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Boyne Falls

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  • Boyne Falls Public School
  • Boyne City Alt. Ed. Boyne Valley Campus
  • Great Lakes Academic Center
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  • Mountain Run at Boyne
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    ZIP Code 49713 is located in Charlevoix County (96.50%) Antrim County (1.90%) Emmet County (1.60%)

    49713 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((4400-4456)) Addis Rd ((1477-4399)) Alta Trl ((3300-3498)) Ashman Hill Rd ((11301-11598)) Aspenview Trl ((3100-3299)) Baker ((1500-2098)) Balog ((1400-2199)) Barnadyn Rd ((1-1999)) Bauman Rd ((2093-2999)) Bear River Rd ((5201-5491)) Benal Rd ((4000-4899)) Bettman Trl E ((3200-3399)) Big Valley Trl ((3401-3499)) Bingham Rd ((10106-10204)) Bows Rd ((4201-4299)) Boyneland Dr ((2100-2299)) Boyne Mountain Rd ((3600-3698)) Boyne Mtn Rd ((3000-3999)) Boyne View Pass ((2301-2399)) Brook Dr ((5500-5998)) Brown Rd ((2401-4098)) CCC Rd ((5001-5099)) Cedar St ((2101-2799)) Center St ((2000-2898)) Chandler Hill Rd ((7000-11498)) Cherry Hill Rd ((3000-4798)) Church St ((2401-3999)) Clarion Rd ((2201-2699)) Clarion St ((2200-5199)) Clarion Valley ((2500-5199)) Cliff Dweller Dr ((2600-3999)) Cobb Rd ((3000-5499)) Co Rd C-48 ((9000-11999)) Country Club Rd ((1100-2198)) Cove Dr ((600-799)) Deer Field Trl ((5100-5799)) Deerview Dr ((2000-2299)) Delta Ln ((300-399)) Denise Rd ((1-6098)) Disciles Ct ((2000-2699)) Eastwood Rd ((4700-66099)) E Bear River Rd ((4500-6099)) E Birch Cir ((500-699)) E Deer Lake Rd ((1-513)) E Howard Rd ((3000-3599)) Elm ((3000-3098)) Forest Dr ((400-599)) Fraley Rd ((5201-7699)) Giem Rd ((10500-10999)) Gokee Rd ((4700-5699)) Grove St ((2201-2699)) Grygier Rd ((4000-5799)) Halsted Dr ((400-499)) Hetrick Rd ((1400-1999)) High Oaks Dr ((4600-4714)) Hillview Dr ((301-43099)) Hillview Rd ((301-43099)) Howard Rd ((1400-3299)) Huffman Lake Rd ((10112-10332)) Hughes Rd ((201-999)) Jenkins Rd ((1-2000)) Johnson Rd ((4000-5999)) Kuzmik Rd ((2046-3599)) Lake St ((2201-2699)) Lee St ((4478-4599)) Lost Woods Dr ((3101-3199)) Lynn St ((2801-3099)) Mackinaw Trail Rd ((5900-15898)) Mackinaw Trl ((3000-5399)) Magee Rd N ((1-3598)) Main ((2401-2599)) Main St ((2501-3199)) Maple Hill Rd ((5202-5422)) Maple Ln S ((600-699)) Maple St ((3000-3199)) Matelski Ln ((1801-1998)) Matz Rd ((5900-7098)) Mc Gregor Rd ((11000-11599)) Meadow Ln ((2401-2499)) Meadows Trl ((9700-9999)) Metros Rd ((1700-3600)) Mill St ((3000-3199)) Momument Ln ((3100-3299)) Morningside Dr ((11100-11499)) Mountain Pass Dr ((300-2398)) Mountain Pass Rd ((1-499)) Mountain Valley Dr ((2700-2799)) Nelson Ave ((2100-2698)) N Magee Rd ((3300-3599)) N Shore Dr ((526-5799)) N Slashing ((1100-1198)) N Springbrook Rd ((1-3999)) Old Mackinaw Trl ((3000-5598)) Padgett Rd ((4100-5999)) Penfold Rd ((3401-3699)) Peters Rd ((6000-7099)) Pine Meadow Ln ((3701-3799)) Pioneer Trl ((10000-10999)) Railroad St ((200-2999)) Ravine Rd ((10201-11499)) Renkie Rd ((4000-41399)) Ridgeline Dr ((800-1499)) River Rd ((3700-5199)) River Rd N ((4068-5199)) River Rd S ((4039-4179)) Romaniak Rd ((784-5999)) S Birch Cir ((500-899)) Sheriff Rd ((4500-5098)) Skop Rd ((3100-5599)) Spring ((3101-3299)) Spring Dr ((3100-3199)) Springvale Rd ((1000-10599)) S Slashing ((1-3099)) S Springbrook Rd ((1-2500)) S Spring Brook Rd ((700-798)) Stafford Rd ((10000-10999)) State Hwy 75 ((1867-3001)) State St ((3000-3199)) St Moritz Trl ((3601-3799)) Stradling Rd ((5000-5999)) Studer Rd ((7600-7738)) Swaybury Ln ((1-399)) Thumb Lake Rd ((2-11999)) Townhouse Trl ((3100-3499)) Townpump Rd ((11000-12698)) Turnberry Trl ((1700-1999)) Twin Hills Ct ((3400-3499)) US Hwy 131 ((1-15898)) Valley View Rd ((1800-1999)) Walton Rd N ((1-1798)) Whitfield Vw ((526-5799))

    49713 Places and Attractions

    Audei's Alley Ski Trail Aurora Ski Trail Bernie's Ski Trail Bob Sled Ski Trail Boyne Falls Boyne Falls City Hall Boyne Falls Post Office Boyne Falls Public School Boyne Falls Station Boyne Falls United Methodist Church Boyneland Ski Trail Boyne Mountain Boyne Mountain Airport Boyne Mountain Golf Course Boyne Mountain Ski Area Boyne Valley Cemetery Boyne Valley Township Fire and Rescue Buz-z-z Ski Trail Campbells Alley Ski Trail Center McLouth Ski Trail Chandler Cemetery Chandler Hill Chandler Hills Chandler School Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office Chmielewski Ski Trail Church Camp Clarion Clarion Post Office (historical) Clarion Station Cold Springs Ski Trail Cramer Creek Crooked Tree Library Deer Run Ski Trail Devil's Dive Ski Trail DL's Drop Ski Trail Doc's Canal Ski Trail Donna's Delight Ski Trail Dot Post Office (historical) Easy Access Ski Trail Escape Ski Trail Gimlet Creek Grice's Way Ski Trail Hemingway Ski Trail Hemlock Ski Trail Hilda's Hideway Ski Trail Howard Cemetery Idiot's Delight Ski Trail In The Woods Ski Trail Johnny Mac Ski Trail Kunkle's Cut Ski Trail Kuznick Creek Licks Creek Melrose Station (historical) Melrose Township Fire Department Station 2 Miller's Time Ski Trail Molly C's Ski Trail Moyer Creek Mr Noll Ski Trail Mrs K's Ski Trail North Boyne Ski Trail North Branch Spring Brook North McLouth Ski Trail Nose Dive Ski Trail Okiron Cemetery Pat's Knob Ski Trail Pierson Ski Trail Pritchard's Pass Ski Trail Ramshead Ski Trail Ron's Run Ski Trail Saint Augustine Cemetery Saint Matthews Church Scotland's Yard Golf Course See-No-Land Ski Trail Shepherd's Trail Ski Trail Skop Ski Trail South Branch Spring Brook South McLouth Ski Trail Spring Brook Springvale Spring Vale Post Office (historical) Standard Lake Stein's Mambo Ski Trail Superbowl Ski Trail Te-Bowl Ski Trail The Bowl Ski Trail The Meadows Ski Trail Thumb Lake Thumb Lake Post Office (historical) Thunder Mountain Thunder Ski Trail To Disciples Ridge Ski Trail Township of Boyne Valley Township of Chandler Township of Melrose Victor Ski Trail Village of Boyne Falls Walloon Lake Country Club Wesley O Ski Trail Zippie's Ski Trail