Detroit, MI 48214 ZIP Code Map


48214 Schools


  • Garvey Academy
  • Southeastern High School
  • Nichols Elementary-Middle School
  • Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School
  • Howe Elementary School
  • Detroit Lions Alternative Education
  • Field Moses
  • Covenant House Academy East
  • Detroit Enterprise Academy
  • Timbuktu Academy Of Science And Technology
  • Census


    ZIP Code 48214 is located in Wayne County

    48214 Street Addresses

    Agnes St ((6800-9599)) Amity St ((9300-9699)) Baldwin St ((400-5798)) Barry St ((9300-9899)) Beals St ((2400-3599)) Beaman St ((8700-8799)) Belvidere St ((1200-4999)) Beniteau St ((200-4999)) Bewick St ((1400-4999)) Bortle Ave ((8000-8199)) Bradley St ((8700-8799)) Brinket Ave ((8800-9099)) Bruce St ((8700-8799)) Buhl St ((8800-8899)) Burns Dr ((1-599)) Burns St ((900-4999)) Cadillac Blvd ((1300-10123)) Carleton St ((9300-9399)) Carten St ((9300-9499)) Charlevoix St ((7200-11399)) Clairepointe Woods Dr ((110-398)) Clairpointe St ((110-398)) Coe Ave ((8000-8199)) Congress St ((7200-7699)) Cooper St ((4500-4999)) Crane St ((900-4999)) Cutler St ((9300-9499)) David Ave ((8800-8899)) David St ((8800-8899)) Defer Pl ((1500-1681)) Dorchester St ((9300-9499)) Durand St ((8000-8199)) Dwight St ((9000-9399)) E Canfield St ((7200-11599)) Edlie Cir ((10901-10999)) Edlie St ((10800-11899)) E Forest Ave ((7200-10599)) E Grand Blvd ((521-744)) E Hancock St ((7000-7399)) E Jefferson Ave ((7200-11899)) Eldie Cir ((10901-10999)) Elsa St ((9300-9499)) Emmons St ((9300-9499)) Engel St ((200-799)) Engle St ((200-1199)) E Vernor Hwy ((7200-11399)) E Warren Ave ((7400-14499)) Fairview Ave ((1-10999)) Fairview St ((1-10999)) Field St ((400-4999)) Fischer St ((900-4999)) Fiske Dr ((300-699)) French Rd ((3700-4999)) Freud St ((10400-11910)) Garland St ((1400-4999)) Glover St ((700-1199)) Goethe St ((7200-11399)) Graves Ave ((9100-9299)) Graves St ((9300-9399)) Gregorie St ((9300-9399)) Harding St ((400-5899)) Hibbard St ((100-2299)) Hillger Ave ((700-1499)) Holcomb St ((1100-8999)) Hosmer St ((8700-8799)) Hurlbut St ((1400-4999)) Iroquois St ((800-4999)) Jameson St ((9300-9999)) Kercheval St ((7200-11699)) Kolb St ((8800-9199)) Lafayette St E ((3400-8399)) Laura St ((9300-9599)) Leach St ((8700-8799)) Lemay St ((400-10999)) Lessing St ((9300-9499)) Lillibridge St ((400-5299)) Lodge Dr ((300-699)) Lorman St ((8800-9099)) Louis St ((8000-9299)) Lycaste St ((1-1499)) Mack Ave ((7200-11999)) Manila St ((8000-8199)) Marietta St ((9300-9499)) Marina Ct ((100-198)) Marina Dr ((1-999)) Marquette Dr ((1-1299)) Maxwell St ((2100-4999)) McClellan St ((1200-4999)) Meadowbrook St ((100-1399)) Montclair St ((300-4999)) Motor Boat Ln ((1-199)) Navarre St ((9300-9499)) Neal St ((8800-8899)) Norvell Ct ((8000-8199)) Parker St ((500-4999)) Parkview Dr ((100-1199)) Parkview St ((1200-2199)) Pennsylvania St ((1200-4999)) Pontiac St ((9300-9399)) Preston St ((7200-7299)) Pryor St ((9300-9499)) Pulford St ((7300-7599)) Richter St ((9300-9999)) River Ct ((8400-8499)) Rohns St ((3400-4999)) Rolfs Pl ((3700-4099)) Ruedisale Ct ((8000-8199)) Sand Bar Ln ((1-199)) Schiller St ((9300-9499)) Seminole St ((700-4999)) Seneca St ((3700-4299)) Seyburn St ((500-4999)) Sheridan St ((500-4999)) Shipherd Ave ((1700-1798)) Shipherd Ct ((1000-7999)) Shipherd St ((1000-1899)) Sprague St ((8000-8199)) St Clair St ((100-4999)) St Jean Ave ((1-5299)) St Jean St ((1-5299)) St Paul St ((7200-9999)) Stuart St ((7700-7799)) Sylvester St ((7200-11599)) Terminal St ((600-1399)) Townsend St ((500-4999)) Treadway Pl ((8800-9099)) Van Dyke Pl ((601-7999)) Van Dyke St ((500-4999)) Warner St ((9300-9399)) Weyher St ((9300-9499)) Willard St ((8000-8199)) Yates St ((8800-8899))

    48214 Places and Attractions

    Annunciation School Apostle Paul Missionary Baptist Church Barbour School Bell School Benjamin E Mays Male Academy Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church of David Street Boysville's of Michigan -Saint Rose Brodhead Naval Armory Historical Marker Butzel Junior High School Celestial Tabernacle Baptist Church Charles Vincent Continuing Education Center Christ Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church Christian Liberty Baptist Church City of Detroit Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Medic 12 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 26 Ladder 14 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 32 City of Detroit Launching Ramps Coggins Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Conners Creek Conners Creek Conventional Baptist Church Damon J Keith Elementary School Detroit Enterprise Academy Detroit Lions Alternative Education Center Detroit Southeast City Hall Doctor Ossian Sweet Home Historical Marker East Catholic High School Eastern High School Eastside Bus Terminal East Side Central Church of Christ Engel Memorial Park Ephiphany Lutheran Church Erma Henderson Marina Field School Foch School Gabriel Richard Park Gallagher Playground Garvey Academy Greater Bibleway Baptist Church Greater Christ Baptist Church Greater Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ Great Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church Harbor Hill Marina Hillger School Howe School Indian Village Historical Marker Iroquois Avenue Christ Lutheran Church Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church Historical Marker John F Gray Library Johnson H McKinney Day Treatment Center Jones School Joyce School Joy Junior High School Julia Ward Howe Elementary School Keans Detroit Yacht Harbor Krolick School Lillibridge School Lingemann School MacArthur Bridge Memorial Park Marina Mercy Family Care Miles Fellowship Baptist Church Monteith School Mount Olive East Baptist Church New Bride Baptist Church New Christian Missionary Baptist Church New Millennium Missionary Baptist Church New Mount Vernon Baptist Church Nichols School Ossian Sweet Home Historical Marker Owen Park Pingree Park Pingree School Precinct 5 Police Station Pure in Heart Baptist Church Reid Memorial Park Revelation and Truth Missionary Baptist Church Rising Saints in God Church Rosstertial Marina Rushing Mighty Wind Church of God in Christ Saint Augustine and Saint Monica Church Saint Bernard School Saint Charles School Saint Clair Heights Post Office (historical) Saint Clair School Saint John Detroit Riverview Hospital Saint Maron Cathedral Salem School Samaritan Missionary Baptist Church Scott Middle Ground Scripps Annex School Scripps School Second Timothy Baptist Church Siloam Missionary Baptist Church Solid Rock Church of God in Christ Sonora Missionary Baptist Church Southeastern High School Tendler School Tennessee Missionary Baptist Church Trombly Alternative High School Waterworks Park Willis Temple Church of God in Christ Zion Hope Baptist Church Zion Progress Baptist Church