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Bad Axe

48413 Schools


  • Huron Area Technical Center
  • Huron Learning Center
  • Verona Mills School
  • Big Burning School
  • Church School
  • Bad Axe Alternative Education High School
  • Bad Axe Elementary School
  • Bad Axe Middle School
  • Bad Axe High School
  • George E. Greene Elem. School
  • Adams Elementary School
  • 48413 Hotels

  • Econo Lodge Inn And Suites
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Bad Axe
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    ZIP Code 48413 is located in Huron County

    48413 Street Addresses

    Allan Ct ((600-699)) Amber Dr ((800-899)) Ashley Dr ((100-299)) Bacon St ((100-399)) Bad Axe Rd ((1500-3999)) Bannick St ((100-199)) Barrie Rd ((1000-4291)) Beech St ((300-1199)) Berne Rd ((1-2499)) Berne St ((1-2499)) Brick St ((1-99)) Buffalo St ((100-499)) Buschlen Rd ((38-226)) Campbell Rd ((1-2923)) Canboro Rd ((3000-3499)) Carolan St ((100-299)) Carpenter Rd ((1-7798)) Cedar St ((300-1199)) Cemetery Rd ((1-499)) Charlotte Pl ((100-199)) Charlotte St ((1-499)) Chickory St ((500-699)) Church Rd ((1-2999)) Church St ((1-99)) Circle Dr ((700-1299)) Cleveland St ((100-599)) Cook Dr ((1-199)) Crockard Rd ((500-7174)) Crown Rd ((1-2499)) Davis St ((600-699)) Deer Run Dr ((801-899)) Eastland Dr ((1-99)) E Butler St ((100-499)) E Hopson St ((100-1199)) E Huron Ave ((1-1199)) E Irwin St ((100-699)) Elm St ((800-1199)) E McIntyre Rd ((1-1999)) E McTaggart Rd ((1-964)) E Popple Rd ((1-1999)) E Richardson Rd ((1-3499)) E Soper Rd ((1-1199)) E South St ((200-299)) E Wadsworth Rd ((1-1499)) E Woodworth St ((100-999)) Fair St ((100-299)) Gates Rd ((2500-2998)) Geiger Rd ((2000-3999)) George St ((800-1199)) Glassburner Rd ((3000-3499)) Gratton St ((100-199)) Haist Rd ((3500-4399)) Hanover Cir ((11501-44198)) Hartshorn St ((100-199)) Hatchet Dr ((1-499)) Helena Rd ((2000-3999)) Hellems Rd ((3000-3499)) Hilton St ((900-999)) Hubbard St ((100-399)) Huron Crest Dr ((800-999)) Ivanhoe Rd ((1900-4499)) Jane St ((700-899)) John St ((100-399)) Joyce Dr ((1-99)) Jurgess Rd ((2000-2999)) Kilmanagh Rd ((3000-3499)) King St ((600-999)) Kipper Rd ((3500-4499)) Krug Rd ((1-199)) Lackie Rd ((2500-2811)) Learman Rd ((1-3499)) Leftwich Rd ((1500-1999)) Liberty St ((1-699)) Linda St ((600-999)) Lynn Ct ((700-799)) Maple St ((100-199)) Maurer Rd ((2861-2899)) McDonald Rd ((1500-1999)) McKenzie Rd ((1-1999)) McKichen Rd ((1-1098)) McMillan Rd ((1-5099)) Minnick Rd ((1-4199)) Murray Rd ((2000-2799)) N Allen St ((100-199)) N Barrie Rd ((1-1899)) N Collon Dr ((1000-1199)) Neeb Rd ((2201-3499)) N Hanselman St ((100-399)) N Heisterman St ((100-399)) N Hellems Rd ((1-3499)) N Lackie Rd ((2-1999)) N McMillan Rd ((1-2896)) North St ((100-599)) N Outer Dr ((100-399)) N Pinnebog Rd ((1-499)) N Port Crescent St ((100-699)) N Scott Rd ((1-499)) N Silver St ((100-599)) N Stanley St ((100-399)) N Thomas Rd ((1-2999)) Nugent Rd ((1-2499)) N Van Dyke Rd ((500-6392)) Oliver St ((100-699)) Pangborn Rd ((2-298)) Park Ave ((100-299)) Patrick Dr ((1-199)) Patterson St ((400-999)) Paul ((1-99)) Philip Rd ((2000-2499)) Pigeon Rd ((1-2999)) Pine St ((300-499)) Pitt Rd ((1000-1499)) Priemer Rd ((2200-3805)) Purdy Rd ((2000-4299)) Quick St ((400-699)) Rambo Dr ((1000-1299)) Rapson Dr ((500-599)) Rapson Ln W ((1-99)) Rapson Rd ((1-4499)) Rescue Rd ((3000-3499)) Sand Beach Rd ((1000-3999)) S Bad Axe Rd ((4100-4318)) S Barrie Rd ((1500-3999)) School St ((3400-3499)) Schwalm St ((100-299)) S Collon Dr ((1000-1199)) Scott St ((100-399)) Sebewaing Rd ((3000-3499)) Section Line Rd ((3500-4499)) S Gold St ((100-299)) S Grassmere Rd ((1000-5251)) S Hanselman St ((100-499)) Sharon Dr ((100-198)) S Heisterman St ((100-199)) S Hellems Rd ((1-1799)) Skinner St ((500-799)) S Lackie Rd ((200-1999)) S Moore Rd ((1-1998)) S Nugent Rd ((2500-3399)) S Outer Dr ((1-699)) S Patterson St ((1000-1699)) S Pinnebog Rd ((1-2198)) S Port Crescent St ((100-699)) Spring St ((1-99)) S Scott Rd ((1700-1798)) S Silver St ((100-1199)) S Stanley St ((100-299)) Stambaugh Rd ((2500-2847)) State Hwy 142 ((200-3999)) State Hwy 19 ((1-2499)) State Hwy 53 ((200-3998)) Steinhardt Rd ((1800-1999)) Stein Rd ((2500-3999)) S Thomas Rd ((1-4799)) Sullivan Rd ((500-8345)) S Van Dyke Rd ((600-3998)) S Verona Rd ((1-199)) Thomas Rd ((300-898)) Thompson Dr ((1100-1199)) Thompson Rd ((1-2399)) Tomlinson Rd ((1-2499)) Truax Rd ((1-999)) Ubly Rd ((1-2899)) Verona Rd ((1-2499)) Walnut St ((1-99)) Watkins Pl ((1-399)) W Atwater Rd ((1-2499)) W Butler St ((100-499)) Weitzel Dr ((1-399)) Werner Dr ((400-799)) Western Ave ((100-499)) Westland Dr ((1-599)) Whitelam St ((100-899)) Whites Dr ((3400-3499)) W Hopson St ((100-299)) W Huron Ave ((100-699)) Willis St ((100-399)) W Irwin St ((100-699)) W McIntyre Rd ((1-2999)) W McTaggart Rd ((1-2999)) W Popple Rd ((300-2999)) W Richardson Rd ((1-2999)) W Soper Rd ((1-3499)) W South St ((100-699)) W Wadsworth Rd ((401-2999)) W Woodworth St ((100-299)) York St ((500-599))

    48413 Places and Attractions

    Adams School Appin Drain Appin Post Office (historical) Assembly of God Church Bad Axe Bad Axe Area Fire Department Bad Axe Church of Christ Bad Axe City Hall Bad Axe City Park Bad Axe Drain Bad Axe High School Bad Axe Intermediate School Bad Axe Junior High School Bad Axe Museum Bad Axe Post Office Bad Axe Public Library Bad Axe Station Batie School Becking School Big Burning Public School Blair Drain Cameron Drain Central Huron Ambulance Service Association Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church School City of Bad Axe Colfax Drain Colfax Township Cemetery Colfax Township Hall Colona Drain Country Meadow Mobile Home Park Elk Drain Faith Gospel Tabernacle Church Filion Drain First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church Free Methodist Church Grace Community Missionary Church Grassmere Post Office (historical) Grassmere Station Greene Elementary School Holy Trinity Church Holy Trinity German Catholic Cemetery Hubbard Drain Huron Community Fairgrounds Huron County Huron County Medical Care Facility Huron County Memorial Airport Huron County Sheriff Office Huron Medical Center Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Post Office (historical) Kingdom Hall Linton Drain Lyndon Mobile Home Court Marsa Drain Mazure Drain McIntyre School McKenzie School McLean Drain McMullen Drain McTaggart Cemetery Misty Meadows Mobile Home Park Murray Drain New Life Ministries Church Northburns Post Office (historical) Nugent Drain Our Savior Lutheran Church Patterson Drain Philip Drain Pines Mobile Home Village Popple Popple Post Office (historical) Rapson Rapson Post Office (historical) Rapson School Reid Drain Richardson Drain Sacred Heart Church Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery Saint Joseph Cemetery Saint Joseph Church Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Sandy Drain Seventh Day Adventist Church Slack Drain Spring Creek Drain Symons Drain Todd Drain Township of Colfax Township of Lincoln Township of Sheridan Township of Verona United Methodist Church Verona Verona Cemetery Verona Hills Golf Club Verona Mills Post Office (historical) Verona Mills School Verona Township Hall Victory in Christ Community Church Wadsworth Post Office (historical) Wadsworth Station (historical) Wilcox Park WLEW-AM (Bad Axe)