Champion, MI 49814 ZIP Code Map


Champion ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 49814 is located in Marquette County

49814 Street Addresses

3rd Ave ((101-698)) 3rd St ((200-314)) 4th Ave ((101-598)) 4th St ((1-298)) 5th St ((100-398)) 6th St ((100-399)) Alder St ((1-899)) Blackhill St ((1-6799)) Black River Rd ((12200-16799)) Blueberry Mine Rd ((500-3699)) Blue Rd ((2-1099)) Brown Beach Rd ((201-299)) Brown Rd ((138-299)) Carriere Rd ((1-3899)) Cemetery St ((1-2799)) Center St ((201-299)) Church St ((1-599)) Co Hwy Ab ((1-2399)) Co Hwy Fl ((800-1998)) Co Rd 476 ((17900-18001)) Co Rd 478 ((100-18598)) Co Rd 482 ((200-11999)) Co Rd 496 ((5000-37598)) Co Rd 601 ((1000-25199)) Co Rd Aaj ((700-6998)) Co Rd Ab ((400-2199)) Co Rd Ac ((2-398)) Co Rd Ad ((1-399)) Co Rd Ae ((1-799)) Co Rd Af ((1-6799)) Co Rd Ag ((1-3599)) Co Rd Ah ((1-3899)) Co Rd Ai ((1-1898)) Co Rd Aj ((1-2599)) Co Rd Ak ((3300-3798)) Co Rd Ake ((1-1099)) Co Rd A L ((1100-1399)) Co Rd Aly ((1-1098)) Co Rd Am ((2-899)) Co Rd An ((1-1998)) Co Rd Ao ((1-2799)) Co Rd A O ((201-1298)) Co Rd Ar ((1-499)) Co Rd A R ((1-599)) Co Rd As ((1-899)) Co Rd A T ((100-299)) Co Rd au ((1-199)) Co Rd A V ((1-699)) Co Rd Ave ((1-699)) Co Rd Aw ((1-799)) Co Rd Az ((1-899)) Co Rd Ca ((500-3699)) Co Rd Cb ((1-599)) Co Rd Cck ((101-798)) Co Rd Cj ((1-13798)) Co Rd Cka ((1-599)) Co Rd Ckc ((101-11005)) Co Rd C K H ((1-699)) Co Rd Cki ((1-399)) Co Rd Ckj ((1-699)) Co Rd Ckk ((1-3698)) Co Rd Ckl ((1-37598)) Co Rd Cm ((1200-3699)) Co Rd Cn ((1-4599)) Co Rd Cna ((1-699)) Co Rd Cna W ((1-1598)) Co Rd Cp ((1300-2399)) Co Rd C P ((2-6199)) Co Rd C V ((36301-36399)) Co Rd Cvv ((3700-3798)) Co Rd Fa ((200-5699)) Co Rd Faa ((100-499)) Co Rd Fab ((800-998)) Co Rd Fad ((400-499)) Co Rd Fb ((1-4999)) Co Rd Fbb ((500-1799)) Co Rd Fbc ((1200-2099)) Co Rd Fd ((100-3799)) Co Rd Ffb ((3501-3599)) Co Rd Ffk ((300-498)) Co Rd Ffm ((600-699)) Co Rd Fft ((201-299)) Co Rd Fg ((900-5599)) Co Rd Fh ((700-1999)) Co Rd Fi ((1901-1999)) Co Rd Fj ((500-599)) Co Rd Fk ((3300-3798)) Co Rd Fn ((100-1798)) Co Rd Fno ((3600-3898)) Co Rd Fnr ((200-699)) Co Rd Fo ((100-4899)) Co Rd Fq ((100-199)) Co Rd Fs ((500-8499)) Co Rd Ft ((2601-2699)) Co Rd Fw ((1100-1199)) Co Rd Fx ((600-4399)) Co Rd Fy ((1900-1999)) Co Rd Iaj ((7000-9899)) Co Rd Ib ((201-299)) Co Rd I C ((101-298)) Co Rd Ie ((2-98)) Co Rd Llk ((11139-11399)) County Rd Aly ((100-1899)) Daliba St ((2-298)) Dalliba St ((1-2399)) (Dead Man's Curve Road) ((11139-11399)) Diorite Rd ((5000-37598)) Dishno ((2500-2598)) Easy St ((1-899)) Elm St ((1-199)) Fairway Dr ((1-99)) Feely St ((1-399)) Fish Lake Rd ((900-5599)) Fish Lake Rd W ((1100-1898)) Fish Lake S ((1201-2798)) Fish Lake St E ((1-1399)) Furnace St ((1-799)) Gibson St ((1-3599)) Granite Lake Rd ((801-6898)) Granite St ((1-399)) Graphite St ((1-1898)) Green Rd ((2-199)) Greenwood Mine Rd ((200-11999)) Greenwood Reservoir Rd ((2200-18001)) Holli Blue Rd ((600-17555)) Holly Rd ((17100-17198)) Iron St ((200-299)) Jasper St ((200-299)) Keystone St ((1-799)) Kloman Ave ((617-711)) Koeber Ave ((101-698)) Lake Lory Rd ((1300-2399)) Main St ((201-28145)) Maple St ((1-699)) Mine St ((100-299)) Price St ((101-199)) Republic Ave ((106-527)) S Arfelin Lake Rd ((100-199)) School St ((1-499)) Silica St ((1-399)) South St ((1-599)) State Hwy 28 ((2-29599)) Swedetown St ((100-1899)) US Hwy 41 ((2-96898)) Wawonowin Club Rd ((100-18598)) Willow St ((1-1998)) Wolf Lake Rd ((36301-36399))

49814 Places and Attractions

American Mine Arsenault Lake Autio Lake Baraga Creek Beacon Beacon Post Office (historical) Beaver Pond Big Bear Lake Birch Lake Black River School (historical) Blueberry Mine Boniface Camp Boston Lake Brocky Lake Brown Creek Bruce Creek Bulldog Lake Bush Lake Camp Eleven Creek Camp Eleven Lake Champion Champion - Humboldt Volunteer Fire Department Champion Post Office Champion Station Champion Township Ambulance Station 2 Chase Mine Clarksburg Clarksburg Cemetery Clarksburg Post Office (historical) Clarksburg Station (historical) Clowry Clowry Post Office (historical) Clowry Station Coles Creek Connors Creek Dead River Headwater Dexter Mine Diorite Diorite Post Office (historical) Diorite Station Dishno Lake Egg Lake Ephriam Creek Fish Lake Four Island Lake Glass Lake Greenwood Reservoir Greenwood Station Halfway Creek Hasseib Lake Hebert Lake Hilltop Lake Humboldt Humboldt Cemetery Humboldt Mine Humboldt Post Office (historical) Humboldt Station (historical) Kipple Creek Koops Creek Lake Arfelin Lake Elinor Lake Lory Lake Margaret Lake Raymond Lake Sally Lou Lake Vedder Larson Creek Little Bear Lake Little Dishno Lake Log Lake Lower Baraga Lake Lower Baraga Lake Trail Lowmoor Lake Martins Landing Mud Lake Mud Lake Mulligan Creek Mulligan Plains Mulligan Swamp North Country Trail Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Perch Lake Perch Lake Republic Cemetery Republic Post Office Round Lake Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint Agnes Catholic Church Saint Augustine Catholic Church Second River Section Thirteen Lake Section Twenty-eight Lake Silver Lake Basin Silver Lead Mine Lake Snowville South Greenwood Tower Lake Township of Champion Township of Michigamme Trembath Lake Upper Baraga Lake Trail Van Riper Lakes Van Riper Park Voelkers Creek West Branch Yellow Dog Falls White Deer Lake Trail Wildcat Canyon Creek Wobic Wolf Lake Yellow Dog Falls