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Brimley ZIP Codes


49715 Schools


  • Brimley Jr./Sr. High
  • Brimley Elementary School
  • Ojibwe Charter School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 49715 is located in Chippewa County

    49715 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((6300-6499)) 3rd St ((6300-6698)) 4th St ((6300-6499)) 7 1/2 Mile Rd ((4800-10499)) Ash Row ((2901-2999)) Atkinson Dr ((10500-10699)) (a Town Line Road) ((7732-7998)) Bear Rd ((9101-9399)) Cedar Dr ((5001-5099)) Depot St ((9700-9799)) Eagle Row ((5001-7598)) E Stockade Row ((4700-4898)) Forrest Rd ((6000-7899)) Freeman Rd ((1700-13599)) Gosvenor Rd ((2500-2599)) Ibo Rd ((9501-10075)) Ironwood Row ((2801-2899)) Iroquois Rd ((10000-17999)) Kinsella Dr ((9100-9299)) M 221 ((6500-9499)) Old Brimley Grd Rd ((8000-8998)) Olsen Ward Row ((23800-23899)) Passmore Row W ((9900-9998)) Pendills Ck Rd ((19700-19798)) Plantation Rd ((17200-17998)) Pleasant St ((9800-9899)) Red Pine Ln ((2500-2999)) Richardson Avery Grade Rd ((25000-25999)) S 4th St ((6300-6499)) S Asher Row ((13400-13499)) Sawmill Point Rd ((4000-5099)) S Barker St ((6800-6999)) S Bay Mills Point Rd ((4000-4999)) S Beachside Row ((2500-2599)) S Bear Rd ((9300-9499)) S Beaune Rd ((7100-7499)) S Bound Rd ((8600-9999)) S Braun Rd ((8800-9199)) S Brimley Grade Rd ((9100-9199)) S Brook St ((6800-6999)) S Chickadee Rd ((4001-4999)) S Chippewa Trl ((1700-1799)) S Creekside Row ((2600-2799)) S Deland St ((6200-6999)) S Eagle Row ((5201-5299)) S East Birch Pt Lp ((5000-5999)) S Edmands Rd ((8500-8999)) S Forrest Rd ((7201-8099)) S Forrest Side Rd ((6000-11999)) S Gladys Xing ((6000-6999)) S Goldade Rd ((9000-11299)) S Green St ((6200-6999)) S Iroquois Row ((1700-1799)) S Island Vw ((4900-5199)) S Kinsela Rd ((9101-9499)) S Kodiak Row ((8901-16798)) S Lang Dr ((2600-2999)) S Loon Lane Row ((5000-5099)) S Main St ((7000-7099)) S Maple Rd ((6000-8999)) S Mary Ella Row ((7201-7599)) S McIver Dr ((7000-7199)) S Meadow Row ((9900-9998)) S Memorial Dr ((6001-6499)) S Midway Rd ((9000-9999)) S Monocle Lake Dr ((1700-13199)) S Monocle Lake Rd ((1500-1799)) S North Dr ((4600-10498)) S Nutbotch Row ((5000-5199)) S Nuthatch Row ((5200-7698)) S Ojala Rd ((7500-8999)) Spectacle Lake Rd ((12601-12699)) S Piche Rd ((6000-8999)) S Piche Side Rd ((6000-8999)) S Pine Village Rd ((3000-3499)) S Plantation Rd ((10700-19798)) S Ranger Rd ((3062-9299)) S Red Pine Ln ((2600-3399)) S River Rd ((6500-6999)) S Robin Row ((5000-5099)) S Salt Point Rd ((2700-10075)) S Scribner St ((6800-6998)) S Soo Line Rd ((6000-9999)) S Stockade Row ((4700-4899)) S Sullivan St ((6900-6999)) S Summer Row ((2301-2399)) S Tamarack Row ((2700-2799)) State Hwy 221 ((6500-9499)) State Hwy 28 ((100-40899)) S Tilson Rd ((9401-10998)) S Towering Pines ((3000-3399)) S Towering Pines Rd ((3001-3399)) (s Town Line Road) ((8000-8999)) Sullivan Creek Trl ((10000-18599)) S Waishkey Rd ((6200-6299)) S Waishkey River Truck Trl ((9000-59298)) S West Birch Pt Lp ((5400-5999)) S White Rd ((5000-5999)) S Wilcox Ln ((1200-1299)) S Winding Ct ((5300-5399)) S Winter Row ((2001-2099)) U S F S 3131 Rd ((10000-18599)) Usfs 3150 ((25000-27999)) (Usfs 3151) ((17000-17999)) Usfs 3151 ((11579-117971)) Usfs3153 ((8360-8998)) Usfs 3153 ((8000-8359)) Usfs 3154 ((3000-9299)) W 10 1/2 Mile Rd ((8000-8999)) W 10 Mile Rd ((3119-8499)) W 12 Mile Rd ((7686-8196)) W 3022 Rd ((19000-19999)) W 3367 Rd ((26300-26599)) W 6 Mile Rd ((79-9999)) W 7 1/2 Mile Rd ((4800-9999)) W 7 Mile Rd ((4500-5099)) W 8 Mile Rd ((3000-7999)) W 8 Mile Rd88th Mile Rd ((9000-10399)) W Abbies Ln ((3000-17999)) W Access Rd ((14700-14798)) Waiska Bay Rd ((3316-9999)) W Alcott Ave ((9000-9499)) Walker Rd ((1600-1699)) W Aspen Row ((12200-12299)) W Avery Grade Rd ((25000-25999)) W Baird St ((1000-9999)) W Bay Mills Point Ln ((10700-10899)) W Bayview Row ((1-19799)) W Bear Trl ((12700-12799)) W Birch Point Ln ((5400-7999)) W Birch Pt Ln ((7800-7998)) W Birch Pt Lp ((5400-7698)) W Chartrand Rd ((18000-18599)) W Chippewa St ((10500-10599)) W Crane Rd ((12300-12499)) W Crawford St ((900-9999)) W Deer Ln ((20300-20399)) W Depot St ((9700-9999)) W Edmands Rd ((8300-9499)) W Freeman Rd ((1700-13899)) W Governers Dr ((24100-24298)) W Governors Dr ((24100-24298)) W Irish Line Rd ((9354-12999)) W Iroquois Trl ((1600-13899)) W Lakeshore Dr ((2-26999)) W Lake St E ((10000-10398)) W Lake St Lp ((10000-10499)) W Lakeview Rd ((13500-13899)) W Le Duc Row ((23800-23899)) W Little Bear Trl ((12501-12698)) W Lockhart Rd ((7686-8196)) W M 28 ((100-40899)) W Maple Aly ((10500-10599)) W Maple Ln ((28030-28999)) W Maple St ((10400-10599)) W Mary Ella Row ((7201-7599)) W Mickey Cir ((12900-12999)) W Milligan Rd ((8000-8999)) W Mills Rd ((6400-10598)) W Naomikong Point Rd ((26600-26799)) W Partridge Row ((7700-7798)) W Pendills Lk Rd ((10700-19798)) W Pennsylvania St ((10500-10599)) W Pine St ((10500-10599)) W Plantation Rd ((11600-11799)) W Pleasant St ((9700-9899)) W Pond Cir ((11400-11698)) W Railroad St ((1001-10199)) W Rex St ((9500-9699)) W Shenandoah Ave ((9301-10099)) W Shields Rd ((18000-18599)) W Shore Rd ((8738-9498)) W Spectacle Lake Rd ((12200-12898)) W State St ((9800-9999)) W Tower Rd ((11579-117971)) W Townhall Ln ((9900-9999)) W Trails End Row ((10400-10599)) W Trout Ln ((21900-21999)) W Turtle Dr ((12500-12699)) W Water Tower Ln ((9600-9999)) W Weston Rd ((14700-14899)) W Winding Ridge ((6700-6999)) W Wolf Ave ((12500-12699)) W Wyckoff Rd ((25400-25499)) Yacuone Dr ((12000-12098))

    49715 Places and Attractions

    Avery Lake Back Bay Bay Mills Bay Mills Charter School Bay Mills Community College Bay Mills Emergency Connection Bay Mills Fire Department Bay Mills Indian Police Department Bay Mills Medical Clinic Bay Mills Point Bay Mills Post Office (historical) Bay Mills Reservation Bayou Pond Bayview Camp Grounds Bayview Cemetery Beaver Meadow Creek Bergman Creek Big Pines Picnic Area Birch Point Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Church Bons Creek Brimley Brimley Baptist Church Brimley High School Brimley Post Office Brimley State Park Brimley Station (historical) Cedar Point Chippewa Landing Ramp Cottage Park Cemetery Demond Hill Lookout Tower Dick Pond Dollar Settlement Dollar Settlement Cemetery Dorgans Crossing East Branch Waiska River East Soldier Lake Finnish Church First Congregational Church Gordons Landing Ramp Grant Creek Halfaday Creek Hiawatha Mission Hickler Creek Hillcrest Cemetery Horseshoe Creek Indian Mission Church Iroquois Island Iroquois Mountain Ski Area Iroquois Post Office (historical) Ladd Creek Lake Shore Ski Club Little Avery Lake Little Waiska Creek Mill Creek Minnow Lake Campground Mission Mission Hill Mission Hill Cemetery Monocle Lake Monocle Lake Campground Monument Lake Nadoway Point North Branch Orrs Creek North Pond Old Mission Indian Cemetery Ol Misery Lodge Orrs Creek Pendills Creek Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery Pendills Lake Point Iroquois Point Iroquois Shoals Prey Creek Raco Raco Army Air Field (historical) Raco Field Raco Post Office Raco Ranger Station Raco Station (historical) Riordan Lake Round Island Round Island Point Saint Francis Xavier Church Salt Point Soldier Lake Soldier Lake Campground South Branch East Branch Waiska River South Branch Orrs Creek South Pond Spectacle Lake Sullivan Creek Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery Sullivan Creek Picnic Ground Superior Township Volunteer Fire Department Township of Bay Mills Township of Superior Toy Soldier Lake United States Department of Agriculture Iroquois Light House Viddian Creek Waiska Bay Waiska River Wellsburg Post Office (historical) West Branch Halfaday Creek Westons Iroquois Beach Wheels of History Museum White Creek Wild Bluff Golf Course