Gary, IN 46408 ZIP Code Map


46408 Schools


  • Hosford Park Elementary
  • Longfellow Elementary School
  • Lake Ridge Middle School
  • Calumet High School
  • Glen Park Acad For Excel In Lrn
  • Lew Wallace (Sci-Tech-Eng-Math)
  • Daniel Webster Elem Sch
  • Gary Lighthouse Charter School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 46408 is located in Lake County

    46408 Street Addresses

    37th Ct ((5600-5699)) 3800 Ave ((3300-3899)) 40th Ct ((2500-4099)) 43rd Ave ((1900-1999)) 49th Ave W ((2000-2399)) Adams St ((3500-5199)) Arthur St ((3700-5099)) Beverly Dr ((2700-2999)) Broadway ((2950-5199)) Buchanan St ((3400-4899)) Burr St ((3500-4499)) Calhoun St ((3500-4599)) Chase St ((3000-5199)) Clark Rd ((4100-4199)) Cleveland Pl ((4900-5199)) Cleveland St ((3700-5299)) Clinton St ((4300-4498)) Colonial Dr ((3700-3899)) Crest Rd ((2000-2699)) Douglas Dr ((3600-3899)) Durbin St ((3700-3899)) Ellsworth Ln ((4700-4899)) Ellsworth Pl ((3700-4499)) Ellsworth St ((3700-4399)) Elm St ((2200-3998)) Fillmore St ((3500-4699)) Forest Ln ((3900-3999)) Garfield St ((3700-5099)) Gerry Ct ((3701-3799)) Gerry St ((3500-4499)) Glen Park Ave ((100-299)) Glen Park Blvd ((3230-3810)) Grant St ((2900-4999)) Harrison St ((3500-5298)) Hayes St ((3700-5099)) Hendricks Pl ((3700-3798)) Hendricks St ((3700-4099)) Jackson St ((3500-4999)) Jefferson Pl ((4500-4699)) Jefferson St ((3000-5199)) Jennings Pl ((5000-5199)) Jennings St ((5000-5199)) Johnson St ((3400-4699)) Keck Pl ((3700-5699)) King Ct ((4300-4499)) Lincoln St ((3400-4899)) Madison St ((3500-5199)) Marshall Ct ((4700-6498)) Marshall Pl ((3700-4499)) Marshall St ((3700-4499)) Mc Kinley St ((3700-3799)) McKinley St ((3800-4699)) Monroe St ((3500-4999)) Morningside Ave ((100-299)) Morton St ((4100-4799)) N Colfax St ((900-4499)) N Glenwood Ave ((1601-1699)) Nickle Plate Pl ((2200-2299)) Noble St ((4700-4899)) Oak Ln ((2000-4299)) Orchard Dr ((4600-4899)) Orchard Hill Ln ((1700-1999)) Pierce St ((3000-4999)) Polk St ((3500-4998)) Ranburn Cir ((2500-4099)) Ranburn Dr ((2001-2699)) Roosevelt Ct ((4100-4199)) Roosevelt Pl ((3800-5199)) Roosevelt St ((3700-4899)) Ross Rd ((3900-4699)) Rutledge St ((3700-4699)) Silver Ct ((4100-4199)) State Rd 53 ((2950-5199)) State Rd 55 ((1600-5221)) Taft Pl ((3900-3999)) Taft St ((3400-4899)) Taney Pl ((2900-4699)) Taney St ((3700-4699)) Tompkins Ct ((2701-3699)) Tompkins Pl ((3600-3699)) Tompkins St ((4100-4499)) Tyler St ((3500-4899)) Van Buren St ((3500-4999)) Village Ct ((3400-3699)) W 30th Ave ((1-799)) W 32nd Ave ((1200-1599)) W 33rd Ave ((1-5399)) W 35th Ave ((1-6199)) W 36th Ave ((1-6199)) W 36th Pl ((5200-5799)) W 37th Ave ((1-5799)) W 37th Ct ((5600-5699)) W 38th Ave ((800-3099)) W 39th Ave ((1-1199)) W 39th Ct ((1600-1999)) W 39th Pl ((600-5799)) W 40th Ave ((1-3899)) W 40th Pl ((400-6199)) W 41st Ave ((1-6199)) W 41st Pl ((2600-4699)) W 42nd Ave ((1-5699)) W 42nd Ct ((2300-2599)) W 43rd Ave ((1-5799)) W 43rd Pl ((600-799)) W 44th Ave ((1-5799)) W 44th Pl ((600-799)) W 45th Ave ((1-6199)) W 45th Pl ((3100-3299)) W 46th Ave ((1-3999)) W 46th Ct ((2900-2999)) W 47th Ave ((1-4799)) W 47th Ct ((3300-3599)) W 47th Pl ((3300-3899)) W 48th Ave ((1-5299)) W 48th Ct ((3500-3599)) W 48th Pl ((1600-4899)) W 49th Ave ((1-3998)) W 49th Pl ((1600-2199)) W 50th Ave ((1-3099)) W 50th Pl ((1600-2199)) W 51st Ave ((1-2299)) W 51st Pl ((400-3399)) W 52nd Ave ((1-399)) Waite St ((3800-3899)) Wallace Pkwy ((3900-3999)) Washington St ((3500-5299)) W Hendricks Pl ((3600-3899)) Whitcomb St ((3900-5099)) Williams St ((3830-3836)) Wilson St ((4500-4899)) Woodbridge St ((4500-4699)) W Ridge Rd ((1-6199)) Wright Cir ((3900-3999))

    46408 Places and Attractions

    Arthur P Melton Elementary School Avenue Mobile Home Park Beacon Light Christian Reformed Church Bethel Temple Church of God Blessed Sacrament School Calumet Golf Course Calumet High School Carter Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Char-el Mobile Home Park Christ Temple Church of Christ Colfax Mobile Home Park Colonial Mobile Home Park Daniel Webster Elementary School Emmanuel Church of God in Christ First Church of the Nazarene First Tabernacle Baptist Church Fortythird Avenue Presbyterian Church (historical) Gary Fire Department Station 5 Gary School Gilroy Stadium Gleason Park Glen Park Baptist Church (historical) Glen Park Christian Church Glen Park Church of God (historical) Glen Park Community Center Glen Park School Glenview Mobile Home Park God's Grace Church Good Sheperd Church Gospel Assembly Church Grace Baptist Church Grace United Methodist Church Hawthorn Hall Hillcrest Manufactured Housing Community Hosford Park Elementary School Indiana University Northwest Kings Mobile Home Court Lake Ridge Middle School Lake Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Lew Wallace Elementary School Lew Wallace High School Liberty Baptist Church Lindenwood Hall Marram Hall Melody Lane Mobile Home Park Moraine Student Center Mount Mercy Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Our Savior Lutheran Church Raintree Hall Ridgelawn Cemetery Ridge Plaza Shopping Center Ridge Road Mobile Home Community Ross Ross Baptist Church Ross Cemetery Ross Mobile Home Park Ross Reformed Church Saint Clement Orthodox Church (historical) Saint Mark Church Saint Mark School Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Church Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church Saint Timothy Church Savannah Center Seventh Day Adventist Church (historical) Seventh Day Adventist School (historical) South Gleason Park Golf Course Sycamore Hall Tamarack Hall Victory General Baptist Church Village Mobile Home Park Village Shopping Center