Harsens Island, MI 48028 ZIP Code Map


Harsens Island ZIP Codes

Harsens Island

ZIP Code 48028 is located in St. Clair County

48028 Street Addresses

Ash St ((200-399)) Bar Harbor ((100-399)) Bates Hwy ((700-9799)) Beauregard Rd ((100-299)) Bedore Rd ((7000-7399)) Boydell Hwy ((8300-8399)) Circuit Dr ((200-1298)) Circuit St ((300-1299)) Columbine Rd ((1301-3699)) Coney Ave ((100-299)) Cottage Ln ((2400-3924)) Dandron ((8400-8599)) Donald Ave ((3000-3099)) Elm St ((100-199)) Franks Hwy ((7300-7399)) Frasier Blvd ((200-299)) Golf Course Rd ((1000-2499)) Good Rich Hwy ((7200-7399)) Goodrich St ((7274-7282)) Gore Dr ((1200-1399)) Grand Pointe Ct ((200-498)) Green Dr ((3000-7298)) Grove St ((201-299)) Harris ((2100-2398)) Hazel Ct ((100-199)) Krispin Rd ((1800-4099)) la Croix Rd ((120-1598)) Lazy Ln ((4201-7299)) Little ((2000-2399)) Lynn Marie Ln ((500-8499)) Mackinac Ave ((100-199)) Maple Ave ((2-199)) Maple St ((2-199)) Martz Hwy ((7000-7299)) Maybury St ((8300-8399)) McDonald Dr ((7000-7299)) McDonald St ((7100-7399)) Middle Channel ((6600-7699)) Middle Channel Dr ((2900-8399)) Monroe Blvd ((101-399)) Narraganset ((100-299)) N Chan Dr ((2500-2699)) N Channel Dr ((700-2698)) N Channel Dr W ((2700-3298)) N Channel E ((2500-2599)) N Channel W ((2800-3299)) Newport St ((100-399)) N Frazier Blvd ((100-399)) N Russell Dr ((100-251)) Orchid Blvd ((100-499)) Peninsular Way ((8100-8199)) Petoskey St ((100-399)) Pointe Tremble Rd ((6052-6188)) Poplar St ((100-299)) Saint Clair St ((100-399)) Sax Dr ((7000-7299)) S Channel ((7300-7398)) S Channel Dr ((700-9999)) S Channel Rd ((6700-7099)) S Green Dr ((6700-7099)) Shnickenberger Dr ((2100-2199)) S Russell Dr ((100-198)) State Hwy 154 ((400-6999)) State Hwy 29 ((6052-6188)) Stewart Rd ((1200-2198)) Venice Hwy ((400-7499)) Voakes Rd ((700-799)) Williams ((200-299)) William St ((100-299))

48028 Places and Attractions

Bedford Highway Bedore Big Fisher Highway Big Muscamoot Bay Blind Indian Creek Broad Cut Highway Bruckner Island Bryant Highway Camp Farwell Canoe Highway Chene Highway Clays Landing Clinton River Boat Club Club Island Craig Highway Crandell Airport Dandron Highway Dickinson Island Doty Highway Drouard Bay Drouard Point Fisher Bay Fish Point Forster Goose Bay Gooseneck Pond Grande Pointe Grande Pointe Cut Grand Pointe Post Office (historical) Green Island Grummond Highway Gull Island Harsen House Historical Marker Harsens Island Harsens Island Airport Harsens Island Drain Harsens Island Fire Department Harsens Island Post Office Harsens Island Range Lights Harsens Island School Hawkins Point Hurlburt Highway Ives Highway Johnnies Highway Joy Highway Lands End Highway Little Fisher Highway Little Lake Little Muscamoot Bay Log Highway Long Point Long Point Bay Lower Branch Maple Leaf Maybury Highway McDonald Island Memoir of Aura Stewart Historical Marker Mervue Highway Middle Channel Saint Clair River Middle Ground Miller Mud Channel Country Club Mud Lake Muirs Munro Point Muscamoot Ridge Obetz Highway Peninsular Highway Riverside Roach Highway Rodgers Highway Saint Clair Flats Saint Clair Flats Canal Saint Clair Flats State Wildlife Area Saint Clair River Saint Mark Church Sans Souci Savage Highway Sears Highway Slocum Highway Snake Highway Snooks Highway South Channel South Channel Saint Clair River Stewart Farm Historical Marker Strelow Highway Three Rivers Highway Township of Clay Upper Branch Venice Highway West Branch Highway Wide Cut Highway Winding Highway