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44115 Street Addresses

Ali-Bey ((3500-3699)) Alpha Ct ((700-899)) Applied Plz ((1-99)) Barn Ct ((900-1199)) Bivens ((3800-38299)) Blair Ct ((3000-3299)) Bolivar Rd ((300-1399)) Broadway Ave ((2300-3999)) Bronson Ct ((1000-1399)) Brownell Ct ((1200-1799)) Burton Ct ((3700-3799)) Burwell Ave ((3500-3699)) Canal Rd ((2390-2899)) Capers ((3500-3699)) Carnegie Ave ((524-3999)) Caton Ct ((1300-1599)) Cedar Ave ((2100-4599)) Central Ave ((301-5899)) Central Viaduct ((200-399)) Community College Ave ((2200-3999)) Co Rd Y ((11200-11599)) Croton Ave ((3100-3799)) E 10th Pl ((2300-2399)) E 10th St ((2400-2499)) E 12th Pl ((2000-2099)) E 12th St ((2000-2499)) E 13th St ((2300-2499)) E 14th St ((1100-2699)) E 16th Pl ((2100-2299)) E 18th St ((1900-2399)) E 19th St ((2101-2299)) E 1st St ((2000-2099)) E 21st St ((1900-2499)) E 22nd St ((2000-2699)) E 24th St ((2100-2399)) E 25th Pl ((2100-2199)) E 25th St ((2900-2999)) E 27th St ((2600-2699)) E 28th St ((2100-2199)) E 29th St ((2600-2699)) E 2nd St ((2000-2199)) E 30th St ((2000-2699)) E 31st St ((2100-2798)) E 32nd St ((2000-2799)) E 33rd St ((2100-3099)) E 34th St ((2300-2999)) E 35th Pl ((2300-2499)) E 35th St ((2100-2599)) E 36th St ((2000-2599)) E 37th St ((2100-2999)) E 38th St ((2100-2599)) E 39th Pl ((2000-2199)) E 39th St ((2100-2599)) E 3rd St ((2000-2198)) E 40th St ((2570-2799)) E 4th St ((2000-2299)) E 6th St ((2200-2299)) E 7th St ((2100-2399)) E 8th St ((2000-2199)) E 9th Pl ((2100-2699)) E 9th St ((2000-2599)) Eagle Ave ((100-899)) Erie Ct ((900-1399)) Euclid Ave ((2-3999)) Fleming ((301-3799)) Gardner Ct ((1000-1399)) High Ave ((1-599)) High St ((1-599)) Huntington Ct ((1400-1599)) Huron Rd E ((1-1399)) Independence Rd ((584-3049)) Iron Ct ((3700-4099)) Jellife Ave ((2500-2599)) Langston Ave ((3600-3799)) Larchmere Blvd ((2100-3999)) Longwood Ave ((3500-3999)) Mayflower Rd ((3000-3399)) Minkon Ave ((800-899)) Mthermon ((3501-3799)) Newton Ct ((3100-3299)) Ontario St ((1201-2599)) Orange Ave ((1400-4099)) Project Ave ((3000-3499)) Prospect Ave E ((1-3999)) Prospect Ct ((2700-2999)) Rockefeller Ave ((1700-3699)) S Broadway Ave ((400-2341)) Shepherd Ct ((3000-3099)) Stanley Tolliver ((3701-3799)) Stanley Tolliver Dr ((3801-3899)) State Rte 14 ((400-3999)) State Rte 43 ((400-3999)) State Rte 8 ((1400-3999)) St Clair Ave NE ((200-299)) Stirling Ct ((3600-3699)) Sumner Ave ((900-1399)) Sumpter Ct ((3700-3799)) Swingos Ct ((1800-2199)) Thurgood Ave ((3600-3799)) Transport Rd ((2600-2799)) Triedstone ((2400-2498)) Trumbell St ((3400-3699)) Trumbull Ave ((3400-3699)) US Hwy 20 ((2-3999)) US Hwy 422 ((1400-3999)) Washington Park Blvd ((3800-3998)) Webster Ave ((900-1399)) Woodland Ave ((2100-3999)) W Prospect Ave ((1-199))

44115 Places and Attractions

Arbor Park Place Shopping Center Big Italy Brooks Military School (historical) Brownell Junior High School (historical) Camp Taylor (historical) Camp Wood (historical) Carl and Louis Stokes Middle School Case Woodland School Central Avenue Recreation Center Christ Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Church of God Church of God Church of God Cleveland Academy (historical) Cleveland Grays Armory (historical) Cleveland Lutheran High School (historical) Cleveland State University Convocation Center Cuyahoga County Detention Home East Fourth Street Historic District East Thirtyfifth Street City Dispensary Health Center Emmanuel Chapel (historical) Erie Cemetery Erie Street Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Euclid Street Presbyterian Church (historical) First United Methodist Church Grant Playground Greater Faith Baptist Church Gund Arena Haymarket (historical) Interchange 161B Interchange 173A Jacobs Field John Huntington Polytechnic Institute (historical) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Liberty Hall Longwood School (historical) Marion School Mather Hall Mayflower Elementary School Mount Haven Baptist Church Mount Hermon Baptist Church Mount Nebo Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church (historical) Mount Zion Baptist Church (historical) Pilgrim Baptist Church Plaza At Huron Point Rutherford B Hayes School Saint Anthonys Catholic Church (historical) Saint Bridgets Catholic Church (historical) Saint Joseph School Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Maron Maronite Catholic Church Saint Vincents Hospital Saint Wenceslas Roman Catholic Church (historical) Second Presbyterian Church (historical) Sterling Branch Cleveland Public Library Sterling School Tabernacle Baptist Church (historical) Third Presbyterian Church (historical) Tried Stone Baptist Church Trinity Cathedral Warren School (historical) Zion Hill Baptist Church Zion Lutheran Church Zion Lutheran School (historical)