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  • Ontonagon Area Jr/Sr High School
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  • Americinn Silver City
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    ZIP Code 49953 is located in Ontonagon County

    49953 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((100-399)) 3rd St ((101-399)) 4th St ((500-599)) 5th St ((501-699)) 6th St ((301-498)) 8th St ((501-599)) Aho Rd ((100-15398)) Aho - White Rd ((200-18399)) Airport ((100-399)) Airport Rd ((100-36298)) Alsace Ave ((500-899)) Amygdaloid St ((400-799)) Baker Ln ((100-198)) Bay Rd ((200-28199)) Bear Creek Dr ((16600-17798)) Beaser St ((201-399)) Beck Rd ((37001-379998)) Bestard Rd ((200-19998)) Bolo Rd ((100-35498)) Braceburn Ct ((700-799)) Brass St ((100-198)) Broemer Rd ((100-26198)) Calumet Rd ((100-36699)) Cane Ct ((200-1199)) Cane Ct Cir ((100-899)) Cedar St ((300-598)) Chamberlain Rd ((100-25899)) Chase Ave ((100-199)) Cherry Ln ((100-299)) Chippewa St ((300-899)) Cole Rd ((19300-19899)) Conglomerate St ((401-899)) Copper St ((300-399)) Dahl Rd ((101-30898)) Daniels Rd ((35900-36199)) Dewey St ((2-98)) Diamond St ((200-499)) Doks Rd ((101-23699)) Domitrovich Rd ((22900-22998)) Driftwood Ln ((2000-39299)) Dutch Rd ((100-30498)) E Conglomerate St ((101-398)) E Mercury St ((601-699)) Epidote St ((400-798)) E River St ((100-299)) Ernest Rd ((100-18499)) Farragut ((300-398)) Firesteel Rd ((101-19999)) Florence Ave ((101-22398)) Forest Rd 630 ((27300-30198)) Fred Glascer Ct ((100-399)) French Shanty Rd ((200-31198)) Goldberg ((23401-23499)) Gold St ((100-298)) Gorman Ave ((100-799)) Granite St ((100-199)) Greenland Rd ((104-999)) Halfway River Rd ((301-35098)) Harmony Farm Rd ((200-14598)) Hawley Rd ((2175-2175)) Heard St ((500-599)) Heikkila Rd ((100-26999)) Heiskenen Rd ((1-99)) Hibblen Rd ((100-35999)) Hokkanen Rd ((26501-26899)) Houghton St ((301-1099)) Hubble St ((200-398)) Hungry Hollow Rd ((14401-15498)) Huopana Rd ((501-37699)) Immo Rd ((500-19099)) Iron St ((100-198)) Island Rd ((100-198)) James St ((700-799)) Johnson Rd ((100-22999)) Kangas Rd ((700-10699)) Kingbird Ln ((32901-32999)) Kujala Rd ((200-36799)) Laine Rd ((101-18598)) Lakefront Dr ((41101-41199)) Lakeshore Dr ((170-19898)) Lakeshore Rd ((152-22699)) Lake St ((300-499)) Lead St ((100-298)) Lew Wallace St ((400-498)) Lincoln Ave ((200-499)) L P Walsh Rd ((300-36299)) Maple St ((1201-1299)) Maunus Rd ((400-31998)) McClellan Ave ((55-1099)) McGuire Rd ((100-36699)) Mercury ((100-498)) Michigan Ave ((100-799)) Michigan St ((201-899)) Minnesota Ave ((300-699)) Mors St ((500-798)) Mountain 64 ((1200-1399)) Mountain View Rd ((101-19799)) Mulock St ((200-599)) N 4th St ((100-499)) N 7th St ((500-898)) National Ave ((500-598)) N Firesteel Rd ((1501-36298)) Noble Rd ((35900-36599)) Norwich Rd ((18901-36699)) N Steel ((500-598)) N Steel St ((109-499)) Oak St ((901-999)) Old M 64 ((26600-26799)) Old Norwich Trl ((101-22499)) Old Rockland Rd ((500-899)) Ontonagon St ((300-699)) Parker Ave ((100-19999)) Paul Bunyan Ave ((700-19799)) Payne St ((101-498)) Pebble Beach Dr ((700-799)) Pennsylvania Ave ((100-699)) Perander Rd ((100-33098)) Pine St ((500-1199)) Poplar St ((200-398)) Potato Farm Rd ((27300-30198)) Prehnite St ((500-799)) Putula Rd ((38301-38899)) Quarterline Rd ((33801-35498)) Quartz Rd ((101-26899)) Quartz St ((300-898)) Ridge Rd ((600-1198)) River Dr ((1300-1499)) River Rd ((100-1398)) Riverside Cemetary Rd ((101-199)) River St ((100-998)) Rockland Rd ((100-35999)) S 3rd St ((800-898)) S 4th St ((500-899)) S 7th St ((100-799)) Sandstone St ((101-899)) S Boundary Rd ((400-36599)) Schley St ((1-99)) Scovia Ave ((700-799)) Seward Ave ((100-499)) S Firesteel Rd ((11400-18499)) Shady Ln ((101-199)) Sheridan St ((200-298)) Silver ((100-299)) Slate St ((100-199)) Spar St ((400-999)) Spencer Rose Dr ((100-299)) Spruce St ((200-299)) S Steel St ((501-999)) State Hwy 64 ((1100-2299)) Steel St ((100-403)) Stimac Rd ((101-23999)) Strang Rd ((200-38599)) Strauch Rd ((100-22899)) Stroud Rd ((100-36999)) Superior Ln ((2201-40899)) Tamarack Ln ((100-399)) Tamarack St ((300-698)) Tikka Rd ((100-38298)) Tikko Rd ((37200-37531)) Tin St ((300-398)) Townline Rd ((27300-35098)) Trap St ((301-899)) US Hwy 45 ((100-35998)) Victoria Rd ((2-98)) Wagner Rd ((100-35699)) Walnut St ((300-698)) Watt Rd ((100-22199)) Wilderness Dr ((36200-37098)) Wilderness Rd ((37000-37098)) Wisconsin Ave ((400-499)) Woodspur Rd ((200-35799)) Zinc St ((300-899))

    49953 Places and Attractions

    Abbott-Fox Camp Apostolic Lutheran Church Argentine Creek Ascension Episcopal Church Ash Creek Assembly of God Church Austin Creek Baptist Church Bear Creek Beaver Creek Big Iron River Black Creek Blackwood Creek Buckshot Landing Calf Creek Camp 10 Camp 11 Camp 12 Camp 13 Camp 14 Camp 14 Camp 16 Camp 17 Camp 3 Camp 4 Camp 5 Camp 6 Camp 7 Camp 8 Camp 9 Cane Creek Caribou Creek Carp Lake Landing Carp Lake Mine Carp Lake School Carp River Carp River Inlet Chipping Creek Cleveland Creek Cloud Peak Cranberry River Cunningham Creek Cuyahoga Mine Cuyahoga Peak Deer Creek Diggings Creek East Branch Duck River East Branch Mill Creek East Sleeping River Elm Creek Evergreen Cemetery Extension Creek Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Firesteel Firesteel River Flintsteel River Floodwood River Forsling Creek Four Corners Four Mile Rock Fourteen Mile Point Gates Creek Government Peak Grand Rapids Green Green Mountain Peak Green Park Picnic Area Green Post Office (historical) Greenstone Falls Hilger Camp Holland Creek Holy Family Catholic Church Holy Family Cemetery Indiana Mine Irish Creek Irish Rapid Falls Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Konteka Creek LaFayette Landing LaFayette Mine LaFayette Peak Lake of the Clouds Landlookers Creek Lily Pond Little Cranberry River Little Union Gorge Falls Little Union River Livingston Creek Loggerhead Creek Lost Creek Lost Creek Outpost Campground Lost Lake Maple Manor Nursing Center Mason Creek McCarthy Creek Mendenhall Creek Miles Creek Mill Creek Mineral River Mirror Lake Miscowawbic Peak Mishwabic State Forest Monehan Creek Mud Creek Native Creek Nonesuch Nonesuch Falls Nonesuch Post Office (historical) Norwich Cemetery Norwich Lookout Tower Norwich Mine Oak Bluff Old Hilger Camp Old Indian Burial Grounds Ontonagon Ontonagon Area Junior-Senior High School Ontonagon City Sheriff Office Ontonagon County Historical Society Lighthouse and Museum Ontonagon County - Schuster Field Airport Ontonagon Elementary School Ontonagon Family Practice Ontonagon Golf Club Ontonagon Memorial Hospital Ontonagon Post Office Ontonagon Reservation Ontonagon River Ontonagon Station Ontonagon Township Library Ontonagon Township Park Ontonagon Volunteer Fire Department Paddys Creek Patent Creek Penegors Camp Pewabeck Falls Porcupine Mountains Porcupine Mountains Historical Marker Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park Potato River Redeemer Free Lutheran Church Riverfront Park River Pines RV Park and Campground Riverside Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran Church Sandhill Creek Schuster Field Scott Creek Section 17 Cabin Senecal Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church Siloa Lutheran Church Silver City South Branch Ontonagon River Stony Creek Strong Medical Center Tenmile Point Tolfrey Creek Town Line Creek Township of Carp Lake Township of Ontonagon Trail Creek Trap Falls Union Mine Union Spring United Methodist Church Verrier Creek Village of Ontonagon Washington Creek Weigel Creek West Branch Duck Creek West Sleeping River White Pine Camp and Picnic Area White Pine Extension Mine White Pine Mine White Pine Mine WOAS-FM (Ontonagon) Woodawn Cemetery Woodpecker Creek Wood Spur