Grinnell, IA 50112 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 50112 is located in (74%) (26%)

50112 Street Addresses

100th St ((900-3595)) 10th Ave ((500-1999)) 10th Avenue Pl ((1600-1899)) 110th St ((3000-3585)) 11th Ave ((100-1599)) 11th Ave W ((2-311)) 12th Ave ((400-998)) 13th Ave ((1-999)) 14th Ave ((100-699)) 14th Ave W ((1-199)) 150th St ((7300-7598)) 15th Ave ((400-599)) 15th Ave Ct ((1-99)) 16th Ave ((101-1899)) 1st Ave ((200-1699)) 1st Ave W ((100-598)) 20th St ((2400-4799)) 25th St ((4600-4699)) 2nd Ave ((200-1999)) 310th Ave ((190-1499)) 320th Ave ((100-999)) 322nd Ave ((602-697)) 32nd St ((4100-4499)) 330th Ave ((100-1299)) 340th Ave ((100-3499)) 345th Ave ((500-1699)) 350th Ave ((100-1399)) 35th St ((3100-4699)) 360th Ave ((100-999)) 370th Ave ((400-999)) 375th Ave ((100-299)) 37th St ((4000-4099)) 380th Ave ((100-999)) 385th Ave ((300-438)) 390th Ave ((400-899)) 3rd Ave W ((1-1899)) 400th Ave ((100-799)) 40th St ((401-4899)) 410th Ave ((100-947)) 415th Ave ((700-899)) 420th Ave ((100-799)) 430th Ave ((300-1097)) 440th Ave ((102-797)) 450th Ave ((100-999)) 455th Ave ((100-299)) 45th St ((3600-3699)) 460th Ave ((200-905)) 462nd Ave ((100-699)) 465th Ave ((300-799)) 472nd Ave ((600-699)) 475th Ave ((100-443)) 47th St ((4300-4399)) 480th Ave ((800-905)) 4th Ave ((100-2199)) 4th Ave W ((1-398)) 50th St ((3000-4799)) 55th St ((4502-4787)) 5th Ave ((200-1899)) 60th St ((600-4899)) 65th St ((3800-3899)) 6th Ave ((100-2599)) 6th Ave W ((1-898)) 70th St ((600-4699)) 7th Ave ((700-1899)) 80th St ((3000-4599)) 8th Ave ((1-1899)) 90th St ((3000-4299)) 9th Ave ((500-1899)) 9th Avenue Ln ((1400-1699)) Ann St ((1100-1499)) Aspen Dr ((800-899)) Bailey St S ((300-399)) Beck Ct ((1-99)) Belmont St ((1800-1999)) Bliss St ((1100-1299)) Brandon St S ((300-399)) Broad St ((1-1799)) Cemetery Rd ((3100-3299)) Center St ((500-9199)) Chatterton St ((900-1099)) Clay St ((8700-9099)) Co Hwy F17 ((100-15599)) Co Hwy F27 ((2-15582)) Co Hwy F46 ((300-899)) Co Hwy T38 ((900-11499)) Co Hwy T58 ((800-4599)) College Park Rd ((1-99)) Commercial St ((800-899)) Co Rd F27 ((100-199)) Co Rd F35 ((100-799)) Country Club Dr ((1700-2199)) Davis Ave ((1300-1699)) E 124th St N ((9100-9899)) E 132nd St N ((400-8149)) E 132nd St S ((1200-4799)) E 136th St N ((3900-7499)) E 140th St N ((1900-14499)) E 140th St S ((500-14045)) E 144th St N ((5500-5899)) E 146th St N ((2700-3099)) E 148th St S ((1200-1999)) E 150th St S ((700-1199)) E 152nd St S ((6400-8799)) E 156th St ((100-7598)) E 156th St N ((100-15999)) E 156th St S ((501-8799)) E 156th St W ((100-2199)) Eagle Dr ((1-99)) East St ((100-1599)) East St S ((100-1099)) Elm St ((700-1699)) E St Ln ((1100-1299)) Ewart Rd ((300-4599)) Fairfield St ((1000-1099)) Ferguson Rd ((600-999)) Fore Seasons Dr ((1-99)) Garfield Ave ((1200-1699)) Hamilton Ave ((400-1298)) Hamlin St ((1101-1299)) Harrison Ave ((500-999)) High St ((300-1099)) Hobart Pl ((1-99)) Hobart St ((1301-1899)) Holyoke St ((800-899)) Hwy 63 ((3498-3595)) Hwy F17 E ((10000-15599)) Hwy F 27 ((14800-15582)) Hwy F27 E ((11998-14799)) Hwy T 38 N ((200-14499)) Hwy T38 N ((900-15582)) Hwy T38 S ((700-5199)) I- 80 ((278-1099)) Industrial Ave ((700-999)) Jacob Ave ((200-15999)) Jersey St ((3700-3899)) Jewel Dr ((1901-1999)) Jewel St ((5354-5899)) Justice Ave ((13000-13999)) Lang Creek Ave ((700-799)) Level B Rd ((700-999)) Lincoln Dr ((800-899)) Linden St ((1500-1598)) Main St ((100-1599)) Manor Cir ((1900-2099)) Manor Dr ((1700-1999)) Maple St ((501-899)) Marvin Ave ((401-999)) Mayflower Ln ((500-599)) McDowell Cir ((600-699)) Melrose Ln ((3-99)) Michael Ave ((1300-1699)) N 28th Ave E ((14400-14599)) N 30th Ave E ((4601-14699)) N 39th Ave E ((13278-14699)) N 55th Ave E ((14381-14799)) N 67th Ave E ((13600-15531)) N 75th Ave E ((11988-15599)) N 87th Ave E ((13200-15599)) N 99th Ave E ((14000-15599)) Newburg Rd ((100-999)) Newcomer Ave ((15100-15299)) Oakland Dr ((1-99)) Oakridge Dr ((1-99)) Oak St ((900-1099)) Ogan Ave ((600-1299)) Old 6 Rd ((900-1006)) Orchard Dr ((900-2098)) Palmer Ave ((15200-15299)) Park St ((100-1799)) Parkview Dr ((1-99)) Patricia Ave ((1300-1499)) Pearl St ((1-1099)) Penrose St ((600-2099)) Pine Valley Dr ((700-798)) Porter Add ((4200-4299)) Prairie St ((600-2099)) Prince St ((800-1899)) Reed St ((600-2099)) S 12th Ave E ((13200-15599)) S 20th Ave E ((14618-14806)) S 36th Ave E ((13200-15599)) S 46th Ave E ((14600-14999)) S 48th Ave E ((13200-14599)) S 52nd Ave E ((14600-15599)) S 64th Ave E ((14046-15599)) S 84th Ave E ((15200-15599)) Seeland Dr ((900-999)) Shoreline Dr ((1-99)) Spencer St ((1100-2099)) Spring Cir ((1-99)) Spring St ((400-2099)) Stagecoach Rd ((300-829)) State Hwy 146 ((100-4998)) State St ((400-1099)) St Francis Dr ((900-999)) Stoeker St ((1800-1899)) Summer St ((700-1999)) Sunset St ((1300-1999)) Turnberry Dr ((800-899)) US Hwy 6 ((100-999)) US Hwy 63 ((3498-3595)) US Hwy 6 E ((13217-15999)) Valley View Dr ((2-98)) Van Horn Cir ((600-699)) Walnut Rd ((100-197)) Washington Ave ((400-1299)) Washington Pl ((1-99)) West Ave ((3600-3699)) West St ((100-3699)) West St S ((100-4198)) W Hwy 6 ((100-199)) Woodard Ave ((15200-15299)) Zimmerman Dr S ((1200-1499))

50112 Places and Attractions

Alumni Recitation Hall Arbor Lake Mobile Home Community Arbor Recreation Area Assembly of God Church Bailey Park Bailey School Bethel Cemetery Bethel Church Blue Point Post Office (historical) Bucksbaum Center for the Arts Burling Library Calvary Baptist Church Carnegie Hall Central Park Chester Chester Cemetery Chester Cemetery Chester Center Post Office (historical) Chester Church Christian Church Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of the Nazarene Clark Residence Hall Cleveland Residence Hall Commemorate Grinnell Founder Historical Marker Conney M Kimbo Black Cultural Center Cowles Residence Hall Darby Gym Davis School Dibble Residence Hall Ear Nose and Throat Clinic East Campus Residence Halls Faculty House Fairview School Family Medicine First Baptist Church First Friends Church First House in Grinnell Historical Marker First Presbyterian Church Forum Friends Cemetery Friendship Manor Care Center Gale Observatory Garnell Community Middle School Gates Residence Hall Goodnow Hall Grace Community Church Green Cemetery Grinnell Grinnell Grinnell Area Christian Church Grinnell Area Christian School Grinnell College Grinnell Country Club Grinnell East Bound Rest Area Grinnell Eye Care Grinnell Family Care Grinnell Fire Department Grinnell High School Grinnell Historical Museum Grinnell House Grinnell Medical Associates Grinnell Police Department Grinnell Post Office Grinnell Regional Airport Grinnell Regional Medical Center Grinnell West Bound Rest Area Haines Residence Hall Harris Center Harry Hopkins House Hayes Cemetery Hazelwood Cemetery Heritage Park Museum Herrick Chapel Historic Grinnell State Historical Marker Honoring President George Washington Historical Marker Horace Greeley - Editor Historical Marker Immanuel Lutheran Church Interchange 179 Interstate 182 Jacobs Jacobs (historical) Jacobs Post Office (historical) James Miller Park James Residence Hall Jane Springer Sports Field Jaycee Park John Crystal Center KDIC-FM (Grinnell) KGRN-AM (Grinnell) KGRN-AM (Grinnell) Lake Arbor Langan Residence Hall Les Duke Track Lion's Park Loose Residence Hall Lower Blue Point Cemetery Lower Blue Point Church MacEachron Field Main Residence Hall Malcolm Number Six School (historical) McCaw Family Medicine Mears Cottage Merrill Park Mormon Grave Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Pleasant Church Mount Pleasant Church Newburg Newburg Newburg Post Office (historical) Newburg United Church of Christ Nollen House Norris Residence Hall Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery Noyce Science Center Nyanza Park Oak Grove Oak Grove Friends Church Oakgrove Post Office (historical) Oakland Acres Oakland Acres Dam Oakland Acres Golf Club Old Glove Factory Paul W Ahrens / James Paschall Memorial Park Physical Education Complex Poweshiek County Fairgrounds Preschool Lab President's House Rawson Residence Hall Read Residence Hall Rock Creek Cemetery Rosenbloom Football Field Saint Francis Manor Saint John's Lutheran Church Saint Mary's Catholic Church Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Sheridan Sheridan Cemetery Sheridan Church Sheridan Post Office (historical) Smith Residence Hall Sonora (historical) Sonora Post Office (historical) Steiner Hall Stewart Library Sugar Creek Sugar Creek Cemetery Sugar Creek Post Office (historical) Sully Co-op Elevator Surgical Associates Trinity Cemetery Trinity Church Turner Turner (historical) Turner Post Office (historical) Tyro Post Office (historical) United Church of Christ United Methodist Church University of Iowa Health Care Upper Blue Point Cemetery Van-Horne Park Ward Field West Westfield Cemetery Westfield Westfield Cemetery Westfield Church Willows Mobile Home Court Windsor Hall Younker Memorial Resource Center Younker Residence Hall