Des Moines, IA 50311 ZIP Code Map


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50311 Street Addresses

20th Pl ((1500-1699)) 21st St ((1000-1699)) 22nd St ((1000-1643)) 23rd St ((1000-1600)) 24th St ((1000-1599)) 25th St ((1000-1499)) 26th St ((1000-1199)) 27th St ((1000-1602)) 28th St ((1000-1699)) 29th St ((1000-1698)) 30th St ((1200-1599)) 31st St ((1000-1699)) 32nd St ((1200-1699)) 33rd St ((1000-1699)) 34th St ((1200-1599)) 35th St ((1000-1199)) 36th St ((900-1199)) 37th St ((1000-1309)) 38th St ((1000-1199)) 39th St ((1000-1399)) 40th St ((1000-1399)) 41st Pl ((1400-1599)) 41st St ((1200-1603)) 42nd St ((682-3611)) 43rd St ((949-1599)) 44th Pl ((900-1099)) 44th St ((1000-1599)) 45th St ((1000-1599)) 46th St ((1000-1599)) 47th St ((1200-1599)) 48th St ((1200-1597)) 55th St ((1200-1599)) 56th St ((927-1599)) 57th Pl ((1200-1599)) 57th St ((1000-1599)) 58th St ((970-1199)) 59th St ((933-1199)) 60th St ((1200-1599)) 61st St ((1500-1599)) 62nd St ((901-6299)) 63rd St ((1000-1599)) 64th St ((1003-1399)) 65th St ((1237-1399)) 66th St ((1100-1699)) 67th St ((900-1199)) 68th St ((900-1599)) 69th St ((1101-1199)) 70th St ((1200-1651)) 71st St ((1200-1399)) 73rd St ((800-2599)) 8th St ((1601-1699)) Algonquin Rd ((4800-4899)) Atkins St ((2000-2099)) Beaver Ave ((1400-1499)) Boulevard Pl ((4500-4699)) Brattleboro Ave ((2800-5699)) Buffalo Rd ((7300-7399)) California Dr ((900-998)) Carpenter Ave ((2100-7099)) Clark Blvd ((5600-5799)) Clark St ((2000-6299)) Colby Ave ((6401-7299)) College Ave ((2300-6799)) Cottage Dr ((5900-6099)) Cottage Grove Ave ((955-4199)) Crown Ln ((5800-6299)) Cummins Cir ((1100-6099)) Cummins Pkwy ((700-1699)) Dagle Dr ((5600-6299)) Day St ((2001-2399)) del Matro Ave ((6710-6798)) Drake Park Ave ((2100-2499)) E Cummins Pkwy ((1042-1199)) Elmcrest Dr ((6601-6799)) Forest Ave ((2000-6299)) Forest Ct ((6417-6499)) Forestdale Dr ((1400-1499)) Germania Dr ((1400-4099)) Hunter Ave ((3700-3899)) Kingman Ave ((5600-5899)) Kingman Blvd ((2400-4899)) Kingman Cir ((1000-4098)) Lakeview Dr ((4700-4899)) Lanewood Dr ((1400-3899)) Maquoketa Dr ((3800-3999)) Meek Ave ((2000-2799)) Merle Hay Rd ((1200-1679)) Mondamin Ave ((2000-3299)) Mott Ave ((6600-6899)) NW 54th Ave ((10785-10872)) NW 98th St ((1300-1467)) Observatory Rd ((4700-4899)) Pelton Pl ((1300-3799)) Plainview Dr ((4000-4199)) Polk Blvd ((1001-1199)) Rancho Grande Blvd ((800-999)) Randall Pl ((1300-1399)) Reite Ave ((7001-7299)) Rutland Ave ((2800-6099)) Rutland Dr ((5900-6099)) School St ((2300-7099)) State Hwy 28 ((1000-1599)) Sunset Ter ((6300-7299)) University Ave ((1901-7799)) Washington Ave ((6917-7299)) Waveland Dr ((3900-4099)) West Dr ((6200-6299)) Windsor Pl ((6600-6798))

50311 Places and Attractions

Aliber Hall Alumni and Development Center American Republic Health Center Anderson Gallery Athletic Ticket Office Bell Center Black Cultural Center Buel Field Career Center Carnegie Hall Carpenter Residence Hall Cartwright Hall Christian Church - Disciples of Christ in the Upper Midwest Cole Hall Collegiate Church Congregation Beth El Jacob Cottage Avenue Grove Presbyterian Church Cowles Elementary School Cowles Library Crawford Residence Hall Crestwood Crestwood Baptist Church Des Moines Franklin Avenue Library Dial Center for Computer Sciences Drake Court Apartments Drake Diner Drake Observatory Drake Park Drake Pointe Apartments Drake Stadium Drake Terrace Apartments Drake University Drake University Fieldhouse Education Building Elmwood School Faculty and Staff Coffeehouse Faith Church of the Nazarene First Christian Church Fitch Hall Forest Avenue Power Plant Friendship Baptist Center Glendale Cemetery Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall Greater Des Moines Baptist Church Greater Des Moines Baptist Church Greek Orthodox Church Harmon Fine Arts Center Harvey Ingham Hall Heavenly Temple Church of God Helmick Commons Herriott Residence Hall Hispanic Cultural Center Howard Hall Hubbell Dining Hall Human Resources Institute for Character Development International Center Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center Jacobson Athletic Complex Jewett Residence Hall Knapp Center Macedonia Baptist Church Medbury Hall Mercy Franklin Center Meredith Hall Morehouse Residence Hall Morgan E Cline Hall of Pharmacy and Science Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center New Life Center Newman Community North Walnut Creek Old Main Old Main Apartments Olin Hall Olivet Baptist Church Olmsted Center Opperman Hall and Law Library Pioneer Greenhouse ROTC Building Redeemer Lutheran Church Ross Residence Hall Saint Luke's Episcopal Church Saint Theresa School Saint Theresa's Catholic Church Scott Chapel Security Building Sheslow Auditorium Small Business Development Center Smith Legal Clinic Stainaker Residence Hall Student Disability Services Studio Arts Hall Sweet Home Deliverance Church Tennis Center The Mainstay Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church United Campus Ministries University Book Store University Post Office Walnut Creek Community Church Waveland Golf Course Waveland Park Windsor Heights Windsor Heights City Fire Department Windsor Heights Lutheran Church Windsor Heights Police Department Windsor Presbyterian Church Windsor School Windsor United Methodist Church