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  • Marlette Pre-School
  • Marlette Jr./Sr. High School
  • Marlette Elementary
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    ZIP Code 48453 is located in Sanilac County (84.30%) Lapeer County (9.40%) Tuscola County (6.30%)

    48453 Street Addresses

    Abel Rd ((4000-4499)) Adams Rd ((5500-6898)) Airport Rd ((6600-6799)) Aitken Rd ((2846-4699)) Aitkins Rd ((2846-3999)) Albertson Rd ((7200-7499)) Angle St ((2700-2899)) Applegate Rd ((1900-3799)) Ashley Dr ((3000-3199)) Ayre St ((2900-2998)) Bailey Rd ((3500-4499)) Barnes Rd ((7000-7849)) Birchwood Dr ((3000-3098)) Boyne Rd ((1-2999)) Butler Rd ((3000-8499)) Cade Rd ((4501-5510)) Cargill Rd ((8162-8999)) Carpenter St ((6500-6799)) Chard St ((601-6599)) Cherry Oak Dr ((4001-4099)) Christy Dr ((6600-6698)) Church St ((3201-6499)) Clifford Rd ((6500-7499)) Clothier Rd ((5179-6499)) Cochrane Rd ((6000-6499)) Co Hwy 36 ((7279-8975)) Concord St ((2601-2699)) Cooper Rd ((3000-6999)) Co Rd 38 ((5111-5999)) Cotter Rd ((5100-5999)) Cranbrook St ((6400-6498)) Curry Rd ((5001-5499)) Decker Rd ((1000-1253)) Dennis Rd ((6100-6199)) Doyle St ((2700-2999)) Ellsworth St ((6300-6699)) Ervin St ((6100-6699)) Euclid St ((6177-6499)) Fenner St ((2800-3299)) Frenchline Rd ((2901-6999)) Golf Course Dr ((2700-2799)) Goodwine Rd ((1300-1499)) Gosline Rd ((3000-8312)) Hack Dr ((3100-3199)) Harris Rd ((6500-7999)) Howard Rd ((3000-4498)) Hull Rd ((2966-2999)) Index Rd ((4100-8999)) Isles Rd ((2701-3499)) Juhl Rd ((501-3799)) Karen St ((6300-6399)) Kaylette Rd ((2000-2998)) Kennedy Rd ((6700-6898)) Kilgour St ((6200-6499)) Koylette ((2507-2599)) Koylette Rd ((2000-2998)) Koylette Trl ((2601-2799)) Lamont St ((2600-3101)) Lamotte St ((2751-2899)) Lilac Dr ((6600-6699)) Little St ((3101-6599)) Locust St ((6300-6499)) Lorraine St ((2700-6899)) Lynd Rd ((5500-6199)) Main St ((1000-4499)) Maple St ((4160-4199)) Maple Valley Rd ((3000-5197)) Marlette Rd ((1400-7499)) Marlette St ((1400-6899)) Marsh Rd ((3000-3399)) Maynard Rd ((8400-8898)) Mayville Rd ((4200-7999)) McCready Rd ((4600-4699)) McGill Rd ((2000-2999)) Mc Gill St ((2900-3098)) Miller Rd ((3800-5999)) Montgomery Rd ((3500-6998)) Moore St ((3000-6298)) Morgan Rd ((3500-4399)) Morris St ((6300-65999)) N Decker Rd ((1-1253)) N Van Dyke Rd ((1-1598)) Oakes St ((6200-6799)) Orchard Dr ((6200-6299)) Page Rd ((9400-9998)) Peck Rd ((7279-8999)) Pine Lake Trl ((1200-2123)) Prospect St ((6401-6499)) Reynolds Rd ((4500-6399)) Richards Rd ((5500-6599)) Rogers St ((2900-6399)) Schneider Rd ((701-799)) S Decker Rd ((1-2998)) S Germania Rd ((2-2998)) Shepherd Rd ((3000-3499)) Smith Rd ((4000-4598)) State Hwy 46 ((5500-6999)) State Hwy 53 ((1-8499)) Sterling St ((3000-3298)) Storey Dr ((6500-6599)) Sullivan Rd ((3000-3799)) Sunbold Dr ((6600-6699)) S Van Dyke Rd ((2-8499)) Thompson Rd ((1501-1998)) Tulane Dr ((6400-6499)) Upper Rd ((6500-6999)) Van Dyke Rd ((1-1662)) Walker Rd ((3001-6999)) W Applegate Rd ((1500-1999)) Warner St ((3300-3399)) Watson Rd ((3000-8499)) White Creek Rd ((5056-6999)) Willis Rd ((3500-3999)) Wilson St ((2800-3499)) W Marlette Rd ((1400-7499)) Wood Rd ((2-2999)) W Peck Rd ((8900-8998)) W Sanilac Rd ((5500-6999))

    48453 Places and Attractions

    Bethel Church Bethel Church Cargill Drain Carofino Drain Carter Drain City of Marlette Columbus Drain Davis Drain Dawson Drain Donald Drain Duff Creek Eagle Drain Ellis Drain First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Fitch Drain Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad Depot Historical Marker Flynn Church Frasier Drain Frost Drain Germania Cemetery Good News Assembly of God Church Gosline Drain Governor Drain Grace Bible Church Hager Cemetery Hager Community Hall Hillaker Drain Hope Lutheran Church Hudson Drain Hunter Drain Index Post Office (historical) Index Station (historical) Innes Acres Airport Juhl Juhl Cemetery Juhl Post Office (historical) Kerr Cemetery Lamotte Church Lamotte United Missionary Church Lane School Lion of Judah Church Marlette Marlette Airport Marlette Apostolic Church Marlette Baptist Church Marlette Cemetery Marlette City Hall Marlette Community Hospital Marlette Country Club Marlette District Library Marlette District Library Historical Marker Marlette Fire Department Marlette High School Marlette Medical Center Marlette Middle School Marlette Post Office Marlette Station McLeish Cemetery McLish and Carpenter Drain Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Marker Montgomery School Mordick Drain Neuman Drain Odofer Drain Our Savior Lutheran Church Parker School Pattie Drain Pattie Vail Drain Peters Drain Pidd School RC Zauel Memorial Library Redmond Drain Red Star Community Building Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church Saint Elizabeth Cemetery Schneider Drain Shupe Drain Siple Cemetery Spring Drain Sullivan Drain Swineson Drain Township of Marlette Vansickland Drain Vining Drain Walker Drain Weeks Post Office (historical) Welch Drain White and Moffatt Drain White Drain Zion Church