Grand Rapids, MI 49506 ZIP Code Map


49506 Schools


  • Grand Rapids Learning Center
  • Southeast Academic Center
  • Ottawa Hills High School
  • Shawnee Park Oral-Deaf Center
  • Shawnee Science Math And Tech. Academy
  • Mulick Elementary
  • Congress Elementary
  • Campus Elementary
  • Ottawa Community School
  • Shared Time
  • Campus Early Childhood Center
  • Woodcliff
  • Wealthy School
  • Lakeside School
  • East Grand Rapids High School
  • East Grand Rapids Middle School
  • Breton Downs School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 49506 is located in Kent County

    49506 Street Addresses

    Abbington Dr SE ((2400-2599)) Abigail St SE ((2700-2799)) Abney Ave SE ((100-199)) Adams St SE ((1300-2099)) Albert Dr SE ((2400-2799)) Alexander St SE ((1200-1799)) Allerton Ave SE ((1200-1399)) Altavista Dr SE ((1-199)) Amberely Ct ((1600-1799)) Anchester Dr SE ((2400-2599)) Anderson Dr SE ((2000-2398)) Andover Ln SE ((1700-1799)) Andover Rd SE ((1500-1699)) Annchester Dr SE ((2401-2517)) Ardmore St SE ((2500-2799)) Argentina Dr SE ((1800-2399)) Arlington Dr SE ((257-345)) Artis Dr SE ((2012-2098)) Arundel Rd SE ((2400-2599)) Asbury Rd SE ((1600-1799)) Atlas Ave SE ((300-399)) Auburn Ave SE ((1-3299)) Audobon Dr SE ((2200-2299)) Avondale Ave SE ((1800-1999)) Bagley Ave SE ((700-799)) Baldwin St SE ((800-1199)) Ballard St SE ((1935-2099)) Barnard St SE ((2100-2199)) Barth Ave SE ((400-499)) Bates St SE ((800-1499)) Baxter St SE ((800-11099)) Beechwood Dr SE ((2400-3099)) Bellclaire Ave SE ((800-999)) Belvedere Dr SE ((400-599)) Bemis St SE ((800-1499)) Benjamin Ave SE ((1-1399)) Berwyck Rd SE ((2400-2757)) Birchcrest Dr SE ((2400-2799)) Blackstone Dr SE ((1800-1999)) Blodgett St SE ((900-999)) Bonnell Ave SE ((2700-3298)) Boston St SE ((1600-2799)) Brentwood Dr SE ((3000-3199)) Breton Rd SE ((900-1999)) Briarwood Ave SE ((242-599)) Brighton Dr SE ((2200-2399)) Burchard St SE ((2100-2399)) Burton St SE ((1600-2399)) Byron St SE ((1400-1499)) Cadillac Dr SE ((800-1199)) Calkins Ave SE ((200-399)) Calvin Ave SE ((800-1399)) Cambridge Blvd SE ((400-799)) Cambridge Dr SE ((800-2499)) Cardinal Dr SE ((600-799)) Carlton Ave SE ((1-399)) Carroll Ave SE ((200-299)) Cascade Rd SE ((2500-3191)) Chamberlain Ave SE ((1600-1999)) Cherry Dr SE ((200-299)) Cherry St SE ((800-1099)) Chesaning Dr SE ((2000-2299)) Chester St SE ((1000-1099)) Chippewa Dr SE ((800-1199)) Clark Crossing Dr SE ((700-799)) Colorado Ave SE ((1200-1399)) Colton Dr SE ((2600-2799)) Concord Ave SE ((1800-1999)) Congress Ave SE ((1-199)) Conlon Ave SE ((1000-1999)) Conlon Dr SE ((1000-1199)) Cornell Dr SE ((1300-2036)) Coronado Dr SE ((2000-2199)) Cotswold Ln ((2801-2899)) Covington Dr SE ((1800-1999)) Cranden Dr SE ((2400-2598)) Croswell Ave SE ((600-799)) Danbury Dr SE ((2400-2499)) Danby Ln SE ((1700-1799)) Darby Ave SE ((2700-2899)) Delange Dr SE ((2200-2399)) Delange St SE ((2200-2399)) Dennis Ave SE ((1-99)) Diamond Ave SE ((1-599)) Diamond Pl SE ((1-199)) Dolbee Ave SE ((500-799)) Donald Pl SE ((300-399)) Duchess Ave SE ((3600-3999)) Dunham St SE ((800-1499)) Durant Dr SE ((2100-2298)) Dwight Ave SE ((1-199)) Eastgate St ((2000-2098)) Eastgate St SE ((2001-2099)) Eastlawn Rd SE ((1200-1599)) Eastwood Ave SE ((1000-1199)) E Beltline Ave NE ((201-299)) E Beltline Ave SE ((1-2399)) E Chippewa Dr SE ((1100-1199)) Edgemere Dr SE ((400-599)) Edgewood Ave SE ((1400-1899)) Edgewood St SE ((1700-1717)) E Highland View Cir SE ((2300-2699)) el Centro Blvd SE ((106-232)) el Dorado ((1900-2032)) Eldorado Dr SE ((1900-2599)) Elliott St SE ((1600-2399)) Elmhurst Ave SE ((1-198)) Elmwood Dr SE ((2100-2999)) Enclave Ct SE ((400-598)) Englewood Dr SE ((1800-2399)) E Sauk Trl SE ((2700-2799)) E Shiawassee Rd SE ((2000-2299)) Estelle Dr SE ((2200-2399)) E Svc Rd ((1800-1999)) Ethel Ave SE ((400-799)) Eureka Ave SE ((300-499)) Evergreen St SE ((1600-1999)) Exeter Rd SE ((1600-1799)) Fairmount St SE ((800-10599)) Fisk Rd SE ((1200-1798)) Fitzhugh Ave SE ((1-199)) Fletcher Dr NE ((2400-2599)) Floral ((1000-2099)) Floral Ave SE ((800-1099)) Franklin St SE ((1200-1799)) Frederick Dr SE ((2500-2699)) Freyling Pl SE ((300-399)) Fuller Ave SE ((1-1399)) Fuller Lake Cutoff ((200-299)) Fulton St E ((927-3299)) Genessee St SE ((1400-1499)) Georgetown Dr ((1800-2499)) Georgetown Dr SE ((1801-2599)) Giddings Ave SE ((400-1399)) Gilmour St SE ((2400-2499)) Gladstone Dr SE ((246-1599)) Glenview Dr SE ((1-299)) Glenwood Ave SE ((400-599)) Golf Rd SE ((300-499)) Gorham Dr SE ((1600-2199)) Grace St SE ((1400-1499)) Gracewood Dr SE ((200-499)) Greenwich Rd NE ((100-399)) Greenwood Ave SE ((401-699)) Griggs St SE ((1600-2298)) Groton Rd SE ((1500-1599)) Hall St SE ((1200-3398)) Hampshire Blvd SE ((2500-3199)) Hampshire St SE ((2800-2862)) Hampton Ave SE ((200-399)) Hathaway Dr SE ((3000-3199)) Heath Dr SE ((2100-2299)) Heather Ct SE ((2200-2299)) Heather St SE ((2100-2299)) Hermitage St SE ((1000-1199)) Hiawatha Rd SE ((1600-1799)) Highland View Dr SE ((2300-2398)) Hodenpyl Rd SE ((100-598)) Hollister Ave SE ((200-399)) Hope St SE ((1100-1499)) Hurd St SE ((1300-1399)) Hutchinson Ave SE ((1300-1999)) Idema Dr SE ((1000-1199)) Indian Trl SE ((926-2616)) Iroquois Dr SE ((800-1199)) Johnston St SE ((1600-1799)) Kate Ave SE ((3800-3899)) Keneberry Way SE ((1000-1199)) Kenesaw Dr SE ((900-1199)) Kingswood Dr SE ((1-398)) Kr Blvd SE ((1900-1999)) Kreiser Blvd SE ((1800-1999)) Kreiser St ((1800-1999)) Kreiser Ter ((1900-1999)) Kreiser Ter SE ((1200-1899)) Lago Ln NE ((200-299)) Lake Ct SE ((3800-3899)) Lake Dr SE ((800-3399)) Lake Grove Ave SE ((901-1599)) Lake-Point Dr SE ((2000-2099)) Lakeside Dr NE ((500-899)) Lakeside Dr SE ((1-1199)) Lakeview Dr SE ((1-99)) Lakewood Dr SE ((200-399)) Lansing St SE ((2100-2199)) Laurel Ave SE ((500-1799)) Laurel Cir SE ((601-799)) Laurel Rd SE ((1400-1599)) Leffingwell Ave NE ((600-699)) Lenawee Rd SE ((1800-1999)) Lenox Rd SE ((1200-1599)) Lillian St SE ((1200-1298)) Littlefield Dr NE ((300-2899)) Locust Ave SE ((500-699)) Logan St SE ((800-1599)) Lotus Ave SE ((1600-1999)) Louise St SE ((1700-1799)) Lovett Ave SE ((500-799)) Ludlow Dr SE ((2301-4398)) Luton Ave SE ((1-199)) Luton Ct SE ((1-199)) Mackinaw Rd SE ((1400-1699)) Mall Dr SE ((3100-3299)) Manhattan Ln SE ((3000-3199)) Manhattan Rd ((600-699)) Manhattan Rd SE ((241-699)) Manor Dr SE ((2600-2699)) Maplewood Dr SE ((2400-3099)) Maris Ct SE ((900-999)) Mary Ave SE ((3000-3099)) Maryland Ave SE ((1-199)) Maumee Dr SE ((2000-2199)) Maxwell Ave SE ((800-999)) McCoy Ave SE ((3500-3599)) McKinley Ct SE ((1100-1199)) Menominee Rd SE ((1800-1999)) Mercer Dr SE ((1-199)) Michigan St NE ((2400-3199)) Middleboro Dr NE ((1-199)) Middleboro Ln NE ((1-2799)) Midland Dr SE ((2700-3199)) Milton St SE ((1300-1599)) Modoc Trl SE ((2700-2799)) Monterey Dr SE ((1000-1199)) Montery Dr SE ((1000-1199)) Montvale Dr SE ((2800-2899)) Morningside Dr SE ((1-1999)) Negaunee Dr SE ((2100-2299)) Neland Ave SE ((500-799)) Newton Ave SE ((1800-1999)) Noble St SE ((1200-1499)) Nokomis Dr SE ((1700-1799)) Norfolk Rd SE ((2476-2755)) Normandy Dr SE ((2300-2599)) Northshire Dr SE ((3100-3199)) Norwood Ave SE ((200-599)) N Shiawassee Rd SE ((1900-2199)) Oak Hollow Dr SE ((2900-3199)) Oakwood Dr SE ((2200-3099)) Ogden Ave SE ((900-999)) Okemos Dr SE ((2000-2599)) Omena Ave SE ((2000-2299)) Onaway Dr SE ((2201-2299)) Onaway Rd SE ((1800-2299)) Onekama Dr SE ((2100-3398)) Ontonagon Ave SE ((2000-2299)) Orchard Ave SE ((800-1199)) Orchard Hill Ave SE ((200-399)) Orchard Hill St SE ((200-399)) Orville St SE ((1700-2099)) Osceola Ave SE ((2000-2299)) Otsego Dr SE ((2300-2399)) Oxford Dr SE ((1600-1699)) Oxford Rd SE ((1600-1799)) Paddock Ave SE ((100-199)) Park Hills Dr SE ((1-299)) Philadelphia Ave SE ((1200-1399)) Pierce Pl SE ((1-99)) Pinecrest Ave SE ((800-1599)) Pioneer Club Rd SE ((157-2999)) Plaza Dr SE ((2900-2999)) Plymouth Ave SE ((238-2599)) Plymouth Ter SE ((1800-1999)) Pokogon Rd SE ((1800-1999)) Pontiac Dr SE ((1400-1799)) Pontiac Rd SE ((1500-1599)) Porter Hills Dr SE ((1-3799)) Princeton Blvd SE ((900-999)) Radcliff Ave SE ((1600-1999)) Reeds Lake Arm Blvd N ((100-299)) Reeds Lake Arm Blvd S ((300-2698)) Reeds Lake Arm N ((100-299)) Reeds Lake Blvd SE ((344-3798)) Reeds Lake S Arm Dr SE ((300-2698)) Reeds Lake SE ((3000-4199)) Reed St SE ((1600-1699)) Rexford Dr SE ((123-299)) Richards Dr SE ((2400-2799)) Richard Ter SE ((300-399)) Ridgemoor Ave SE ((1600-1999)) Ridgepark Dr SE ((2000-2499)) Ridgeview St SE ((1600-1699)) Ridgewood Ave SE ((1400-1999)) Robey Pl SE ((300-399)) Robinson Rd SE ((1400-2999)) Robinwood Ave SE ((100-199)) Rosalind Rd SE ((1400-1599)) Rosemont Ave SE ((1800-1999)) Rose Pkwy SE ((1600-1699)) Rosewood Ave SE ((244-2399)) Ross Ct SE ((800-899)) Saginaw Rd SE ((1600-2399)) San Jose Dr SE ((700-1199)) San Juan Dr SE ((1000-1099)) San Lucia Dr SE ((900-1199)) San Lu Rae Dr SE ((1800-2199)) Santa Barbara Dr SE ((800-1199)) Santa Cruz Dr SE ((1000-1199)) Santa Monica St SE ((2400-2499)) S Chesaning Dr SE ((2000-2199)) S Edgewood St SE ((2201-2399)) Seminole Rd SE ((1400-1799)) Shawnee Dr SE ((2100-2399)) Sherman Ct SE ((1500-1598)) Sherman St SE ((800-1999)) Sherwood Ave SE ((1400-1999)) S Highland View Cir SE ((2300-2399)) Shopping Center Rd SE ((500-699)) Sigsbee St SE ((800-1499)) Southshire Dr SE ((3100-3199)) S Reeds Lake Arm Blvd SE ((344-399)) S Saulk Trl SE ((2200-2299)) State Hwy 37 ((1-2399)) Stratford Ct SE ((2200-2299)) Strathmoor Pl SE ((1400-1499)) Sunnybrook Ave SE ((1-199)) Svc Rd SE ((2800-2899)) Sylvan Ave SE ((1200-2399)) Tecumseh Dr SE ((2100-2399)) Tekonsha Rd SE ((2000-2099)) Tenway Dr SE ((1700-2199)) Thomas St SE ((800-1499)) Underwood Ave SE ((1000-1399)) Uplands Dr SE ((3000-3199)) Vandenberg Pl SE ((1-99)) Vassar Dr SE ((2600-3099)) Vesta Ln SE ((1700-1799)) Village Dr SE ((1900-2698)) Virginia St SE ((900-999)) Visser Pl SE ((300-399)) Warren Ave SE ((200-299)) Warwick Rd SE ((1700-1799)) W Chippewa Dr SE ((1100-1199)) Wealthy St SE ((800-2399)) Wellington Ave SE ((200-299)) Westboro Dr NE ((2400-2599)) W Highland View Cir SE ((2300-2699)) Whitfield Rd SE ((1600-1799)) Wilcox Park Dr SE ((1400-1499)) Willshire Dr SE ((2000-2399)) Wilnella Dr SE ((1800-1899)) Winick St SE ((1600-1699)) Woodcliff Ave SE ((1400-1999)) Woodcliff Cir SE ((2700-3099)) Woodcliff Dr SE ((1200-1499)) Woodlawn Ave SE ((1400-2799)) Woodmere Ave SE ((300-399)) Woodshire Ave SE ((1200-1399)) Woodward Ave SE ((1600-1999)) Woodward Ln SE ((1-299)) Wooster Ave SE ((1801-1823)) Wooster Dr SE ((1800-1899)) Wren Ave SE ((1000-1099)) York Dr SE ((1600-1799)) Youell Ave SE ((100-299)) Zuni Trl SE ((2700-2799))

    49506 Places and Attractions

    Academic Building Albertus Magnus Hall of Science Aquinas College Aquinas College Historical Marker Aquinas College Performing Arts Center Art and Music Center Baldwin Observatory Baxter School Bethel Pentecostal Church Bethel Praise and Worship Center Blodgett Memorial Medical Center Heliport Blodgett School Breton Downs School Breton Village Mall Brink Hall Burton Baptist Church Calvin Christian Reformed Church Campus Elementary School Church Lake City of East Grand Rapids Clark Memorial Home Community Bible Baptist Church Congress School Cook Carriage House Dominican Hall Eastern Avenue Christian Church Eastern Avenue Church of Christ East Grand Rapids East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety East Grand Rapids Fire Department East Grand Rapids High School East Grand Rapids Library East Grand Rapids Middle School East Grand Rapids Police Department East High School Eastminster Presbyterian Church Engineering Building Fifth Reformed Church First Protestant Reformed Church Fisk Lake Franklin Park Fulton House Garfield Park Cemetery Gate House Grace Episcopal Church Grace Hauenstein Library Grand Rapids Fire Department Burton Street Station Grand Rapids Fire Department Chester Street Station Grand Rapids Friends Church Hodenpyl Woods Holmdene Building Hruby Hall Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Immaculate Heart School Indian Village Mall Jarecki-Lacks Center John A Collins Park John F Connelly Conference Center Kidder Field Heliport Knape Hall Lake Drive Baptist Church Lakeside School Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Madison Middle School Manhattan Recreation Area Manhattan School Martin Luther King Park Martin Luther School Mathias Alten Historical Marker Mathias Alten Home and Studio Historical Marker Mayflower Congregational Church Meijer Hall Metropolitan Hospital Mid Lake Mulick Park Mulick Park School Ottawa Hills High School Ottawa Hills Library Physical Education Assembly Building Plymouth Heights Christian Church Ravine Apartments Reeds Lake Regina Hall Remington Park Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church Saint Joseph Hall Saint Paul Church Saint Stephen's Parish Saint Thomas Parish Shawnee Park Christian Church Shawnee Park School Sherman Street Christian Center Southeast Academic Center Southeast Protestant Reformed Church Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital Sylvan Junior High School Sylvan School Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity United Methodist Church True Light Baptist Church Uptown Assembly of God Church Waterfront Park Wealthy Street School Wege Student Center West Lake WGNR-FM (Grand Rapids) Wilcox Park Willowbrook Hall Woodcliff School Woodcock Hall Woodward House