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  • Shepherd Middle School
  • Shepherd High School
  • Shepherd Elementary School
  • Morey Public School Academy
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    ZIP Code 48883 is located in Isabella County (65.70%) Midland County (34.30%)

    48883 Street Addresses

    Alamando ((1-199)) Bates Dr ((300-398)) Bliss Rd ((11801-11999)) Campbell Ave ((316-498)) Chippewa River Rd ((4000-4499)) Chippewa St ((200-499)) Church St ((10100-11099)) Coe Rd ((2578-2999)) Co Rd 549 ((11500-11999)) County Line Rd ((400-898)) Dearing Dr ((100-399)) East Dr ((100-499)) E Blanchard Rd ((100-11999)) E Boulevard St ((101-199)) E Broomfield Rd ((10000-10998)) E Central Ave ((100-399)) E Coe Rd ((939-11899)) E Cottage Ave ((100-399)) E Deerfield Rd ((5500-11999)) E Fremont Rd ((1-10599)) E Hall Ave ((100-198)) E Isabella County Line Rd ((1-8398)) E Jerseyville Rd ((601-9999)) E Maple St ((100-299)) E Millbrook Rd ((5000-11999)) E Orchard Ave ((100-398)) E Pleasant Valley Rd ((1-11999)) E Remick Rd ((1500-2999)) E South County Line Rd ((400-1499)) E South Isabella County Line Rd ((3001-8299)) E Walton Rd ((900-11999)) E Wing Rd ((9100-10999)) E Wright Ave ((100-598)) Ferdinand Pvt ((5400-5498)) Golfside Ct ((8700-8999)) Gordonville Rd ((4000-5999)) Greendale Ct ((5439-5499)) Huckleberry Rd ((5500-5999)) Logan Ln ((1000-1099)) Looten Ln ((1100-1299)) Luce Rd ((10000-10399)) Lynn Ave ((400-499)) Meadow Brook Ln ((4200-4319)) Medford Blvd ((5400-5499)) Michael Ave ((200-399)) N Chippewa St ((100-499)) N Coleman Rd ((1-1811)) N Cottage Ave ((300-499)) N County Line Rd ((400-9599)) N Fifth St ((200-499)) N First St ((200-299)) N Fourth St ((101-499)) N Geneva Rd ((1-499)) N Lakeside Trl ((11000-11999)) N Lewis Rd ((1-699)) N Magrudder Rd ((1-1099)) N Magruder Rd ((1000-1999)) North Dr ((100-199)) N Pingree Rd ((11500-11999)) N Second St ((100-599)) N South County Line Rd ((8739-8999)) N Third St ((100-499)) N Tryon Dr ((700-899)) N Union Ave ((100-399)) Oakwood Dr ((5000-5999)) Osborn Dr ((4500-4999)) Prairie Creek Rd ((3000-3999)) Red Maple Ln ((300-399)) River Rd ((5500-5854)) Riverview Dr ((8800-8999)) S 1st St ((200-499)) S 5th St ((100-199)) S Alamando Rd ((1-1499)) Salt River Dr ((200-298)) Salt River Rd ((4000-5799)) S Barnard Rd ((10200-10899)) S Castor Rd ((1-999)) S Chippewa Ave ((100-499)) S Chippewa Rd ((4000-11999)) Schoolcrest Dr ((200-499)) S Coleman Rd ((1-2999)) S Crawford Rd ((9000-11799)) S Dickenson Rd ((1000-1799)) S East County Line Rd ((1-8398)) S E County Line Rd ((9301-9599)) SE County Line Rd ((1-11898)) S Federal Rd ((8000-8999)) S Fordyce Rd ((9001-9999)) S Fourth St ((100-398)) S Geneva Rd ((1-1999)) S Genuine Rd ((8100-8999)) S Greendale Rd ((1-1599)) S Green Rd ((8600-10499)) Short Rd ((5500-5999)) S Isabella Co Line ((8601-8737)) S Isabella Rd ((6000-11899)) S Jenkins Dr ((3301-3399)) S Lakeside Trl ((11200-11999)) S Leaton Rd ((5000-11699)) S Lewis Rd ((2000-2499)) S Lincoln Rd ((7000-11398)) S Loomis Rd ((4200-11799)) S Magrudder Rd ((1-1299)) S Meridian Rd ((8000-9999)) S Mission Rd ((9200-11999)) S Nottawa Rd ((8400-9899)) S Pure Rd ((1-199)) S Second St ((100-399)) S Shepherd Rd ((5000-11999)) S Sponsellor Dr ((7100-7399)) S Summerton Rd ((5000-11699)) State Hwy 20 ((3000-5498)) S Third St ((100-399)) S Union Ave ((200-2498)) S Vandecar Rd ((9000-10699)) S Vroman Rd ((7100-10798)) SW County Line Rd ((1-8398)) S Whiteville Rd ((7000-9999)) S Winn Rd ((9200-11999)) S Wise Rd ((4000-11899)) Tara Ct ((100-199)) Union St ((100-399)) Upton Ct ((8200-8298)) Upton Dr ((7100-8399)) Ward Rd ((701-899)) W Blanchard Rd ((100-899)) W Boulevard St ((100-299)) W Bradford Rd ((4000-5999)) W Brooks Rd ((5500-5999)) W Central Ave ((200-299)) W Chippewa River Rd ((3000-4199)) W Clark St ((200-299)) W Coe Rd ((2578-2999)) W Cottage Ave ((100-399)) W Dopp Rd ((5500-5999)) Wedgewood Ct ((1-99)) W Evart Rd ((1003-1899)) W Fremont Rd ((983-2999)) W Hall St ((100-399)) W Hines Rd ((5000-5499)) W Isabella Rd ((3000-5599)) W Maple St ((100-399)) W Miller Rd ((3500-5998)) W N Gratiot County Line Rd ((1001-1499)) W North County Line Rd ((1001-9999)) W Olson Rd ((4500-5399)) W Orchard Ave ((100-399)) W Pleasant Valley Rd ((1-2999)) W Prairie Rd ((3000-4999)) W School Rd ((5000-5999)) W Shepherd Rd ((5500-5999)) W Stewart Rd ((3500-3999)) W Wright Ave ((100-599))

    48883 Places and Attractions

    Bass Lake Black Creek Brown Cemetery Cahoon Post Office (historical) Camelot Lake Cedar Drain Central Clinic-Shepherd Childs Creek Chippewa Street Church of Christ Coe Township Library Crawford Crawford Post Office (historical) Destiny Christian Ministries Figg Drain Glad Tidings Church Green Cemetery Greendale Cemetery Greendale Church Interchange 135 Isabella County Poor Farm Cemetery Jerseyville Church Jerseyville Post Office (historical) Kelly Cemetery Kirch Drain Kittle Lake LaStrange Lake Lincoln Cemetery Little Salt River Park Lyons Lake Martin Luther Institute Morey Charter Elementary School Morey Middle School Mount Pleasant Oil Field Mud Lake Oil City Oil City Assembly of God Church Onion Creek Parcher Drain Pleasant View School Potter Creek Power House Historical Marker Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Saint Vincent de Paul Cemetery Salt River Cemetery Salt River Church Salt Rivers Acres Campground Shepherd Shepherd Clinic Shepherd Elementary School Shepherd High School Shepherd Post Office Shepherd Station Shepherd Tri - Township Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Shepherd Tri - Township Fire Department Station 3 Shepherd Village Police Department Shpeherd Middle School South Carl Drain Strickland Strickland Baptist Church Strickland Post Office (historical) Summerton Summerton Post Office (historical) Thatcher Creek Thrasher Creek Township of Coe Township of Greendale United Methodist Church Village of Shepherd Westlawn Church of Christ Winding Brook Golf Club