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  • Winterset Senior High School
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  • Winterset Elementary School
  • Winterset Bridges School
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  • Super 8 Winterset Ia
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    ZIP Code 50273 is located in Madison County

    50273 Street Addresses

    120th St ((2017-2275)) 130th St ((2200-2385)) 139th Ct ((1300-1398)) 145th Ln ((2001-2031)) 148th St ((2100-2399)) 148th Trl ((1400-2212)) 151st Ct ((2301-2399)) 152nd St ((2000-2399)) 170th Ct ((2000-2099)) 170th Dr ((2200-2399)) 170th St ((1600-1799)) 170th Trl ((2200-2399)) 171st Ct ((2001-2099)) 175th Ln ((1900-1999)) 175th St ((2601-2798)) 176th Ct ((2400-2498)) 180th St ((1500-1598)) 183rd Ct ((2201-2299)) 185th St ((2501-2599)) 187th Ln ((2601-2699)) 187th St ((2900-29099)) 190th St ((1400-1799)) 195th Ln ((1800-1899)) 195th St ((1600-2199)) 195th Trl ((2400-2599)) 196th Ct ((2201-2299)) 200th St ((1425-1999)) 201st Trl ((2701-2888)) 206th St ((2600-2698)) 210th St ((1101-2099)) 214th Ln ((2100-2198)) 214th Trl ((2900-2999)) 220th St ((1000-3017)) 225th St ((1200-2599)) 225th Trl ((2400-2699)) 226th Ct ((2000-2099)) 227th St ((1700-1798)) 230th Ln ((2200-2298)) 230th St ((1100-1199)) 235th St ((1201-2966)) 235th Trl ((1521-1599)) 240th Ln ((2100-2298)) 242nd Ct ((2200-2299)) 245th Ct ((2200-2299)) 245th Ln ((2100-2299)) 248th St ((1401-1499)) 250th Ln ((2500-2598)) 250th St ((2301-2599)) 252nd St ((2200-2298)) 255th Ln ((2001-2099)) 260th Ln ((2400-2799)) 260th St ((1201-2799)) 265th St ((1101-2226)) 270 St ((1400-1598)) 270th St ((1000-2099)) 275th St ((1800-1999)) 280th St ((1100-1799)) 290th Ln ((1801-1899)) 290th St ((1610-2199)) 295th Ln ((1900-1999)) 305th St ((1900-2099)) 310th St ((2208-2299)) 6th St ((100-199)) 7th St ((1200-1399)) 9th Ave ((501-999)) Adair Madison Ave ((2100-2298)) Adair-Madison Ave ((2300-2499)) Bittersweet ((2300-2799)) Bittersweet Ave ((2301-2699)) Burr Oak Ave ((2000-2198)) Carriage Trl ((2500-2698)) Carver Rd ((2200-3299)) Cedar Bridge Rd ((1312-4499)) Cedar Bridge Trl ((4401-4499)) Cedar Ln ((5200-5298)) Cherry Wood Ln ((4700-4899)) Clark Tower Rd ((2200-3999)) Co Rd G14 ((1001-1099)) Co Rd G47 ((1401-2457)) Co Rd G4R ((2300-3139)) Co Rd G50 ((2200-2599)) Co Rd G53 ((1000-2799)) Co Rd G6R ((2100-3016)) Co Rd P48 ((2100-2198)) Co Rd P53 ((1300-2799)) Co Rd P69 ((1200-2799)) Co Rd P71 ((1-3999)) Co Rd R21 ((2701-2751)) Cottonwood Ave ((2301-2399)) Cottonwood Ln ((2301-2399)) Cumming Rd ((2201-3139)) Deer Run Ave ((2201-2799)) Earlham Rd ((1700-4198)) Earlhan Rd ((1700-1799)) E Benton St ((100-999)) E Buchanan St ((100-999)) E Court Ave ((100-1199)) E Filmore St ((100-999)) E Grade St ((100-499)) E Green St ((100-999)) E High St ((100-899)) E Jefferson St ((100-999)) E Lane St ((100-999)) Elderberry ((2401-2499)) Elderberry Ave ((2401-2699)) Elmwood Ave ((2001-2399)) E Madison St ((100-999)) E North St ((100-999)) E South St ((100-999)) E Summit St ((100-499)) E Washington St ((100-999)) Fawn Ave ((2001-2898)) Fawn Ln ((1801-2299)) Fieldstone Ave ((2600-2698)) Fox Trl ((1501-1899)) Francesca Ave ((2200-2399)) Grandview Trl ((2801-2899)) Green Ln ((1700-1899)) Green Valley Trl ((1700-1899)) Harmon Ave ((2201-2599)) Heritage Ave ((1801-2098)) Heritage Trl ((2701-2799)) Hiatt Apple Rd ((2400-2598)) Hiatt Apple Trl ((2500-2751)) Hogback Bridge Ave ((1900-2099)) Hogback Bridge Rd ((1484-2099)) Holliwell Bridge Rd ((2200-2299)) Holliwell Br Rd ((2301-2399)) Holliwell Valley Ct ((2200-2299)) Homestead Ave ((2501-2998)) Husky Dr ((401-2198)) Iowa Ave ((2001-2199)) Ironwood Trl ((1700-1999)) Ivy Trl ((2801-2899)) John Wayne Dr ((100-1099)) John Wayne Rd ((100-599)) Kiowa Ave ((2001-2199)) Kiowa Ln ((1800-1947)) Kippy Ln ((2200-2398)) Knoll Ln ((1601-1699)) Knoll Ridge Trl ((2400-2598)) Lakeview Ln ((3601-3699)) Limestone Ave ((1400-1899)) Limestone Ln ((1401-1899)) Long St ((72-161)) Madisyn Cir ((1500-1598)) Maple Ct ((1701-2399)) Maple Ln ((2300-2399)) McBride Rd ((1501-2599)) McBride Ridge Ct ((1600-1699)) Meadow Valley Ct ((1700-2499)) Merriam Ct ((1700-1798)) Millstream Ave ((2300-2599)) Millstream Ct ((1800-1899)) Millstream Dr ((2300-2398)) Mueller Ct ((1600-1799)) Mueller Ln ((1601-1699)) N 10th Ave ((100-698)) N 10th St ((100-1399)) N 12th Ave ((100-199)) N 14th Ave ((100-999)) N 15th Ave ((200-999)) N 16th Ave ((100-1199)) N 1st Ave ((100-899)) N 1st St ((100-1099)) N 2nd Ave ((100-799)) N 2nd St ((100-799)) N 3rd Ave ((100-1098)) N 3rd St ((100-799)) N 4th Ave ((100-1199)) N 4th St ((100-799)) N 5th Ave ((100-599)) N 5th St ((100-799)) N 6th Ave ((100-599)) N 6th Ave Cir ((600-999)) N 6th St ((400-799)) N 7th Ave ((100-599)) N 7th St ((100-799)) N 8th Ave ((100-2998)) N 8th St ((100-1099)) N 9th St ((100-799)) Nature Ct ((1500-1899)) Nature Ln ((2300-2899)) Nature Trl ((1900-2099)) N John Wayne Dr ((1100-3599)) Norwood Ave ((2100-2399)) N River Ln ((1300-1499)) N River School Rd ((2100-2199)) N River School St ((2100-2199)) N River Trl ((1414-1898)) Oak Tree Dr ((200-399)) Old Portland Rd ((1413-1499)) Old River Trl ((1413-1499)) Osage Trl ((2301-2499)) Pammel Park Rd ((1700-1999)) Pammel Park Trl ((1900-2599)) Patricia Acres ((1700-1912)) Patricia Acres Ln ((1900-2098)) Peru Rd ((2001-2099)) Pioneer Ave ((2200-2399)) Pioneer Ln ((2200-2299)) Prairieview Ave ((2400-2499)) Quail Ridge Ave ((1700-2912)) Quail Ridge Ln ((2600-2798)) Quail Ridge Trl ((2600-2998)) Quail Valley Dr ((2800-2908)) Quarry Trl ((1500-2099)) Rolling Green Ave ((2101-2199)) Roseman Bridge Rd ((1301-1699)) Rustic Ave ((2200-2398)) Rustic Ln ((2000-2098)) S 10th Ave ((100-399)) S 10th St ((100-199)) S 12th Ave ((100-399)) S 14th Ave ((100-399)) S 16th Ave ((100-599)) S 1st Ave ((100-799)) S 1st St ((100-599)) S 2nd Ave ((100-799)) S 2nd St ((100-799)) S 3rd Ave ((100-799)) S 3rd St ((100-899)) S 4th Ave ((100-1899)) S 4th St ((100-599)) S 5th Ave ((100-999)) S 5th St ((100-599)) S 6th Ave ((100-999)) S 7th Ave ((100-1199)) S 7th St ((100-698)) S 8th Ave ((100-1199)) S 8th St ((100-399)) S 9th Ave ((1000-1098)) S 9th St ((100-399)) Settlers Ln ((2104-2799)) Settlers Trl ((2201-2888)) State Hwy 322 ((1964-1999)) State Hwy 92 ((200-3096)) St Charles Rd ((2200-2599)) Summerhill Trl ((1739-1999)) Terrace Ave ((2100-2399)) Timber Ridge ((2200-2399)) Twp Rd 76N ((2100-2198)) US Hwy 169 ((1001-7398)) W Benton St ((1-1399)) W Buchanan St ((1-799)) W Court Ave ((1-1599)) W Filmore St ((1-998)) W Fremont St ((400-799)) W Grade St ((1-199)) W Green St ((1-799)) W High St ((1-99)) W Hutchings St ((200-799)) W Hwy 92 ((2001-2384)) W Jefferson St ((1-1599)) W Lane St ((1-399)) W Mills St ((400-1498)) W North St ((1-799)) W School St ((400-899)) W Short St ((400-898)) W South St ((1-1599)) W Summit St ((1-2399)) W Washington St ((1-1599))

    50273 Places and Attractions

    Baugh Branch B B and P Feed and Grain Incorporated Elevator Bennett Cemetery Bennett - North River Stone School (historical) Bevington-Kaser House and Prairie Village Historical Complex Buffalo (historical) Buffalo School Bush Branch Cedar Bridge County Park Cedar Creek Covered Bridge Cedar Lake Cedar School Charlottsville Post Office (historical) Church of the Nazarene City of Winterset Clanton (historical) Clanton Post Office (historical) Clark Cemetery Clark Memorial Tower Community Care Village Cutler - Donahue Covered Bridge Discovery of the Delicious Apple Historical Marker Douglas Center School Fairview Cemetery Fairview Church Farmers Cooperative Elevator Farris Cemetery Fellowship Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First United Methodist Church First United Presbyterian Church Fletcher Branch Foursquare Gospel Church George Washington Carver Memorial Park Giffin Fields Gilpin Post Office (historical) Gordon Cemetery Grace Baptist Church Grant School Groth's Gardens Harmon Tunnel Harrison Harrison Post Office (historical) Harvard School Health Trust Physicians Clinic Hogback Covered Bridge Holliwell Covered Bridge Hooten Cemetery Hooten School Howerdon Creek Jackson Landing Strip Jefferson School (historical) John Wayne Birthplace King Cemetery Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KTDG-FM (Winterset) Lakeview Country Club Lincoln School Lowe Chiropractic Clinic Madison County Madison County Ambulance Madison County Courthouse Madison County Fairgrounds Madison County Medical Associates Center Madison County Memorial Hospital Madison County Sheriffs Office Maple Grove Maple Grove Post Office (historical) McDonald Chase Cemetery McGinnis Cemetery McPherson McPherson Post Office (historical) Memory Lane Park Middle River Post Office (historical) Middle River School Montpelier Cemetery Monument Park Neal Cemetery Nem Con Post Office (historical) North Branch Post Office (historical) North River School Oak Grove Church Ord Ord Church Ord Post Office (historical) Orman Creek Pammel State Park Pleasant View Cemetery Pleasant View (historical) Pleasant View Post Office (historical) Powell Cemetery Prairie Flower School Price Price Post Office (historical) Primitive Baptist Cemetery Primitive Church Rocky Branch Rodabough Cemetery Roseman Covered Bridge Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Paul Lutheran Church Scott School Seventh Day Adventist Church Steels Branch Stringtown Cemetery Stringtown School Tileville Tola Township of Douglas Township of Lincoln Township of Scott Township of Union Township of Webster Trester Cemetery Tribute to Madison County First Settler Historical Marker Trinity Episcopal Church Tusha Country School (historical) Union Chapel Cemetery Washington School Washington School Webster Webster Center School (historical) Webster Townhall Welty Cemetery Welty Creek Wesley Chapel West Star Church Whistle Stop Park Wight Cemetery Wintermantle Cemetery Winterset Winterset Care Center North Winterset Care Center South Winterset Cemetery Winterset Christian Church Winterset City Hall Winterset City Park Winterset City Park Campground Winterset Elementary School Winterset Fire Department Winterset (historical) Winterset Junior High School Winterset Middle School Winterset Municipal Airport Winterset Police Department Winterset Post Office Winterset Public Library Winterset Quarry Winterset Quarry Winterset Senior High School Yale School Zion Church