Detroit, MI 48221 ZIP Code Map


48221 Schools


  • Bates Academy
  • Hally Magnet Middle School
  • Schulze Elementary-Middle School
  • Pasteur Elementary School
  • Mumford High School
  • Macdowell Elementary School
  • Bagley Elementary School
  • Palmer Park Preparatory Academy
  • Robeson Academy Malcolm X Academy
  • Aisha Shule/Web Dubois Prep. Academy School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 48221 is located in Wayne County

    48221 Street Addresses

    Bayless Ave ((16100-16999)) Baylis St ((16100-16999)) Belden St ((17100-17499)) Berkeley Rd ((19100-19399)) Birchcrest Dr ((17100-19099)) Birwood Ave ((16100-20698)) Birwood St ((16100-20698)) Bloomfield St ((3100-3499)) Briarcliff Rd ((19900-20599)) Cambridge Ave ((2800-12699)) Canterbury Rd ((19100-20299)) Cherrylawn Ave ((16100-20599)) Cherrylawn St ((16100-20599)) Chesterfield Rd ((19400-19999)) Chippewa Ave ((3800-13599)) Chippewa St ((3700-3899)) Clarita Ave ((3100-10699)) Cranbrook Dr ((19400-19899)) Curtis Ave ((2900-13599)) Curtis St ((2900-13599)) Dexter Ave ((16100-16499)) Fairfield Ave ((16100-19199)) Fairfield St ((16100-19199)) Fairway Dr ((17100-19199)) Florence Ave ((2200-12699)) Florence St ((2200-12699)) Gardendale St ((20100-20699)) Greenlawn Ave ((16100-20599)) Greenlawn St ((16100-20599)) Griggs Ave ((16100-20599)) Griggs St ((16100-20599)) Grove Ave ((2551-12699)) Grove St ((2550-12699)) Holmur Ave ((16100-16299)) Holmur St ((16100-16299)) Ilene St ((16100-20599)) Indiana Ave ((16100-20599)) Indiana St ((16100-20599)) Inverness Ave ((16100-16999)) Inverness St ((16100-16999)) James Couzens Fwy ((15300-16798)) James Couzens St ((16301-16799)) Kentucky Ave ((16100-20599)) Kentucky St ((16100-20599)) Kingston Rd ((19100-19299)) Kingswood St ((8700-10098)) la Salle Ave ((16100-16961)) la Salle Blvd ((16100-16961)) Lawton St ((16100-16999)) Lichfield Rd ((19900-20699)) Lilac St ((16100-17099)) Linwood Ave ((16100-16999)) Linwood St ((16100-16999)) Livernois Ave ((15400-20599)) London St ((6300-7499)) Manor Ave ((16100-20599)) Manor St ((16100-20599)) Margareta Ave ((3100-13799)) Marygrove Dr ((8100-9999)) Mendota Ave ((16200-20599)) Mendota St ((16200-20599)) Monica St ((16100-20599)) Monte Vista St ((16100-20599)) Muirland St ((16100-19499)) N Cambridge Ave ((8200-8499)) Norfolk Ave ((3100-13598)) Norfolk St ((3100-13598)) Normandy Ave ((16100-16999)) Normandy St ((16100-16999)) Northlawn Ave ((16100-20599)) Northlawn St ((16100-20599)) N Saint Martins St ((8200-8498)) Oak Dr ((17100-19199)) Ohio Ave ((16100-20599)) Ohio St ((16100-20599)) Parkside St ((16100-19599)) Pembroke Ave ((3100-10599)) Pennington Dr ((17100-19999)) Petoskey Ave ((16100-16499)) Picadilly Rd ((19900-20599)) Pickford Ave ((3100-12699)) Pinehurst Ave ((16100-20599)) Pinehurst St ((16100-20599)) Prairie St ((16100-20599)) Princeton St ((16100-16999)) Quincy St ((16100-17499)) Renfrew Rd ((19300-20699)) Roselawn St ((16100-20599)) Roslyn Pl ((3300-3399)) Roslyn Rd ((19400-19999)) San Juan Dr ((16100-20599)) Santa Barbara Dr ((17100-20599)) Santa Clara St ((3000-10799)) Santa Maria Ave ((3000-12999)) Santa Rosa Dr ((16100-20599)) S Cambridge Ave ((8200-19599)) Sheffield Rd ((20100-20599)) Sherbourne Rd ((3100-3599)) Shrewsbury Rd ((19400-20199)) S Saint Martins St ((8201-8299)) State Hwy 102 ((2805-10799)) St Martins Ave ((3600-19899)) St Martins Ave S ((8201-8499)) St Martins St N ((8200-8499)) Stoepel Ave ((16100-20599)) Stoepel St ((16100-20599)) Stratford Rd ((19300-20699)) Thatcher Ave ((2900-10699)) Thatcher St ((6300-7499)) Tuller Ave ((16100-17099)) Tuller St ((16100-17099)) Turner St ((16100-17099)) W 7 Mile Rd ((2001-12899)) W 8 Mile Rd ((2805-10799)) Wakefield St ((20100-20299)) Warrington Dr ((17100-20599)) Washburn Ave ((16100-20599)) Washburn St ((16100-20599)) W Cranbrook Dr ((19400-19799)) Wildemere Ave ((16100-19099)) Wildemere St ((16100-19099)) Wisconsin St ((16100-20599)) W McNichols Rd ((2080-16099)) Woodingham Dr ((16100-20599)) Woodstock ((3154-3298)) Woodstock Dr ((3100-3399)) W Outer Dr ((2900-4470)) W Seven Mile Rd ((12900-12999)) W Six Mile Rd ((13301-13999)) Wyoming St ((16100-20599))

    48221 Places and Attractions

    Alonzo W Bates Academy Bagley School Bailey Cathedral Church of God in Christ Barbara Jordan Elementary Bates Academy Beaubien High School Christian Gospel Center Church of God in Christ Christian Inn Missionary Baptist Church Christian Road Missionary Baptist Church City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 51 Ladder 24 City of Hope Church Commerce Building School Detroit Northwest City Hall Emma Stark Hampton Middle School E T Clark Academy Free Reign Fellowship Gemeiner Park Gesu Elementary School Gesu School Glory and Praise Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Grace Hospital Greater Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church Greater Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church Greater Metropolitan Church of God in Christ Hally School Hampton School Hartford Retail Center Shopping Center Henry Ford Medical Center - Detroit Northwest Higginbotham School High School of Commerce and Business Administration Holy Hope Heritage Baptist Church House of Miracles Church of God in Christ Hyde Park Immaculata High School Joe Louis Park Lewis College of Business Livernois Square Shopping Center MacDowell Elementary School MacDowell School Marygrove College Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ Mayflower Nursery Play Center Michigan Automotive Academy Michigan Automotive Academy Middle School Missionary Temple Church of God in Christ Morris Child Development Center Morris Child Development Center Mumford High School New Bright Star Missionary Baptist Church New Schulze Elementary School Northwest Adult Education Center Open Door Bible Fellowship Church Open Door Montessori Institute Open Door Montessori Institute Our Lady of Victory School Pasteur School Presentation Our Lady of Victory Church Presentation School Puritan Cooperative Nursery Salt and Pepper School Schulze Elementary School Schulze School Sherwood Forest Library Sherwood Park Tehillim Church of God in Christ United Temple Church of God in Christ University of Detroit University of Detroit High School University of Detroit Jesuit West Seven Mile Congregational Church of God in Christ Wyoming Avenue Church of Christ