Bruce Crossing, MI 49912 ZIP Code Map


Bruce Crossing ZIP Codes

Bruce Crossing

ZIP Code 49912 is located in Ontonagon County

49912 Street Addresses

Alho ((300-13499)) Amber Lake Rd ((401-18999)) Bauer Rd ((11001-11099)) Beatons Lake Rd ((2-499)) Binder Dr ((101-199)) Blacksmith ((201-12699)) Bluff Creek Dr ((5301-5699)) Bobwhite Rd ((16400-16599)) Bond Falls Rd ((11326-14999)) Brown Rd ((101-14899)) Burma Rd ((20801-21398)) Cemetery ((13101-13999)) Cemetery Rd ((100-13599)) Choate Rd ((5001-9398)) Co Rd 206 ((100-298)) County Line Lake Rd ((701-1998)) Crosbil Ln ((1-199)) Engstrom Rd ((900-15799)) Erickson Rd ((13700-14899)) Flicker Rd ((19501-19599)) Forest Hwy 730 ((20801-21398)) Franti Rd ((101-18898)) Gauthier Rd ((13200-14599)) Gem Hill Rd ((100-16598)) German Rd ((200-13899)) Gus Ln ((800-19899)) Haanapaa ((11400-11698)) Haanapaa Rd ((201-12199)) Haight Rd ((12001-12099)) Haigt Rd ((500-12099)) Hall Rd ((200-13799)) Harju Rd ((100-14799)) Heron Ln ((200-599)) Himanka Hill ((500-14598)) Holombo Rd ((1001-14799)) Hummingbird Ln ((13800-13999)) Johnson Lake ((400-14898)) Jousma Rd ((100-14398)) Kananen Rd ((100-298)) Keeler Hill Rd ((12000-14498)) Kopsi Rd ((5301-5399)) Korsman Pkwy ((14701-14899)) Larson Rd ((100-18099)) Lepponen ((200-14199)) Manty Rd ((100-11898)) Maple St ((200-298)) Mc Ginty Ln ((901-19899)) Metos ((11201-11899)) N Agate ((9800-9999)) N Baltimore ((200-16399)) N Cemetery ((15000-15399)) N Cemetry Rd ((200-17380)) Neuman ((3300-15299)) Nordine Ct ((100-15299)) N Paynesville Rd ((13200-16799)) Nurkkala Rd ((100-13599)) Old M-28 ((10601-10999)) Old US Hwy 45 ((200-5198)) One Mile Rd ((100-14998)) Peck Dr ((100-15099)) Platzke Rd ((200-15998)) Railroad St ((100-15098)) S Agate ((101-8298)) S Baltimore ((12201-13898)) Section 6 Rd ((10601-10999)) Section Line Rd ((200-10898)) Shively Rd ((800-16598)) Short Cut ((100-11199)) Sironen Rd ((18001-18798)) Sleepy Hollow ((100-15998)) Sleepy Hollow Rd ((100-19298)) Snow Flake ((200-15399)) S Paynesville Rd ((11200-13098)) State Hwy 28 ((5100-6450)) St Collins Rd ((200-15798)) Strangle Rd ((12200-12799)) Swanson Rd ((100-14799)) Tandlund Lake ((100-16699)) Taylor Rd ((400-16099)) Three Mile Rd ((13501-14998)) Timoshuk Rd ((101-13799)) Two Mile Rd ((12100-14999)) US Hwy 45 ((3100-24199)) Woulikainen Rd ((100-13998))

49912 Places and Attractions

Agate Falls Amber Lake Balitmore Baltimore River Barclay Cemetery Barclay Pond Beaver Pond Behlow Lake Bethany Lutheran Church Big Rock Blair Creek Blair Lake Bluff Creek Bruce Crossing Bruce Crossing Cemetery Bruce Crossing Post Office Bruce Crossing Volunteer Fire Department Clear Creek County Line Lake Custer Creek Deadman Lake Deer Lake Erickson Creek Erickson Lake First Apostolic Lutheran Church Gem Hemlock Lake Hide Creek House Creek Inkala Creek Interior Creek Johnson Creek Johnson Lake Kennedy Lake Maple Grove Cemetery Maple Grove Park Maple Grove School Matheson Creek Meto Creek Mile and One-half Creek Nevala Creek North Bruce Church North Country National Scenic Trail North Line Lake North Paynesville O Kun de Kun Falls Ottawa National Forest Our Saviour Lutheran Church Paulding Paulding Creek Paulding Pond Paulding Post Office (historical) Paulding Station (historical) Paulging Pond Campground and Picnic Area Payne Creek Paynesville Paynesville Cemetery Paynesville Post Office (historical) Perttus Big Spruce Golf Course Pickle Pond Pietila Creek Pine Creek Plover Creek Robbins Robbins Pond Robbins Pond Campground Robbins Post Office (historical) Rock Bluff Falls Rockland Creek Roselawn Creek Saint Cullins Creek Sand Lake Sandstone Creek Sandstone Falls Schaat Creek Scott and Howe Creek Sleepy Hollow Snuffbox Creek Sonco Ambulance Spargo Lake Stannard Township Park Steusser Lake Steusser Lake Picnic Area Tanlund Lake Tanlund Lake Picnic Area Tom Creek Township of Haight Township of Stannard Trout Creek Twomile Creek Victoria Dam Victoria Reservoir West Branch Ontonagon River Western Upper Peninsula Health Center Wolverine Falls