Detroit, MI 48208 ZIP Code Map


48208 Schools


  • Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School
  • Douglass Academy For Young Men
  • Owen Academy
  • Northwestern High School
  • Hutchins Elementary School
  • Burton International School
  • West Side Academy Alt. Ed
  • Westside Multicultural Academy
  • Covenant House Academy Central
  • Catherine Ferguson Academy
  • George Crockett Academy
  • Census


    ZIP Code 48208 is located in Wayne County

    48208 Street Addresses

    12th St ((3300-7299)) 14th St ((2000-7299)) 15th St ((3300-6599)) 16th St ((3300-6599)) 17th St ((3300-4999)) 18th St ((3300-4799)) 23rd St ((3300-5999)) 24th St ((3300-5899)) 25th St ((3300-5799)) Antoinette St ((1700-2599)) Ash St ((1300-3899)) Avery St ((3800-6499)) Avery Ter ((5100-5199)) Biddle St ((3800-3899)) Brainard St ((1300-2099)) Breckenridge Ave ((3200-3399)) Breckenridge St ((3200-3399)) Brown Pl ((3700-3899)) Bryant St ((1900-2099)) Buchanan Ave ((2000-3299)) Buchanan St ((2000-3999)) Bulwer St ((6800-7099)) Burrell Pl ((2900-2999)) Calumet St ((1300-2099)) Caroline St ((1900-2099)) Celia St ((1900-2099)) Chope Pl ((3200-3499)) C L Franklin Blvd ((5200-7299)) Cochrane St ((3300-3899)) Commonwealth St ((3700-6399)) Earle St ((2700-2799)) Eastern Pl ((3400-3899)) Edmore Dr ((16400-16599)) Edsel Ford Frwy Svc Rd ((2300-2898)) Edsel Ford Fwy W ((1500-2899)) E Grand Blvd ((2501-2799)) Elijah Mc Coy Dr ((1400-1498)) Elmhurst St ((7123-7338)) Ferry Park Ave ((1400-3099)) Ferry Park St ((1400-3099)) Fisher Fwy Svc Rd ((2700-3499)) Grand River Ave ((1600-6598)) Gratiot Ave ((1492-1649)) Harrison St ((3350-3799)) Hazel St ((1700-2099)) Hecla St ((5200-6299)) Holden ((1423-1528)) Holden St ((1200-1899)) Hooker St ((2600-2899)) Hudson St ((1500-3899)) Hughes Ter ((2200-2299)) Humboldt St ((3700-4799)) I- 96 Svc Rd ((5600-7199)) John C Lodge Fwy ((4701-5699)) Lanman St ((3800-3899)) Lawton St ((3500-7299)) Lincoln ((5801-6099)) Lincoln St ((3400-6052)) Linwood Ave ((5200-8099)) Linwood St ((5200-8099)) Lombard Ter ((1700-1899)) Loraine St ((5000-5899)) Lysander St ((1300-2099)) Magnolia Ave ((3900-3999)) Magnolia St ((1700-3899)) Mark Ave ((1900-2099)) Marquette Ave ((1400-2899)) Marquette St ((1500-2899)) Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((1201-3799)) Maybury Grand St ((3500-5799)) McGraw St ((1900-3999)) McKinley St ((3500-5699)) Merrick St ((1500-3899)) Milford Ave ((3700-3998)) Milford St ((3700-3998)) Milwaukee Ave ((5501-5599)) Missouri St ((5400-5899)) Mohawk St ((3800-3899)) Moore Pl ((3500-3999)) Mulberry St ((1900-1999)) Nall Ave ((3800-4099)) Nall St ((3800-4099)) Nebraska Ave ((2900-2999)) Nebraska St ((2600-2899)) Noble ((1300-1399)) Poplar St ((2000-3598)) Putnam Ave ((3200-3299)) Putnam St ((1500-2999)) Roosevelt St ((3300-6799)) Rosa Parks Blvd ((3300-7299)) Scovel Pl ((3700-3999)) Selden Ct ((3900-3999)) Selden St ((1500-3699)) Stanley St ((1400-3399)) Stanton St ((5100-6699)) State Hwy 3 ((1492-1649)) State Hwy 5 ((3100-6598)) Sycamore St ((1400-1898)) Sylvan St ((3800-3899)) Taft St ((6700-6899)) Tillman St ((3300-5399)) Trumbull St ((3300-6299)) Vermont St ((3500-6299)) Vinewood St ((3300-6899)) Wabash St ((3198-6599)) W Alexandrine St ((1300-2099)) W Canfield St ((1100-2099)) W Forest Ave ((1400-2699)) W Grand Blvd ((800-2599)) W Grand River Ave ((3100-6598)) W Hancock St ((1500-4898)) Williams St ((3300-4445)) Winslow St ((5700-5799)) W Jeffries Fwy ((3300-5199)) W Kirby St ((1500-3899)) Wreford St ((2600-3499)) W Vinewood Ave ((6800-6899)) W Warren Ave ((2-3999)) W Willis St ((1100-1899))

    48208 Places and Attractions

    Albert for McMichael Middle School Ames Playground Aurora Hospital Child and Adolescent Unit Aurora Hospital Young Adult Unit C E G Ferguson Academy for Young Women Chaney School City of Detroit Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Medic 7 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 10 Ladder 4 City of Detroit Fire Department Engine 31 Squad 4 Columbian Annex School Columbian School Condon School Craft School Detroit City Alternative High School Detroit City High School Detroit Fire Department Training Academy Douglass Library Elijah McCoy Homesite Historical Marker Enon Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Ewald Playground Faithful Mount Triumph Church Ferguson Academy for Young Women First Fellowship Baptist Church Galatian Missionary Baptist Church George Crockett Academy George Crockett Academy God's House of Prayer Goldberg School Greater Dequindre Church of God in Christ Greater Saint James Fire Baptized Church of God of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Kennedy Annex School Kennedy School Lions Alternative Middle School Martin Kundig Historical Marker Mayflower Missionary Baptist Church McGraw School McMichael Middle School Motown Historical Marker Murray High School Murray-Wright Regional Athletic Complex New Order Missionary Baptist Church Northwestern High School Olympia Stadium Pelham Junior High School Pelham Magnet School Pilgrim Star Baptist Church Potter School Rightway Baptist Church Saint Andrew Redeemer Lutheran Church Saint Casimir School Saint Dominies School Saint Gilbert Terminal Scripps Park Second Olivet Baptist Church Starr of Zion Missionary Baptist Church Tree of Life Christian Alternative School Tree of Life Christian Alternative School United Kingdom and Missionary Baptist Church University Public School Westside Multicultural Academy Westside Multicultural Academy Wingert School Woodward School Wright School