Michigamme, MI 49861 ZIP Code Map


Michigamme ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 49861 is located in Baraga County (82.70%) Marquette County (17.30%)

49861 Street Addresses

1st St ((200-23499)) 2nd St ((100-399)) 3rd St ((100-399)) 4th St ((101-399)) Aspen ((11700-11799)) Barnum St ((101-199)) Beaufort Lake Rd ((21800-21999)) Beaufort Rd E ((21800-21999)) Beaufort Rd W ((21400-21599)) Berry Rd ((20701-20899)) Birch Dr ((21401-21799)) Black Rd ((201-398)) Blue Rd ((2-1099)) Branch ((25300-25399)) Brass Rd ((1800-1998)) Brown Beach Rd ((101-298)) Brown Rd ((100-299)) Campsite Dr ((22200-25499)) Camp Site Rd ((25300-25398)) Cardinal Point Rd ((462-599)) Cardinal Rd ((301-23498)) Carlson Rd ((26100-26599)) Carriage St ((25700-25799)) Cedar St ((26101-26199)) Copper Rd ((17600-17699)) Co Rd 488 ((100-498)) Co Rd 607 ((1800-1898)) Co Rd 611 ((101-27199)) Co Rd Ake ((2-98)) Co Rd Ib ((100-298)) Co Rd I C ((100-298)) Co Rd Industrial Park ((101-199)) Co Rd Llh ((11700-11799)) Cottage Ln ((101-199)) E Beaufort Lake Rd ((25300-25498)) E Lake St ((100-199)) Elm Dr ((21700-21799)) E Main St ((101-399)) E Railroad St ((100-299)) Evergreen Dr ((20801-20899)) Fawn Dr ((25001-25099)) Fence Lake Rd ((26401-26499)) Fence River Rd ((25700-26399)) George Lake Rd ((25000-25098)) Green Rd ((2-199)) Hardwood Dr ((25300-25498)) Holli Blue Rd ((620-799)) Huron Bay Grade ((1800-1898)) Imperial Heights Rd ((27001-27199)) Island Dr ((20701-20898)) Koskela ((22600-22798)) Lake Ruth Rd ((24500-24699)) Lake St ((100-399)) Lampinen Rd ((22600-22799)) Lentz Rd ((21200-21299)) Maple Dr ((21700-21799)) Maple St ((100-198)) Max St ((100-198)) Mill St ((200-298)) (Nault's Rd) ((11700-11799)) N Brook St ((100-198)) Nelson St ((25401-25699)) Nestoria ((20300-20399)) N Olson Dr ((21900-21998)) N Olson Lake Rd ((21900-21998)) N Shore Dr ((21400-21598)) Oak Ln ((26200-26299)) Orange Rd ((200-299)) Partridge Ln ((22200-22498)) Peshekee Grade ((1800-1848)) Petticoat ((21700-22399)) Petticoat Lake Rd ((21001-21185)) Pine Ave ((24601-24799)) Pink Rd ((200-298)) Presbytery Point Rd ((200-299)) Purple Rd ((2-98)) Railroad St ((200-298)) Red ((2201-2299)) Red Rd ((300-2698)) Rim St ((25700-25799)) Ruth Lake Rd ((19700-24598)) S Barnum St ((100-198)) S Brook St ((100-598)) S Gaylord St ((101-299)) Silver St ((16900-17198)) S Max St ((101-199)) S Mesnard St ((101-399)) Smith Rd ((23000-23199)) S Nestoria Rd ((24800-24898)) Soggy Bottom Rd ((24601-24799)) S Olson Dr ((21801-21999)) S Olson Lake Dr ((21801-21999)) Spoke St ((25700-25799)) Stagecoach Dr ((21701-25699)) St Johns Lake ((21900-21998)) Stoney Ln ((200-398)) Tamarack St ((26101-26199)) Tamarack Trl ((101-399)) Tan Rd ((1-299)) Torchlight Dr ((21601-21699)) Torreano Estates Rd ((21601-21699)) Torrey Dr ((21501-21699)) US Hwy 41 ((2208-2210)) White Pine Dr ((21701-21799)) Wintala Dr ((2-98)) W Lake St ((100-399)) W Main St ((100-23499)) W Maple St ((100-399)) W Petticoat Lake Rd ((21600-21798)) W Railroad St ((100-498)) Yellow Rd ((100-598))

49861 Places and Attractions

Arvon Lookout Tower Bass Lake Beaufort Lake Beaufort Lake State Forest Campground Camp 10 Camp Ten Lake Canal Town Creek Cedar Lake Charles Lake Church in the Wildwood Clear Lake Coon Lake Corner Lake Dee Lundeen Falls Dishno Creek Dutchman Point Evergreen Lake Fence Lake Fire Lake Flanigan Slough George Lake Gravel Lake Heart Lake High Lake Imperial Heights Indian Lake Island Lake Lake Alice Lake Arvid Lake Dortay Lake Gordon Lake Michigamme Lake Phillips Lake Sixteen Lakeview Cemetery Little East Branch Huron River Little Michigamme Lake Little West Branch Huron River Little White Goat Lake Long Lake McCormick Wilderness Michigamme Michigamme Census Designated Place Michigamme Historical Museum Michigamme Post Office Michigamme Shores Campground Michigamme - Spurr Township Volunteer Fire Department Michigamme Station Middle Lake Mount Arvon Mud Lake Ned Lake Ned Lake Creek Nelligan Creek Nelson Lake Nestoria Nestoria Creek Northwestern Lake Ohio Mine Pea Soup Lake Perry Lake Peshekee River Petticoat Creek Petticoat Lake Presbytery Point Ramsay Island Redruth Post Office (historical) Redruth Station (historical) Ruth Lake Saint Johns Lake Sam Cohodas Historical Marker Sam Cohodas Lodge Historical Marker Sawyer Lake County Park Sensenbrenner-Seldon Camp Spruce Lake Spurr Mountain Post Office (historical) Spurr Mountain Station (historical) Spurr River Summit Lake Sundstrum Island Thomas Lake Three Lakes Three Lakes Lookout Tower Three Lakes Station Tower Lake Township of Spurr Trout Lake Trout Lake Upper Baraga Lake West Branch Peshekee River White Deer Lake