hanford Post Office (historical) Harding School Heritage Care Center Highland Park Golf Course Holy Family Catholic Church Hoover School I-35 Speedway Ideal Creek Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Interstate Grain Incorporated Elevator Iowa Odd Fellows and Orphans Home Jefferson School Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall John Adams Middle School KCMR-FM (Mason City) KGLO-AM (Mason City) KLSS-FM (Mason City) KNIQ-FM (Mason City) KNIQ-FM (Mason City) KRIB-AM (Mason City) KRNI-AM (Mason City) KUNY-FM (Mason City) Kiwanis Park Lake Cona Toma Lake Fin-Feather Lake Fin-Feather Dam Lester Milligan Park Lewis Kipper Park Lime Creek Nature Center Lime Creek Post Office (historical) Lincoln School Little Gully MacNiders Woods Madison School Margaret MacNider Park Mason City Mason City Baptist Church Mason City Campground Mason City Clinic Mason City Country Club Mason City Covenant Church Mason City Fire Department Mason City Hall Mason City High School Mason City Junction Mason City Police Department Mason City Post Office Mason City Public Library Mason Creek Masters Chiropractic Clinic McAllister Hall McKinley School McNider Park Mental Health Center of North Iowa Incorporated Mercy Family Care Center - Forest Park Mercy Family Care Center - Regency Meredith Willson - Music Man Footbridge Meredith Willson Boyhood Home Messiah Lutheran Church Mike Zack Wildlife Area Monroe Junior School Morgan Park New Life Tabernacle Church Newman Catholic Elementary School Newman Catholic High School Nora Springs-Rock Falls School Norris Youth Softball Complex North Iowa Area Community College North Iowa Dentistry Center North Iowa Eye Clinic North Iowa Fairgrounds North Iowa Mercy Health Center North Iowa Mercy Health Center - West Campus North Iowa Mercy Internal Medicine Center Northern Iowa Area Community College Farm OK House Oak Park Oakwood Cemetery Our Saviours Lutheran Church Owen Owen Centre (historical) Owen Centre Post Office (historical) Owen Post Office (historical) Owen's Grove Cemetery Owens Grove Post Office (historical) Parkers Woods Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic Pine Creek Golf Course Plaza West Mall Plymouth Junction Portland Portland Portland Post Office (historical) Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Radiologists of North Iowa Center Ray Rorick Park Regency Square Mall Registry Park River City Christian Center Riverside Friends Church Rock Falls Rock Falls Rock Falls Bridge Rock Falls Cemetery Rock Falls Community Center Rock Falls Creek Rock Falls Grain Company Elevator Rock Falls Post Office (historical) Rolling Acres Christian Reformed Church Roosevelt Elementary School Roosevelt Middle School Saint James Lutheran Church Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Josephs Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran Church Salvation Army Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Seventh Day Adventist School South Washington Park Southbridge Mall Southport Mall Spirit of the Dove Church Spotts Field Spring Creek Spring Creek Preserve Spring Lake State Street Bridge Stewart Avenue Bridge Stone Creek Family Dental Clinic Sun Rise Care and Rehabilitation Center for Mason City Sunset Lake Temple Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity Lutheran Church Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of North Central Iowa United Methodist Church VanHorn Antique Truck Museum Washington Elementary School Wesley United Methodist Church West Park Wharam Creek Wheelerwood (historical) Wheelerwood Post Office (historical) White Wildlife Area Wilkinson Pioneer Park Willow Creek Willow Pointe Assisted Living Center Willowbrook Plaza Wilson School Winnebago Heights Winnebago River Bridge Womens Health Center