Indianapolis, IN 46202 ZIP Code Map


46202 Schools


  • Crispus Attucks Med Mgnt Jr Hs
  • Center For Inquiry Iii
  • Center For Inquiry
  • Washington Irving School 14
  • Riverside School 44
  • Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet Hs
  • Charity Dye School 27
  • The Indianapolis Project School
  • Herron High School
  • 46202 Hotels

  • Looking Glass Inn
  • Nestle Inn
  • Oakwood at The Waverley
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Indianapolis Downtown on the Canal
  • Stone Soup Inn
  • The Villa Inn and Restaurant and Spa
  • University Place Conference Cen
  • Census


    ZIP Code 46202 is located in Marion County

    46202 Street Addresses

    Allfree St ((2100-2199)) Alonzo Watford Senior Dr ((1600-1899)) Alvord St ((1400-2099)) Anderson St ((100-399)) Aqueduct St ((1600-2199)) Arsenal Ave ((1300-1498)) Barnhill Dr ((500-799)) Barrow Ave ((1200-1599)) Bates St ((500-1399)) Beauty Ave ((300-499)) Bellefontaine St ((900-2199)) Bell St ((500-999)) Blake St ((1-999)) Blvd Pl ((1900-2099)) Boulevard Pl ((2100-2199)) Brighton Blvd ((1500-1699)) Bright St ((600-699)) Broadway St ((800-2199)) Brooker St ((1200-1299)) Brook Ln ((1100-1199)) Brooks St ((1000-1299)) Bundy Pl ((1500-1899)) Byram Pl ((1200-1599)) Caldwell St ((300-399)) Camp St ((800-999)) Canal Court N Dr ((400-499)) Canal Court S Dr ((400-499)) Canal Ct ((401-799)) Canal View Cir ((400-499)) Canal View Dr ((600-699)) Canal View Way ((400-499)) Canal Walk ((300-499)) Carrollton Ave ((800-2199)) Central Ave ((1000-2199)) Charlotte Pl ((100-199)) Clinical Dr ((500-599)) Cold Spring Rd ((2000-2399)) Columbia Ave ((1100-2199)) Concordia St ((100-399)) Cora St ((100-199)) Cornell Ave ((1900-2099)) Daly St ((900-999)) Dickson St ((100-299)) Dorman St ((200-999)) Douglas St ((100-699)) Drake St ((500-799)) Dr Andrew J Brown Ave ((1400-2199)) Dreier Pl ((900-1048)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr St ((500-2199)) Dr M L King Jr St ((800-898)) E 10th St ((200-1398)) E 11th St ((100-899)) E 12th St ((200-599)) E 13th St ((100-1299)) E 14th St ((1-799)) E 15th St ((200-1399)) E 16th St ((1-1599)) E 17th St ((1-1699)) E 18th St ((1-199)) E 19th St ((100-1699)) E 20th St ((100-1499)) E 21st St ((1-1399)) E 21st Street Annex ((100-199)) E 22nd St ((1-1699)) E 7th St ((300-399)) E 9th St ((100-1399)) E Arch St ((218-699)) E Brookside Ave ((1100-1405)) E Court St ((600-699)) Edison Ave ((800-999)) E Georgia St ((500-1299)) Ellsworth St ((602-694)) E Louisiana St ((500-1099)) E Lynn Dr ((1400-1499)) E Market St ((1-1399)) E Maryland St ((700-1414)) E Miami St ((600-699)) E Michigan St ((500-1399)) E New York St ((1-1399)) E North St ((200-1399)) E Ohio St ((1-1399)) E Riverside Dr ((1400-2999)) E Sahm St ((100-399)) E St Clair St ((300-1399)) E St Joseph St ((100-399)) E Vermont St ((401-1399)) E Walnut St ((300-899)) E Washington St ((1-1457)) Fall Creek Parkway North Dr ((500-599)) Fall Creek Pkwy E Dr ((1000-1599)) Fayette St ((600-1099)) Fort Wayne Ave ((700-999)) Fowler ((700-899)) Fulton St ((100-799)) Gardenbrook Cir ((800-899)) Gardengate Pl ((900-999)) Geisendorff St ((100-199)) Gent Ave ((1400-2199)) Government Pl ((414-499)) Hall Pl ((1600-1799)) Hanson Ave ((200-399)) Harrison St ((700-1099)) Herbert St ((1200-1299)) Herman St ((100-199)) Herschell Ave ((1400-1599)) Hine St ((1300-1399)) Hudson St ((800-1499)) Indiana Ave ((300-999)) Indianapolis Canal Walk ((300-599)) Ittenbach St ((300-399)) Koehne St ((1800-2099)) Lafayette St ((800-1199)) Langsdale Ave ((500-899)) Lansing Pl ((300-399)) Lansing St ((200-499)) Leota St ((1-499)) Lewis St ((1000-1599)) Limestone St ((300-499)) Lockefield Ct ((700-799)) Lockefield Ln ((700-799)) Lockefield St ((700-899)) Lockerbie Cir N ((500-599)) Lockerbie Cir S ((501-599)) Lockerbie St ((500-699)) Locke St ((900-999)) Lord St ((500-1099)) Mansfield St ((1800-2099)) Marlette Dr ((300-499)) Marlowe Ave ((1100-1399)) Mary Ct ((601-8498)) Massachusetts Ave ((951-999)) Mc Lean Pl ((1-299)) Medical Dr ((1000-1199)) Michigan Pl ((1100-1199)) Milburn St ((1200-1999)) Mill Race ((300-399)) Mill St ((1600-1799)) Montcalm St ((1300-2199)) N Alabama St ((701-2199)) N Blackford St ((100-699)) N Broadway ((800-2099)) N California St ((300-999)) N Capitol Ave ((1001-2199)) N Cincinnati St ((500-599)) N Cleveland St ((300-799)) N College Ave ((1-2199)) N Cornell Ave ((1600-1899)) N Davidson St ((1-999)) N Delaware St ((840-2199)) N Dexter St ((1800-2199)) N East St ((300-999)) N Harding St ((1300-2212)) N Highland Ave ((1-1099)) N Illinois St ((1100-2199)) N Kenwood Ave ((2000-2199)) N Meridian St ((100-2199)) N Missouri St ((700-1599)) N New Jersey St ((600-2199)) N Ogden St ((1000-1499)) N Oriental St ((1-999)) North Dr ((1200-1299)) Northwestern St ((1400-1699)) N Park Ave ((1-2199)) N Pennsylvania St ((1000-2199)) N Pierson St ((2000-2099)) N Pine St ((1-599)) N Roanoke St ((600-999)) N Scioto St ((1400-1799)) N Senate Ave ((1-2299)) N Talbott St ((1000-2199)) N West St ((1-2199)) Olive St ((100-299)) Paca St ((800-999)) Patterson St ((300-499)) Peck St ((1000-1499)) Pierson St ((1600-1999)) Pine St ((200-299)) Polk St ((1100-1399)) Porto Alegre St ((300-999)) Porto Allegre St ((301-399)) Puryear St ((100-799)) Rankin St ((1-399)) Ransom St ((500-599)) Rembrandt St ((1300-2099)) Roosevelt Ave ((1000-1299)) Rotary Cir ((700-799)) Ruckle St ((1700-2099)) S Cincinati St ((301-399)) S Cincinnati St ((301-399)) S College Ave ((1-399)) S Davidson St ((1-399)) Senate Blvd ((1-1599)) Shelby St ((1-399)) S Oriental St ((1-299)) South Dr ((1100-1199)) Southeastern Ave ((900-1407)) S Park Ave ((1-199)) S Pennsylvania St ((101-129)) S Pine St ((1-199)) Springdale Pl ((1301-1399)) Spring St ((100-799)) Stadium Dr ((1000-1599)) State Rd 37 ((101-2199)) Stillwell St ((900-1199)) Sturm Ave ((1200-1399)) Sugar Grove Ave ((1600-2199)) Tippecanoe St ((400-498)) Toledo St ((200-499)) Toronto St ((100-199)) Union Dr ((600-799)) University Blvd ((100-999)) US Hwy 31 ((101-2199)) US Hwy 40 ((1-1457)) US Hwy 421 ((900-1407)) Vermont Pl ((600-699)) W 10th St ((1-1659)) W 11th St ((100-799)) W 12th St ((1-899)) W 13th St ((1-899)) W 14th St ((1-1199)) W 15th St ((100-1999)) W 16th Pl ((500-699)) W 16th St ((1-2029)) W 16th Street Pl ((400-499)) W 17th St ((1-1199)) W 18th St ((1-2199)) W 19th St ((1-1599)) W 20th St ((1-1299)) W 21st St ((1-1599)) W 22nd St ((1-1599)) W 9th St ((200-799)) W Allegheny St ((200-699)) Waterway Blvd ((1000-1999)) Wendell Ave ((2100-2199)) West Dr ((528-799)) W Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr ((500-599)) W Foster Pl ((100-199)) White Ave ((2100-2199)) White River Pkwy Dr E ((301-349)) White River Pkwy E Dr ((301-2299)) Wilson St ((900-999)) Wishard Blvd ((1000-1299)) W Lynn Dr ((1400-1499)) W Market St ((500-899)) W Michigan St ((1-1499)) W New York St ((1-949)) W North St ((1-999)) W Ohio St ((300-499)) W Sahm St ((200-299)) W St Clair St ((200-799)) W Vermont St ((1-1399)) W Wabash St ((900-999)) W Walnut St ((1-1099)) Yandes St ((1200-2199))

    46202 Places and Attractions

    Allen African Methodist Episcopal Chapel Allen Chapel Church of Christ Jesus All Saints Episcopal Church Athenaeum Benjamin Harrison Elementary School Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Blessed Hope Independent Baptist Church Bloch Park Bryce Building Bush Stadium Cable School Number 4 (historical) Cathedral High School Central Avenue United Methodist Church Charity Dye Elementary School Church of God in Christ Church of God in Christ City of Indianapolis Clarian Health Partners Indiana University Hospital Clarian Health Partners Methodist Hospital Clarian Health Partners Riley Hospital for Children Colgan School Number 10 (historical) College Avenue Baptist Church Corinthian Baptist Church Cornelius Art Center Crispus Attucks High School Dunlap Building Eastern Star Baptist Church Ebenezer Baptist Church Emelie Building Emmanuel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Faith Apostolic Pentecostal Church Faith Church of God in Christ Fall Creek Fall Creek And 16th Street Park First Christian Missionary Baptist Church Foster School Number 32 (historical) Golden Rule Baptist Church Good Samaritan Baptist Church Goodwill Baptist Church Grace Missionary Baptist Church Greater Faith Baptist Church Greater Gethsemane Baptist Church Greater Tried Stone Baptist Church Herron Art Institute House of Prayer Apostolic Church Indiana Baptist Church Indiana Historical Society Indianapolis Fire Department Station 13 Indianapolis Fire Department Station 5 Indianapolis Water Company Riverside Station Indianapolis Water Company White River Station Indiana State Library Indiana University Medical Center Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Indiana University Regional Campus Infant of Prague Brighter Day Spiritual Church Interchange 111 Interchange 114 Interchange 115 Interchange 83 Jefferson School Number 7 (historical) John Hope Elementary School Kuntz Stadium Lee Church of God in Christ Temple Madam Walker Urban Life Center and Theater Mallory Technical Institute Martin Luther King Memorial Park Mason Baptist Tabernacle McCoy School Number 24 (historical) Memorial United Presbyterian Church Merrill School Number 25 (historical) Methodist Hospital Helistop Military Park Morris-Butler House Morton School Mount Horeb Baptist Church Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Myers Building New Baptist Church New Bethel Baptist Church New Liberty Baptist Church North Western University (historical) North West Street Church of Christ Old Land Mark House of Prayer Old Northside Historic District Ott Building Phillips Christian Methodist Episcopal Temple Pogues Run President Harrisons Home Refuge Baptist Church Regenstrief Health Center Richard L Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center Riverside Elementary School Robinson Church of God in Christ Temple Saint Agnes Academy Saint Bridgets School Saint Clair Street Wesleyan Church Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint John Missionary Baptist Church Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church Saint Marys School Saint Philips Episcopal Church Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral Scott United Methodist Church Second Baptist Church Second Saint Paul Baptist Church Select Specialty Hospital Indianapolis Campus Shaw School Number 40 (historical) South Grove Golf Course Township of Center Twenty Sixth Street Church of God in Christ Vonnegut School Number 9 (historical) Washington Irving Elementary School Washington School Number 17 (historical) William N Wishard Memorial Hospital Zion Unity Baptist Church