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Harbor Beach

48441 Schools


  • Kipper School
  • Eccles School
  • Harbor Beach Elementary School
  • Harbor Beach Community High School
  • Harbor Beach Middle School
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    ZIP Code 48441 is located in Huron County (97.60%) Sanilac County (2.40%)

    48441 Street Addresses

    3rd St ((7900-8099)) 5th St ((100-399)) Atwater Rd ((8000-10299)) Bartlett St ((100-799)) Beach Dr ((900-1399)) Bellaire Dr ((5300-5499)) Birch Dr ((1601-9999)) Broad St ((1-399)) Buhl Rd ((1-8099)) Carrington St ((1-99)) Cedar Dr ((1401-9899)) Cedar View Ln ((2700-2899)) Cherry Rd ((9500-9999)) Conquergood Rd ((3701-3799)) Cook Rd ((4000-4467)) Court St ((1-299)) Demay St ((400-499)) Duda Rd ((4300-6299)) Edwards Rd ((1500-5499)) Eppenbrock Rd ((1-3499)) E View Dr ((9600-9699)) Fairlane Ct ((10000-10599)) Fairway Dr ((1-199)) Ferris St ((100-399)) Finkle Rd ((1-2899)) Forest Dr ((9500-9999)) Garden St ((100-799)) Harbor Ct ((10000-10099)) Harbor House Ct ((600-699)) Helena Rd ((5533-10199)) Hill Rd ((4001-4799)) Hunter Dr ((1-6099)) Hunter Industrial Dr ((201-299)) Huron Line Rd ((10001-10599)) Industrial Pkwy ((200-599)) Jenks Rd ((7500-9699)) Jesse Dr ((1101-9799)) Johnston Rd ((601-999)) Karg Rd ((3000-3999)) Kipper Rd ((4500-5999)) Lake Shore Rd ((8372-8999)) Lakeside Dr ((1401-11699)) Lakeview Ave ((9940-9998)) Lakeview Dr ((800-999)) Learman Rd ((4500-8099)) Leppek Rd ((8601-10299)) Lincoln Rd ((8500-9599)) Lytle Ave ((1-799)) Maine St ((2-4899)) Main St ((2-4899)) McDonald Rd ((1-1999)) McIntosh Rd ((8000-9999)) McLennan Rd ((1-1499)) Minden Rd ((2500-2983)) Minnick Rd ((5500-8798)) Munford Rd ((9000-10299)) N 1st St ((100-399)) N 2nd St ((100-399)) N 3rd St ((100-299)) N 4th St ((100-299)) Nelson St ((1-399)) N Finkle Rd ((1-2999)) N Huron Ave ((100-799)) N Huron Rd ((10000-16098)) N Klug Rd ((1-8499)) N Lakeshore Rd ((1500-2838)) N Lake Shore Rd ((1000-1098)) N Lytle Ave ((1-799)) N Minden Rd ((1-2983)) Northwood Dr ((200-299)) N Parisville Rd ((901-2499)) N Ruth Rd ((1500-2499)) Old Shore Dr ((700-1499)) Old Shore Rd ((1400-2896)) Pack St ((1-299)) Pearl St ((400-599)) Pierce Rd ((1101-1499)) Port Hope Rd ((500-3998)) Priemer Rd ((7500-10099)) Purdy Rd ((7000-9999)) Rapson Rd ((2701-9198)) Redman St ((100-299)) Resort Rd ((1-999)) Ritchie Dr ((1-299)) Roberts Rd ((9500-9699)) Ruth Rd ((1301-2999)) S 1st St ((100-599)) S 2nd St ((100-599)) S 3rd St ((100-399)) S 4th St ((100-299)) S 5th St ((100-599)) Sand Beach Rd ((4000-8999)) Sanilac Dr ((6100-6199)) Schmucker Rd ((2201-2399)) Schock Rd ((300-4499)) School St ((100-599)) Schott Rd ((9500-9999)) Section Line Rd ((4500-8999)) S Huron Ave ((100-899)) S Huron Dr ((6000-6198)) S Klug Rd ((1-4999)) S Lakeshore Dr ((1001-1099)) S Lakeshore Rd ((1-8999)) S Lake Shore Rd ((800-1298)) S Old Lakeshore Rd ((2700-3999)) S Parisville Rd ((1-1697)) S Ruth Rd ((2-2999)) Stafford Rd ((1000-3128)) State Hwy 142 ((100-8999)) State Hwy 25 ((200-8999)) State St ((1-799)) Stoneybrook Dr ((200-299)) Strawberry Ln ((1600-1698)) Swayze Rd ((5600-8599)) Tanton Dr ((1-199)) Toppin Rd ((7000-9999)) Townley Dr ((100-199)) Trescott St ((1-799)) T & T Dr ((1-199)) Tucker St ((100-399)) Ulfig Rd ((5833-5979)) Ward St ((100-399)) Water St ((201-299)) Whitcomb St ((100-299)) Whiterock Rd ((9000-10299)) Wood St ((1-99))

    48441 Places and Attractions

    Bathing Beach Park Benhke Creek Booms Drain Buckley Creek Check Drain City of Harbor Beach Coulston Drain County Line Creek Crane Point Eastern Huron Ambulance Service Eccles School Elm Creek Essenmacher Drain Faith Bible Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church Forest Bay Cemetery Frank Murphy Historical Marker Frank Murphy Museum Halfway Corners Harbor Beach Harbor Beach Harbor Beach Community Hospital Harbor Beach Fire Department Harbor Beach Golf Course Harbor Beach High School Harbor Beach Light Harbor Beach Marina Harbor Beach Medical Center Harbor Beach Police Department Harbor Beach Post Office Harbor Beach Power Plant Harbor Beach Public Library Harbor Beach Resort Association Harbor Beach Station (historical) Harbor Beach United Methodist Church Harbor of Refuge Helena Helena Post Office (historical) Helena Station (historical) Jim Morgan Field Karg Drain Kipper School Kranz Drain Lighthouse Assembly of God Church Lutheran Cemetery Mill Creek Morgan Drain Morrison Drain North Park North Park Campgrounds Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic Church Our Lady of Lake Huron School Purdy Bay Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rock Falls Cemetery Rock Falls Creek Rock Falls Post Office (historical) Saint Anthony Catholic Church Saint Anthony Cemetery Saint Margaret Mission Savage Drain Schelke Drain Sharpe Bay Sherman Drain Sigel Drain Sigel Post Office (historical) Sigel Township Fire Department Slatestone Creek South Pier Light Spring Creek Stover Creek Sucker Creek Swayze School The Flats Township of Sand Beach Township of Sigel Vale Drain Wade School Wagener County Park Wanke Creek Waterworks Park White River White Rock White Rock White Rock Cemetery White Rock Creek Whiterock Post Office (historical) White Rock School Historical Marker Winkle Drain Zion Lutheran Church