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50208 Street Addresses

1st Ave E ((100-3599)) 1st Ave W ((118-5199)) 1st St N ((100-1899)) 1st St S ((100-799)) Birdland Dr ((100-199)) Bungalow Ct ((1-99)) Cameo Ave E ((100-7799)) Cameo Ave W ((100-7798)) Cardinal Ct ((1-99)) Cedar Ave E ((100-9999)) Chancery Ct ((1-99)) Cherry Hills Dr ((1001-1198)) Clay St ((700-7499)) Co Hwy F27 ((1500-23098)) Co Hwy F36 ((400-6999)) Co Hwy F48 ((118-7799)) Co Hwy S52 ((100-7299)) Co Hwy S52 N ((400-7299)) Co Hwy S52 S ((100-499)) Co Hwy S74 S ((2000-8699)) Co Hwy T12 E ((4900-5649)) Cone St ((6300-7499)) Crescent Dr ((1300-1399)) Cty F17 ((400-1999)) Dependability Sq ((1-99)) E 108th St S ((1500-3635)) E 10th St N ((300-1299)) E 10th St S ((100-1599)) E 112th St S ((2800-4399)) E 11th St N ((300-799)) E 11th St S ((100-799)) E 12th St N ((100-1399)) E 12th Street Pl N ((400-999)) E 12th St S ((100-2099)) E 13th St N ((100-911)) E 13th St S ((1100-1217)) E 14th St N ((100-899)) E 14th St S ((600-1220)) E 15th St N ((300-999)) E 15th St S ((600-1299)) E 16th St N ((200-999)) E 16th St S ((1100-1203)) E 17th St N ((100-1099)) E 17th Street Pl N ((200-399)) E 17th St S ((100-1199)) E 18th St N ((200-926)) E 18th St S ((1000-1099)) E 19th St N ((100-23098)) E 19th St S ((100-1299)) E 20th St N ((100-9899)) E 20th St S ((300-4399)) E 21st St N ((200-499)) E 21st Street Pl S ((700-799)) E 21st St S ((300-699)) E 22nd St S ((300-699)) E 23rd St N ((124-799)) E 23rd St S ((100-799)) E 24th St N ((200-399)) E 24th St S ((100-799)) E 25th St N ((200-512)) E 25th St S ((301-799)) E 26th St S ((300-699)) E 27th St S ((26-798)) E 28th St N ((200-10477)) E 28th St S ((100-5999)) E 29th St S ((200-399)) E 2nd St N ((100-599)) E 2nd St S ((100-699)) E 30th St S ((300-399)) E 31st St S ((900-1299)) E 36th St N ((7500-11499)) E 36th St S ((900-7599)) E 3rd St N ((100-599)) E 3rd St S ((100-726)) E 4 1/2 St S ((300-799)) E 44th St N ((2836-8299)) E 48th St S ((4600-6483)) E 4th St N ((100-7099)) E 4th St S ((100-899)) E 52nd St N ((7500-8299)) E 5th St N ((100-1099)) E 5th St S ((100-5999)) E 60th St N ((100-10311)) E 60th St S ((2000-6999)) E 64th St N ((9100-9899)) E 64th St S ((5400-7599)) E 68th St S ((2800-4599)) E 6th St N ((400-1099)) E 6th Street Pl S ((401-428)) E 6th St S ((500-1604)) E 7 1/2 St N ((600-699)) E 76th St N ((4787-5499)) E 76th St S ((100-5999)) E 78th St S ((6000-6799)) E 7th St N ((100-1099)) E 7th Street Pl S ((400-499)) E 7th St S ((100-1699)) E 84th St S ((1200-7599)) E 8th St N ((100-6299)) E 8th St S ((100-1299)) E 92nd St S ((2400-8918)) E 9th St N ((300-1099)) E 9th St S ((500-999)) Emerson Hough ((100-199)) Emerson Hough Dr ((100-199)) Garnet Ave ((7600-8399)) Geneva Ave ((5000-5399)) Ginger Ave ((6200-6799)) Glenway Dr ((1300-1399)) Golf View Ln ((1200-1499)) Greenway Ct ((1-99)) Halter Ave ((3100-3498)) Harbor Ave ((3000-3899)) Harper St ((3500-5499)) Hartwig Way ((401-999)) Hatch St ((100-499)) Hazel Ave ((100-799)) Hickory St ((100-3299)) Hideaway Ave ((600-798)) High Ave ((400-1199)) Highview Dr ((101-199)) Highvw ((101-199)) Holiday Ct ((1-99)) Holly Ave ((400-1199)) Hood St ((900-10699)) Hoover Ave ((300-349)) Howe St ((900-1099)) Hunter Ave ((400-3599)) Hwy F 17 W ((2000-3599)) Hwy F 36 W ((400-1998)) Hwy F36 W ((2600-6999)) Hwy F 48 W ((2900-3498)) Hwy F48 W ((3600-7799)) Hwy T12 N ((300-9099)) Hwy T22 S ((2000-6799)) Iowa Speedway Dr ((200-4399)) Iowa St ((3900-6699)) Iris Ave ((4500-5399)) Island Ave ((4400-5999)) Kelly Ave ((100-499)) Killdeer Ave ((11200-13199)) Kimberly Ln ((301-399)) Larchwood Ct ((1-99)) Legion St ((4600-4999)) Liberty Ave ((2000-5999)) Lincoln St ((2400-5399)) Linden Ave ((8400-9199)) Locust Ave ((6400-7599)) Lynn Dr ((1-2499)) Maple St ((3600-4799)) March Ave ((1500-1999)) Meadow Ave ((3600-4399)) Meadowbrook Ave ((700-1099)) Memory Ln ((109-199)) Mission Ave E ((100-499)) Mission Ave W ((100-399)) Monarch Ave ((1200-3599)) Monroe Dr ((1101-1699)) N 10th Ave E ((700-1730)) N 11th Ave E ((100-1899)) N 13th Ave E ((1000-1899)) N 13th Ave W ((100-399)) N 15th Ave E ((1200-1899)) N 15th Ave W ((100-899)) N 16th Ave W ((100-299)) N 18th St W ((2851-3069)) N 19th Ave E ((100-4399)) N 19th Ave W ((100-7599)) N 23rd Ave W ((400-6799)) N 27th Ave E ((633-7599)) N 2nd Ave E ((100-2999)) N 2nd Ave W ((100-1699)) N 35th Ave W ((100-7499)) N 39th Ave E ((1901-5299)) N 3rd Ave E ((100-2207)) N 3rd Ave W ((100-1599)) N 4th Ave E ((100-4699)) N 4th Ave W ((100-2799)) N 51st Ave E ((100-3299)) N 51st Ave W ((100-399)) N 59th Ave E ((100-4399)) N 59th Ave W ((100-7573)) N 5th Ave E ((1000-2499)) N 5th Ave W ((100-1099)) N 63rd Ave E ((100-2999)) N 63rd Ave W ((100-399)) N 67th Ave E ((6400-8399)) N 67th Ave W ((400-6399)) N 6th Ave E ((200-2499)) N 6th Ave W ((200-299)) N 75th Ave E ((2000-10991)) N 75th Ave W ((400-3599)) N 7th Ave E ((200-2499)) N 7th Avenue Pl E ((2300-2499)) N 7th Ave W ((400-1599)) N 83rd Ave E ((2000-9141)) N 87th Ave E ((6400-7299)) N 87th Ave W ((400-1999)) N 8th Ave E ((100-1899)) N 8th Ave Pl E ((1400-1499)) N 8th Ave W ((100-902)) N 99th Ave E ((100-7199)) N 99th Ave W ((100-399)) N 9th Ave E ((500-1199)) N 9th Ave Pl E ((1200-1599)) N 9th Ave W ((200-911)) NE Belt Line Rd ((100-1899)) Neptune St ((3600-4399)) Oakwood Ave ((100-199)) Old Hwy 6 ((3732-4999)) Park Ln ((100-199)) Parkview Dr ((2901-3699)) Pioneer Dr ((100-199)) Polk St ((300-399)) Railroad St ((7200-7399)) Ridge Rd ((3500-3699)) Ridgeway Dr ((1300-1399)) Rusty Wallace Dr ((2000-4399)) S 10th Ave E ((800-1399)) S 11th Ave E ((1200-1799)) S 11th Ave W ((200-1007)) S 12th Ave E ((1000-9198)) S 12th Ave W ((600-5199)) S 13th Ave E ((500-3651)) S 13th Ave W ((600-1513)) S 14th Ave W ((600-1299)) S 15th Ave ((1000-1199)) S 15th Ave W ((100-1799)) S 16th Ave W ((200-1599)) S 17th Ave W ((700-1199)) S 20th Ave W ((400-6799)) S 24th Ave E ((2000-2499)) S 24th Ave W ((1500-5198)) S 28th Ave E ((1200-11199)) S 28th Ave W ((400-1499)) S 2nd Ave E ((100-499)) S 2nd Ave W ((100-1099)) S 32nd Ave W ((2000-3498)) S 36th Ave W ((4400-6099)) S 36th St W ((6100-6599)) S 3rd Ave E ((100-2999)) S 3rd Ave W ((100-1319)) S 44th Ave E ((100-12399)) S 44th Ave W ((100-1999)) S 48th Ave E ((3600-8399)) S 48th Ave W ((2000-5399)) S 4th Ave E ((100-2899)) S 4th Ave Pl E ((1501-1505)) S 4th Ave W ((300-1333)) S 51st Ave E ((1200-1699)) S 52nd Ave E ((500-11855)) S 53rd Ave E ((4600-4799)) S 54th Ave E ((7600-8399)) S 54th Ave W ((1400-4576)) S 56th Ave E ((9200-9999)) S 5th Ave E ((100-2499)) S 5th Ave W ((100-1199)) S 60th Ave E ((100-8399)) S 60th Ave W ((100-2499)) S 62nd Ave E ((9200-9999)) S 64th Ave E ((4800-6399)) S 68th Ave E ((1600-12902)) S 6th Ave E ((100-1504)) S 6th Ave W ((300-1199)) S 70th Ave E ((3600-6399)) S 72nd Ave E ((800-1199)) S 76th Ave E ((400-1499)) S 7th Ave E ((800-2299)) S 7th Ave W ((400-1099)) S 8th Ave E ((100-2599)) S 8th Ave W ((100-1199)) S 9th Ave E ((1200-5999)) S 9th Ave W ((400-699)) S East Ave ((409-499)) SE Beltline Rd ((900-1299)) S High St ((400-499)) Sierra Ave ((8200-9199)) Southampton Ct ((1-99)) State Hwy 14 ((100-9099)) State Hwy 14 S ((2400-6399)) Thomas Jefferson Dr ((100-199)) Tonca Trl ((100-199)) Union Dr ((600-1199)) US Hwy 6 E ((118-13418)) W 10th St N ((100-599)) W 10th St S ((100-499)) W 11th St N ((100-399)) W 11th St S ((100-1199)) W 12th St N ((2300-3499)) W 12th St S ((100-1699)) W 13th St N ((400-599)) W 13th St S ((200-1605)) W 14th St N ((400-699)) W 14th St S ((218-1699)) W 15th St N ((300-699)) W 15th St Pl N ((100-299)) W 15th Street Pl S ((1300-1399)) W 15th St S ((1000-2799)) W 16th St N ((200-699)) W 16th St S ((1100-1407)) W 17th St S ((1500-1599)) W 18th St S ((900-2399)) W 19th St S ((1399-2399)) W 20th St N ((6700-8527)) W 21st St N ((1601-2252)) W 24th St N ((400-599)) W 28th St N ((400-3499)) W 28th St S ((100-3699)) W 2nd St N ((100-1599)) W 2nd St S ((100-1512)) W 32nd St N ((1900-2599)) W 32nd St S ((1200-2216)) W 36th St N ((100-6461)) W 36th St S ((2400-5999)) W 3rd St N ((100-3842)) W 3rd St S ((100-1099)) W 40th St N ((1900-2299)) W 4 1/2 St S ((300-499)) W 48th St N ((4600-5499)) W 4th St N ((100-11499)) W 4th St S ((100-5999)) W 52nd St N ((100-9499)) W 52nd St S ((100-3599)) W 54th St S ((3600-4799)) W 55D Ave N ((3600-5199)) W 56th St N ((2300-4699)) W 58th St N ((4700-6699)) W 5th St S ((100-1099)) W 60th St S ((2000-3599)) W 62nd St N ((101-2299)) W 62nd St S ((1200-3599)) W 64th St N ((2300-6699)) W 66th St S ((2000-5199)) W 68th St N ((1000-2299)) W 68th St S ((500-1499)) W 6th St S ((500-1399)) W 7th St N ((400-511)) W 7th St S ((100-1698)) W 8th St N ((100-1499)) W 8th St S ((100-4399)) W 9th St N ((100-711)) W 9th St S ((100-1699)) Walnut Dr ((100-199)) Waterbury Rd ((100-199)) Woodland Dr ((800-1199))

50208 Places and Attractions

Adamson Grove Cemetery Adamsonville Adamsonville Post Office (historical) Agnes Patterson Memorial Park Amboy (historical) Amboy Post Office (historical) Aurora Heights School Aurora Park Beacon Light School Benjamin Creek Berg School Bible Missionary Church Boyhood Home of Emerson Hough Historical Marker Bush Post Office (historical) Callison Park Careage of Newton Center Friends Cemetery Center Friends Church Central Junior High School Christian Reformed Church Church of Christ Church of Christ Number 1 Church of Christ Number 2 Church of the Nazarene Coal Siding (historical) Community Heights Alliance Church Community Reformed Church Community of Christ Church Congregational United Church Denniston Knolls Park East Grand Creek Emerson Hough School Family Foot Clinic of Newton First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Lutheran Church First Presbyterian Church First Southern Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Foursquare Gospel Church German Society Methodist Cemetery Grace Lutheran Church Health Care Associates Center Heritage Manor Care Center Hillcrest Park Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Horn (historical) Horn Post Office (historical) Immanuel Baptist Church Interchange 159 Interchange 164 Interchange 168 Interchange 173 International Wrestling Institute and Museum Jasper County Burying Ground Jasper County Courthouse Jasper County Historical Museum Jasper County Home Jasper County Sheriffs Office KCOB-AM (Newton) KLVN-FM (Newton) KLVN-FM (Newton) Ken Wolfe Lake Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lambs Grove Lincoln Park Lincoln School Linder Cemetery Little Snipe Creek Livingston Cemetery Mariposa County Park Maytag Park Memorial Park Cemetery Metz Metz Metz Community Church Metz Post Office (historical) Moffitt Family Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Murphy Murphy (historical) Murphy Post Office (historical) Mystic Reservoir Dam Nelson Manor Nursing Home Newton Newton Newton Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Newton Christian School Newton Church of God Newton Clinic Newton Country Club Newton Fire Department Newton Foot and Ankle Clinic Newton Library Newton Mall Newton Municipal Airport Newton Police Department Newton Post Office Newton Senior High School Newton Seventh Day Adventist Church Newton Speedway Newton USA Healthcare Center Our Savior Lutheran Church Palo Alto Cemetery Palo Alto Church Pleasant Chapel Cemetery Pleasant View Church Potatoe Creek Riverview Honor Farm Rolling Acres Family Campground Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Luke United Methodist Church Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church Saums Cemetery Skiff Medical Center Slagel Cemetery Snipe Creek Sugar Grove Cemetery Sunrise Mobile Home Community Sunset Park The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thirty Acre Park Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Union Cemetery United Pentecostal Church Washington School Westwood Park Westwood Park Golf Course Wilson (historical) Wilson (historical) Wire Lake Wittenberg Cemetery Wittenberg Grange Hall Woodland Park Woodrow Wilson Elementary School Zoar Cemetery