Indianapolis, IN 46218 ZIP Code Map


46218 Schools


  • Joyce Kilmer School 69
  • James Russell Lowell School 51
  • Arlington Woods Elementary School
  • Anna Brochhausen School 88
  • Andrew Academy
  • Kipp Indpls College Preparatory
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    ZIP Code 46218 is located in Marion County

    46218 Street Addresses

    123 ((1601-1699)) Adams St ((1900-3799)) Aluminum Dr ((4800-4999)) Arthington Blvd ((2800-3799)) Avondale Pl ((2100-2399)) Baltimore Ave ((2200-3799)) Baltimore Ter ((3000-3198)) Bancroft St ((1900-1999)) Bauer Rd ((1800-1899)) Beckwith Dr ((2300-2499)) Bellis St ((1900-2399)) Bloyd Ave ((1900-2999)) Boyd Ln ((2800-2899)) Brookside Pkwy N Dr ((3000-3599)) Brookway St ((2500-2799)) Brouse Ave ((2500-3699)) Budge Ln ((5300-5399)) Butler Ter ((5100-5399)) Campbell Ave ((1600-3299)) Caroline Ave ((1900-3799)) Cooper St ((1900-1999)) Coyner Ave ((2100-2499)) Culligan Ave ((3800-4199)) Darwin St ((1900-2199)) Doretta Joan Ave ((3100-3199)) Dr Andrew J Brown Ave ((3200-3299)) Dubois St ((2400-2499)) E 16th St ((5100-5999)) E 17th St ((2500-6599)) E 18th St ((1500-5999)) E 19th Pl ((5300-5499)) E 19th St ((601-5999)) E 20th Pl ((5100-5499)) E 20th St ((1500-5999)) E 21st St ((1500-6199)) E 22nd St ((2101-5999)) E 23rd St ((1400-5999)) E 24th St ((1200-5999)) E 25th St ((1400-5999)) E 26th St ((3200-5699)) E 27th St ((600-5999)) E 28th St ((1700-5999)) E 29th St ((1400-4599)) E 30th St ((1400-5999)) E 31st St ((3100-5799)) E 32nd St ((1400-5999)) E 33rd St ((1100-5999)) E 34th St ((1500-5999)) E 35th St ((1500-5799)) E 36th St ((1600-5799)) E 37th St ((1700-5799)) E 38th St ((1600-5999)) E 38th St North Dr ((2500-5999)) E 38th Street North Dr ((2900-4799)) Eastern Ave ((2500-3199)) E Brookside Ave ((2100-2999)) E Irwin Rd ((3700-3799)) Emerson Acc ((2501-2599)) Emerson Court N Dr ((5000-5099)) Emerson Ct S Dr ((2501-5099)) Emerson Knoll Pl ((2100-2299)) E Pruitt St ((2500-2599)) E Sutton St ((5300-5399)) Fernway St ((2000-2599)) Flap Ln ((2800-2899)) Forest Ct ((4700-4799)) Forest Manor Ave ((1900-4199)) Gertrude Ave ((1900-1999)) Glenn Dr ((2300-3499)) Glenridge Dr ((1900-2099)) Grace St ((1800-4899)) Greenbriar Ln ((2000-2399)) Hillside Ave ((1800-3799)) Holloway Ave ((1800-1999)) Houston St ((1900-3399)) Hovey St ((1900-3599)) Howard Ave ((2700-2799)) Hyche Ave ((2600-2899)) Ingram St ((1600-1999)) Janet Dr ((3500-3599)) Jefferson Ave ((2100-2299)) Jenkins St ((1600-1799)) Jennings St ((3300-3399)) Keystone Way ((2200-2999)) Kildare Ave ((1600-2199)) Kilroy Dr ((2200-2299)) Kinnear Ave ((3400-3799)) Kristen Dr ((2500-2699)) Kristen Dr E ((2700-2999)) Kristen Dr W ((2700-2999)) Langley Ave ((1700-2499)) Lawrence St ((1900-2299)) Lesley Ave ((1600-3799)) Manlove Ave ((2500-2999)) Manor Ct ((3000-3799)) Mardenna Ave ((3300-3399)) Martin Luther Ln ((2400-2499)) Massachusetts Ave ((1100-5999)) Montana St ((1500-1599)) Munter Ln ((4700-4799)) N Arlington Ave ((1600-3799)) N Arsenal Ave ((1600-3399)) N Audubon Rd ((1600-3899)) N Bancroft St ((1700-3799)) N Bolton Ave ((1600-3299)) N Bosart Ave ((1600-2299)) N Butler Ave ((1600-3814)) N Chester Ave ((2500-3799)) N Colorado Ave ((1600-4299)) N Dearborn St ((1900-3899)) N Denny St ((2600-3799)) N Dequincy St ((1600-3799)) N Downey Ave ((3000-3399)) N Drexel Ave ((1900-3799)) N Emerson Ave ((1600-3799)) N Euclid Ave ((1600-3799)) N Gale St ((2100-3799)) N Gladstone Ave ((1600-3799)) N Graham Ave ((1600-3799)) N Grant Ave ((3300-3799)) N Hawthorne Ln ((1600-3811)) Nicholas Ave ((3200-3399)) N Irvington Ave ((1600-3799)) N Keystone Ave ((1900-3799)) N Lasalle St ((1900-3799)) N Layman Ave ((1600-3799)) N Leland Ave ((1600-3899)) N Linwood Ave ((1600-3799)) N Olney St ((1900-3799)) N Oxford St ((1700-3799)) N Parker Ave ((1600-3799)) N Riley Ave ((1600-3799)) N Ritter Ave ((1600-3299)) N Rural St ((1600-3899)) N Sherman Dr ((1600-3899)) N Spencer Ave ((1600-2499)) N Tacoma Ave ((1600-3799)) N Temple Ave ((1600-3799)) N Whittier Pl ((1600-3799)) Orchard Ave ((3000-3899)) Orchard Ter ((3000-3199)) Oxford Ln ((2700-3099)) Priscilla Ave ((1600-3299)) Priscilla Ct ((3500-3699)) Producers Dr ((4100-4199)) Ralston Ave ((1900-3799)) Ribble Rd ((4700-5099)) Roache St ((3200-3499)) Robertson Ave ((2700-2799)) Roosevelt Ave ((1300-3799)) Sangster Ave ((2500-2999)) Schofield Ave ((2500-3799)) Sedwick St ((3300-3399)) Sheldon St ((1500-2499)) Sherbrook Ave ((2000-2099)) Shick Dr ((3100-3199)) Station St ((2100-3799)) Stuart St ((2300-3199)) Sutherland Ave ((3301-3899)) Tallman Ave ((1800-1999)) Tipton St ((1900-2099)) Topp Dr ((5100-5199)) Trumbull St ((1600-1799)) Valley Ave ((1900-2599)) Wales Ave ((1600-1799)) Wallace Ave ((1900-3799)) W Arlington Ct ((2400-2499)) Wheeler St ((2100-2999)) Winston Pl ((5200-5399)) Winter Ave ((2000-2299))

    46218 Places and Attractions

    Abundant Life Memorial Church Abyssinian Baptist Church Arlington Heights Baptist Church Arlington Heights Christian Church Arlington Heights Elementary School Beckwith Park Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Brien Park Brightwood Branch Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Brightwood (historical) Brightwood Station Indianapolis Post Office Brookside Creek Brookside Industrial Center Browning School Number 73 (historical) Calvary Temple Church of God in Christ House of Prayer Clifford Park (historical) County Juvenile Center Douglas Park Golf Course East Brightwood (historical) East Side Nazarene Church East Side New Hope Baptist Church Eastside Seventh Day Adventist Church East Sixteeenth Street Christian Church Emerson Branch Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Emmanuel Baptist Church Faith Apostolic Mission Faith Missionary Baptist Church First Bible Church Forest Manor Park Forest Manor United Methodist Church Full Gospel Deliverance Church Galilee Baptist Church George Washington Park Glenco Baptist Church Good Hope Baptist Church Greater Canaan Baptist Church Hazel Hart Hendricks Elementary School Hill Park Indianapolis Bahai Assembly Indianapolis Fire Department Station 10 Indianapolis Fire Department Station 22 Interchange 85 Interchange 87 Jones African Methodist Episcopal Tabernacle Joyce Kilmer Elementary School Juvenile Justice Center Kenneth Walker Elementary School Little Egypt Baptist Church Lowell School Number 51 Maibucker Ditch Martindale Brightwood Health Center McClendon Christian Methodist Episcopal Tabernacle Minnie Creek Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Mount Zion Church of God in Christ New Jerusalem Baptist Church Northeast Church of Christ North Park Oscar Charleston Park Otterbein United Methodist Church Park Heights Church Parkview Elementary School Ritter Avenue Free Methodist Church Rock of Ages Baptist Church Saint Luke Baptist Church Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Rita Roman Catholic Church Saint Rita School Second Moravian Church Smiths Church of God in Christ Temple Susan Roll Leach Elementary School Trinity Baptist Church Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Triumph Holiness Church Twentythird Street Industrial Park Unity Baptist Fellowship Church Universal Church of Truth Weir School Number 71 (historical) Wes Montgomery Park WTLC-FM (Indianapolis) Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church