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  • Chs-Horizons School
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    ZIP Code 49950 is located in Keweenaw County

    49950 Street Addresses

    10th St ((300-399)) 11th ((400-498)) 12th ((300-398)) 13 St ((301-499)) 1st ((1-99)) 1st St ((6201-6299)) 2nd ((100-5099)) 2nd St ((401-599)) 3rd ((100-1098)) 3rd St ((601-699)) 4th ((5000-5199)) 4th St ((101-699)) 5th ((200-598)) 6th ((100-599)) 6th St ((1-3399)) 7th ((200-298)) 8th ((2-298)) Agent St ((7300-7398)) Anderson Warja Rd ((11600-11699)) Apache Ln ((13100-13298)) Ballman St ((400-499)) Bent Pine Dr ((8200-8798)) Bete Gris Rd ((11600-13699)) Bingham Ln ((5900-6099)) Brockway Mountain Dr ((400-13499)) Cedar St ((100-499)) Center St ((101-699)) Central Rd ((2-7299)) Central St ((300-399)) Chopps Rd ((6501-6599)) Cliff St ((100-299)) Conservancy Rd ((5301-5399)) Copper City-Gay Rd ((3001-99699)) County Rd ((3101-3299)) Delaware St ((300-399)) Doc's Dr ((11401-11499)) Dune Dr ((7851-8113)) Eagle Habor Cut Off Rd ((7201-7899)) Eagle Harbor Cut Off Rd ((8001-8899)) Eagle Harbor Rd ((7201-8899)) E Gratiot Lake Rd ((5300-6099)) Eister Ln ((5500-5598)) Eliza Creek Ln ((8100-8198)) Elm St ((7300-7399)) E Main ((7400-7498)) Empire Mine Rd ((12700-12798)) E Phoenix St ((200-299)) Fifth St ((6301-6399)) Firmodig Rd ((12700-12998)) Five Mile Point Rd ((4000-4042)) Front St ((100-8899)) Fulton St ((200-399)) Garden City Rd ((1-5598)) Gariot Lake Rd ((5400-5499)) Gay - Lac la Belle Rd ((6300-6399)) Gay Lac la Belle Rd ((100-6598)) Gay Mohawk Rd ((200-298)) Gay Rd ((100-6399)) Goodell Rd ((9101-9599)) Grand Marais Rd ((8701-9199)) Gratiot Lake Dr ((5300-5899)) Gratiot Lake Rd ((5200-7099)) Gratiot Location Rd ((4400-4498)) Gratiot St ((992-13599)) Hebard Rd ((2900-2998)) Heikkinen Rd ((3100-3499)) Hermann Ln ((6301-6399)) Horace Greely Rd ((8001-8199)) Isaacson Rd ((4400-4498)) Island Rd ((8800-8998)) Lac la Belle ((11600-11798)) Lac Labelle D ((6300-6399)) Lac Labelle Rd ((6200-6398)) Lagoon Ln ((6200-6399)) Lake Medora Rd ((2200-13098)) Lake Shore Dr ((5100-6099)) Lighthouse Rd ((101-599)) Lizzardo Farm Rd ((5401-5499)) M26 ((100-9998)) M 26 ((6500-7849)) Manhattan St ((400-499)) Maple ((2-7491)) Marina Rd ((9000-9199)) Mendota Ln ((11600-11699)) Middle Point Rd ((200-11498)) Mikkola Rd ((3301-3399)) Mohawk Gay ((101-4198)) Mohawk St ((1-99)) Montgomery Point Rd ((5801-5999)) N Ahmeek ((1000-1099)) Noblet Ln ((5101-5199)) North St ((2-699)) Number 5 Mile Rd ((3401-3499)) Number 5 Rd ((200-3398)) Number 6 Rd ((3468-3598)) Number Five Rd ((3401-3499)) Old Military Rd ((8001-8199)) Old Stage Rd E ((7400-7598)) Old Stage Rd W ((1-99)) Pavolich Rd ((3400-3799)) Petermann Ln ((5400-5499)) Phoenix Farm Rd ((5901-5999)) Phoenix Farms Rd ((5701-5999)) Pine St ((100-7499)) Plante's Dr ((11601-11699)) Railroad St ((6400-6498)) Rd 2 ((5100-5299)) Rd 4 ((5201-5563)) Rd 6 ((5565-5831)) Rd 7 ((5833-5891)) Rd 8 ((5893-5999)) Rd 9 ((6023-6099)) Remi Hard Ln ((12501-12599)) Sager Ct ((4300-4698)) S Ahmeek ((1000-1698)) Sand Dune Ct ((8000-8199)) Sand Dune Ln ((6901-7099)) Sand Dunes Dr ((6500-8199)) Sand Point Rd ((200-6399)) Second St ((300-598)) Seneca Location Rd ((2-3599)) Seneca Loc Rd ((1-3899)) Seneca St ((301-499)) Siitonen Rd ((3100-3399)) Silver River Rd ((9200-9299)) South St ((100-499)) Stagecoach Rd ((7400-7598)) Stanton Ave ((1-3499)) State Hwy 26 ((1-13599)) Superior St ((6200-11799)) Third St ((500-598)) Timber Ln ((501-6898)) Union St ((1-99)) US Hwy 41 ((1-13099)) Washington Mine Rd ((12301-12499)) W Main St ((4900-5099)) W North St ((101-699)) W Phoenix St ((200-1098)) Wyoming Rd ((10000-10199))

    49950 Places and Attractions

    Agate Harbor Agate Point Ahmeek Mine Allouez Township Fire Department Allouez Township Hall Bailey Creek Bailey Pond Beaver Pond Bete Grise Bethany Lutheran Church Breakfast Lake Buffalo Creek Calumet Air Force Station (historical) Cat Harbor Cedar Creek Cedar Swamp Central Central Lake Central Mine Post Office (historical) Clifton Post Office (historical) Copper Creek Copper Falls Copper Falls Copper Falls Lake Copper Lake Dans Point Deer Lake Deerwater Lake Delaware Eagle Harbor Eagle Harbor Eagle Harbor Census Designated Place Eagle Harbor House Historical Marker Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Eagle Harbor Marina Eagle Harbor Post Office (historical) Eagle Harbor Post Office (historical) Eagle Harbor Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Eagle Harbor Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Eagle Nest Eagle River Eagle River Census Designated Place Eagle River Falls Eagle River Historical Marker Eagle River Lighthouse (historical) Eagle River Post Office East Branch Eagle River Eister Creek Eliza Creek Eliza Lake Esrey Park Farlow Creek Fulton Fulton Apostolic Lutheran Church Fulton Station (historical) Garden City Creek Grand Marais Harbor Gratiot Mine Gratiot Mountain Gull Lake Haven Creek Haven Falls Haven Park Hebard Park Hebard Post Office (historical) Hebards Hebard Station (historical) Horizons School Horseshoe Pond Jacobs Creek Jacobs Falls Keweenaw County Lac La Belle Lac La Belle Lac La Belle Marina Lac La Belle Resort Lac La Belle Volunteer Fire Department Lake Addie Lake Bailey Lake Glazon Lake Gratiot Lake Medora Lake Shore Drive Bridge Historical Marker Lake Upson Little Gratiot River Long Lake Madison Gap Meadow Lake Meadow Lake Meadow Lake Mendota Canal Mendota Light House Mohawk Mohawk Post Office Montreal Meadows Mount Bohemia Mount Bohemia Ski Area Mount Horace Greeley Mount Houghton Mount Lookout Mud Creek Mudd Lake Mud Lake Nepco Camp Number 7 Nine Thirty Two Creek North Bay North Piech Lighthouse North Pond Ojibway Ojibway Post Office (historical) Owl Creek Owl Lake Phoenix Phoenix Post Office (historical) Phoenix Station (historical) Pine Grove Cemetery Point Isabelle Rocky Ridge Seneca Seneca Lake Silver River Silver River Falls South Bay Sucker Creek The Marshes Township of Grant Upson Creek Vaughnsville West Bluff West Branch Eagle River Wyoming