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  • Watersmeet Township School
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    ZIP Code 49969 is located in Gogebic County

    49969 Street Addresses

    1st St ((4600-4799)) 2nd Ave ((4600-4799)) 2nd St ((401-23898)) 3rd St ((4600-4699)) 4th Ave ((4600-4699)) 4th St ((4600-4699)) A Ave ((23800-23999)) Allen Lake Rd ((23901-24299)) Basphy Rd ((4800-4899)) Bass Lake Rd ((5300-24099)) Basso Rd ((3700-3899)) B Ave ((23800-23899)) Beatons Lake Rd ((400-6199)) Beatons Lk Rd ((6300-6398)) Beatons Spr ((20700-20799)) Beaver Station Rd ((23900-24299)) Big Lake Rd ((18601-18999)) Birch Lake Rd ((24000-24499)) Black Bear Rd ((23000-23299)) Blair St ((4900-4999)) Boat Landing Rd ((6400-6499)) Boy Scout Island Rd ((3700-3799)) Buck Lake Rd ((5400-6299)) Buck Lk Rd ((5403-5499)) Cannon St ((4600-4899)) C Ave ((23800-23999)) Centers Rd ((19901-20299)) Channel Rd ((3600-3898)) Choate Rd ((1101-24099)) Circle Dr ((4900-5099)) Cisco Lake Rd ((1-18799)) Clearwater Rd ((19100-20299)) Cloverleaf Lake Ct ((4201-4299)) Cloverleaf Lake Rd ((17900-18699)) Cloverleaf Rd ((17900-18699)) Compound Ln ((23200-23398)) Compound Rd ((2500-2599)) Co Rd 206 ((201-22099)) Co Rd 210 ((24801-25099)) Co Rd 525 ((7001-7099)) Co Rd 535 ((1-20898)) Country Line Lake Rd ((6400-6499)) County Line Lake Rd ((6400-6498)) Crooked Lake Rd ((2-22099)) Crozer St ((4600-23999)) Crystal Lake Rd ((1663-24099)) D Ave ((23800-24099)) Deerpath Rd ((20200-20298)) Dinner Lake Rd ((2500-2999)) Duck Lake ((3101-3199)) Duck Lake Rd ((18-23298)) Dulyea Rd ((25300-25799)) Eagle Dr ((1900-19899)) E Ave ((23800-23899)) E Beaton Lake Rd ((6000-6499)) E Cisco Lake Rd ((3600-4299)) E Dinner Lake Rd ((2500-2999)) E Duck Lake Rd ((1700-3699)) E Mamie Rd ((19200-19799)) E Misery Bay Rd ((25000-25198)) en A Wen Da Win ((25400-25599)) E Shore Langford Lake Rd ((4801-18098)) Federal Forest Road 6324 ((3101-3199)) Fire Tower Rd ((21000-21699)) Fisher Rd ((23-23099)) Fish Hawk Rd ((19000-19599)) Forest Rd 535 ((4300-4398)) Fs 38 ((25300-25399)) Fs3978M ((1-16)) FS Rd 3218L ((25700-25899)) FS Rd 4700 ((5700-6293)) FS Rd 6320 ((4300-4398)) FS Rd 7100 ((7001-7099)) Gallager St ((2301-23899)) Gallagher St ((2301-23899)) G C 539 ((1800-2199)) Go Co 539 ((18-1899)) Goodrich Rd ((2701-2899)) Grace Lake Rd ((4201-18598)) Harvard St N ((23400-23498)) Hebert Rd ((19500-19798)) Hemlock Way ((3401-3499)) Indianhead Rd ((3401-3599)) Indian Village Rd ((1400-24899)) Justice Ln ((24200-24298)) Justke Ln ((24200-24272)) Kalakaua Ave ((23300-23398)) Kari Brooke Ln ((3800-4299)) Kitty Island Rd ((19200-19599)) Lafriske Rd ((1700-1899)) Lakeside Rd ((1600-1698)) Langford Lake Rd ((4800-5299)) Lewis Ln ((27800-27898)) Main St ((4900-6099)) Mamie Lake Rd ((19700-19799)) Maple Leaf Dr ((300-1499)) Maplewood Rd ((3801-3899)) Maple Wood Rd ((3700-3899)) Marion Lake Rd ((4500-25598)) McNicholas Rd ((19100-19198)) Miller Rd ((9100-19499)) Misery Bay Rd ((1300-25198)) N 0605 ((23-23099)) N Moon Lake Rd ((23300-23599)) Nokomis Dr ((300-1499)) Northwestern Ave ((4600-4699)) Norwood Plat Rd ((400-499)) Old Military Rd ((2100-2699)) Old US Hwy 2 ((19425-19699)) Old US Hwy 2 E ((23900-29598)) Old US Hwy 2 W ((4800-23798)) Old US Hwy 45 ((4700-4798)) Otter Ln ((19500-19899)) Palmquist Rd ((3400-3698)) Pennisula Ln ((2000-20118)) Pepin Dr ((23201-232299)) Pettersen Rd ((23900-23999)) Poor Lake Rd ((2900-4099)) Poplar Dr ((23401-23499)) Pow Wow Trl ((23900-23999)) Rifle Range Rd ((5000-23899)) River Rd ((23700-23899)) Roddis Rd ((19000-19699)) Rosemont Ave ((4700-4899)) Roundhouse Rd ((23700-23899)) Rs Rd 4700 ((5400-5699)) Russ Rd ((5000-5299)) S Choate Rd ((23900-23999)) Schuette Rd ((3600-3799)) S Cisco Lake Rd ((3301-19099)) S Moon Lake Rd ((23000-44199)) Spider Lake Rd ((18401-18499)) S Shore Rd ((25301-26099)) Sucker Lake Rd ((23000-23899)) Sugar Bush Rd ((1200-19999)) Sunset Cove ((23000-23199)) Sylvan Isle Dr ((3300-19599)) Tamarack Lake Rd ((202-204)) Tamarack Ln ((27600-27798)) Taylor Lake Rd ((4201-4299)) Thousand Island Lake Rd ((1-20898)) Trailer Ct ((23900-23998)) Transfer Station Rd ((1101-24099)) Triple Camp Rd ((19101-1912599)) Twist Lake Rd ((23401-23499)) US Hwy 2 ((4901-25899)) US Hwy 45 ((1700-6099)) Vernon St ((23900-23999)) Virgin Ln ((1201-1299)) W Beaton Lake Rd ((6100-6499)) W Cisco Lake Rd ((3900-19198)) W Duck Lake Rd ((3000-3599)) W Grass Lake Rd ((24800-24899)) White Birch Rd ((3400-3498)) Wilber Ave ((23800-23899)) Wintergreen Way ((1500-1598)) W Mamie Rd ((19300-19499)) W Moon Lake Rd ((1900-2099)) Wolf Lake Rd ((5400-21898)) Wolniak Rd ((3400-3499)) Wright Rd ((2000-2098)) W Tamarack Lake Rd ((3600-3699))

    49969 Places and Attractions

    Ajibikika Falls Albino Lake Allen Lake Amik Lake Anderson Lake Ash Campground Badger Campground Balsam Campground Banks Lake Bass Campground Bass Lake Bay Lake Bear Campground Beaton Beatons Lake Beaver Campground Beaver Dam Lake Beaver Pond Beaver Station Lake Bee Lake Bergner Lake Big African Lake Big Bateau Lake Big Mosquito Lake Birch Campground Birch Lake Bluegill Lake Bobcat Campground Bonifas Bonifas Creek Bonifas Post Office (historical) Bracken Lake Brown Lake Brush Lake Buck Lake Burned Dam Camp Carlson Post Office (historical) Castle Lake Cedar Campground Cedar Creek Chickadee Lake Chipmunk Campground Cisco Lake Clark Lake Clark Lake Picnic Area Clear Lake Clearwater Lake Cloverleaf Lake Corey Lake Cornelia Lake Corssbill Lake Cowslip Creek Cowslip Lake Cox Lake Coyote Campground Coyote Lake Crane Lake Crazy Bear Lake Crooked Lake Crossbill Lake Croziers Lake Crystal Lake Cub Lake Cutters Pond Daisy Lake Damon Lake Davis Lake Deer Island Lake Deeryard Lake Dellies Lake Desolation Point Devils Head Lake Dinner Lake Dorothy Lake Doyle Lake Draper Island Dream Lake Drone Lake Duck Creek Duck Lake Dumbbell Lake Dutch Lake Dwarf Lake Eagle Campground Eagle Lake East Bear Lake Elsie Lake Emeline Lake Englesby Lake Ermine Campground Finger Lake Fisher Campground Fisher Lake Fishhawk Lake Fleury Lake Florence Lake Foggy Lake Forty Five Creek Fox Campground Fuller Gallagher Lake Gateway Roadside Park Germain Lake Glimmerglass Lake Grace Lake Grass Lake Gray Lake Gudegast Lake Guides Lake Hartley Lake Hattie Lake Hay Lake Helen Lake Henderson Creek Hidden Lake High Lake Hilltop Lake Hogala Lake Hoist Lake Honey Lake Honey Lake Hope Church Horseshoe Lake Hummingbird Lake Immaculate Conception Church Imp Creek Imp Lake Imp Lake Lookout Tower Imp Lake Recreation Site Indian Lake Indian Point Indian Village Inkpot Lake Ishkote Lake Jane Lake Jaybird Lake Jay Lake Jennings Lake Jishib Lake Johnston Springs Joyce Lake Katakikon Indian Village Cemetery Katakitckon Indian Village Katherine Lake Kerr Lake Kickapoo Lake Kinwamakwad Lake Kvidera Lake Lac Vieux Desert Clinic Lac Vieux Desert Golf Course Lac Vieux Desert Police Department Lac Vieux Desert Reservation Lake Audrey Langford Creek Langford Lake Langford Lake Campground and Picnic Area Leon Campground Liluis Lake Lindsley Lake Little African Lake Little Castle Lake Little Duck Lake Little Langford Lake Little Moon Lake Little Mosquito Lake Little Trail Lake Lois Lake Long Lake Loon Lake Louise Lake Lumberjack Lake Lynx Campground Mallard Campground Maple Campground Marathon Creek Marion Creek Marion Lake Marion Lake Campground and Picnic Area Marsh Bay Creek Marsh Lake Maud Lake McCullough Lake Mex-i-min-e Falls Michigan Bay Midget Lake Mink Campground Misery Bay Misery Creek Misty Lake Moccasin Lake Moon Lake Morley Lake Morris Lake Morrison Creek Moss Lake Mountain Lake Mule Lake Muskeg Lake Musque Lake Near Island Northwoods Airport Norwood Lake Notre Dame Church Ogima Lake Ogima Lake Opal Lake Osprey Campground Ottowa Campground Ox Yoke Lake Paint River Springs Pan Lake Partridge Lake Pats Lake Perch Campground Perch Lake Peter and Paul Lakes Pike Campground Pilot Lake Pine Campground Pit Lake Plains Lake Plains Lake Plum Lake Plum Lake Poor Lake Porcupine Campground Porcupine Lake Powwow Lake Raccoon Campground Raspberry Lake Raven Lake Record Lake Reimers Island Rice Bay Rickles Lake Ross Lake Sago Lake Saint John Church Sargents Creek Scaup Lake Schneider Lake Scout Lake Shadow Lake Sharptail Lake Sherman Pond Silvania Entrance Station Siskin Lake Slope Lake Snap Jack Creek Snap Jack Lake Spider Lake Squirrel Campground Stickley Stickley Lake Stone Lake Sucker Lake Sun Lake Sylvania Sylvania Wilderness Tamarack Tamarack Lake Tamarack River Taylor Creek Taylor Lake Taylor Lake Recreation Site Tea Lake Teds Creek Thayer Thayer Creek Thousand Island Lake Tomassi Lake Township of Watersmeet Trail Lake Trapper Lake Tuesday Lake Twist Lake T W Toumey Nursery United States Forest Service Watersmeet Ranger District Watersmeet Watersmeet Baptist Church Watersmeet Census Designated Place Watersmeet Fish/Trout Hatchery Watersmeet Lookout Tower Watersmeet Medical Clinic Watersmeet Post Office Watersmeet Roadside Park Watersmeet Station (historical) Watersmeet Township Cemetery Watersmeet Township School Watersmeet Township Volunteer Fire Department West Bay Lake West Bear Lake Whitefish Creek Whitefish Lake Whitmore Lake Wilson Lake Wilson Springs Winter Lake Wolf Campground Wolf Creek Wolf Lake Zigzag Creek