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  • Pinconning Middle School
  • Pinconning Central Elementary School
  • Pinconning High School
  • Pinconning Advancement Academy
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  • Pinconning Trail Inn Motel
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    ZIP Code 48650 is located in Bay County (94.00%) Arenac County (6.00%)

    48650 Street Addresses

    7th St ((1-699)) 8th St ((100-398)) Airport Rd ((2701-3999)) Arenac State Rd ((4300-6098)) Armstrong Rd ((5200-5999)) Arthur St ((200-498)) Avalon Rd ((5701-5999)) Avis Ct ((100-199)) Bartys Rd ((3501-3699)) Bay Arenac Line Rd ((2500-5199)) Bay-Arenac Line Rd ((5000-5499)) Bay-Arenac Rd ((3536-3674)) Bay Gladwin County Line Rd ((1100-3384)) Belchak Ln ((2000-2098)) Bermuda St ((600-799)) Birch Dr ((1600-1899)) Blondin St ((300-399)) Center Dr ((100-499)) Debra Ct ((1-99)) Deep River Rd ((5200-5999)) Denny Rd ((2500-2999)) E 2nd St ((1-499)) E 3rd St ((100-399)) E 4th St ((100-499)) E 5th St ((100-2299)) E 6th St ((100-598)) E 7th St ((1-699)) E Almeda Beach Rd ((1-3199)) E Cody Estey Rd ((1-3299)) E Coggins Rd ((1-2999)) E Erickson Rd ((1-2999)) Eight Mile Rd ((5500-5999)) E Kitchen Rd ((1-2999)) E Lapan ((2801-3299)) E Lapan Rd ((2500-3299)) E Mount Forest Rd ((1-3499)) E Neuman Rd ((1-3299)) E Newberg Rd ((1-3598)) E Oakview Dr ((3001-3099)) E Pinconning Rd ((1-3399)) E Prevo Rd ((500-1098)) E Townline 16 Rd ((1500-3099)) E Whitefeather Rd ((1-5599)) E Wirble Rd ((2600-3193)) Fenton Dr ((1-299)) Foco Rd ((5900-5999)) Gilbert Rd ((1700-5499)) Gilman Dr ((2401-2499)) Glenview Ct ((500-999)) Gorbett Rd ((1700-5199)) Greenwood Rd ((2200-2399)) Hale Dr ((100-199)) Heppner Rd ((5300-5499)) Heriter ((4000-4299)) Hitz Rd ((3300-3499)) Horn St ((500-1899)) Hunter Rd ((4000-4399)) Hupter Rd ((2500-2999)) Huron Rd ((4000-5999)) Jane St ((500-898)) Joseph Dr ((2000-2099)) Jule Dr ((1101-1299)) Kaiser Rd ((2200-3999)) Kaiser Tower Rd ((1500-2199)) Krawczyk Rd ((5500-6098)) Lakeside Dr ((4800-4998)) Lalonde Rd ((3801-3999)) Lapan Rd ((1700-1999)) Law Rd ((3500-3599)) Lawrence St ((4200-4399)) Libby St ((200-499)) Lipka Rd ((2600-2799)) M-13 ((4000-5999)) Main St ((5100-5299)) Maloney Rd ((4000-4999)) Manitou St ((300-499)) Mary St ((2000-3899)) McLane St ((2000-2099)) Melita Rd ((5702-5899)) Mercer St ((300-3899)) Meyette Ln ((4501-4698)) Meyette Rd ((2500-3899)) Mosher Rd ((2700-3499)) N 11 Mile Rd ((2330-5499)) N 9 Mile Rd ((1324-5799)) N Carter Rd ((2437-4899)) N Eight Mile Rd ((1000-5999)) N Elevator Rd ((4500-5598)) Neuman Rd ((2000-2499)) N Flajole Rd ((3000-3499)) N Fraser Rd ((1000-5999)) N Garfield Rd ((2000-5299)) N Huron Rd ((100-4440)) N Mable St ((100-4440)) N Mackinaw Rd ((1500-5999)) N Maida Rd ((1500-4799)) N Manitou St ((100-298)) North Rd ((5033-5398)) North St ((1-499)) N Peterson Beach Dr ((2500-2799)) N Ritchie Rd ((5500-5899)) N Saginaw Bay Shore Dr ((2200-4899)) N Seven Mile Rd ((1000-5999)) N Shore Rd ((4501-5999)) N Tower Beach Rd ((1200-5499)) N Two Mile Rd ((3000-5299)) N Van Etten St ((101-199)) N Water St ((100-4499)) Oak Rd ((2200-2499)) Oakwood St ((600-799)) Old State Rd ((2000-2999)) Parkview St ((300-399)) Pinconning Rd ((1500-1999)) Quarterline Rd ((4000-4299)) Rashotte Rd ((1500-2798)) Rhodes St ((201-899)) Richardson Rd ((5301-5799)) Sanak Dr ((2200-2398)) Sand Rd ((1500-1799)) Sandy Dr ((5701-5999)) Schmidt Ln ((301-399)) Shore Rd ((4500-5098)) S Huron Rd ((5201-5999)) S Jennings St ((200-498)) S Kaiser St ((400-899)) S Mable St ((200-799)) S Manitou St ((300-398)) State Hwy 13 ((132-5839)) State Rd ((2000-2999)) Stempek Ln ((3600-3798)) Suburban St ((1000-1299)) S Van Etten St ((100-799)) S Warren St ((400-499)) S Water St ((100-499)) Townline 16 Rd ((1-3598)) Turmell Rd ((2200-2999)) Van Etten St ((3700-3899)) W 1st St ((200-299)) W 2nd St ((200-1099)) W 3rd St ((1-999)) W 4th St ((101-999)) W 5th St ((1-999)) W Almeda Beach Rd ((1-2999)) Warren St ((300-399)) W Cody Estey Rd ((1-1999)) W Erickson Rd ((1-999)) Whispering Pines Blvd ((100-899)) Whyte St ((200-398)) Wildwood Dr ((4201-4499)) Wirble Rd ((301-799)) W Kitchen Rd ((1-999)) W Mount Forest Rd ((1-1999)) W Neuman Rd ((1-2499)) W Newberg Rd ((1-3298)) W Nielson Rd ((1-299)) Worth Rd ((1-4699)) W Pinconning Rd ((1-1499)) W Townline 16 Rd ((1-2999)) W Whitefeather Rd ((1-499)) W Wirble Rd ((500-799))

    48650 Places and Attractions

    Almeda Beach Apostolic Lighthouse Church Bartlett Drain Bay County Pinconning Park Bible Baptist Church Branch Number One Johnson Drain Branch Number Two Johnson Drain Bryce Drain Budd Drain Central Elementary School City of Pinconning Coggins Drain Cooper Drain Erickson Drain Esseltine Extension Drain Fanger Drain Forest Hill Cemetery Fraser Garfield Drain Branch Number One Fraser Garfield Drain Branch Number Two Fraser Township Cemetery Garfield Post Office (historical) Garfield Township Fire Department Station 21 Gilmans Landing Ramp Green Hills Golf Course Gregory Drain Gross Airport Hartzog Drain Hoyles Marina Hudson Branch Indian Cemetery Interchange 181 Jerry Genows Marina Johnson Drain Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Lee Davis Drain Legness Drain Lengsville Point Living Waters Christian Church Mallard Point Meddough Drain Meyers Beach Michalski Drain Michie Post Office (historical) Michie Station (historical) Mount Forest Mount Forest Cemetery Mount Forest Oil Field Mountforest Post Office (historical) Mount Forest School Mountforest Station (historical) Mount Forest Township Fire Department Station 23 Nayanquing Point Nayanquing Point Wildlife Area Nine Mile Northern Bay Ambulance and Rescue Northern Bay Healthcare Clinic Nu-Crest Beach Pinconning Pinconning Area Cemetery Pinconning Branch Library Pinconning City Hall Pinconning - Fraser Fire Department Station 15 Pinconning - Fraser Fire Department Station 16 Pinconning Medical Center Pinconning Police Department Pinconning Post Office Pinconning River Pinconning Senior High School Pinconning Station Pinconning Township Hall Pinconning Waterworks River of Life Fellowship Ryan Drain Saganing Creek Saint John Memorial Cemetery Saint John's Lutheran Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Church Saint Michaels Cemetery Saint Michael's Church Saint Michaels School Selleck Drain Selman Drain South Branch Pinconning River Tebo Drain Tebo Post Office (historical) Thume Drain Township of Fraser Township of Mount Forest Township of Pinconning Uhlman Drain United Methodist Church Walk Drain Wesleyan Church Wharf Marina White Feather Creek White Feather Post Office (historical) White Feather Station (historical) Willard Drain Willette Drain WKQZ-FM (Midland) WMJT-FM (Pinconning) Woodville Worth Worth Post Office (historical) Worth Station