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49854 Schools


  • Delta-Schoolcraft Manistique Area Satellite Center
  • Emerald Elementary School
  • Manistique Middle And High School
  • Manistique Alternative Ed Center
  • 49854 Hotels

  • Budget Host Inn Manistique
  • Comfort Inn Manistique
  • Econo Lodge Lakeshore
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    ZIP Code 49854 is located in Schoolcraft County (95.50%) Delta County (4.50%)

    49854 Street Addresses

    1/4 Mile Rd ((8001-8198)) 1st St ((8500-8599)) 2689 Rd ((14100-14198)) 2nd St ((8501-8599)) 3rd Street H ((701-8299)) 4th St ((8500-8599)) 5th St ((100-8599)) 5th Street H ((700-799)) 6th St ((101-8599)) 7th St ((100-8599)) 8th St ((100-8599)) 9th St ((8501-8599)) Adams Rd ((7600-7798)) Adams Trce ((3500-3598)) Adams Trl ((3500-3598)) Aldrich Rd ((4800-5099)) Alger Ave ((400-599)) Anderson Rd ((1401-1599)) Arbutus Ave ((1-999)) Arrowhead Rd ((8100-8198)) Arrwood Rd ((5300-5398)) Ash Rd ((700-1199)) Asp Rd ((600-799)) Bass Lake Rd ((6300-6399)) Beach Wood Rd ((9300-9698)) Bear St ((1-399)) Beaver St ((200-298)) Beckman Rd ((1300-1999)) Belgium Rd ((5201-5799)) Billings Rd ((5500-5594)) Birch St ((1100-1599)) Blanford Rd ((8100-8298)) Bloom Rd ((3901-4199)) Bluff St ((300-399)) Bolitho Dr ((201-399)) Boot Lake Ct ((11100-11398)) Boot Lake Rd ((8401-8798)) Brown Rd ((3000-7598)) Bud Rd ((1901-2098)) Cal's Dr ((2901-5799)) Camp 7 Rd ((14300-14399)) Canal St ((1001-9598)) Caribou St ((300-498)) Carlson Rd ((700-11298)) Cattaraugus St ((101-798)) Cedar St ((1201-8999)) Center St ((2-499)) Cherry Hill Dr ((200-399)) Cherry St ((300-799)) Chippewa Ave ((100-1098)) Chitoma Dr ((100-1199)) Chvala Rd ((9101-9599)) Clark St ((300-599)) Cleveland Ave ((701-8398)) Co Hwy 433 ((400-1198)) Co Hwy 435 ((1400-23399)) Co Hwy 437 ((1101-11798)) Co Hwy 438 ((1000-1798)) Co Hwy 439 ((1-7093)) Co Hwy 440 ((400-1198)) Co Hwy 441 ((1-8198)) Co Hwy 442 ((7800-8998)) Co Hwy 448 ((6501-7499)) Co Hwy 449 ((3700-3798)) Co Hwy 452 ((8401-8899)) Co Hwy 453 ((10400-11198)) Co Hwy P-452 ((9700-9999)) Co Rd 435 ((23301-30199)) Co Rd 440 ((401-499)) Co Rd 442 ((100-1398)) Co Rd 448 ((600-7198)) Co Rd 455 ((2-698)) Country Club Dr ((1221-1599)) Danielson-441 ((1-599)) Danielson Rd ((1-999)) Dawson Rd ((7800-8399)) Deer St ((201-1398)) Delta Ave ((400-599)) Dixon Rd ((900-998)) Dodge Lake Rd ((3000-7999)) Duck Inn Rd ((5300-5499)) Dusty Ln ((9600-9699)) East Dr ((9500-9599)) E Elk St ((100-225)) E Kendall Rd ((1500-1699)) E Lake Shore Dr ((400-1999)) Elm St ((101-8298)) Erickson Rd ((9200-9399)) E Stutts Truck Trl ((6300-7698)) Evergreen Beach Rd ((8400-8499)) Evergreen Rd ((2801-7999)) Faketty Rd ((6200-6599)) Federal Forest 2098 Rd ((7100-7198)) Ff 2245 ((5900-7199)) Ff 2438 ((4700-4798)) Ff Rd 2213 ((6300-6314)) Fisette Rd ((1600-8399)) Flodin Rd ((10101-10699)) Fragale Rd ((9200-9499)) Frankovich Rd ((7401-7799)) Freeman Rd ((7800-8299)) Front St ((100-399)) Gardapee Rd ((801-899)) Garden Ave ((500-899)) George Rd ((11400-11599)) Gero Ave ((201-598)) Gerometta Dr ((9700-9999)) Gierke Rd ((2900-9599)) Gierke Trl ((2600-9398)) Glenwood Dr ((6301-6599)) Glen Wood Dr ((6301-6399)) Golf Course Rd ((1187-1328)) Gooseneck Lk Oo Ln ((14401-74499)) Gooseneck Rd ((14201-14498)) Government Rd ((10500-10799)) Graves Rd ((9700-9999)) Halle Dr ((8801-8998)) Hardwoods Dr ((3200-3398)) Hardwoods Trail ((9400-9599)) Harrison Ave ((8200-8299)) Haywire Grade Orv Trl ((2500-3599)) Hemlock St ((9600-9799)) Hemlock View Trl ((8200-8399)) Hendrickson Rd ((4800-7799)) Hiawatha Ave ((8200-8299)) Hiawatha Dr ((101-199)) Hiawatha Shores Pvt ((9400-9599)) Hiawatha Station ((3700-3798)) Hiawatha Station Rd ((7600-7698)) Hickey Truck Trl ((6001-6099)) Hidden Shores Rd ((2400-2698)) Highrollways Rd ((2400-7099)) Highwater Truck Trl ((600-6798)) Hillcrest Dr ((6300-6499)) Houghton ((100-199)) H St ((100-198)) Hubble Rd ((400-1599)) Hutt Rd ((5400-5498)) Hyland Rd ((8300-8698)) Indian Trl ((800-899)) Intake Park ((400-499)) Iron St ((300-399)) Island Lake Rd ((7600-7999)) Ivan Carlson Rd ((1500-1699)) Jerry Larry Ln ((7700-7798)) Juniper Trl ((5501-5599)) Klagstad Rd ((400-498)) Knoph Rd ((200-399)) Krummich Rd ((601-6698)) Laford Ln ((8100-8199)) Lake Shore ((2400-2698)) Lakeside Rd ((100-298)) Lake St ((101-598)) Lakosky Rd ((7200-7299)) Lasich Rd ((5501-5798)) Leduc Rd ((8100-8199)) Linden Rd ((5900-5998)) Little Harbor Rd ((1400-30199)) Lois Ln ((9200-9399)) Mackinac Ave ((500-599)) Main St ((101-8899)) Manistique Ave ((1-8899)) Maple ((200-298)) Maple St ((8200-8299)) Marquette Ave ((400-498)) Mary St ((1200-1299)) McKilligan Subdivision ((1000-1099)) Merwin Creek Rd ((1800-2098)) Michibay Dr ((3601-5399)) Michibay Point Dr ((1-99)) Michibay Rd ((2-98)) Michigan Ave ((500-899)) Michigan Shores Rd ((2-98)) Miller Rd P-453 ((10400-11198)) Mintonye Rd ((3800-3899)) Muk Wa Dr ((100-1199)) Munson Ln ((3900-3999)) Murphy Rd ((600-1298)) N 1st St ((100-399)) N 2nd St ((100-399)) N 3rd St ((100-399)) N 4th St ((100-399)) N 5th St ((2-299)) N Barque Point Trl ((4000-4098)) N Cedar St ((100-399)) N Dodge Lake Rd ((4400-4498)) New Delta Ave ((100-299)) New Elm ((100-299)) New Elm St ((301-399)) N Gate Access Rd ((3300-3399)) N Houghton ((100-599)) N Houghton Ave ((401-7698)) Nickelson St ((8201-8299)) N Kendall Rd ((5400-6098)) N Mackinac Ave ((100-599)) N Maple St ((101-2899)) N Murphy Lake Rd ((11501-11599)) Nn Ln ((14100-14198)) Norway ((8100-8199)) N Stanley Rd ((1200-1399)) N Stutts Truck Trl ((5900-7098)) Oak St ((200-1199)) Old Camp Manistique Rd ((3400-4598)) Old State Rd ((8101-8199)) Orr Rd ((6200-6299)) Otter St ((600-699)) Parent Bay Rd ((4201-4399)) Park Ave ((500-799)) Pearl St ((100-299)) Perch Bay Rd ((9500-9599)) Pinecrest Shores 36.5 Dr ((16000-16048)) Pinecrest Shores Dr ((15801-15999)) Pine Ridge Rd ((8100-8299)) Pine St ((1200-8999)) Poplar St ((9601-9699)) Potter St ((101-399)) Quarry Lane Dr ((201-299)) Rams Dam Rd ((4100-11699)) Range St ((200-899)) Riverdale St ((400-499)) River Rd ((400-1198)) Rivers Bend ((7501-7699)) Rivers Bend Rd ((7500-7599)) River St ((100-199)) River View Dr ((601-79698)) Ruggles Rd ((4700-4798)) S 1st St ((100-199)) S 2nd St ((100-199)) S 3rd St ((100-199)) S 4th St ((100-199)) Saginaw St ((600-999)) S Barque Point Trl ((4200-9699)) S Cedar St ((100-498)) Scharstrom Rd ((1200-1599)) Schnurer Rd ((1300-1698)) Schoocraft ((200-399)) Schuster Rd ((10000-10299)) Shoreline Dr ((3800-3998)) Shunk Rd ((800-1899)) S Juniper Trl ((5501-5599)) Slim's Rd ((4200-4698)) S Mackinac Ave ((100-199)) S Maple St ((100-398)) Smith Lake Dr ((6601-7198)) Smith Lake Rd ((6900-7499)) Southside Rd ((4801-7099)) S Rams Dam Rd ((4100-44198)) S Stutts Creek Rd ((7001-7199)) State Hwy 149 ((1-9598)) State Hwy 94 ((101-11098)) State Hwy M-94 ((100-399)) State Rd ((401-1198)) Stueben St ((100-998)) Stutts Rd ((3700-4799)) Summer Rd ((11100-11199)) Sunnyside Ln ((4400-4498)) Sunset Beach ((100-399)) Swanson Rd ((7500-7799)) Tamarack St ((9600-9699)) Tannery Rd ((1-7099)) Taylor Rd ((8000-8098)) Terrace Ave ((201-398)) Thompson St ((8801-8999)) Thunder Lake Rd ((1346-11798)) Townline Rd ((1000-1499)) Town Line Rd ((1000-1798)) US Hwy 2 ((513-9599)) W 4th St ((9400-9599)) Walnut St ((101-499)) Walters Rd ((400-498)) Washington ((500-899)) Washington Ave ((8200-8399)) Wawaushnosh Dr ((1600-1999)) W Elk St ((500-999)) Weston St ((100-399)) Whitecaps Trl ((3300-3399)) White Pine St ((800-898)) Whitman Rd ((7501-7799)) Wiggins Point Rd ((2600-2899)) Wiggins Point Trl ((2600-2898)) Williams Rd ((4300-9599)) Willy Mac Rd ((501-699)) Wilson St ((700-798)) W Kendall Rd ((1200-1899)) W Lakeshore Dr ((504-8798)) Wolf St ((300-398)) Woodland Dr ((700-799)) Woodland Shores Trl ((3000-3198)) Wood Rd ((7400-7499)) W Tennant Dr ((1301-7799)) Yehger Rd ((1400-1899)) Zhigag Dr ((100-1199))

    49854 Places and Attractions

    Aldrich Lake Ashford Lake Ash Point Barnhart Lake Bass Lake Bass Lake Airport Bear Creek Bear Lake Bear Slough Bear Town Slough Beaton Lake Beaver Creek Bell Lake Bethel Baptist Christian School Bethel Baptist Church Big Island Lake Big Island Lake Portage Canoe Trail Big Island Lake Wilderness Big Murphy Creek Big Spring Birch Creek Bishop Baraga's First Church Historical Marker Bluegill Lake Bog Lake Bootjack Lake Boot Lake Bourassas Point Brace Creek Brassel Slough Brevick Lake Bursaw Creek Bursaw Marsh Byers Cemetery Byers Lake Camp Eightthree Creek Camp Fortyone Lake Camp Nine Lakes Camp Number 11 Slough Camp Seven Lake Camp Seven Lake Campground Camp Seven Lake Recreation Area Carr Creek Carr Lake Carr Ponds Catfish Slough Cedar Grove Mennonite Church Cedar Lake Center Lake Chamberlain Lake City of Manistique Clear Lake Clear Lake Organization Camp Clear Slough Clemons Lake Coattail Lake Cole Point Colwell Lake Colwell Lake Campground Copenhagen Beach Cranberry Lake Crane Lake Crooked Lake C-Three Pool Cucumber Lake Davis Slough Deacon Lake Dead Creek Dead Horse Creek Deer Creek Delias Run Dinner Lake Dodge Lake Doyle Lake Doyle Lake Dry Creek Ducey Creek Dufour Creek Eagle Lake East Lake Emerald Elementary School Evergreen Shores Fairview Cemetery Fairview School Faith Church Farley Grave Site Farm Lake Fenton Creek First Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Foote Lake Forty Pond Frankes Lake Ganamush Lake Ghost Lake Gierke Creek Gooseneck Lake Goulds Slough Grass Lake Grassy Creek Gray Duck Creek Green Bass Lake Grindstone Creek Harrison Beach Hay Meadow Creek Hay Meadow Creek Haywire Grade ORV Trail Hiawatha Hiawatha Hiawatha Cemetery Hiawatha Creek Hiawatha Post Office (historical) Hiawatha School Hiawatha Shores Hiawatha Township Volunteer Fire Department Hickey Creek Highbridge Lake High Rollways Truck Trail Hiram Point Hub Lake Hughes Lake Hutt Lake Indian Lake Indian Lake Campground Indian Lake Campground Indian Lake Golf Course Indian Lake State Park Indian Lake State Park Campground Indian Lake Travel Resort Campground Indian River Indian River Indian River Campground Ironjaw Lake Island Lake Island Lake Slough Island Slough Jack Lake Jackpine Lake Jamestown Slough Jarr Lake Johnson Creek Kepler Lake Kilpecker Creek Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Klegstads Slough Klondike Lake Lake Twentythree Lakeview Cemetery Lakeview Park Langes Bay Lard Lake Leg Creek Leg Lake Lily Lake Lime Kilns Historical Marker (historical) Lincoln Elementary School Little Bass Lake Little Bass Lake Campground Little Boot Lake Little Harbor Little Harbor Post Office (historical) Little Indian River Little Island Lake Little Murphy Creek Little Murphy Lake Little Star Creek Lorraine Lake Lyman Lake Makel Lake Manistique Manistique Ambulance Service Manistique Bible Church Manistique City Hall Manistique Department of Public Safety Fire Station Manistique Harbor Pentecostal Church Manistique High School Manistique Municipal Marina Manistique Post Office Manistique Public Library Manistique River Manistique Station Manistique Township Park Marblehead Creek Marblehead Lake McGinn Lake McInnes Lake Merwin Creek Campground Michiwaukee Shores Middle Branch Stutts Creek Mid Lake Miller Point Minerva Lake Minor Beach Molly Lake Muleshoe Lakes Murphy Lake Neds Lake Neighbor Lake Nevilles Lake Ninemile Lake Nineteen Lake No Name Lake North Branch Stutts Creek Norway Lake Old Cooks Cemetery Onega Lake Orr Creek Ossawinamakee Beach Parent Bay Parent Creek Peanut Lake Pear Lake Petite Lake Pewee Lake Pillows Point Plains Lake Point aux Barques Point O'Keefe Poodle Pete Creek Pot Lake Presbyterian Church Rim Lake Rocky Point Rogers Park Rumble Lake Rural Health Clinic Saint Alban's Episcopal Church Saint Francis de Sales Church Saint Francis De Sales School Sand Lake Schoolcraft County Schoolcraft County Airport Schoolcraft County Courthouse Schoolcraft County Fairgrounds Schoolcraft Historical Museum Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Schoolcraft Sheriff's Office Scotts Scotts Marsh Section Nineteen Creek Seney Wilderness Seventh Day Adventist Church Side Lake Siphon Bridge Smith Creek Smith Lake Smith Slough Snyder Creek South Branch Stutts Creek South Manistique Post Office (historical) South Manistique Station (historical) Southside Creek Southtown Creek Spring Lake Sprinkler Lake Spud Lake Spur Ditch Square Lake Steuben Steuben Lake Steuben Lookout Tower Steuben Post Office (historical) Steuben Station (historical) Stony Point Stueben Landing Field Stump Lake Sturgeon Hole Creek Sturgeon Hole Slough Stutts Creek Sunset Beach Swamp Lake Swan Lake Tebo Creek Thompson Thompson Cemetery Thompson/Christmas Tree Ship Historical Marker Thompson Creek Thompson Post Office (historical) Thompson State Fish Hatchery Thompson Township Fire Department Three Island Lake Thunder Lake Townline Lake Township of Hiawatha Township of Inwood Township of Manistique Township of Thompson Trail Creek Triangle Lake Trout Lake Tucker Lake Twilight Lake United States Forest Service United States Forest Service Manistique Ranger Station Upper Lake Upper Thunder Lake Vance Lake Van Winkle Lake Verdant Lake Walsh Walsh Creek Walsh Post Office (historical) Walsh Station West Branch Campground West Branch Hickey Creek West Branch Manistique River West Breakwater Light West Pierh Light Wiggins Point Williams Creek Woodruff Lake Woodstar Beach Campground WTIQ-AM (Manistique) WTIQ-FM (Gulliver) Zion Lutheran Church