Detroit, MI 48227 ZIP Code Map


48227 Schools


  • Young Coleman A. Elementary
  • Parker Elementary-Middle School
  • Oakman Elementary / Orthopedic School
  • King John R. Academic And Performing Arts Academy
  • Mary Mcleod Bethune Elementary-Middle School
  • Edison Elementary School
  • Dossin Elementary-Middle School
  • Cooley High School
  • Burns Elementary-Middle School
  • Cooley North Wing
  • Communication And Media Arts Hs
  • Fusion Academy Of Michigan
  • Census


    ZIP Code 48227 is located in Wayne County

    48227 Street Addresses

    Abington Ave ((9500-14799)) Acacia Ave ((15500-18099)) Acacia St ((15800-15999)) Allonby St ((13600-13899)) Appoline Ave ((9500-16099)) Appoline St ((9500-16099)) Archdale ((14100-14298)) Archdale St ((9500-16099)) Ardmore St ((12700-16099)) Asbury Park ((9500-16099)) Biltmore St ((14800-16099)) Birch St ((15300-15399)) Buena Vista Ave ((13600-13805)) Capitol Ave ((12200-18099)) Capitol St ((12200-15870)) Carlin St ((9500-11099)) Castleton St ((13600-15499)) Chadwick St ((13600-13999)) Chalfonte St ((12700-16999)) Cheyenne St ((9500-16099)) Compass Ave ((13200-13599)) Compass St ((13100-13599)) Coyle Ave ((9500-16099)) Coyle St ((9500-16099)) Cruse St ((14200-16099)) Davison W ((17735-18099)) Decatur St ((9500-11399)) Eaton Ave ((13000-16099)) Eaton St ((12700-13099)) Ellsworth St ((15800-16599)) Elmira St ((12700-18099)) Fenkell St ((12700-18098)) Ferguson St ((14700-16099)) Foley St ((10506-15099)) Forrer St ((9500-16099)) Freeland St ((9000-16099)) Fullerton ((16904-16998)) Fullerton St ((6300-18198)) Gavel St ((12700-13199)) Gilchrist St ((15000-16099)) Glendale ((12802-18098)) Glendale Ave ((14900-15299)) Glendale St ((12802-18099)) Grandmont Ave ((9100-14999)) Grandmont Rd ((9100-14999)) Grand River Ave ((2900-22799)) Greenfield Rd ((6600-16099)) Hackett St ((15900-16199)) Hartwell Ave ((9500-16099)) Hartwell St ((9500-16099)) Hillview St ((12700-13099)) Hubbell St ((9500-16099)) I- 96 Svc Rd ((12700-14698)) Intervale St ((12700-15099)) Iris St ((9500-11599)) Jennings St ((13800-13999)) Keal St ((13600-13999)) Keeler St ((12700-18099)) Keibler St ((15300-15399)) Kendall ((17740-18098)) Kendall St ((12700-18099)) Lauder St ((9500-16099)) Lesure St ((13500-16099)) Lindsay Ave ((14800-16099)) Lindsay St ((14800-16099)) Littlefield St ((8445-16099)) Longacre St ((9201-15099)) Lyndon Ave ((16400-18099)) Lyndon St ((12700-16399)) Mansfield St ((9500-16099)) Mark Twain St ((9500-15799)) Marlowe St ((9500-16099)) Mecca St ((13600-13899)) Memorial St ((9101-13699)) Mettetal ((13800-14098)) Mettetal St ((9500-16298)) Meyers Rd ((9500-16099)) Midfield Ave ((16500-17699)) Midfield St ((17700-18099)) Midland St ((10100-18099)) Montrose St ((9500-14999)) Murray Hill St ((15300-15998)) Nelson St ((13600-13899)) Oakfield Ave ((14900-16099)) Oakfield St ((14900-16099)) Orangelawn Ave ((12800-18199)) Orangelawn St ((12800-18199)) Pilgrim Ave ((10300-18099)) Pilgrim St ((10300-18099)) Plymouth Rd ((12700-23999)) Prest Ave ((9500-16099)) Prest St ((9500-16099)) Prevost Ave ((14500-16099)) Prevost St ((13900-16099)) Puritan St ((10451-18399)) Ray Monnier ((17750-18098)) Robson St ((9500-16099)) Rutherford St ((9500-16099)) Rutland St ((9500-14799)) Schaefer Hwy ((9500-16099)) Schoolcraft ((15800-18099)) Schoolcraft St ((11700-18099)) Shirley Ave ((11600-13199)) Snowden Ave ((14500-16099)) Snowden St ((14500-16099)) Sorrento Ave ((9500-16099)) Sorrento St ((9500-16099)) Southfield Fwy ((9600-12298)) Southfield Svc Rd ((12200-12298)) Stansbury Ave ((13400-16099)) Stansbury St ((13400-16099)) State Hwy 5 ((12700-18198)) Steel Ave ((9600-16099)) Steel St ((9600-16099)) St Marys St ((9500-16099)) Strathmoor St ((9000-16099)) Sussex St ((9500-16099)) Terry Ave ((9500-15099)) Terry St ((9500-15099)) Thornton St ((13600-13899)) Tournier St ((17600-17799)) Tracey St ((14500-16099)) Tyler Ave ((13600-15499)) Tyler St ((13600-14099)) Volte St ((9900-10099)) Wadsworth ((12900-26099)) Wadsworth Ave ((10300-18099)) Wadsworth St ((12900-13899)) Ward Ave ((9500-16099)) Ward St ((9500-16099)) W Buena Vista Ave ((12700-13399)) W Buena Vista St ((12700-13799)) W Davison Ave ((12700-18099)) W Grand River Ave ((2900-22799)) Whitcomb Ave ((9500-16099)) Whitcomb St ((9500-16099)) Winthrop St ((9500-16099)) Woodmont ((14816-14998)) Woodmont Ave ((9500-15099))

    48227 Places and Attractions

    Academy of Oak Park Bethlehem Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Burnette Baptist Church Burns School Bushnell Child Study Club Cadillac School Cerveny Junior High School Christland Baptist Church Annex Christ Love Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Christ Reform Baptist Church City of Detroit Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Medic 17 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 53 Ladder 25 Squad 1 Coleman A Young Elementary School Coleman A Young Elementary School Communication and Media Arts High School Communication and Media Arts High School Conquerors of Faith Ministries Cook Playground Cooley High School Coolidge School Dexter Career Center Doan Playground Dossin School Edison School El Beth-El Temple Church of God in Christ Erma Henderson International Institute Erma Henderson Upper School Food 4 Less Shopping Center Ford School Full Gospel Opendoor Assembly Church God's Temple Church of God in Christ Grandale Presbyterian Church of the Master Grandmont Rosedale Park Christian School Greater Community Baptist Church Greater Love Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Greater Marion Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Greenfield Center Shopping Center Hampton Church Child Care Center Hampton Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Henry Chaney Library J A Caldwell Baptist School Joan Ann Bullock Academy Jordan College of Detroit Kelley Playground Mallett Playground Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary Monnier Elementary School Monnier School Moses Temple Baptist Church New Fellowship Tabernacle Church of God in Christ New Genesis Missionary Baptist Church New Israel Baptist Church New Jerusalem Temple Missionary Baptist Church New Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church New White Stone Missionary Baptist Church Oakman School O'Shea Playground Our Lady of Heaven School Parker School Pligrim Church of God in Christ Precinct 2 Police Station Principles of Faith Missionary Baptist Church Pure Word Missionary Baptist Church Puritan Attendance Center Rewarding Faith Church of God in Christ Saint Mary of Redford Elementary School Saint Mary of Redford Elementary School Saint Mary of Redford High School Saving Mission Church of God in Christ Sawyer Playground Stratford School The Caring Temple Baptist Church Third Mission Baptist Church Third New Hope Baptist Church Tower Center Mall Shopping Center Whitcomb Center Shopping Center