Marenisco, MI 49947 ZIP Code Map


Marenisco ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 49947 is located in Gogebic County (97.30%) Ontonagon County (2.70%)

49947 Street Addresses

1st St ((301-399)) 2nd St ((300-399)) 3rd St ((200-499)) Center St ((400-599)) Co Rd 523 ((100-8498)) Co Rd 527 ((19100-230299)) Cty Rd 105 ((100-8498)) Cty Rd 525 ((14801-14899)) Cty Rd 527 ((19300-230299)) Curtis St ((200-399)) Dinky Rd ((13401-13799)) Dunham Rd ((7700-12798)) E Shore Rd ((8601-16998)) Fair Ave ((1-698)) Forest Rd 8105 ((6100-6199)) Forest Rd 8350 ((12300-12398)) F R 8800 Rd ((8900-9499)) F S 6930 ((11101-11299)) F S 7300 ((7100-7399)) FS Rd 6828 ((4901-5099)) FS Rd 8500 ((7801-7899)) Gaylord Lake Rd ((4300-4499)) Great Lake Station Rd ((8000-8099)) Hall St ((200-399)) Hazel St ((300-399)) Heart Lake Rd ((7201-7299)) Hoop N Hollar Rd ((100-199)) Job Corps Rd ((5200-6898)) Kimberly Rd ((100-14699)) Lakeview Ave ((401-599)) Main St ((300-499)) Maple St ((301-399)) Matchwood Tower Rd ((11101-11299)) McNicholas Dr ((200-298)) Memorial Dr ((101-199)) Miller Lake Rd ((14000-14199)) Mill St ((200-299)) N Main St ((101-299)) Old E Shore ((10201-10299)) Old E Shore North Rd ((10100-10199)) Old E Shore Rd N ((10101-10199)) Old E Shore Rd S ((9101-9199)) Old M 28 ((601-699)) Old M-64S ((7300-13899)) Old State Hwy 64 ((7300-13899)) Old US Hwy 2 ((7700-8099)) Old US Hwy - 2 ((6500-6599)) Oxbow Lake Rd ((14-14699)) Oxbow Rd ((4400-4499)) Pendock Rd ((101-199)) Pine Ave ((400-499)) Pomeroy Lk Rd ((14801-14899)) Presque Isle St ((500-599)) Rail St ((100-199)) River St ((300-399)) Stage Coach Rd ((7101-8599)) State Hwy 64 ((201-699)) State Line Lake Rd E ((13500-13799)) State Line Rd ((13400-13799)) Stubben St ((200-299)) Superior St ((100-199)) US Forest Svc Rd ((4600-4698)) US Hwy 2 ((6500-17999)) US Hwy Fs Rd 8220 ((5200-5299)) West St ((300-399)) Williams ((300-16099))

49947 Places and Attractions

Alligator Eye Alligator Eye Trail Alligator Point Arnested Lake Banner Creek Banner Lake Barb Lake Basin Lake Basin Lake Bebeau Creek Big Bear Bay Bingham Bay Bingham Creek Blacks Spur Bluebell Lake Blueberry Creek Bluebill Creek Bluegill Pond Bluejay Lake Bobcat Creek Bobcat Lake Bobcat Lake Campground Bobcat Lake Picnic Area Buckthorn Lake Camp Ojibway Chokecherry Lake Copps Creek Copps Lookout Tower Cranberry Lake Cup Lake Cyrus Lake Dawn Lake Down Lake Downy Lake Dunham Dunham Post Office (historical) Dunham Station (historical) East Branch Presque Isle River East Branch Presque Isle River Eel Lake Elbow Lake Ethelwood Feather Lake Finn Creek Finn Pond Flicker Lake Gaylord Creek Gaylord Lake Gillis Creek Glen Lake Gogebic Gogebic County Gogebic County Park Gogebic Lake State Park Gogebic Post Office (historical) Gogebic Post Office (historical) Gogebic Station Gogebic Station (historical) Grosbeck Creek Gypo Creek Hartley Hawk Lake Hawthorn Lake Heart Lake Hendrick Creek Henry Lake Henry Lake Campground Heron Lake Hide-Away Village Landing Strip Holly Creek Holly Lake Honeysuckle Lake Honk Lake Ice House Bay Image Lake Iris Creek Jack Lake Jacksnipe Lake Jingwak Lake Jingwak Lake Judson Falls Kakabika Falls Katie Lake Killarney Point King Lake Kinnickinnic Creek Kunschke Lake Lake Gogebic Lake Gogebic Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 - East Shore Lake Gogebic Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 West Shore Little Bear Bay Little Beatons Lake Little Giant Creek Little Oxbow Lake Little Pomeroy Lake Marenisco Marenisco Ambulance Marenisco Census Designated Place Marenisco Creek Marenisco Landing Field Marenisco Lookout Tower Marenisco Post Office Marenisco Station (historical) Marenisco Township Cemetery Marenisco Township Police Department Marenisco Volunteer Fire Department Marshall Creek Marshall Falls Mastodon Lake Matchwood Campground Matchwood Lookout Tower Mayflower Lake Meander Creek Meander Lake Miller Lake Mink Lake Mishike Lake Monarch Creek Monk Lake Montgomery Bay Montgomery Creek Montgomery Point Moosehead Lake Campground Moraine Lake Moraine Lake Nansen Lake Narrow Lake Nelson Canyon Falls Nelson Creek Ontonagon County Park Ontonagon County Park Campground and Picnic Area Orchard Creek Orchard Lake Orchid Lake Ormes Lake Osprey Creek Osprey Lake Oxbow Lake Pabst Bay Pelton Pond Pelton River Pigeon Lake Pincherry Lake Plymouth Lake Pomeroy Creek Pomeroy Lake Pomeroy Lake Campground Presque Isle River Flooding Prospectors Creek Quack Lake Queen Lake Range Lake Redboat Lake Reynolds Lake Richard Lake Ridge Lake Roach Lake Saint Augustine Lake Saint Catherine Catholic Church Saint Thomas Church Camp Santa Fe Creek Sisson-Lilley Creek Slate River Snowshoe Lake South Branch Presque Isle River Sparkling Creek Speckled Brook Spruce Lake Squatters Creek Stateline Lake Stateline Lookout Tower State River Park Summit Lake Sun Dance Lake Taps Lake Teal Lake Tenderfoot Creek Tepee Lake Theilers Thrush Lake Township of Marenisco Trout Brook Twilight Lake Wanagan Creek Wellington Wellington Creek Wellington Lake West Branch Presque Isle River White City White Horse Creek Yondota Falls