Detroit, MI 48235 ZIP Code Map


48235 Schools


  • Foreign Language Immersion And Cultural Studies
  • Renaissance High School
  • Bow Elementary-Middle School
  • Vernor Elementary School
  • Crary Elementary School
  • Coffey Elementary/Middle School
  • Jerry L White Center High School
  • Rutherford Elementary School
  • Randolph Career And Technical Center
  • Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
  • Lincoln-King Academy
  • Old Redford Academy - High
  • Old Redford Academy - Middle
  • David Ellis Academy
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Education Center Academy
  • Michigan Technical Academy Elementary
  • Census


    ZIP Code 48235 is located in Wayne County

    48235 Street Addresses

    Appoline Ave ((16100-20599)) Appoline St ((16100-20599)) Archdale St ((16100-20699)) Ardmore St ((16100-20599)) Asbury Park ((16100-20699)) Audrey St ((20100-20599)) Basil St ((20000-20599)) Biltmore St ((16100-20699)) Cambridge Ave ((12700-18099)) Carol St ((20000-20599)) Cheyenne St ((16100-20599)) Chippewa Ave ((13600-15499)) Chippewa St ((15100-15299)) Clarita Ave ((12700-18099)) Clarita St ((14200-14799)) Coyle Ave ((16100-19999)) Coyle St ((16100-19999)) Cruse St ((16100-17099)) Curtis Ave ((13500-18099)) Curtis St ((13500-18099)) E M 10 Svc Rd ((20501-20699)) Fargo Ave ((15500-18099)) Fargo St ((17300-17499)) Fenmore Ave ((16100-20699)) Fenmore St ((16100-20699)) Ferguson St ((16100-20699)) Florence Ave ((10700-18099)) Florence St ((10700-18099)) Forrer St ((16100-20499)) Freeland St ((16100-20599)) Gilchrist St ((16100-20699)) Greater Grace Temple Blvd ((18900-20098)) Greenfield Rd ((13101-20699)) Grove Ave ((12700-18899)) Grove St ((12700-18899)) Harlow Ave ((16100-19899)) Harlow St ((16100-19899)) Hartwell Ave ((16100-20299)) Hartwell St ((16100-20299)) Hemlock St ((15500-16399)) Hessel Ave ((15900-18099)) Hessel St ((15600-15899)) Hubbell St ((16100-20599)) James Couzens Fwy ((16701-20599)) John C Lodge Fwy ((20500-20698)) John C Lodge Svc Rd ((20501-20699)) Lauder St ((16100-20599)) Lesure St ((16100-20599)) Lindsay Ave ((16100-20699)) Lindsay St ((16100-20699)) Littlefield St ((16100-20299)) Mansfield St ((16100-20599)) Margareta Ave ((12700-17899)) Margareta St ((13800-14799)) Mark Twain St ((16100-20599)) Marlowe St ((16100-20599)) Meyers Rd ((16100-20599)) Montrose St ((19100-19699)) Motor Dr ((20500-20699)) Murray Hill St ((15981-20699)) N Norfolk Ct ((13200-13399)) Norfolk Ave ((12700-15399)) Norfolk Ct ((13300-13599)) Norfolk St ((12700-15399)) Oakfield Ave ((16100-20699)) Oakfield St ((16100-20699)) Oxley Ave ((19900-20599)) Oxley St ((19900-20599)) Pembroke Ave ((10700-18099)) Pickford Ave ((6300-18099)) Pickford St ((12700-15799)) Prest Ave ((16100-20699)) Prest St ((16100-20699)) Prevost Ave ((16100-20699)) Prevost St ((16100-20699)) Robson St ((16100-20099)) Rutherford St ((16100-20699)) Santa Clara St ((12700-13399)) Santa Maria Ave ((12700-17499)) Schaefer Hwy ((16100-20599)) Seven Mile W ((17900-18099)) S Norfolk Ct ((13200-13599)) Snowden Ave ((16100-20299)) Snowden Ct ((20400-20499)) Snowden St ((16100-20299)) Sorrento Ave ((16100-20599)) Sorrento St ((16100-20599)) Southfield Freeway Svc Rd ((19101-20599)) Southfield Fwy ((16500-19099)) Southfield Fwy Svc Rd ((19100-20598)) Southfield Rd ((19100-20599)) Southfield Svc Rd ((19001-19099)) Stansbury Ave ((16100-20599)) Stansbury St ((16100-20599)) State Hwy 102 ((10801-18099)) Steel Ave ((16100-20599)) Steel St ((16100-20599)) St Martins Ave ((3900-18099)) St Marys St ((16100-20699)) Strathmoor St ((16100-20599)) Sussex St ((16100-20099)) Thatcher Ave ((12700-18099)) Thatcher St ((15500-15798)) Tracey St ((16100-20599)) Trojan Ave ((14500-18099)) Trojan St ((14851-15099)) Vassar Ave ((13100-18099)) Verne Ave ((15500-18099)) W 7 Mile Rd ((12700-18899)) W 8 Mile Rd ((10801-18099)) Ward Ave ((16100-20599)) Ward St ((16100-20599)) Whitcomb Ave ((16100-20099)) Whitcomb St ((16100-20099)) Winthrop St ((16100-20499)) W McNichols Rd ((12700-18099)) W Outer Dr ((4401-8314)) W Seven Mile Rd ((12900-15099)) W Six Mile Rd ((13300-13999))

    48235 Places and Attractions

    Academy of Detroit-West All Nation Congregational Church of God in Christ A Philip Randolph Career and Technical Center Arthur Playground Art 'n Dot Nursery and Kindergarten Place Bale Playground Bela Hubbard Library Benedictine High School Blackwell Christian Academy Bow School Central High School Chandler Park Academy-Greenfield City of Detroit Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Medic 3 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 30 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 59 Clara W Rutherford Academy Coffey School College Park Commons Retail Center Shopping Center Community of Faith Baptist Church Comstock Playground Crary School David Ellis Academy David Ellis Academy Diack Playground Emma Fox Primary School Evangeline Orphanage Fargo-Oakfield Playground Fields Playground Fisher Home Fox School Gorham Playground Grace Dialysis Center Gracious Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God Greater Mitchell Temple Church of God in Christ Greenfield Avenue Church of God Greenfield Peace Lutheran Church Greenfield Peace Lutheran School Hardstein Playground Hartford Memorial Baptist Church Imani Missionary Baptist Church Immaculate Heart of Mary School Jehovah Unity Baptist Church Jessie C Chase Library John C Luger Junior Park John R King Academic and Performing Arts Academy King School Langston Hughes Academy Liberty Temple Baptist Church Lycee' Internationale Martin Luther King Junior Education Center Martin Luther King Junior Education Center McShaefer Shopping Center Mercy Hospital (historical) Michigan Automotive Academy Elementary School M L King Junior Education Center Mount Zion Outreach Church of God in Christ Newton School Northwest Early Learning Center Old Redford Academy High School Old Redford Academy Middle School Outer Drive Faith Lutheran Church Overcomers Evangelical Missionary Baptist Church People's United Methodist Church Peterson Playground Professional Development Academy Randolph Voccational Technical Center Saint Martin de Porres School Saint Martin de Porres School Saint Paul Church of Christ Holiness Sinai Campus Sinai Hospital (historical) Tabernacle of Praise Church of God in Christ Trinity Community Presbyterian Church True Spirit of Love Missionary Baptist Church Vandenberg Elementary School Vandenberg School Varrier Playground Vernor Elementary School Vernor School Viola Liuzzo Playground Westminster Church of Detroit Winship School