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East Chicago ZIP Codes

East Chicago

46312 Schools


  • East Chicago Central High Sch
  • William Mckinley Elementary Sch
  • Joseph L Block Jr High School
  • George Washington Elem School
  • Carrie Gosch Elementary School
  • Benjamin Harrison Elementary Sch
  • Benjamin Franklin Elem School
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary Sch
  • East Chicago Lighthouse
  • East Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad
  • 46312 Hotels

  • Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago
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    ZIP Code 46312 is located in Lake County

    46312 Street Addresses

    149th Pl ((501-699)) 150th Pl ((400-499)) 151st Pl ((300-499)) Alder St ((3600-5099)) Aldis Ave ((3200-3599)) Alexander Ave ((3800-5099)) Arbutus Ln ((4300-4499)) Aster Ave ((4800-5198)) Baring Ave ((4100-5699)) Beacon St ((1100-1499)) Block Ave ((3100-3899)) Broad St ((400-599)) Broadway St ((1201-2599)) Butternut St ((3700-4199)) Callahan Pl ((3100-3299)) Canalport Ave ((3800-4099)) Canal St ((3400-3999)) Cardinal Dr ((2000-2899)) Carey St ((3700-4999)) Carroll St ((900-1998)) Catalpa St ((3700-4199)) Cesar Chavez Memorial Dr ((1-3099)) Chicago St ((1500-1599)) Commonwealth Ave ((3500-3899)) Dahlia St ((3300-3799)) Deal St ((2800-4199)) Dearborn St ((3045-4199)) Deodar St ((3400-4099)) Dickey Rd ((2200-3499)) Dock St ((3600-3899)) Drummond St ((3700-4999)) E 135th St ((1700-2299)) E 136th St ((1400-2399)) E 138th Pl ((1000-1199)) E 138th St ((1000-2799)) E 139th St ((600-2999)) E 140th Pl ((2500-2899)) E 140th St ((600-3199)) E 141st Pl ((2500-2699)) E 141st St ((2300-2999)) E 142nd St ((1100-1999)) E 143rd St ((1200-1999)) E 144th St ((1400-1999)) E 145th St ((900-3199)) E 148th St ((400-1599)) E 149th Pl ((501-699)) E 149th St ((500-1599)) E 150th St ((400-899)) E 151st St ((400-899)) E Chicago Ave ((1-5098)) E Columbus Dr ((1-3099)) E Guadalupe Cir ((2600-4499)) Elm St ((3400-4499)) Emlyn Pl ((500-599)) Erie Ct ((3800-3898)) Euclid Ave ((3600-4999)) Evergreen Ln ((2600-2799)) Evergreen St ((3800-3999)) Exchange Ave ((500-1499)) Fern St ((3800-4099)) Fir St ((3400-4399)) Franklin St ((2000-4399)) Gannister Ct ((4400-4499)) Garfield Pl ((3800-3899)) Gary Ave ((1600-3199)) Gladiola Ave ((4800-5199)) Gladiola St ((4901-4999)) Grace St ((3900-4199)) Grand Blvd ((3200-4398)) Grasselli Ave ((4700-4999)) Grove St ((400-599)) Guadalupe Dr ((2600-4398)) Guthrie St ((3200-3999)) Hawthorne St ((3900-4199)) Hembroff St ((2700-2899)) Hemlock St ((3400-4199)) Hidalgo Ln ((4200-4499)) Homerlee Ave ((4100-5799)) Huish Dr ((4801-4999)) Huron Ct ((3800-3898)) Indiana Harbor Dr ((3300-3499)) Indianapolis Blvd ((2401-6308)) Ivy St ((3600-4999)) James St ((3300-3399)) Jeorse Cir ((2000-2199)) Johnson St ((600-799)) Jonquil Ln ((4900-5098)) Joy Ln ((2000-2199)) Kennedy Ave ((3800-5499)) Kenny Lofton Ln ((4200-4299)) Kosciusko Blvd ((1100-1499)) Larkspur St ((4700-4999)) Lewis Pl ((800-999)) Liberty St ((400-599)) Lilac St ((400-599)) Lincoln St ((3200-3499)) Lithuanica Ave ((2100-2399)) Ln of the Roses ((2719-4464)) Lombardy St ((4100-4199)) Magoun Ave ((4100-5099)) Main St ((3500-4099)) Martin Luther King Dr ((3500-3799)) Mc Cook Ave ((4100-5099)) McCook Ave ((3800-4999)) Mc Kinley St ((3300-3399)) Melville Ave ((3800-5099)) Michigan Ave ((3200-3899)) Michigan Ct ((3600-3698)) Michigan St ((900-1998)) Narva Pl ((500-599)) Northcote Ave ((4100-5699)) Oak St ((2900-3199)) Olcott Ave ((4100-5099)) Ontario Ct ((3800-3898)) Park St ((400-599)) Parrish Ave ((3400-4999)) Penhryn Pl ((500-599)) Pennsylvania Ave ((3200-3999)) Pine Ave ((2900-3099)) Private St ((4600-4799)) Prospect St ((400-499)) Pulaski Pl ((1300-1399)) Pulaski St ((3600-4099)) Purdue Dr ((2100-2399)) Railroad Ave ((4000-5298)) Reading Ave ((4900-5699)) Regent St ((3200-3399)) Riga Pl ((500-599)) Riley Rd ((1-1599)) Roosevelt Ave ((2900-2999)) Roxana Dr ((800-1599)) Ruth St ((5100-5199)) Saint Joseph Dr ((2300-2399)) School St ((500-599)) Shell St ((900-1599)) Sheridan Pl ((3800-3899)) Short St ((4600-4699)) Sophia St ((5100-5199)) Spring St ((400-699)) Spruce Ave ((2900-3099)) S Roxanna Dr ((800-1499)) State Rd 152 ((5700-6308)) State Rd 312 ((1-3199)) State Rd 912 ((2900-3999)) Stewart Ct ((4300-4399)) Stewart Pl ((3300-3399)) Superior Ct ((3600-3698)) Tod Ave ((4000-5099)) US Hwy 12 ((1-799)) US Hwy 12/20 ((3100-4099)) US Hwy 20 ((4100-5699)) Vernon Ave ((300-599)) W 128th St ((600-699)) W 129th St ((1-899)) W 140th St ((501-699)) W 142nd St ((500-1399)) W 143rd St ((500-1399)) W 144th St ((500-1199)) W 145th St ((500-1499)) W 148th St ((500-1498)) W 149th St ((500-1499)) W 150th St ((500-1599)) W 151st St ((1-1499)) W 152nd St ((493-499)) Walsh Ave ((4100-5699)) Washington St ((3200-3498)) Watling St ((3200-3499)) W Chicago Ave ((1-1499)) W Columbus Dr ((1-1499)) Wegg Ave ((4100-5699)) W Guadalupe Cir ((2600-4499)) White Oak Ave ((4200-5799))

    46312 Places and Attractions

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary School (historical) Antioch Baptist Church Apostolic Church (historical) Arcelormittal Steel - Indiana Harbor Fire Department Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin Assumption School of the Blessed Virgin Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Benjamin Harrison Elementary School Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church Block Field Callahan Park Carnegie Library Carrie Gosch Elementary School Central Baptist Church Chicago Avenue Station East Chicago Post Office Church of God in Christ City Hall Park City of East Chicago Columbus Elementary School Congregation Beth Shalom Synagogue Congregation B'nai Israel Temple Covenant Evangelical Mission Church Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Neighborhood Center East Chicago East Chicago Carnegie Public Library East Chicago Central High School East Chicago Church of God East Chicago City Hall East Chicago Fire Department Station 1 East Chicago Fire Department Station 2 East Chicago Fire Department Station 4 East Chicago Fire Department Station 5 East Chicago Fire Station Number 2 East Chicago Fire Station Number 6 East Chicago Main Post Office East Chicago Rehabilitation and Convalescent Center Ebenezer Baptist Church Edward Valve Park Enterprise Baptist Church Eugene Field Elementary School Evangelistic Temple Shalom First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Church of the Nazarene First Congregational Church First Greek American Orthodox Church First Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) First United Presbyterian Church George Washington High School Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Greater First Baptist Church Harbor Station East Chicago Post Office Holy Ghost Russian Orthodox Church (historical) Holy Trinity Hungarian Roman Catholic Church Holy Trinity Hungarian Roman Catholic School Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church Holy Trinity School Holy Trinity Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church House of Glory World Outreach Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Immaculate Conception School Indiana Harbor Indiana Harbor Boat Club Indiana Harbor Canal Indiana Harbor Catholic Elementary School Indiana Harbor East Bulkhead Light Indiana Harbor Light 7 Indiana Harbor Light 8 Indiana Harbor Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Indiana University Calumet Center Jeorse Park Joseph L Block Junior High School Kosciuzko Park Lake George Canal Macedonia Baptist Church Mark Elementary School Marktown Historic District Mark Town Park Mary Gorman Specker Memorial Library (historical) McKinley School Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Mount Herman Baptist Church (historical) New Starlight Baptist Church Nunez Park Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church Regency Hospital of Northwest Indiana Company Riley Park Riley School Roosevelt School (historical) Roxana School Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Saint Basil's Roman Catholic Church Saint Catherine Hospital Saint Dumitru Romanian Orthodox Church Saint Francisci Roman Catholic Church Saint Francisci School (historical) Saint George's Greek Orthodox Church Saint George's Roumanian Orthodox Church (historical) Saint Georges Serbian Orthodox Church Saint John Cantius Roman Catholic Church Saint Joseph's College (historical) Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Saint Josephs School Saint Judes School (historical) Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Saint Mark African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Saint Mark's African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Mary School Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church Saint Michael Polish National Catholic Church Saint Nicholas Greek Catholic Church Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Saint Patrick's School (historical) Saint Paul Lutheran Church Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church Saints Peter and Paul Eastern Rite Church Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church Saint Stanislaus School Strait Gate Temple Sunnyside Park Tabernacle Baptist Church Tabernacle Baptist Church (historical) The Forks Three Saints Independent Roumanian Orthodox Church Tod Park Township of North United Church of Christ US Steel - East Chicago Tin Fire Brigade Wagner Center (historical) Washington Park West Side Junior High School William McKinley Elementary School Word International Apostleship Church Zion Baptist Church Zion Tabernacle Pentecostal Church