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50144 Schools


  • North Elementary School
  • South Elementary School
  • Central Decatur Ms/Sr High School
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    ZIP Code 50144 is located in Decatur County

    50144 Street Addresses

    137th St ((17700-17798)) 140th St ((23700-23798)) 14th St ((200-299)) 165th Ave ((14500-15298)) 170th St ((21501-21998)) 173rd St ((22801-23199)) 175th Ave ((14301-15098)) 175th St ((17201-23898)) 180th St ((24300-26099)) 190th St ((18600-27699)) 195th Ave ((16301-19699)) 195th St ((28200-28298)) 207th Ave ((19200-19798)) 210th Ave ((27100-27498)) 210th St ((27300-27598)) 212th Ave ((20000-20799)) 215th St ((25000-26028)) 217th St ((25800-26098)) 220th St ((22600-24298)) 225th St ((22201-23298)) 230th St ((24700-27799)) 235th Ave ((9401-19399)) 240th Ave ((22000-22498)) 240th St ((27600-27899)) 242nd St ((24200-24799)) 245th St ((25101-25999)) 250th St ((28901-28999)) 253rd Ave ((21701-22498)) 260th Ave ((15901-15999)) 260th St ((22401-26098)) 262nd Ave ((19501-20499)) 265th Ave ((24701-25998)) 265th St ((28301-28399)) 270th Ave ((16201-18699)) 270th St ((26301-26599)) 272nd Ave ((19700-20298)) 275th St ((22100-25498)) 277th St ((26100-29999)) 280th Ave ((15301-28898)) 290th Ave ((28100-28599)) 300th Ave ((19200-26199)) 5th St ((901-1098)) 7th St ((100-499)) 9th St ((100-199)) Co Rd J20 ((18600-18698)) Co Rd J22 ((22300-22799)) Co Rd J34 ((20000-20799)) Co Rd J36 ((24300-27699)) Co Rd J46 ((27600-27899)) Co Rd J52 ((22600-29999)) Co Rd R28 ((17201-17398)) Co Rd R34 ((14301-27498)) Co Rd R40 ((17100-20898)) Co Rd R46 ((22201-27499)) Co Rd R52 ((19501-28379)) Co Rd R58 ((20400-26199)) Deer Ridge Rd ((17500-17999)) E 1st St ((100-899)) E 270th Ave ((19100-19198)) Gregory Rd ((17201-17398)) Lakeview Rd ((17100-20898)) Lineville Rd ((22901-28379)) McGruder Creek Rd ((23000-25898)) McIntosh Rd ((26800-26898)) NE 10th St ((100-899)) NE 13th St ((100-299)) NE 14th St ((101-499)) NE 16th St ((200-298)) NE 2nd St ((100-899)) NE 3rd St ((100-699)) NE 4th St ((100-599)) NE 5th St ((100-599)) NE 6th St ((100-599)) NE 7th St ((100-899)) NE 8th St ((100-899)) NE 9th St ((100-899)) NE Hill St ((700-999)) NE Idaho St ((100-999)) NE Locust St ((100-999)) NE Mill St ((100-1399)) NE Oak St ((600-1099)) NE Poplar St ((100-1399)) NE Q St ((100-999)) New Salem Rd ((26101-26199)) N Main St ((100-1399)) NW 10th St ((100-599)) NW 12th Dr ((300-399)) NW 13th Dr ((301-398)) NW 13th St ((100-299)) NW 14th St ((101-199)) NW 18th St ((23500-23798)) NW 2nd St ((100-399)) NW 3rd St ((100-399)) NW 4th St ((100-399)) NW 5th St ((100-399)) NW 6th St ((100-899)) NW 7th St ((100-399)) NW 8th St ((100-399)) NW 9th St ((100-399)) NW Church St ((100-1598)) NW School St ((100-1398)) NW Walnut St ((200-299)) NW White St ((100-999)) Perry Rd ((25100-27598)) Pleasanton Rd ((22201-27499)) Pony Farm Rd ((20400-21798)) Popcorn Rd ((22300-22799)) Quest Rd ((25501-25599)) Quinn Rd ((26300-26498)) SE 10th St ((100-499)) SE 11th St ((100-399)) SE 12th St ((200-499)) SE 13th St ((100-199)) SE 14th St ((300-499)) SE 15th St ((300-499)) SE 2nd St ((100-899)) SE 3rd St ((100-899)) SE 4th St ((100-899)) SE 5th St ((100-1098)) SE 6th St ((100-998)) SE 8th St ((100-299)) SE 9th St ((200-499)) SE Hill St ((200-598)) SE Idaho St ((100-1399)) SE Locust St ((100-499)) SE Mill St ((100-1499)) SE Oak St ((201-499)) SE Poplar St ((100-1898)) SE Q St ((100-1499)) SE Vine St ((100-698)) S Main St ((100-1399)) State Hwy 2 ((100-30098)) SW 11th St ((200-1299)) SW 12th St ((100-599)) SW 2nd St ((100-499)) SW 3rd St ((100-399)) SW 4th St ((100-199)) SW 5th St ((100-199)) SW 6th St ((100-199)) SW 7th St ((1200-1299)) SW Church St ((101-1299)) SW Lorraine St ((201-1198)) SW Mindi St ((601-799)) SW Sand St ((100-199)) SW School St ((100-299)) SW White St ((100-299)) W 1st St ((100-1099))

    50144 Places and Attractions

    Assembly of God Church Bethel Cemetery Bethel Church Blockly Blockly (historical) Blockly Post Office (historical) Britton Branch Brush Creek Calvary Baptist Church Campbell Cemetery Central School Chastain Cemetery Church of Christ City of Leon County Home Cemetery Crown Crown Post Office (historical) Decatur County Decatur County Courthouse Decatur County Fairground Decatur County Golf and Country Club Decatur County Home Decatur County Hospital Decatur County Hospital Heliport Decatur County Museum Decatur County Sheriffs Office Decatur Medical Services Center Franklin Franklin Cemetery Franklin Church Franklin Post Office (historical) Gore Cemetery Hatfield Cemetery Heffron Chiropractic Clinics Highbrier Post Office (historical) Independent Bible Church Interchange 18 Johnson Cemetery Jonathan Creek Kingston Kingston (historical) Kirkwood (historical) Kobville Park Leon Leon Brethren Church Leon Catholic Church Leon Cemetery Leon Christian Church Leon City Hall Leon Fire Department Leon General Dentistry Center Leon (historical) Leon Junior and Senior High School Leon Police Department Leon Post Office Leon Public Library Little River Little River Recreation Area Little River Scenic Nature Trail Manchester Cemetery McGruder Creek McMillian Field Meek Cemetery Memorial to All Veterans Historical Marker Mount Tabor Cemetery New Salem Baptist Church Our Saviors Lutheran Church Palenstine Cemetery Presbyterian Church Redmans Branch Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Saint Marys Cemetery Short Creek Shy Cemetery South School Township of Center Township of Decatur Township of Eden Trinity Christian Church Trullinger Cemetery Turkey Run United Methodist Church Waller Cemetery West Cemetery West Little River Westview Acres Care Center