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Saint Charles

48655 Schools


  • Anna M. Thurston Middle School
  • St. Charles Community High School
  • St. Charles Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 48655 is located in Saginaw County

    48655 Street Addresses

    Alicia Rd ((4000-6499)) Amman Rd ((10000-12999)) Andrews Rd ((7000-11999)) Baltic St ((600-699)) Baumgartner Rd ((11500-13999)) Beaver Rd ((7700-13999)) Bishop Rd ((8000-13999)) Blueberry Ln ((11301-11399)) Brant Rd ((11300-15999)) Broughton Rd ((5500-6499)) Burt Rd ((12000-12649)) Carr Rd ((921-12886)) Charles St ((100-499)) Cherry St ((100-699)) Chesaning St ((101-1499)) Chestnut St ((500-599)) Christy Dr ((500-599)) Clifford St ((100-298)) Coal St ((100-699)) Co Hwy 486 ((5600-5873)) Colvin Rd ((16000-22999)) Dempsey Rd ((1001-14699)) E Belle Ave ((100-999)) E Clinton St ((100-299)) E Flint St ((100-199)) E Hosmer St ((100-199)) E Maple St ((100-399)) E North St ((100-799)) Entrepeneur Dr ((1-299)) E Oak St ((100-299)) E Spruce St ((100-299)) E Walnut St ((100-299)) E Water St ((100-999)) Fenmore Rd ((1001-14699)) Fergus Rd ((4000-12999)) Flint St ((100-10199)) Florence ((600-699)) Fort St ((100-199)) Frandsche Rd ((12000-12999)) Fry Rd ((4000-5999)) Fulton St ((100-698)) Gasper Rd ((11601-12999)) Grabowski Rd ((14000-20999)) Hanchett Rd ((13000-13998)) Hanchett St ((100-699)) Hulien Rd ((11000-11999)) Irving St ((200-299)) Ithaca Rd ((12001-22999)) Jay St ((100-399)) Lakefield Rd ((11000-21999)) Lake St ((100-399)) Locust St ((401-599)) Loon Lake Loop Rd ((5600-5873)) Loven Rd ((15000-15999)) Mahoney Rd ((11500-12999)) Marc Dr ((500-599)) Marcy St ((100-399)) Marion Rd ((10000-12999)) Martin Rd ((7201-7535)) McKay Rd ((17000-17999)) McKeighan Rd ((10000-12999)) Milano Dr ((100-150)) N 20th Ave ((12348-12614)) Nelson Rd ((13000-20273)) N Irving St ((101-199)) N Main St ((1000-1399)) N Miami St ((100-199)) N Saginaw St ((100-1299)) Oakley Rd ((9000-11314)) Oakridge Ln ((11900-12099)) Park Ct ((1000-1099)) Parkway Dr ((100-199)) Pine St ((100-599)) Prior Rd ((10900-12999)) Ridgewood Dr ((13000-13500)) Ring Rd ((12000-14999)) Rockford Dr ((10500-10699)) Sanderson St ((300-898)) S Brennan Rd ((6000-8799)) S Chapin Rd ((6000-8499)) Schroeder Rd ((13000-15999)) S Fenmore Rd ((8001-9999)) S Fordney Rd ((6000-11499)) S Graham Rd ((1126-12999)) Sharon Rd ((9400-13598)) S Hemlock Rd ((6218-16098)) S Irving St ((100-199)) S Iva Rd ((5176-9999)) S Merrill Rd ((7000-8999)) S Miami St ((100-198)) S Orr Rd ((5000-7299)) Spencer Rd ((10000-11099)) S Raucholz Rd ((6000-10499)) S Saginaw St ((100-499)) S Steel Rd ((5900-8999)) State Hwy 52 ((100-12999)) Stello Rd ((4780-4899)) Stratford Dr ((12000-12299)) Stuart Rd ((11000-13999)) Summer Ridge Rd ((12200-12206)) Sunview Dr ((100-299)) S Wayne St ((100-199)) Teft Rd ((4400-11499)) Three Oaks Ln ((12001-12298)) Townline Rd ((12000-12999)) Turner Rd ((10001-11999)) Vine St ((100-199)) Wahl Rd ((10000-12499)) W Belle Ave ((100-9995)) W Birch Run Rd ((4000-8999)) W Brant Rd ((15015-15999)) W Burt Rd ((4968-12649)) W Clinton St ((100-699)) W Fry Rd ((6000-6999)) W Hosmer St ((100-699)) W Ithaca Rd ((21000-22999)) W Maple St ((100-698)) W North St ((100-999)) W Oak St ((100-399)) Woodlawn Dr ((100-299)) W Spruce St ((100-12299)) W Townline Rd ((12000-19999)) W Verne Rd ((8600-8799)) W Walnut St ((100-1199)) W Water St ((100-498))

    48655 Places and Attractions

    Alicia Alicia Post Office (historical) Bear Creek Beaver Creek Blackmer Drain Carson Drain Clausedale Coal Mine Number Eight Historical Marker Deer Creek Dygert Drain Eagle Creek Eastwood Post Office (historical) Eaton Drain Faith Fellowship Assembly of God Church Fergus Fergus Post Office (historical) First Baptist Church Fowler Schoolhouse Historical Marker Fremont Township Cemetery Garfield Garfield Station (historical) Groveton Hartley Outdoor Recreation Center Hope Church Immaculate Conception Church Indiantown Cemetery Kimberly Bayou Kimberly Oaks Golf Club Lakefield Cemetery Little Eagle Creek Luce Luce Post Office (historical) Lumberjack Park McDonough Corners McDonough Post Office (historical) Mina J Miller Elementary School Morgan Creek Nativity Lutheran Church Pickerel Creek Prairie Farm Saginaw Valley Coal Historical Marker Saint Charles Saint Charles' Cemetery Saint Charles Elementary School Saint Charles Family Practice Saint Charles Health Center Saint Charles High School Saint Charles Historical Museum Saint Charles Post Office Saint Charles Public Library Saint Charles Station Saint Charles United Methodist Church Saint Charles Village Police Department Saint Charles Waterfowl Observatory Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery Saint Mary Cemetery Saint Mary Church of Albee Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Schroeder House Historical Marker Seventh Day Adventist Church Shiawassee River State Game Area Soap Run South Fork Bad River Swan Creek Township Cemetery Swan Creek Township Park Thurston Middle School Township of Albee Township of Saint Charles Township of Swan Creek Trinity Church Tri - Township Fire Department Station 1 Village of Saint Charles Village Park Webb Drain Wolf Creek