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46404 Schools


  • Brunswick Elementary School
  • Beveridge Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 46404 is located in Lake County

    46404 Street Addresses

    Arthur Pl ((1500-1699)) Arthur St ((200-2699)) Baker St ((900-2299)) Bigger St ((1000-2499)) Bridge St ((1-499)) Brooks Pl ((3100-3499)) Chase St ((200-2999)) Circle Dr ((2800-2909)) Clark Rd ((900-3899)) Cleveland St ((200-2699)) Ellsworth Pl ((900-2299)) Ellsworth St ((100-2599)) Garfield St ((300-2699)) Grant St ((200-2899)) Harmony Ct ((900-1099)) Hayes St ((300-2699)) Hendricks St ((900-2899)) Hill St ((2700-2899)) Ivanhoe Ct ((1000-1099)) Jarvis Ave ((2900-2999)) Jennings St ((300-2899)) Lane St ((900-2699)) Lincoln St ((1200-1299)) Marshall Pl ((1300-2699)) Marshall St ((100-2699)) Mc Kinley St ((2500-2698)) McKinley St ((200-2499)) Morton St ((900-3299)) Noble St ((301-2799)) Poplar St ((3200-3299)) Riverside Dr ((2900-4599)) Roosevelt Pl ((1200-2499)) Roosevelt St ((100-2599)) Rutledge St ((100-2299)) State Rd 55 ((200-2899)) Taft Pl ((100-699)) Taft St ((100-2699)) Taney Ct ((600-798)) Taney Pl ((500-2699)) Taney St ((100-2699)) Tolle Pl ((3200-3499)) US Hwy 12 ((1801-2599)) US Hwy 20 ((1600-2999)) W 10th Ave ((1600-5599)) W 10th Pl ((1600-3499)) W 11th Ave ((1500-4599)) W 12th Ave ((1400-3099)) W 13th Ave ((1300-5599)) W 14th Ave ((1600-2199)) W 15th Ave ((1600-4599)) W 16th Ave ((2200-2299)) W 17th Ave ((1600-3799)) W 18th Ave ((2900-3099)) W 19th Ave ((1600-4599)) W 19th Pl ((2300-4299)) W 19th Plz ((4100-4499)) W 1st Ave ((5100-5199)) W 20th Ave ((1200-4499)) W 20th Pl ((1600-4599)) W 21st Ave ((1600-4899)) W 21st Pl ((3100-94499)) W 22nd Ave ((1400-4599)) W 22nd Pl ((2200-4399)) W 22nd Plz ((4000-4399)) W 23rd Ave ((1200-4599)) W 23rd Ct ((4200-4599)) W 23rd Pl ((2600-4599)) W 24th Ave ((1500-4599)) W 24th Ln ((1800-2299)) W 24th Pl ((2800-4599)) W 25th Ave ((1600-4599)) W 25th Pl ((2500-4599)) W 26th Ave ((1600-4599)) W 26th Pl ((4300-4999)) W 27th Pl ((2300-4599)) W 28th Ave ((3000-4599)) W 28th Pl ((3400-4599)) W 29th Ave ((3300-4599)) W 2nd Ave ((200-2999)) W 2nd Pl ((1600-3151)) W 30th Ave ((4300-4599)) W 30th Pl ((4000-4599)) W 31st Ave ((3800-4599)) W 32nd Ave ((3800-4599)) W 3rd Ave ((1600-3299)) W 4th Ave ((1801-2599)) W 4th Pl ((1700-2099)) W 5th Ave ((1600-2999)) W 6th Ave ((2000-2999)) W 7th Ave ((1600-2999)) W 7th Ct ((2700-2899)) W 7th Pl ((2700-2999)) W 7th Place Ct ((2700-2899)) W 8th Ave ((1600-2999)) W 9th Ave ((1600-3099)) W 9th Pl ((2300-3599)) Wabash Ave ((2300-3099)) Waite St ((200-2699)) Wallace St ((1000-3199)) Waverly Dr ((2300-2898)) Whitcomb St ((900-2499)) Willard St ((900-2099)) Williams St ((900-2299)) Wilson St ((1100-2499)) Wright St ((900-3299)) W Wilson St ((300-399))

    46404 Places and Attractions

    Alain L Locke Elementary School Ambridge Elementary School Apostolic Church of Jesus Benjamin Banneker Elementary School Beveridge Elementary School Bible Way Apostolic Church Black Oak Chase Alternative Middle School Clark Road Baptist Church Ernie Pyle Elementary School Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church Gary Fire Department Station 3 Gary Fire Department Station 8 George Washington Elementary School Grace and Truth Fellowship Baptist Church Grant Street Interchange Horace Mann Elementary School Interchange 2 John H Vohr Elementary School Liberty Baptist Church Lively Stone Church of God Love Feast Church of God Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus Mount Calvary Interdenominational Church Moving In the Spirit Ministry New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church New Jerusalem Church of God New Macedonia Baptist Church New Revelation Baptist Church New Zion Temple Old Path Church of Holiness Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church Peace Baptist Church Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church Prayer Tower Fellowship Church Sacred Heart School Saint Andrew African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Saint Augustine's Church Saint John Lutheran Church Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran School (historical) Saint Paul Baptist Church Saint Philip Lutheran Church Saint Timothy Community Church Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church Temple Penecostal Nueva Tolleston Tolleston Branch Gary Public Library Tolleston Middle School Tolleston Park Tolleston Station Gary Post Office Village First Baptist Church Washington School West Fifth Avenue Apartments Historic District Wildwood Church of Christ