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50125 Street Addresses

100th Ave ((800-17999)) 103rd Ave ((800-8698)) 104th Ln ((8000-8299)) 105th Ave ((2000-21198)) 105th Ln ((7700-7998)) 108th Ave ((500-5998)) 108th Pl ((1901-19799)) 110th Ave ((800-19198)) 113th Ave ((1400-13998)) 115th Ave ((500-20798)) 118th Ave ((1300-16799)) 118th Ln ((7701-7899)) 120th Ave ((700-23999)) 123rd Ln ((6600-6999)) 125th Ave ((800-8998)) 128th Ave ((1500-18698)) 130th Ave ((1400-20199)) 131st Ln ((13801-13899)) 133rd Ave ((600-19998)) 135th Ave ((2000-21198)) 138th Ave ((600-21698)) 139th Ln ((6301-13698)) 140th Ave ((1200-17799)) 143rd Ave ((600-17998)) 146th Ln ((10701-10999)) 147th Ln ((10600-10699)) 148th Ave ((900-14598)) 14th Ave ((1300-1499)) 150th Ave ((600-21399)) 155th Ave ((500-8799)) 158th Ave ((1200-14698)) 160th Ave ((900-21398)) 162nd Ln ((7101-7299)) 165th Ave ((800-11199)) 167th Ln ((11500-11599)) 168th Ave ((500-13699)) 169th Ln ((13301-13699)) 16th St ((200-599)) 170th Ave ((900-10999)) 173rd Ave ((1100-11599)) 17th St ((200-599)) 18th St ((200-598)) 193rd Ave ((1200-1399)) 1st St ((1000-1099)) 2nd St ((2000-2099)) 3rd St ((600-6498)) 5th St ((801-8299)) 65th Ave ((1300-14699)) 70th Ave ((700-13599)) 73rd Ave ((600-14999)) 74th Ln ((11100-11298)) 77th Ln ((7601-7799)) 78th Ave ((700-7799)) 78th Ln ((11500-11699)) 7th St ((201-299)) 80th Ave ((300-17198)) 85th Ave ((601-17899)) 88th Ave ((1600-17499)) 90th Ave ((600-16098)) 92nd Ln ((14600-14999)) 93rd Ave ((501-19998)) 95th Ave ((800-10498)) 96th Ln ((6300-17399)) 98th Ave ((600-799)) 99th Ln ((17401-117499)) Alfred Ave ((1-99)) Angela Dr ((900-1099)) Apple Cir ((100-199)) Apple Dr ((1801-1999)) Apple Ln ((1700-1999)) Brookwood Dr ((600-699)) Buxton Pl ((100-199)) Caroline Ter ((900-1298)) Carson St ((10101-10199)) Co Rd G24 ((600-1299)) Co Rd G36 ((800-17199)) Co Rd G50 ((500-7599)) Co Rd G58 ((1100-1299)) Co Rd G76 ((400-1543)) Co Rd R57 ((300-1393)) Co Rd R63 ((600-1599)) Co Rd S23 ((11000-11199)) Country Club Rd ((1300-2399)) Crestview Dr ((900-998)) Depot St ((9100-9199)) E 12th Ave ((300-499)) E 13th Pl ((400-499)) E 14th Ave ((300-499)) E 15th Ave ((400-499)) E 15th Pl ((400-499)) E 16th Ave ((400-499)) E 1st ((1901-2198)) E 1st Ave ((100-2198)) E 2nd Ave ((101-2199)) E 3rd Ave ((100-599)) E 4th Ave ((100-599)) E 5th Ave ((200-499)) E Ashland Ave ((100-1299)) E Boston Ave ((100-1899)) E Clinton Ave ((100-1699)) E Detroit Ave ((100-1499)) E Euclid Ave ((100-1499)) E Franklin Ave ((100-1499)) E Girard Ave ((100-1499)) E Hayes St ((1201-12998)) E Henderson Ave ((100-199)) E Henderson Pl ((1000-1199)) E Hillcrest Ave ((300-1499)) E Iowa Ave ((100-1799)) E Jackson Pl ((1100-1199)) E Kentucky Ave ((100-1299)) E Lincoln Ave ((600-1298)) Elk Horn St ((11701-11799)) E Madison Ave ((1000-1298)) Emerson St ((1600-16798)) E Orchard Ave ((100-199)) E Plainview Ave ((300-1199)) Erbe St ((600-1299)) E Salem Ave ((100-1199)) E Trail Ridge Pl ((800-898)) Fairfax St ((1300-19099)) Fairway Dr ((1400-1999)) Fillmore St ((600-9699)) Ford Trl N ((12500-12998)) Ford Trl S ((12700-12899)) Fulton St ((600-17799)) Garst Trl ((14400-14999)) Gear St ((800-13799)) Gear Trl ((8301-8899)) Geneva ((8201-8299)) Geneva St ((700-12899)) Grimes Pl ((1100-11899)) Grimes St ((600-11498)) Hamilton St ((1600-17498)) Hamilton Trl ((9700-9899)) Harding St ((600-12499)) Harding Trl ((10100-14299)) Harrison St ((900-14799)) Hayes St ((800-17199)) Hempstead St ((700-8499)) Hoover St ((700-11398)) Hoover Trl ((8601-8899)) Hwy 65 ((1658-16598)) Illinois St ((500-17066)) Indiana St ((900-10299)) Inwood St ((900-10999)) Jackson Cir ((1400-1499)) Jersey St ((1400-14999)) Jesup St ((700-16898)) Jewell St ((1500-15499)) Johnson St ((1500-15999)) Johns St ((3-99)) John St ((1-99)) Kendall St ((1601-16899)) Kendall Trl ((8400-8499)) Kennedy St ((1400-16698)) Kensington Ct ((1000-1099)) Kentucky Ave ((1500-1599)) Kirkwood St ((800-8898)) Lancaster Way ((1200-1299)) Larabee St ((700-7798)) Leonard Ave ((1-99)) Lincoln Ave ((1-99)) Lisbon St ((700-7798)) Little Lake Trl ((16800-16999)) Lucas Pl ((1100-11798)) Lucas St ((1000-10099)) Lundahl Ct ((1400-1599)) Mc Gregor St ((6000-6099)) McGregor St ((1300-14898)) McGregor Trl ((11900-11999)) McKimber Trl ((13001-13099)) McKinley St ((800-14498)) McKinley Trl ((12200-12998)) Merrill St ((700-7599)) Merrill Trl ((9700-9899)) Monroe St ((500-6398)) N 10th St ((300-599)) N 11th St ((300-399)) N 12th St ((400-899)) N 13th St ((300-399)) N 14th St ((300-1899)) N 15th St ((200-999)) N 1st St ((100-1599)) N 3rd St ((100-799)) N 4th St ((109-799)) N 5th St ((200-599)) N 6th St ((600-1399)) N 6th Street Pl ((600-699)) N 7th Ct ((1200-1298)) N 7th St ((201-1399)) N 8th St ((100-2299)) N 9th St ((100-2298)) N Ann Pkwy ((1001-1299)) N Apple Dr ((1300-1799)) N B St ((100-1599)) N Buxton St ((100-1299)) N C St ((100-1598)) N D St ((100-1299)) N E St ((500-1299)) Nevada St ((700-13998)) Newark Trl ((13800-13999)) Newbold St ((1400-15499)) N Fairway Dr ((1400-1499)) N F St ((100-499)) N G St ((100-1599)) N Howard St ((100-1199)) N H St ((100-499)) N I St ((300-999)) Nixon St ((700-10899)) N Jefferson Way ((100-2798)) N J St ((100-999)) N Kenwood Blvd ((100-898)) N K St ((400-599)) N L St ((400-1199)) N M St ((201-299)) N N St ((300-799)) N O St ((500-1198)) N S Ct ((700-998)) N T Ct ((700-899)) N U St ((601-899)) N V St ((800-899)) NW 27th St ((500-7898)) NW 44th Ave ((801-8299)) N W St ((701-899)) N Y St ((100-999)) Oklahoma St ((8900-8998)) Orchard Cir ((100-199)) Osceola St ((7200-8798)) Pershing St ((900-12399)) Phillip Pl ((100-199)) Pierce St ((800-8298)) Pioneer St ((1400-15999)) Polk St ((1100-14998)) Pope St ((11000-11199)) Quail Ridge ((600-699)) Quaker St ((1201-12699)) Quaker Trl ((11001-11198)) Quebec St ((1300-16298)) Quincy Pl ((900-9798)) Ray St ((1000-11599)) Reagan St ((1300-13299)) Rinard Rd ((4000-4098)) Robin Glen ((700-1199)) Rolling Vista Pl ((201-299)) Roosevelt St ((1000-16598)) R St ((600-1399)) S 15th St ((600-698)) S 19th Ct ((100-199)) S 1st St ((100-1299)) S 20th ((100-299)) S 3rd St ((100-1699)) S 4th St ((100-1299)) S 8th Ct ((400-498)) S 8th St ((100-299)) S 9th St ((100-299)) S B Ct ((1800-1999)) S B St ((100-699)) S Buxton St ((100-1099)) Scenic Valley Dr ((600-899)) Scott Felton Rd ((600-1099)) S C St ((100-299)) S D St ((100-599)) S E Dr ((1800-1999)) S E St ((100-699)) S Freeman St ((300-699)) S F St ((100-699)) S G St ((100-1498)) Shaw Pl ((1300-13798)) Shaw St ((900-15799)) Sherman St ((1000-12099)) S Howard St ((100-998)) S H St ((100-1216)) S Jefferson Way ((101-2099)) S J St ((100-499)) S Kenwood Blvd ((100-499)) S K St ((500-1999)) S L Ct ((1300-1399)) S N St ((500-1599)) S O St ((600-1398)) S P St ((100-499)) S R St ((600-1399)) S Spruce St ((200-499)) State Hwy 23 ((1000-1099)) State Hwy 349 ((1100-1299)) State Hwy 92 ((100-9799)) Stephen Ct ((1000-1399)) Summerset Rd ((1300-14999)) Summerset Trl ((13700-13798)) Summit Pl ((800-899)) Sunset Cir ((1000-1099)) Sunset Dr ((600-999)) SW 33rd St ((1500-16098)) S Y St ((100-1398)) Taft St ((1000-11099)) Tawnya Ter ((1301-1399)) Trail Ridge Ave ((600-899)) Trail Ridge Rd ((600-899)) Tripoli St ((1000-13599)) Truman St ((1400-14098)) Urbana St ((11000-11098)) US Hwy 65 ((101-21398)) US Hwy 69 ((101-22998)) Valley Pl ((100-199)) W 10th Ave ((2200-2699)) W 12th Ave ((1000-1099)) W 13th Ave ((1600-1698)) W 17th Ave ((300-599)) W 18th St ((300-599)) W 19th Ave ((300-399)) W 19th Pl ((300-399)) W 1st Ave ((100-1199)) W 2nd Ave ((209-2699)) W 3rd Ave ((100-1699)) W 3rd Pl ((1800-1998)) W 4th Ave ((100-3299)) W 5th Ave ((400-1999)) W 5th St ((700-1699)) W 6th Ave ((1400-1599)) W 7th Ave ((100-299)) W 8th Ave ((100-199)) Walnut St ((1300-13899)) W Ashland Ave ((100-1199)) W Boston Ave ((100-1599)) W Clinton Ave ((100-1699)) W Co Rd R57 ((778-791)) W Detroit Ave ((100-1699)) Wesley Ln ((1200-1399)) W Euclid Ave ((100-2698)) W Franklin ((702-1699)) W Franklin Ave ((100-1699)) W Girard ((2301-2499)) W Girard Ave ((100-599)) W Henderson ((1500-2398)) W Henderson Ave ((100-499)) W Hillcrest Ave ((100-298)) W Hillcrest Dr ((100-298)) Williams St ((1-99)) W Iowa Ave ((100-1699)) W Jackson Ave ((100-1698)) W Kentucky Ave ((100-399)) W Lincoln Ave ((200-599)) W Madison Pl ((300-599)) W Norwood Pl ((400-599)) W Orchard Ave ((100-706)) W Salem Ave ((100-1699)) W Sunset Cir ((1000-1099))

50125 Places and Attractions

ANP Foot and Ankle Clinic Ackworth Ackworth (historical) Ackworth Cemetery Ackworth Friends Church Ackworth Post Office Amy Robertson Music Center Art Center Barker Park Barker Residence Hall Bill Buxton Stadium Blank Performing Arts Center Brenton Student Center and Book Store Brown School Browns Chapel Bryant School Butler Chiropractic Clinic Buxton Park Buxton Park Arboretum Buxton Residence Hall Buxton Tennis Courts Calvary Baptist Church Camp Wesley Woods Carver Cultural Center Carver Science Center Cavitt Creek Center Chapel Christian Union Church Church of Christ College Hall Colonial House Cool Cool Post Office (historical) Cool School Cowles Center Crain Chiropractic Clinic Crossroad United Church of Christ Davis School Dayton Park Deer Run Golf Club Derrough Post Office (historical) Detroit House Downey Memorial Park Dunn Library Durham Landing Strip Easton Park Emerson School Family Chiropractic Center Family Practice Clinic Farmers Chapel Felters Branch First Apostolic Church First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Friends Grove Post Office (historical) Good Shepard Evangelical Lutheran Church Greenbush Hamilton House Handsome View Post Office (historical) Hawthorne School Heartland Co-op Elevator Hewitt Cemetery Hillman Hall Hooper State Game Area Hoosier Row Community Center Hoosier Row School Hopper Gymnasium House of Praise Family Church Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Indian Ridge Mobile Home Park Indian Valley Cemetery Indian Valley School Indianola Indianola (historical) Indianola Chiropractic Clinic Indianola City Cemetery Indianola City Fire Department Indianola City Hall Indianola City Public Library Indianola Community Church Indianola Country Club Indianola Friends Church Indianola Friends Church Indianola Good Samaritan Center Indianola Heliport Indianola Middle School Indianola Police Department Indianola Post Office Indianola Regular Baptist Church Indianola Senior High School Indianola Soccer/Baseball Complex Indianola Tennis Court Complex Indianola Vision Center Irving School Jacoby School KXLQ-AM (Indianola) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kresge Residence Hall Lake Ahquabi Lake Ahquabi State Park Lake Ahquabi State Park Lake Ahquahi Campground Latimer Latimer Post Office (historical) Laverty Cemetery Laverty Field Lawrenceburg Lawrenceburg Post Office (historical) Lions Park Lundy Acres Mahaska County Hospital Heliport Mary Berry Hall McBride Field McCord Park McNeill Hall McVay Trail Medford Post Office (historical) Memorial Park Mercy Indianola Medical Clinic Moats Park Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Mount Hope School (historical) Mount Moriah School Murphys Guest Home Nash Field Nash-Grover Residential Care Center National Balloon Museum Nazarene Church North American Trailer Park Ogden School Optometric Associates Center of Warren County Otter Creek Otter Creek County Park Painter Creek Papoose Creek Pfeiffer Dining Hall Physical Plant Pickard Recreation Area Picken Residence Hall Pleasant Hill Church Plug Run President Richard Nixon's Iowa Ancestor Historical Marker Randolph Cemetery Redeemer Lutheran Church Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rolling Hills Golf Course Round Grove School Saint Thomas Aquinas Church Sants Branch Schaver Cemetery Sesquicentennial Park Sharon Sharon Post Office (historical) Simpson College Simpson Soccer Field Simpson Softball Field Smith Memorial Chapel Social Plains School South River Ditch South River School South Town Park Spring Hill Spring Hill (historical) Spring Hill Post Office (historical) Spring Hill School Squaw Creek Squaw Valley School Summerset Summerset (historical) Summerset Post Office (historical) Sunfield Mobile Home Park Sutton Post Office (historical) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thorn School Trinity United Presbyterian Church Turkery Creek Turkey Creek Village Retirement Community Building Wallace Hall Wallace Hall and George Washington Carver State Historical Marker Warren Cemetery Warren County Christian School Warren County Courthouse Warren County Fairgrounds Warren County Historical Museum Warren County Home Warren County Sheriffs Office Washington House Webb Cemetery Weinman House Westside Church of Christ Westview of Indianola Care Center White Oak Point Post Office (historical) White Oak School Whitman School Whittier School Willow Creek Totlot Woods Motel and RV Park