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Cassopolis ZIP Codes


49031 Schools


  • Brookside Learning Center
  • Sam Adams Elementary School
  • Ross Beatty High School
  • Frank Squires Early Elem. School
  • Cassopolis Alternative Ed.
  • Census


    ZIP Code 49031 is located in Cass County

    49031 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((100-399)) Adams Rd ((66500-67399)) Airline St ((20700-20798)) Allegheny St ((19300-20899)) Anderson Rd ((1600-63499)) Ash St ((22200-22299)) Ave J ((200-599)) Barron Lake Rd ((1810-2068)) Beardsley Ln ((61000-61199)) Beech St ((2326-22299)) Beechwood Ln ((60700-60799)) Beeson St ((24200-26413)) Ben Clanton Dr ((19200-65499)) Briarpatch Rd ((55200-55999)) Brick Church Rd ((63301-66098)) Brownsville Rd ((18640-29098)) Brownsville St ((18640-29098)) Bulhand Rd ((21601-67499)) Bulhand St ((19000-67298)) Calvin Center Rd ((62410-69999)) Calvin Hill St ((16100-21999)) Cara Ave ((20200-20698)) Carlton Ave ((20100-62098)) Carlton Dr ((21466-62299)) Carver Rd ((64000-64399)) Cassopolis Rd ((63400-69098)) Cass Rd ((21601-61299)) Cass St ((24101-64999)) Cemetery St ((100-23299)) Center St ((301-66299)) Chain Lake Rd ((63901-644098)) Chain Lake St ((16300-19999)) Channel Dr ((22300-61799)) Chapel Hill St ((17400-18999)) Chicago ((62300-62698)) Churchill St ((54500-55099)) Colony Bay Dr ((20200-61798)) Commercial St ((1810-2068)) Crest Dr ((56000-56199)) Crooked Creek Rd ((20000-64699)) Dailey Rd ((61000-64999)) Darwin St ((500-599)) Day Lake Rd ((63735-64499)) Decatur Rd ((20701-60599)) Decatur St ((20501-21099)) Deep Woods Dr ((61400-61498)) Depot St ((100-299)) Detroit Rd ((3300-3398)) Diamond Cove St ((22400-22899)) Diamond Harbor Ct ((21000-21199)) Diamond Shores Dr ((20400-20999)) Diamond View Dr ((62400-64798)) Dunning St ((3200-28899)) Dutch Settlement Rd ((17221-24999)) Dutch Settlement St ((17221-24999)) Eagle Point Rd ((62200-62899)) East St ((62600-62798)) Eastwood Rd ((56000-56399)) Eby Rd ((65101-65398)) Engle St ((23100-24599)) E Peninsula Dr ((65200-65799)) E South St ((100-599)) E State St ((200-1199)) Evan St ((23600-25098)) E Water St ((100-699)) E York St ((200-799)) Fern Dr ((22200-22299)) Fish Lake St ((56200-56898)) Follett Dr ((1100-1199)) Forest Ave ((22201-22399)) Foresthall Ave ((22001-22087)) Foresthall Dr ((22001-22087)) Forest Hall Dr ((22000-22299)) Forest Ln ((56800-56998)) Forest Shore Dr ((23500-23598)) Fox St ((18500-23999)) Frances St ((61200-61399)) Francis Dr ((61200-61399)) Gards Prairie Rd ((55151-60399)) Geneva Ln ((21001-21199)) Geneva St ((20600-20698)) Glenwood Rd ((55000-56899)) Gordon Rd ((19000-69499)) Graham St ((300-799)) Grange St ((18000-19711)) Griffis Rd ((53704-56899)) Happy Dr ((22300-22499)) Harding St ((400-499)) Hathaway Rd ((55000-55299)) Hawks St ((16300-17899)) Highfield Rd ((62900-62999)) Hilltop Ln ((101-199)) Hilton St ((100-499)) Hoffman St ((19000-19999)) Hospital St ((23000-27098)) Howell Dr ((21601-61299)) Indian Ln ((21500-21599)) Irving St ((200-299)) Isabella St ((20500-20599)) Jefferson Center St ((22800-26999)) Jefferson St ((100-499)) Johnson St ((300-399)) Jones St ((27000-27999)) Kamp Kozy St ((22200-22899)) Kelsey Lake St ((20200-56999)) Kessington Rd ((16900-67325)) Kingsbury St ((24300-24999)) Lagoon Dr ((62100-62599)) Lake Dr ((23300-23699)) Lakeshore Dr ((111-399)) Lake Shore Dr ((100-399)) Lake St ((17100-62298)) Lakeview Dr ((62300-62498)) Lamb Rd ((66800-67499)) Lawrence Rd ((55000-56099)) Leigh Ave ((61300-61799)) Lenawee Rd ((61100-61299)) Library Rd ((26500-76599)) Lost Dr ((20701-68199)) Lost Rd ((20700-67799)) Loupee Dr ((22200-22499)) Lynn St ((19000-19198)) M 62 ((57500-58098)) Main St ((60964-60966)) Maple Row St ((22300-22499)) Maple St ((19000-58599)) Marcellus Hwy ((21675-21999)) Mary Lou Ln ((61200-61398)) Mason St ((17000-21999)) McKenzie St ((17506-21999)) Michigan Ave ((800-899)) Mill St ((58600-58699)) Monette St ((22000-23899)) Mount Zion St ((16200-22799)) Mud Lake St ((19101-19798)) Mullen Rd ((62000-65299)) N 1st St ((100-399)) N Broadway St ((101-599)) N Disbrow St ((100-399)) N East St ((100-299)) N Edwards St ((100-299)) N Fulton St ((100-399)) N O Keefe St ((100-60899)) North Dr ((64800-65798)) Northrop St ((19000-20199)) North St ((23800-65295)) N Park St ((61500-61514)) N Rowland St ((100-499)) N Shore Dr ((66400-66899)) N State Hwy 62 ((101-231)) Oak Grove Rd ((58200-62198)) Oak St ((19000-19199)) Oak Ter ((23400-23599)) Oakwood Ave ((62301-62399)) Oil City Rd ((65200-65998)) O Keefe Rd ((56000-60899)) O Keefe St ((60601-61898)) Osborn Ave ((22300-22499)) Osborn St ((20000-23699)) Outagamie ((61101-61199)) Paradise Lake Rd ((61100-61526)) Park Shore Dr ((700-61799)) Park St ((22200-61699)) Pearl St ((400-599)) Peavine St ((24500-26499)) Peninsula Dr ((16000-64941)) Penn Rd ((19000-59999)) Penny Ln ((26300-26399)) Pine Meadow Dr ((17800-17999)) Piperson Rd ((63001-63598)) Point Rd ((56301-56999)) Pokagon Dr ((21800-21899)) Pokagon Hwy ((23500-27570)) Poplar St ((19001-19099)) Potawatami Ln ((61200-61298)) Prairie Ave ((62200-662398)) Prairie Grove St ((19601-19699)) Prairie St ((58500-58699)) Puterbaugh Ln ((21501-64299)) Putman Rd ((61100-61299)) Quaker St ((17167-20999)) Quinnesec Rd ((61100-61299)) Railroad St ((400-20599)) Reed St ((100-199)) Ridge Rd ((23000-23399)) Robinson Rd ((63500-66598)) Rowland St ((400-498)) Rutherford Ct ((65601-65699)) Sail Bay Dr ((21100-62599)) Savage Rd ((54500-55999)) S Broadway St ((100-799)) School St ((100-299)) Schultz Ct ((21401-21999)) S Disbrow St ((100-299)) Sears St ((15294-63998)) S East St ((100-499)) S Fulton St ((100-399)) Shady Ln ((22300-22499)) Sherman Ln ((400-61799)) Sherman St ((301-898)) Shiawassee Dr ((21600-21799)) Shore Acres Rd ((21001-21598)) Shorewood Dr ((64701-65295)) Short St ((201-26598)) Shurte St ((21000-24499)) Silver St ((700-799)) S O Keefe St ((100-699)) South Dr ((65301-66299)) South St ((17500-65899)) Spaniolo Dr ((64500-66999)) Spencer Rd ((100-61699)) S Rowland St ((100-399)) State Hwy 60 ((100-23711)) State Hwy 62 ((100-67099)) Stephenson Rd ((62600-62698)) Stevens Forest Lake St ((17000-17499)) Stewart Rd ((20000-65999)) Stone Lake Dr ((61900-61998)) Stone Lake St ((101-199)) Sunnyside Dr ((56700-56899)) Sylvan Ln ((23401-56999)) Taggarts Aly ((21000-21099)) Terrace Dr ((21100-21399)) Teter Trl ((69100-69499)) Tharp Lake Rd ((17700-69499)) Tulip Tree Ln ((62500-62699)) Turpin Rd ((65800-66399)) Twin Lakes Rd ((56299-57999)) Union Rd ((16100-66599)) Victoria Ln ((65900-66098)) Wade Rd ((64601-65499)) Wagner Dr ((17000-17199)) Wakelee Ln ((21600-61198)) Walnut Rd ((64200-64298)) Walnut St ((61400-61599)) Warren Ave ((62301-62399)) Watercress Way ((15400-15599)) Welcome's Ln ((17701-17899)) White St ((2801-63799)) Williams St ((18600-18898)) Williamsville St ((15700-18999)) Wilson Ave ((62100-62399)) W Jefferson St ((100-299)) Wolf St ((800-899)) Woodland St ((22200-22399)) W Peninsula Dr ((65200-65799)) W State St ((100-599)) W York St ((100-299))

    49031 Places and Attractions

    Allegheny School Bethel Cemetery Bethel Church Bethel Church Bonine Elk Park Brady Cemetery Brick School Brooklyn School Brookside Cemetery Brownsville Brownsville Post Office (historical) Bulhand School Calvin Center Calvin Center Cemetery Calvin Center Seventh Day Adventist Church Calvin Center Seventh Day Adventist School Calvin Community Chapel Calvin Hill School Calvin Post Office (historical) Calvin Township Hall Camp Baber Camp Bryan Camp Cozy Camp Manitou Cass County Courthouse Cass County Courthouse Historical Marker Cass County Fairgrounds Cass County Medical Care Facility Cass County Sheriff Department Cass District Library-Cassopolis Cass Evangelical Free Church Cass Family Clinic Cassopolis Cassopolis Police Department Cassopolis Post Office Cassopolis Station Cassopolis Volunteer Fire Department Cass School Chain Lake Chain Lake Baptist Church and Cemetery Historical Marker Chain Lake Cemetery Chain Lake Church Christ Tabernacle Church Christ Temple Church Community Baptist Church Cooks Lake Cool Springs Campground Curtis Lake Dailey Dailey Post Office (historical) Dailey Station (historical) Day Lake Day Post Office (historical) Diamond Cove Missionary Church Diamond Island Diamond Lake Diamond Lake Church Diamond Lake Golf Club Diamond Shores Dibble Dale School Eagle Point Edwardsburg Fire Department North Station First Church of God Fred Russ State Forest Geneva School Gline School Goose Lake Gray Lake Harmon Park House of Prayer Church Jefferson Center School Jefferson Red Brick School Jeffersonville Post Office (historical) Kelsey Lake Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Lafferty Lake La Grange La Grange Lake La Grange Post Office (historical) Lake Regional Conference Camp Lee Memorial Medical Group Leninger Lake Lewis Cass Intermediate School LifeCare Ambulance Services Cassopolis Little Fish Lake Little Fish Lake Cemetery Living Waters Camp Long Lake Long School Maple Grove Trailer Park Mason Church Moon Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Mud Lake Mud Lake Muld Lake Mullen Lake Newton School Oak Grove School Painter Lake Park Shore Golf Course Park Shore Resort Penn Penn Friends Church Penn Post Office (historical) Penn Station Peoples Protestant II Church Pleasant Hill School Pleasant View Church Prairie Grove Cemetery Prospect Hill Cemetery Puterbaugh Lake Reams-Norton Cemetery Redfield Hall Redfield School Rest Haven Cemetery Robinson Lake Ross Beatty High School Round Lake Saint Ann Catholic Church Saint Paul Lutheran Church Salisbury Cemetery Salisbury School Sam Adams Middle School Schulte Cemetery Shaffer Cemetery Shavehead Lake Skab Lake Spring Beach Squire School Stevens Memorial Park Stone Lake Swamp School Taylors Flight Park Tharp Lake Township of Calvin Township of Jefferson Township of LaGrange Township of Penn Underground Railroad Historical Marker Union Church United Methodist Church United Presbyterian Church Van Riper Cemetery Veterans Memorial and Beeson Street Park Village of Cassopolis Volinia Volinia Baptist Church Volinia Post Office (historical) Westgate Center School Whitmanville Cemetery Willow Pond School WLLJ-AM (Cassopolis) Woodlands Behavioral Health Center Word of Life Family Worship Youngs Prairie Cemetery