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  • Forest Park School
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  • The Listening Inn
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    ZIP Code 49920 is located in Iron County

    49920 Street Addresses

    11th Ave ((100-198)) 1st St ((100-1898)) 2nd St ((100-699)) 3rd St ((100-698)) 4th St ((100-299)) 5th Ave ((200-298)) 5th St ((100-699)) 6th Ave ((200-399)) 6th St ((600-699)) 7th St ((300-399)) 9th Ave ((300-398)) Adams St ((500-699)) Alto Rd ((100-199)) Armstrong Lake Rd ((100-299)) Ballo Rd ((100-198)) Balsam Rd ((100-499)) Baltic Ave ((1-99)) Baptist Camp Rd ((200-299)) Bara Rd ((101-398)) Bates Amasa Rd ((1509-1799)) Bates St ((100-199)) Beau Terrace Ln ((121-199)) Berkshire Ave ((1-98)) Bible Camp Rd ((100-399)) Birch Point Dr ((100-199)) Birch St ((700-899)) Bjork Dr ((100-198)) Blockhouse Rd ((701-799)) Blueberry Corner Rd ((100-299)) Book Rd ((200-298)) Bortolini Rd ((500-699)) Bosk Rd ((101-199)) Bradley Rd ((100-698)) Briar Hill St ((1-999)) Bridge View Dr ((100-198)) Bristol Mine Rd ((1-1399)) Bristol St ((100-299)) Brook Mine Rd ((200-298)) Brule Ave ((101-199)) Buck Lake Park Rd ((100-398)) Buck Lake Rd ((100-599)) Bulldozer Rd ((301-399)) Burke Dr ((100-198)) Burke Rd ((100-199)) Butler Dr ((100-199)) Camp 1 Rd ((800-898)) Camp 5 Rd ((100-1999)) Carlson Rd ((100-299)) Carney Dam Rd ((100-499)) Carpenter Rd ((100-399)) Cattail Dr ((101-199)) Cedar Ln ((101-399)) Cemetery Rd ((100-299)) Channing Rd ((100-999)) Cherry Ave ((101-299)) Chicken Farm Rd ((100-199)) Clark Rd ((101-399)) Co Hwy 643 ((1509-1799)) Corbett Dr ((100-199)) Co Rd 424 ((101-1898)) Corral Rd ((100-198)) County Line Rd ((100-198)) Court St ((2-699)) Crystal Ave ((1-1338)) Cty Rd 424 ((701-1311)) Davis Rd ((100-298)) Dawson Lake Rd ((100-299)) Deer Lake Rd ((100-1599)) del Acres Rd ((121-129)) Dnr Rd ((100-199)) Drakes Rd ((100-199)) E Cemetery Rd ((100-199)) E Crystal Ave ((200-399)) E Lake Emily Rd ((101-399)) Ellen Wood Ln ((101-299)) Elm Grove Ln ((100-199)) Elm St ((200-398)) Elvira Dr ((100-199)) E Pine St ((100-199)) E Prairie Acres Rd ((200-299)) E Rainbow Trl ((100-898)) Erie Ave ((600-1199)) E Stager Dr ((101-199)) E Stager Lake Dr ((101-199)) E Superior Ave ((100-699)) E Townline Rd ((100-299)) Fairbanks Dr ((1-399)) Fairbanks Rd ((1-2499)) Fairway Rd ((501-699)) Fende Dr ((100-198)) Fire Lake Rd ((100-399)) Fisher Rd ((100-299)) Floodstrand Rd ((400-499)) Forest Ave ((400-1098)) Forest Gateway ((100-199)) Forest Pkwy ((700-1399)) Fortune Lake Camp Rd ((100-298)) Fortune Ridge Ln ((200-498)) Four Corners Rd ((1-298)) Franks Rd ((100-199)) Garfield Ave ((200-399)) Gibson Lake Rd ((100-299)) Good Fortune Ln ((100-198)) Grandahl Rd ((100-298)) Grant Ave ((200-399)) Green Acres Dr ((100-199)) Harding St ((600-699)) Harrison Ave ((400-11898)) Heiser's Dr ((100-199)) Hemlock St ((200-398)) Hendrickson Rd ((101-199)) Hermitage Rd ((100-299)) Hermitage Trl ((100-199)) High St ((1-199)) Hilberg Rd ((200-299)) Hill Farm Rd ((100-199)) Hilltop Kelso Rd ((400-899)) Holmes Lake Rd ((100-198)) Homecroft Dr ((100-199)) Hope Mine Rd ((100-499)) Idlewild Rd ((100-799)) Indian Lake Dr ((2-198)) Indian Point Ln ((100-199)) Industrial Park Rd ((101-299)) Iron St ((100-199)) Ismay Rd ((101-199)) Jackson St ((500-599)) Jacobs Dr ((100-199)) Jarvi Rd ((100-199)) Jarvis Rd ((101-199)) Johanson Rd ((100-698)) Jule Lake Rd ((100-299)) Kahma Ave ((209-499)) Kalla Walla Trl ((100-699)) Kania Rd ((100-199)) Kaski Rd ((100-299)) Kensington Dr ((100-199)) Kohon Rd ((100-1299)) Koivu Rd ((100-299)) Kopfs Rd ((300-498)) Krempasky Rd ((400-699)) Kudwa Rd ((100-199)) Kuivila Rd ((100-399)) Lake Ellen Rd ((200-298)) Lake Mary Rd ((100-499)) Lambert Rd ((222-298)) Lange Rd ((100-199)) Lehto Rd ((100-199)) Leppiaho Rd ((100-199)) Lillian Dr ((100-199)) Lily Pad Ln ((100-199)) Lincoln Ave ((200-399)) Lind Rd ((100-799)) Logan St ((1-1199)) Lohrey Ln ((100-199)) Long Lake Rd ((100-799)) Lower Dam Rd ((100-399)) Maggie Lakes Trl ((101-298)) Maggie Lake Trl ((101-298)) Maggie Point Rd ((100-199)) Main St ((500-504)) Maki Rd ((100-399)) Mansfield Cutoff ((100-599)) Maple Ave ((100-498)) Maple Ln ((100-198)) Maple Ridge Rd ((200-299)) Maple St ((100-199)) Marquette Ave ((1-799)) Mary Wood Ln ((100-499)) Mastodon Rd ((300-699)) McClaren Rd ((100-499)) Mc Gibbon Dr ((101-199)) Mechon Dr ((100-199)) Memory Lane Dr ((100-199)) Michigan Ave ((1-799)) Mid Summer Dr ((400-598)) Mihalisko Rd ((101-199)) Monongahela Rd ((100-299)) Morton Ave ((1100-1199)) N 1st St ((1-99)) N 2nd St ((1-199)) N 3rd St ((1-398)) N 4th St ((1-198)) N 5th St ((1-398)) N 6th St ((2-799)) N Bulldozer Rd ((100-199)) N Casagranda Rd ((100-299)) N Cliff Dr ((100-199)) N County Line Rd ((101-10498)) Nelson Rd ((100-199)) New Bristol Rd ((100-399)) N Fence River Rd ((1000-1098)) N Light Lake Rd ((100-398)) N River St ((1-199)) N Runkle Shore Rd ((2-198)) N Shore Rd ((303-399)) N Swan Lake Rd ((100-199)) N Timberline Trl ((100-199)) Oakland Ave ((100-199)) Odgers St ((100-199)) Offerman Rd ((101-199)) Old 141 ((201-499)) Old 69 Rd ((100-699)) Old M-69 ((900-998)) Old Red Rock Rd ((100-298)) Old US Hwy 141 N ((100-699)) Old US Hwy 2 ((1000-1099)) Old US Hwy 2 S ((1000-1099)) Oss Rd ((100-399)) Oswald St ((100-499)) Paint Pond Rd ((801-899)) Paint River Hills Rd ((501-599)) Paint River Rd ((100-599)) Pakkala Rd ((100-199)) Park City Rd ((100-299)) Parks Farm Rd ((101-799)) Park St ((1-398)) Pentoga Rd ((100-598)) Pentoga Trl ((101-998)) Peterson Rd ((100-699)) Phelan Rd ((100-299)) Pine Cliff Rd ((100-199)) Pine Landing Dr ((101-199)) Pine Point Dr ((100-199)) Pine St ((101-899)) Poplar St ((1100-1199)) Power Plant Rd ((600-898)) Premo Creek Rd ((100-799)) Railway St ((2-299)) Rainbow Trl ((100-699)) Raunio Rd ((100-199)) Rautanen Rd ((100-199)) Resort Dr ((100-198)) River Ave ((101-399)) River Ln ((200-599)) River Rd ((100-199)) River St ((1-199)) Riverview St ((100-199)) Robert St ((100-199)) Rock Crusher Rd ((300-1099)) Rons Rd ((100-199)) Rosek Dr ((100-298)) Roundhouse Rd ((1-99)) Ruby St ((1-199)) Runkle Lake Rd ((100-998)) Rysberg Dr ((100-299)) S 1st St ((1-899)) S 2nd St ((1-99)) S 3rd St ((1-899)) S 4th St ((1-599)) S 5th St ((1-899)) S 6th St ((1-698)) S Armstrong Lake Rd ((100-199)) S Casagranda Rd ((100-299)) S County Line Rd ((100-198)) Section 6 Rd ((100-299)) Shattuck Dr ((100-199)) Sheldon Ave ((100-199)) Sheltrow Rd ((100-599)) Sheridan Dr ((100-197)) Silverwood Dr ((100-199)) Skibo Dr ((138-198)) Ski Hill Rd ((1-1098)) S Light Lake Rd ((160-198)) S Maggie Dr ((200-298)) Snuff Country Rd ((100-399)) Soderena Rd ((100-299)) Soha Rd ((100-198)) Spring Ave ((201-299)) Spruce St ((101-899)) S Shore Rd ((100-399)) Stager Lake Rd ((100-1199)) State Hwy 69 ((1-3099)) State St ((600-799)) S Timberline Trl ((100-1099)) Stream Rd ((100-398)) Sunnybrook Farm Rd ((100-398)) Superior Ave ((1-599)) Swan Lake Rd ((100-299)) Swan Rd ((239-999)) Swante Aho Rd ((100-399)) Takala Rd ((100-199)) Tatosky Ln ((100-199)) The Grade ((100-198)) Thompson Dr ((101-199)) Tobin Alpha Rd ((101-598)) Tobin Mine Rd ((101-199)) Tobin St ((100-499)) Tower Rd ((2-299)) Treeline Dr ((101-199)) Upper Dam Rd ((200-599)) Urban Ave ((300-799)) USFS Rd 2180 ((701-799)) US Hwy 141 ((100-2463)) US Hwy 2 ((100-2499)) Valley View Rd ((100-199)) Virostek Rd ((100-198)) Wagner St ((1-699)) Walker Ave ((100-199)) Walnut St ((700-799)) Warner Mine Rd ((100-499)) Warren Dr ((121-138)) Washington Ave ((200-399)) Waterworks Rd ((700-799)) Way Dam Rd ((100-1399)) Wenzelgasse Ln ((800-899)) Wepsala Rd ((100-199)) W Harrison Ave ((1300-1399)) Wierschke Rd ((100-398)) Wiggins Rd ((100-199)) Wilderness Pine Dr ((100-199)) Wilderness Trl ((301-399)) Wilderness Way ((101-299)) Williams Rd ((100-299)) Williams St ((100-398)) Wirtanen Rd ((100-199)) Wisconsin Ave ((400-799)) Woodlot Rd ((100-198)) WPA Rd ((200-1099)) W Pine St ((2-599)) W Prairie Acres Rd ((100-198)) Wright Rd ((200-399)) W Stager Dr ((100-198)) W Stager Lake Dr ((100-198)) W Townline Rd ((100-399)) Youngs Ln ((100-199)) Zavada Dr ((100-199))

    49920 Places and Attractions

    Alpha Creek Alpha - Mastodon Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Alpha - Mastodon Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Alpha Station (historical) Amasa Census Designated Place Amasa Community Library Amasa - Hematite Township Volunteer Fire Department Anderson Lake Archie Pond Armstrong Creek Armstrong Lake Balsam Balsam Post Office (historical) Balsam Station Barnetts Creek Bates Lake Beaver Lake Bethany Lutheran Church Bewabic Park Blaney Creek Blue Lake Book Mine Briar Hill Creek Brule Island Dam Brule Island Dam Brule River Brule River Buck Lake Buck Lake Bullhead Lake Butler Lake Camp Creek Camp Eight Creek Camp Eight Ponds Camp Five Creek Camp Lake Camp Six Creek Casagranda Race Track Cemetery Lake Chicagon Chicagon Falls Chicagon Lake Chicagon Slough Christ United Methodist Church City of Crystal Falls Clarks Creek Clinch Post Office (historical) Corbett Lake Crane Lake Crotch Lake Crystal Falls Crystal Falls City Cemetery Crystal Falls Family Health Center Crystal Falls Fire Department Crystal Falls Library Crystal Falls Police Department Crystal Falls Post Office Crystal Falls Station (historical) Crystal Manor Nursing Home Crystal View Golf Course Dahm Lake Dam Lake Davison Creek Dawson Lake Dawson Lake Park Dead Mans Lake Deer Lake Deer Lake State Forest Campground Deer River Dishaws Camp Dry Lake Dunn Creek Dunn Location Dunn Post Office (historical) Dunn Station (historical) East Branch Armstrong Creek East Branch Fence River East Fork Premo Creek Emerson Lake Erickson Lake Erickson Landing Faith Baptist Church Falls Clinic Fence River Finn Farm Creek Finn Lake Fire Lake Fire Lake Creek First Creek First Lake Flanigan Creek Forest Park High School Fortune Lake Fortune Lake Creek Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp Fortune Lakes Fribley Creek Gages Creek Gages Lake Gibson Lake Gibson Lake Gibson Lake Park Gilbert Lake Glidden Lake Glidden Lake State Forest Campground Glidden Rapids Gravel Pit Creek Gravel Pit Lake Greater Iron County Emergency Medical Services Station 2 Guardian Angels Church Harbour House Museum Hardwood Lake Harrison Creek Hematite Cemetery Hemlock Falls Dam Holmes Lake Hope Lake Horserace Rapids Huber Airport Indian Burial Ground Indian Lake Indian Village Historical Marker Iron County Iron County Airport Iron County Community Hospital Iron County Courthouse Iron County Forest Preserve Iron County Historical Marker Iron County Medical Care Facility Iron County Sheriff's Office Iron Range State Forest Isaacson Lake Johnson Creek Jones Camp Creek Jule Lake Kelso Creek Kelso Junction Kelso Junction Kelso River Kennedy Lake Kiernan Kimball Location Kukura Creek Lake Ellen Lake Ellen Campground Lake IHM Lake Mary Lakeview Bible Church Lake Wallace Larson Creek Leather Leaf Lake Leonard Creek Light Lake Lincoln Park Little Bull Diversion Canal Little Bull Rapids Little Hemlock River Little Lake Ellen Little Mud Lake Little Spring Lake Little Tobin Lake Long Lake Lost Lake Lost Lake Lower Holmes Lake Lower Paint Dam Maggie Lakes Mallard Lake Mansfield Mansfield Location Mansfield Post Office (historical) Margeson Creek Margeson Falls Marsh Lake Mastodon Mastodon Creek Mastodon Mine Post Office (historical) Maywood Post Office (historical) McCutcheon Lake McGoverns Creek McMillan Camp McMillan Creek Merrick Lake Michigamme Falls Dam Michigamme Lake Michigamme Mountain Michigamme Reservoir Michigamme River Michigamme Slough Michigan Department of Natural Resources Crystal Falls Field Office Mitchell Lake Mitchell Spur Moccasin Lake Monongahela Location Monongahela Mine Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lakes Naults New Bristol Location Nilegan Dam North Deerskin Lake Noyes Creek Odgers Location Olson Creek Otter Lake Paint River Paint River Hills Campground Paint River Pond Panola Panola Station (historical) Parks Creek Parks Creek Peavy Falls Dam Peavy Pond Pentoga Pentoga Park Pentoga Post Office (historical) Pentoga Station (historical) Peterson Creek Pin Lake Polliwog Lake Porter Mine Premo Creek Premo Lake Railroad Creek Railroad Lake Riley Creek Runkle Lake Runkle Lake Park Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Saint Paul Creek Scaddens Island Second Lake Seven Springs Creek Seven Springs Lake Shafer Location Shafer Mine Shiner Lake Shoe Pac Lake South Slough Spring Lake Square Lake Stager Stager Creek Stager Lake Stager Lake Park Stager Station (historical) Swamp Lake Swan Lake Third Lake Tim Bowers Creek Tim Bowers Pond Tobin Location Township of Crystal Falls Township of Mansfield Township of Mastodon Twenty Six Creek United Lutheran Church Upper Holmes Lake Wagner Creek Warner Mine Waterworks Creek Way Dam West Branch Armstrong Creek West Branch Fence River West Branch Mitchigan River Western Location Wilson Creek Youngers Creek