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  • Ubly Community High School
  • Ubly Community Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 48475 is located in Sanilac County (54.10%) Huron County (45.90%)

    48475 Street Addresses

    Agnes St ((1701-1999)) Alexander ((2100-2299)) Atwater Rd ((4400-4999)) Bach Rd ((3000-3257)) Bad Axe Rd ((8300-8999)) Barrie Rd ((4500-5499)) Bay City Forestville Rd ((900-6479)) Bingham ((2100-2299)) Bliss ((2100-2299)) Cass City Rd ((2123-4499)) Clem St ((1900-4699)) Cumber Rd ((1000-5599)) Dufty Rd ((6220-6399)) E Atwater Rd ((100-4999)) E Cass City Rd ((1700-4499)) E Main St ((2000-2499)) E McIntyre Rd ((1500-1999)) E McTaggart Rd ((961-1999)) E Morrison Rd ((100-1899)) E Wadsworth Rd ((1500-1999)) Flannery Rd ((1000-1999)) Franklin St ((4400-4699)) Freiburger Rd ((5500-8199)) Garfield ((4400-4699)) Germania Rd ((6700-8999)) Gilbert Rd ((6500-6999)) Hans Dr ((1901-1999)) Holbrook Rd ((2500-4499)) Hund Dr ((2101-2299)) Hurford Dr ((2000-2499)) Huron Line Rd ((1001-5198)) Ivanhoe Rd ((4700-5399)) James St ((1800-1999)) Josh Rd ((3000-3099)) Jurgess Rd ((3300-5299)) Leppek Rd ((2300-4299)) Leslie Rd ((6500-6999)) Margie Dr ((4600-4699)) Maurer Rd ((2801-4399)) McAllister Rd ((2700-3798)) McAlpine Rd ((3000-3249)) McDonald Rd ((2500-5069)) McIlhargie Rd ((3701-3799)) McKinley St ((2200-2299)) McMillan Rd ((5100-5399)) Munford Rd ((2000-4598)) Murphy St ((4600-4699)) N Ubly Rd ((3000-4099)) N Washington St ((401-4499)) Patterson Rd ((8001-8898)) Peruski Rd ((4601-4699)) Pierce ((2100-2299)) Pike St ((4300-4699)) Piper Ln ((5000-5299)) Priemer Rd ((2200-4398)) Pringle Rd ((2100-2999)) Purdy Rd ((2700-4398)) Queen ((4300-4699)) Queen St ((4300-4699)) Riverview St ((2000-2499)) Robinson Rd ((1601-2499)) S Bad Axe Rd ((4100-8999)) Schrader Dr ((2200-4799)) S Germania Rd ((6700-8999)) Shagena Rd ((2000-2399)) S Nugent Rd ((3600-5399)) Soule Rd ((1700-2499)) Spencer Rd ((2000-4999)) Stambaugh Rd ((2500-5499)) Starview Dr ((3800-3898)) State Hwy 19 ((2501-8999)) State Hwy 53 ((4200-5499)) S Thomas Rd ((5000-5499)) S Ubly Rd ((4800-8999)) S Van Dyke Rd ((4200-5499)) S Washington St ((4500-4799)) Tyre Rd ((4000-8999)) Ubly Rd ((2500-2899)) Union St ((2000-2299)) Verona Rd ((1-8999)) W Atwater Rd ((2500-2999)) W Bay City Forestville Rd ((900-998)) Weaver ((2101-2199)) Wheeler Rd ((6700-8998)) W Main St ((1800-1999)) W McTaggart Rd ((1-1499)) W Morrison Rd ((101-2999))

    48475 Places and Attractions

    Appin School Argyle School Austin Center Austin Drain Bingham Drain Bingham School Bingham Township Ambulance Service Bingham Township Fire Department Bloomington Post Office (historical) Bope Drain Brown Drain Brown Drain Brumba Park Byers Drain Citizens Bank Block Historical Marker Cumber Cumber Post Office (historical) Flannery Drain Franzel Drain Freiburgers Post Office (historical) Freidberger Hobbs Drain Humphrey Drain Huron Medical Center Ubly Campus Jackson Drain Janowaik Drain Lamka Drain Livingston Drain Lutheran Cemetery McIntyre Drain Minden City State Game Area Mount Pleasant Cemetery Nicol Family Cemetery North Branch Shier Drain Osentoski Branch O'Shea Drain Pawlowski Post Office (historical) Perviski Drain Rathbone Drain Rush Drain Saint Columbkille Church Saint Columbkille Roman Catholic Cemetery Saint John's Cemetery Saint John's Evangelist Parish Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Cemetery Saint Joseph and Saint Ignatius' Cemetery Sanilac State Game Area Schant Drain Schiestel Drain Shier Drain Simpkins Drain Sleeper Public Library South Branch Rush Drain Sparling Drain Stanbaugh Drain Swiercz Drain Tough Drain Township of Austin Township of Bingham Tyre Tyre Cemetery Tyre Drain Tyre Post Office (historical) Tyre Station Ubly Ubly Dragway Ubly Heights Golf Course Ubly High School Ubly Medical Clinic Ubly Police Department Ubly Post Office Ubly Station Ubly Village Hall Ubly Village Park Valley Cemetery Village of Ubly Wickware Wickware Post Office (historical) WUCX-TV (Bad Axe)