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    ZIP Code 50140 is located in Decatur County (72.40%) Ringgold County (27.60%)

    50140 Street Addresses

    105th Ave ((29300-31699)) 10th St ((100-598)) 110th Ave ((23100-23199)) 140th Ave ((23801-23899)) 150th Ave ((22000-27598)) 160th Ave ((31501-31698)) 163rd Ave ((28401-28899)) 205th St ((13300-14599)) 225th St ((14000-14799)) 240th St ((14400-14998)) 250th St ((10600-25799)) 260th St ((17300-17899)) 270th St ((15101-15999)) 280th St ((10300-17098)) 290th St ((10001-12399)) 300th Ave ((2900-2998)) 300th St ((100-15698)) 310th St ((3000-15499)) 315th St ((10801-11798)) 320th St ((11400-11898)) 324th St ((12300-12398)) 330th Ave ((2800-2899)) 3rd St ((800-899)) Bluegrass Rd ((11601-12499)) Bobbit Dr ((600-699)) Bobbitt Dr ((201-698)) College Ave ((100-798)) Colonyview ((800-899)) Condit Dr ((100-699)) Co Rd J45 ((10901-12799)) Co Rd J52 ((10300-17098)) Co Rd J55 ((2900-12399)) Co Rd J67 ((10801-15499)) Co Rd P64 ((2971-3029)) Co Rd P68 ((2700-2898)) Co Rd R12 ((13300-14599)) Co Rd R14 ((23100-31699)) Co Rd R18 ((101-30699)) Co Rd R22 ((11601-26099)) Co Rd R30 ((701-27598)) Co Rd R34 ((21100-21599)) Co Rd T ((31501-31698)) Crown Colony ((100-299)) E 1st St ((100-299)) E 2nd St ((100-799)) E 3rd St ((200-499)) E 4th St ((100-399)) E 8th St ((100-599)) E 9th St ((100-499)) E Ackerly St ((701-899)) Elk Chapel Rd ((101-30699)) E Main St ((100-1298)) E South St ((100-299)) Forest St ((1000-1199)) Founders Dr ((1-199)) Golf Ridge ((1000-1099)) Hwy 69 ((29030-29098)) Keown ((200-399)) Lakeview Dr ((500-799)) Mason St ((400-699)) N Cherry St ((100-399)) N Chestnut St ((100-299)) N Clark St ((100-299)) N Elm St ((100-399)) N Fayette ((100-298)) N Ferguson St ((200-399)) N Linden St ((100-498)) N Maple St ((100-399)) N Mulberry St ((100-499)) N Orange St ((100-398)) N Silver St ((100-3099)) N State St ((200-598)) N Walnut St ((100-599)) Prairie St ((601-699)) S Cedar St ((100-599)) S Cherry St ((100-599)) S Chestnut St ((100-599)) S Clark St ((200-399)) S Elm St ((400-499)) S Fayette ((500-598)) S Ferguson St ((100-499)) S Keown St ((300-399)) S Linden St ((100-699)) S Maple St ((100-599)) S Mulberry St ((100-399)) S Oak St ((101-898)) S Pine St ((100-299)) Spruce Dr ((401-499)) S Shellisa Dr ((301-399)) S Silver St ((100-399)) S Smith St ((701-999)) S State St ((100-999)) State Hwy 2 ((12900-14698)) S Walnut St ((200-699)) S Willow St ((100-479)) S Woods Rd ((100-14999)) Terre Haute Rd ((21100-21599)) University Pl ((1-99)) US Hwy 69 ((31101-33199)) W 100th St ((12300-33199)) W 10th St ((100-499)) W 1st St ((100-199)) W 2nd St ((100-899)) W 3rd St ((100-899)) W 4th St ((201-799)) W 6th St ((600-899)) W 7th St ((500-799)) W 8th St ((100-299)) W 9th St ((100-299)) W Lincoln ((201-698)) W Lincoln St ((200-299)) W Main St ((100-1199)) W Orchard St ((501-1398)) W South St ((100-1198)) Zions Ridge ((300-399))

    50140 Places and Attractions

    Big G Lake Bloomington Bloomington Church Briggs Hall Bruce Jenner Sports Complex Carmichael House Central park Church of Christ City of Lamoni Cora Post Office (historical) Creveling Cemetery Decatur Medical Services Center Elk Elk Cemetery Elk Chapel Elk Post Office (historical) Eugene E Closson Physical Education Center Evan H Walden Physical Plant Farmers Co-op Grain and Seed Elevator First Baptist Church Floyd M McDowell Commons Foreman City Park Founders Lake Frederick Madison Smith Library Graceland College Graybill Building Gunsolley Residence Hall Higdon Administration Building Hollen Cemetery Home Lake Home Pond Interchange 4 Kelley Hall KLAL-FM (Lamoni) Kuder Creek Lake LaShane Lamoni Lamoni Chiropractic Center Lamoni City Hall Lamoni Emergency Medical Services Lamoni Fire Department Lamoni Golf and Country Club Lamoni High School Lamoni (historical) Lamoni Municipal Airport Lamoni Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Lamoni Police Department Lamoni Post Office Lamoni Public Library Latter-Day Saints Church Lee (historical) Lee Post Office (historical) Liberty Hall Historic Center Lillie Cemetery Memorial Student Center Millsap Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery North Campus Housing Units Patrick Cemetery Patroness Hall Platz-Mortimore Science Hall Pot Hole Creek Potteroff Creek Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rose Hill Cemetery Roy A Cheville Chapel Sedgewich (historical) Sedgewick Post Office (historical) Solly's Strip Ultralight Flightpark South Elk Creek Southern Iowa Gateway Welcome Center Sweet Home Cemetery Terre Haute Terre Haute Post Office (historical) Tess Morgan Residence Hall The Shaw Center Tower Apartments Township of Bloomington Township of Fayette Township of Riley Tuskeega (historical) Tuskeega Post Office (historical) Tuskeego United Methodist Church Walker Residence hall West Elk Creek Zimmermann Hall